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With most weddings modernizing most of their preparations and items to be included in the event, technological tools like QR codes are integrated into their wedding preparations and create a more specialized way to execute the activity.

The wedding industry has seen different means of challenges with the weddings they organize over the years, including making every couple’s wedding wishes a reality and witnessing numerous issues with the weddings they contain.

Guests’ uncertainty about wedding dates, the location of the ceremony, sloth in sending an RSVP confirmation, and other concerns are common problems they face.

However, when problems arise, wedding planners do everything possible to resolve them and always have a backup plan to ensure that their client’s wedding day is beautiful.

Many wedding planners are now incorporating modern technology into their planning and organization processes, and tech-savvy event planners provide new technical options for clients to choose from while planning and implementing their weddings.

How Do Wedding Planners Incorporate QR Codes Into The Planning And Executing Of A Wedding?

One feature of QR codes that impresses wedding planners is their capacity to contain multiple sorts of data in a single code. 

And, because technology is constantly improving its ability to simplify difficult jobs, several wedding planners are now collaborating with a free QR code generator with logo online to develop specialized and well-designed QR codes to complement their clients’ wedding themes.

Use QR Codes to Save The Location Of The Event

Wedding planners use the usage of QR codes to store a map of the site that can be viewed using an internet navigation software like Google Maps so that guests do not get lost on their route to the wedding destination.

Guests will simply scan the code and follow the directions provided by the GPS app to the ceremony.

Thank You Cards Can Be Used To Store Video Greetings

Event planners utilize a video QR code to keep their video messages in the Thank You cards they are handing out to their attendees as a method for the couple to show their thanks to the people who devote their time to attending the event.

On The Wedding Invitations, Include A Video Teaser

Some wedding planners allow the use of QR codes to insert their clients’ pre-wedding teaser into the invitation while creating a wedding invitation for them.

Traditional wedding invites are common for couples who seek a one-of-a-kind wedding experience. Still, this technological effort will undoubtedly astound and amaze their guests, demonstrating how technology makes weddings extra distinctive and memorable.

Include Online RSVP Forms For Guests To Fill And Submit

Wedding planners adopt QR codes to attach an online RSVP form for their visitors to comply with just a scan away since one of the challenges their clients’ experience is knowing the total number of persons attending the event.

Because responses are now provided electronically, the couple will know who will be attending the wedding without waiting weeks to receive one. They can use a QR code generator online to make their RSVP QR code and add it to their invitation cards.


Because weddings are a highly marketed sector that has evolved into a ritual that people of all ages eagerly anticipate, businesses in this area are attempting to improve the wedding experience through technology.

As a result, clever wedding planners who work in the wedding industry are now updating their planning and event management by producing QR codes that will change how people perceive weddings.

Your wedding will be one of the most life-changing days of your life, but like all other things that can be life-changing, your wedding day is also a challenge. You cannot manage all the special people at a time. Of course, anyone who is going to attend your wedding is special. Thus, there will be a natural urge to treat everybody in a better way. The purpose of the marriage is to announce that you are picking up a spouse and you are rendering respect to all those people who have been in your life by letting them become a part of your happiness.

Now, when all this would take place, there will a need for sound management. The wedding ceremony management plays a decisive role in making that day a happy day. For both groom and bride, who want to make people feel special in their happy moments, it is essential to plan. Deciding and designing each moment will ease the process; moreover, both the organizers must keep in mind that things can sometimes go out of control. Therefore, please plan for alternatives as well.

From deciding your gown/ suit to receiving people, there are various levels. You never know when you will be a need for change of address notification cards. I do not think that wedding planning would always start a year ago. A few people get this chance. However, a lot of people do not understand this much time, and they tend to miss a lot of things.

Once you are engaged, then it is the right time to start the wedding preparations. No matter if you have not decided on the wedding dates yet, but once it is confirmed that you are going to marry this person, you should think about the management.  It will start by making a list of guests and ending on sending house warming invitation.

Let us have a look at how you can plan your wedding smartly and effectively.

Dream pragmatically 

It is time to dream about your marriage once you are engaged. It is not a stupid thing. Dreaming about your marriage will naturally give you the ideas about your wedding day. You will decide more quickly if you have got it in your imagination. However, when dreaming, you can stay realistic; otherwise, you will not be able to make them come true.

Make a list of guests.

Of course, there will be people at your wedding. So, you and your spouse-to-be should sit together and have a meeting about it. Discuss the family, friends, and colleagues you want to invite on your wedding. The list-making activity might take a day or two because it is not possible that suddenly within an hour, you two will be able to recall family members and friends.

Contact a wedding planner.

A wedding planner will only assist you; it will be a side by side business. You will have to tell them what you want from your wedding day. Both parties must decide about the theme of the wedding day. It can be a destination wedding. If in case it is going to be a destination wedding, then you must contact the local wedding planner.

Wedding planners will ask for a few bucks in advance, you and your prospective life partner must divide the cost and payment. It is for both of you and your family members, so there must be a balance.

The cuisine 

What type of food do you want at your wedding, here both you and your partner need to help each other? You can take some suggestions from your friends, or you must follow the trends. The cook who is going to cook food for your wedding ceremony needs to be an expert for that cuisine. You should discuss it with your wedding planner.

The legal papers 

Two weeks before the marriage, you are supposed to get the legal documents—the legal matrimonial history of your spouse and the demands for the agreement. Everything must be on point on the wedding day. Thus, you must contact the authorities and ask them about the legal proceedings of your marriage.

The dresses 

It is not a compulsion, but as everybody is happy and it is your big day, you should try to look good together. Picking up the right wedding dress involves a few things; it starts with your budget and fashion. I believe that it should be your taste rather than the trends, but if you are confused, you should go with the flow.

Plan a budget and choose a suitable dress, it is not compulsory that both man and the lady, must wear the same colors but sometimes it looks good. The same design and colors of the wedding dresses might show the strength of your relationship, but to be honest, it does not matter much.

The day, date, and timings 

You cannot invite your lovely guests at any time. There must be some motivation and plan in the decision. For instance, it would be great if you will pick up Sunday for your wedding because a lot of people would be free on Sundays.

The timings also need to be according to the guests. It would be more courteous if you will think of your guests while deciding.

Send the invitations 

You are supposed to send the invitations a week or two before the wedding day. Otherwise, a lot of people who were planning your wedding might not attend because you did not let them prepare for your wedding. Be kind to those who want to join your wedding.

For those living in faraway states, you must reserve tickets, and if you can afford them, send them the tickets along with the invitation cards. Your invitation card must display all the details about your wedding. Kindly, make sure that any of the invitation is not misprinted, every word and number is clear and obvious. Lastly, you must have a list of latest address of all your friends and family members. 

After getting engaged, the next course of action is planning the wedding of your dreams. Whether you choose to have a big, formal wedding or a small ceremony in your backyard, several decisions must be made about all aspects of the wedding.

 A lot of people and resources are involved in crafting a successful wedding, and the process of making these variables work in a way that you have envisioned can be very overwhelming and strenuous. 

Here are seven steps that can guide you on your wedding planning journey.

Pick a date or season for your wedding

The first course of action is to determine how long your engagement will be by setting a date or picking a season if a specific date can not be narrowed down. 

Knowing the exact period of your engagement will let you decide on how much time you have to plan the wedding. The proposed date or season of your wedding will also influence other, more pertinent decisions like the wedding venue, budget and flower arrangements, among others.

Settle your finances

This is the moment that you and your intending spouse should have a sitdown and talk about your finances and how much you can afford to spend on the wedding. 

Seeing as weddings can cost a small fortune nowadays, failure to set a budget and tailor your expenses according to it can lead to money problems. 

Decide on the amount you wish to spend, ask your parents or relatives about their willingness to contribute and pool these resources together to form your wedding budget. 

It is not advisable to finance a wedding with a loan as debt tends to drive a wedge between couples, especially newly-weds. Enjoy your wedding without having to think about the money you will have to repay in the months to come.

Create a guest list

Your guest list usually determines the overall cost of your wedding and the kind of venue you can use. Your budget should serve as a basis for determining the number of guests you can invite to the ceremony.

Choose a wedding venue

Now that you have a timeframe, a budget and a guest list, you can quickly narrow down the wedding venue options that are better suited to your plans. 

Seeing as most venues are usually booked months or even years in advance, it is a good idea to book a place very early so as not to be disappointed. 

Having a venue in place will help you to pinpoint and confirm the exact date of your wedding and also make it easier to move forward with other aspects of your wedding planning.

Create a wedding checklist

Planning a wedding involves several big and little details that all affect the success of your wedding. Therefore, the wedding checklist is a formidable tool that will give you a better handle on the situation. 

It is advisable to create a series of checklists based on different parts of the ceremony rather than having one primary list for the whole wedding. 

The reason being that you won’t be overwhelmed by the sheer mass of tasks and get lost in the details. Consider delegating tasks to family or friends to share the load.

Choose your wedding party

Being a member of a wedding party is a massive commitment so you should let your chosen people know well in advance. 

Whether just 2 or 20, the people you choose to stand beside you can help your ceremony go smoothly. 

Not only will the bridesmaids and groomsmen be available to help whenever needed, but they would also offer much-needed support when you get overwhelmed with the wedding planning.

Send invitations 

It is advisable to send invitations at least 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding day. 

This will give your guests time to send a response, allowing you to tailor your seating chart, tables and catering better to suit the guests who will be present.

Wedding planning can be a time consuming process, and not everyone can undergo this daunting task. 

It might be best to hire a wedding planner to take care of the entire process if you do not have time to devote to the planning.

Fun and memorable – those are probably the two words that aptly describe how you want your wedding reception to be, right?

Fun because you want guests to enjoy themselves – you also want to have a great time surrounded by loved ones and friends. Memorable because you want everyone at the event to talk about your wedding for months and years to come.

But, how do you make your reception stand out? 

Here are six ways to make your wedding reception amazing.

Set the stage

When it comes to the wedding reception, choosing the perfect venue will set the stage for a memorable experience for everyone involved. 

Granted, choosing an ideal venue and brainstorming décor ideas can be overwhelming, you may want to consider bringing in a wedding stylist Sydney so you can focus on other aspects of the planning.

The right lighting and atmosphere can be the last piece of the puzzle you need to create an incredibly memorable reception. 

For an evening and outdoor event, consider a mix of delicate hanging lights and large bulbs to create a magical look guests will rave about.

Consider co-opting family and guests’ photos into your venue décor, not only will the pictures make them feel appreciated, it is a smart way to integrate your loved ones into your special day. 

Plus, the photos are excellent conversation starter as everyone relives old happy memories.

Pick the perfect band or DJ

When guests agree to come to your wedding reception, they expect to be entertained. Your responsibility as the host is to ensure they are well taken care of. 

One sure way to keep guests entertained is to have a live band play or DJ play great songs everyone can dance to. 

While, you can ask the DJ to play a couple of songs that have sentimental meaning for you and your better half, to keep the dance floor packed full, it is best to have songs everyone can relate to.

Grand entrance

Remember, the goal is to create a memorable experience for everyone. What better way to make a lasting impression than your entry and exit at your wedding reception?

While many party-goers would not expect any dramatic entry, you can take everyone by surprise by making a grand appearance. 

Consider a super slide or if your budget can allow it, show up in a helicopter, or a kabuki drop.

You can also put on a show for guests by break dancing your way onto the dance floor. Use fog or snow machines to liven things up.

Open Bar

An important element to the success of your reception is a well-stocked bar. A bar can make or break your event. You need to ensure there is enough beverage to go around.

A well-stocked bar performs other important function, it lightens up the mood, breaks guests out of their shell to start conversations with others, and of course, provides the liquid courage for guests to channel their inner Michael Jackson.

Capture every intimate moment

While you may have professional photographers to take your snaps, providing guests with disposable cameras is a great way to encourage them to have fun.

With the cameras, guests can capture intimate moments your professional photographer may miss. The photos are also quirky keepsakes that show you what your guests are up to during the wedding.

Hand out fun favours

At the end of the night, when the music is turned off, and light fades, your wedding favours become the last remainder for your guest about your special day.

The wedding favours are your last opportunity to thank everyone for committing their time and money to celebrate with you and your partner.

So, you may want to offer items your guests may wish to use. Personalized matchboxes, cocktail kits and Himalayan salt are some of the wedding favour ideas you can use.

Weddings are one of the most cherished occasions in any person’s life. Some people, especially women, plan for it their whole lives. A lot of women have a precise idea about their wedding day arrangements: from the ideal location, the wedding gown, even to the honeymoon after that. Everything seems fine until the day comes when they have to prepare for the real deal.

As magical as they seem to be, weddings bring loads of stress. There are a lot of suppliers to talk to and inquiries to do, including catering, lights and sounds, and even wedding photography prices. To lessen the chaos, here are a few tips future brides and grooms can follow in choosing wedding photography and videography packages. 

Do You Need to Hire a Photographer?

Weddings are an once-in-a-lifetime event. It takes months or even years of planning and preparation. Not to mention, it takes a lot of money for some weddings to push through. So, every moment deserves to be captured and preserved for years to come.

Wedding photography can be quite expensive, which is why it is essential and okay to be picky. Also, try to look for those that offer packages so that you wouldn’t have to list every inclusion that you want. Photographers must be present for pre-nuptial photos, the preparation stage before the wedding, during the ceremony, and even during the reception. 

What Should You Look For in Wedding Photographers?

Look for One That Fits Your Style

Each photographer has a particular style that they take pride in, and brides have different visions of how they want their photos to appear. It would take some time, but the couple needs to find someone who appeases their dream nuptial images to get the best pictures of the wedding day

It is crucial to maintain communication with the photographer to get the pictures precisely as it should. In the same way, couples should still give the hired person the chance to shoot it with their artistic freedom.  

Take Your Budget into consideration

Wedding photography prices vary from one photographer to another. However, on the side of the couple, it still is all about taking risks. Sometimes, some fraudulent con artists try to sell one photo by another photographer as their own. On the other hand, some do not appear as good as they claim to be, even with portfolios.

The best thing is to ask for recommendations from friends or families who have recently been married. Ask for the prices they have paid for, and try to see if it matches your allotted budget. Do not be too stingy, as these people capture everlasting memories, and are always worth every penny.

Ask if the photographer You’ve Chosen Works With a Team

Some wedding photographers work alone, and some work with a team of two to three other people. If they do have other people with them, chances are they have a higher rate. However, even if they do work with other people, consider their roles as well. If they are photographers or videographers too, they can film capture more photos from many different angles as well. 

Wedding photographers are a vital part of the perfect wedding formula. They add to the total expenses of the wedding, but the moments they capture will be priceless.

If you are reading an article about how to choose the best florist for a wedding, the chances are that you’re really keen about either your wedding or flowers. Whatever the case, we are writing this to walk you around the perimeters of thought processing that you need. 

Below, we have talked about what steps you can take to ensure that the floral decorations on your wedding ceremony are up to par.

Go and look for the florist yourself

Unless it is an emergency situation, it is better to go out there and lay your eyes on the bulk of flowers before you order. 

You obviously need a large number of flowers if you are to decorate a wedding ceremony. If you are ordering online, the florists may sneak in a percentage of bad quality flowers. You do not want to encounter such a situation on the day of the wedding. 

But if you are ordering online, you can type in florist near me that deliver on Google and then visit the websites of florists. They would definitely have their services and prices outlined on their website or page. Going over that and the customer reviews will let you know what kind of florist you would want to order from. 

Plan your decoration

Visiting the place before the function and visualizing the kind of decoration you want will be really helpful. By doing this, you will manage to choose the type of flowers you want. If you want to hire a designer, you will be able to make him understand better too. And most importantly, you will order a near sufficient amount of flowers, not too many, not too little. 

You can develop a vision for what you want the place to look like and then proceed to put pieces together to make that vision a reality.

Determine your requirements 

Do you just want a bunch of petals to lay on the floor, or do you need a stage space outlined and adorned with flowers? Do you know what you need, or would you want to hire someone who does the design for you? Knowing the answers to all these questions will help you with your choice of florist. 

If you want to place a simple order, any florist will suffice. But if you want a designer to do the creative thinking for you, you would have to look for the florists that offer such a service. Moreover, you also have to pick the designer whose taste aligns with your aesthetics. 

Determine the budget

The budget designated for the floral decorations should not exceed 20% of the total amount set aside for decor. However, if your requirements include designers and customization, then this amount can be increased. Either way, a budget needs to be determined first, and then you should start meeting the florists.

When you are meeting the florists, see to it that their services fall inside your budget plan.

Look up images that match your vision

It will be a lot easier to bring your vision to reality if you get a practical idea of what it looks like. Sometimes, an idea may sound pretty in your head, but it looks completely opposite in reality. 

Moreover, you can show these images to people, especially to your florist designer. Then, they will have no problems with understanding your demands. They will also be able to tell you if they can give you the services that you need or not. If they cannot, you can look for other florists.

Look up customer reviews online

If the florist has a website or any other kind of online presence, going to it to determine the credibility of the florist will be a good idea. The customer reviews always help you understand the ups and downs of the shop better. Keep track of what the customers are saying about the services that you will need from the florists. If a sufficient amount of people are speaking in favor of the services of the shop, then you are good to go. 

Make a list

The florists that you have shortlisted for your ultimate choice make a mental note of them. Then, enlist the pros and cons of every single one. Are they offering all the services that you need? Are the customization options available? Would they have a designer if you need one? Will they offer discounts if you order huge packages? It will be easier to choose from such an organized list of florists. 


Even after you have that list sorted, you need to go over it again and again. Keep comparing the prices and services of different florists until you pick out a winner. It will also be good if you take recommendations from people who have experienced such an event before. They might have their research done, and asking them will reduce the amount of work you have to do. Even after taking recommendations, continue your research.

Planning a wedding is a challenging task. While it is exciting to plan for your special day, it still is formidable. You have to move around from market to market, visit florists, caterers, photographers, choosing the right ring or wedding dress and make a lot of important decisions. Doing all this can be overwhelming, and the odds of making mistakes are high.

There are certain common mistakes you are likely to make. Several things are beyond your control, but many of them can be avoided with a little cautiousness. Watch out for these mistakes while planning your wedding.

  1. Forgetting the contingencies 

You and your partner have finally agreed on a venue, the theme, the floral plan, and the lights. You may have planned an outdoor event but without taking into account the weather situation on that day. It can be a raining or even snowing that day, ruining your entire plan. So, make a rain/contingency plan while setting up the outdoor affair. The same goes for an outdoor photo-shoot, i.e., make up a contingency plan for rain or snow.

  1. Performing tasks before making a budget 

You should never spend money before accounting for how much you have. You may have made a budget, but some costs springing up at the last minute may wreck it for you. Hence, make a realistic budget and allocate a certain amount for these last-minute, out-of-the-blue costs. Once you do that, your future self will be thanking you already.

Also, many people make the mistake of doing chores before even chalking out a budget. Be it picking a wedding venue or finalizing the bridal dress, it has to be done after you have established the financial parameters. Otherwise, it is paramount to buying something without glancing at the price tag. It may be your fantasy to do so, but it is not the reality and thus equals to foolery. If you finalize the location before checking its affordability, you may be cutting your guest list in half or compromising on your dress later.

  1. Not leaving enough time between the reception and ceremony 

Planning a wedding takes time. And the evidence is ample that everything takes longer than anticipated. So, leave enough time between the reception and ceremony even when you are having both at the same location. If you have left only 8 minutes for the drive between the church and reception hall, you are in for a lot of stress and frowning. Your officiate can be late, or there might be too much traffic on the road and so on. So, allow more time between these two events. You can consult your wedding planner or a coordinator in this regard. These professionals have an idea of how long it takes to get ready, receive lines, and take photos.

  1. Assuming some of your guests will RSVP ‘no’ 

There is a common assessment that 10 percent of the invitees cannot arrive at the event. And the figure becomes 20 percent of it is a destination wedding. While the stats may prove to be true later, they are still an approximation. You should not rely on them. Many people make the mistake of over-inviting, counting on these figures. And sometimes, more people say ‘yes’ than anticipated and cause a lot of trouble. So, make your guest list while keeping in view the venue capacity.

  1. Buying your wedding dress early 

You have finally found the ball gown of your dreams. It still is not the right time to do the transaction. A lot needs to be decided before ordering the wedding dress. You should first finalize the venue and the style plus theme of the wedding. Only then, you can know if the dress you selected is affordable and compatible with the wedding or not.

  1. Signing a vague contract 

A contract should always be extensive and thorough, even if it is about catering. It is a very crucial and decisive factor for your wedding experience. So, get everything in writing, be it the time or the details about services. Include the nitty-gritty like staffing for bartenders, support staff, and waiters, varieties, and brands, as well as the food courses in the contract. Any additional charge should also be a part of the contract.

wedding 443600 1280

Bali is an island of many faces, a novelist Anaïs Nin once touted Bali as where the life, art, and religion all converge. A richly diverse island, Bali boasts of stunningly beautiful landscapes including the Ubud rice terraces, the Ubud Monkey Forest, Hindu temples, towering volcanoes, rugged cliff in Pecatu, and the pristine beaches. For wedding couples, it is an ideal spot to have a wedding and enjoy the honeymoon. Bali has something for every wedding couple, and these top 3 wedding packages can make your wedding experience a memorable event.

  • Light Beach Wedding

Many people dream of having their wedding in Bali, and a Bali beach wedding can be the most exciting thing you ever have in your life. If you have been longing for a wedding, you may want to have the Light Beach Wedding since it can give you a romantic experience than the sun-kissed ocean beach weddings you see in movies, magazines, and televisions.

You have the real experience down at a Bali beach where everything is so tranquil, lively, and stunning. The white sandy beaches and the warm sun coupled with the calming sounds of the water make your wedding a unique experience. There are many things you can enjoy on your beach wedding including tropical cocktails, professional photography sessions, exotic fruits, and fresh young coconuts.

  • Cliff Light Wedding 

Bali has cliff settings that offer a panoramic view of the oceans and landscapes. Cliff weddings have become popular in Bali because they offer a special environment for wedding couples and guests. They are a favorite for many wedding couples because they provide a true spectacle for the celebrations.

Bali is dotted with many oceanfront cliffs that come in different forms and shapes. A unique thing about these cliffs is that they offer a legendary sunset experience while giving spectacular views of the surrounding ocean waters. You can have your wedding perfectly decorated for the event to rhyme with the cliff location.

For example, you can have an arch twined with beautiful flowers, two-tiered cake, a path of soft petal, and many other features to spice up your wedding mood, emotions, feelings, and the atmosphere. During sunset, you can take advantage of the soft sunlight to make the best wedding photos since they appear so beautiful. Besides, you can have a romantic dinner or a party celebration right on the cliff.

  • Sacred Beach Wedding

You can also choose to have your wedding in a sacred location in Bali. Villa Campuhan situated outside Bali, for example, offers a magnificent spot for your wedding. Surrounded by the clear blue ocean waters, the traditional Balinese Villa offers you an opportunity to view the landscape including the emerald green undulating hills and the rice paddies fields. Wedding couples can choose this spot if they would want to be away from the busy streets of the town.


These are the top three wedding spots are a perfect choice for the brides. They offer unique environments and settings to complement your wedding and honeymooning experiences.

Since you want to have the greatest experience in your Balinese wedding, you can consider engaging with a wedding planner who is based in Bali, understands the area, and knows the most exciting spots for wedding celebrations. You need a wedding planning expert who is trusted by many people and has organized several weddings. For example, a travel agency experienced in wedding trips that has organized over 2000 weddings can be an ideal choice for your wedding trip planning. Make sure that the wedding planner has received good genuine reviews from real brides.

Selecting a beautiful location for your wedding is a big task, a really big task that makes most of us pretty much confused and stressed out. The wedding ceremony is a big day and to get the best out of the day, and it is necessary to plan a location that perfectly fits your needs and wants. The wedding is enjoyed if it has the perfect look, food, beverage, color, theme, decoration as well as offers convenience to the visitors.

For the bride as well as the groom, the big day has to be special and memorable. Thus, it is better to pick up the venue that makes the atmosphere quite indulging. Also, the venue that we select has much to do with choosing the decoration aptly. All the more, personalized themes are very much in demand, and everyone tries to add a little personal touch to make the ambiance more lively and close to their hearts. 

All of this is fine. However, what about your budget? How would you manage to handle the budget constrain along with making the wedding amazing? If you’re spending less just because you want to save more for the honeymoon trip you both have been planning for so long, here are a few amazing budget-friendly wedding planning tips. These will surely help you get the most out of your wedding day.

Here are a few of the wedding venue budget ideas that totally would help you rock your BIG DAY!

  1.   Go For A PERSONALIZED Venue

You may be wondering what does a personalized Wedding Venue Las Vegas NV mean. Well, the traditional places where usually weddings take place charge typically high because they are places known for organizing wedding events. However, if you pick a place that is pretty new and nobody has ever thought a wedding could happen over there, you can save up a lot of money. 

This can either be at a park, garden, historical place, a beach, and so on. This is actually quite interesting and exciting at the same time, along with being the most affordable option.

  1.   Avoid Weekend If You Can

There is a high possibility that a wedding on the weekend makes the wedding venue charge typically high. That is because these venues are highly in demand during weekends. Thus, if you really want to save your money, you can plan your wedding on Fridays. Those are usually days with fewer charges. Also, Sunday is better because as compared to rates on Saturday, the affordability is pretty much acceptable. Remember, this big day has to be special regardless of any day that you make this event happen.

  1.   Choose a Small Town

When compared to the big city prices of the venues, you probably will save a lot of money when you pick a small town for the event. You won’t regret this decision because what makes a wedding day special is the right kind of decoration, irrespective of the town or city where it happens. 

Focus on the decoration more for the same. Don’t feel like you’re missing out on the most exotic venues, because the interior is what matters the most. A suburb area is quite affordable, and it totally will be light on your pockets. It will also be a great deal if you pick huge venue lands because you could easily afford it in a small town. If not a small town, you can also go for affordable Wedding Venue Las Vegas NV

  1.   Negotiation Skills Matter

Of course, this is your big day, and you deserve the best out of the best. For this very reason, you can make things work with your words. If you feel you have good negotiation skills, go for it. Go to places, venues, and make yourself comfortable in negotiating as much as you can. You have nothing to lose. 

The way you convince people really matters, and this can let you get the most amazing prices for the venue. Quote a price that you feel is suitable for the venue and let the negotiation go on. Make sure that you talk sensibly because this will act as a smart move.

Every woman dreams about her wedding day, and there’s no denying. Although your big day might feel like the happiest day of your life, the months leading up to it can also be nerve-wracking, so much that you might even need to find a way to deal with all the wedding stress! 

Being engaged to your partner and prepping for the wedding also means being committed to a lot of responsibilities like finding the perfect venue, opening a registry, finding the right outfit, and the right catering services. This job can make anyone go nuts, especially when you don’t know where to start.

The World’s Most Expensive and Amazing Engagement Rings 

Another thing that can make you go crazy is finding the right pieces of jewelry to match your wedding dress. After all, you are about to pull off a once in a lifetime look! It should be remarkable. 

For this particular day, you have to make sure that you have everything in place. From your head to your toe, you need to make sure you don’t miss out on any bridal accessories that you need. So, to help you out here’s a checklist of what you need, to get that perfect wedding look. 

  •         Hair Accessories. They say that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. This definitely implies that you’re supposed to think about your hairstyle for your wedding day. While you might want to decide whether you’ll keep your hair open or tie a bun, you’d also want to decide on the hair accessory. Do you want a diamond clip, a flower crown, or crystal comb? There are a lot of options to choose from, so make sure you have it in hand to avoid panicking. 
  •         Veils. This classic wedding piece will make you look like the real show stopper as you walk down the aisle. It will not only hide those tears of joy as you step closer to your life partner but will also make you look fabulously classy.
  •         Bridal Jewelry. On top of your engagement ring, you will need a few more pieces of bridal Jewelry to match your wedding dress. Finding the perfect pair of earrings, necklaces, or a permanent bracelet will up your look by a whole lot. It will make you look extra beautiful and complete the look.
  •         Gloves. If you’re going for a classic wedding look, you might want to consider wearing gloves. These hand accessories add a certain posh to your style, which will surely make you feel like you’re the queen!
  •         Belts. If you have found the dress that you want, but are not entirely satisfied with how it looks around your waist, adding a belt can be a great idea. Try finding a design that will match your dress’ style to make it look natural. 
  •         Shoes. One of the most important accessories that you need to match with your dress is your wedding shoes. Your wedding day will be the strut of your life, so you have to make sure that the best pair of shoes carry you down that runway. Find a pair you love, is comfortable, and beautiful to make the walk easy! 

Where you buy these accessories won’t matter, as long as you stay within your budget and purchase something that you genuinely like so that you won’t regret it at the last minute. 

If you are someone who wants to avoid the hassle of going from store to store, inevitably exhausting your legs, try online shopping! One site that can never disappoint you is Perfect Details. They have all the bridal jewelry any bride would ever need at an affordable price.

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Your wedding day is the day that you’ve been planning for all your life. It is the day on which you’ll get married to the love of your life. It is the start of your happily ever after. It is but natural for you to want to look your best on that day. Your wedding outfit plays an important role in determining how you look on your important day. Therefore, shopping for your wedding dress can often be confusing and frustrating. But, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few tips on how to choose your wedding dress.


Your wedding dress is probably the most expensive dress that you will ever buy apart from the engagement rings hatton garden. But that doesn’t mean you have to burn a hole in your pocket to buy your dream wedding dress. Considering you will have to spend some amount on the wedding ceremony as well, you should take out some time and chart out a budget for your wedding ceremony and your wedding dress. This will help you to limit your expenses and choose a dress that you not only love, but a dress that fits your budget perfectly.

Location and time

The location and time of your wedding ceremony are important to determine the kind of wedding dress that you’ll be wearing. For example, if your wedding is taking place on a beach, then you should opt for a more relaxed dress, and if you are getting married in the church then a more intricately designed smart dress would be great choice. Similarly, a beautiful wedding dress with lots of lace work would suit a day wedding and a dress with shiny sequin detail would suit an evening wedding.


While some women may know exactly what they want in their wedding dress, there are some who may be utterly confused about it. The best way is to go through bridal magazines and do online research about wedding dresses to get an idea about what you want in your wedding dress. This will help you choose your favourite wedding dress. 

Start Early

Typically, it takes around four to six months to design and prepare a wedding dress. You should keep this in mind and start shopping for it well in advance. However, do not start too early since your body shape and size may change drastically till the time of the wedding. Shopping for your dress six to seven months prior to your wedding will give you adequate time for the fabrication of the dress along with time for minor adjustments if required.

Keep an open mind

Sometimes, your idea of your wedding dress may not look as good on you in person as you had thought of. Therefore, when you go shopping for a wedding dress, be open to the idea of trying out something different that you may have not thought of before. In some cases, a different design will look better on you than the design you had in mind. Hence, keeping an open mind will lead you to choose the perfect dress for your wedding just like the wedding rings hatton garden. 

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A wedding day is near, still confused about your candy cart? A wedding day is the most critical day in the life of every person. Everyone wants perfection in this day. Perfection in the dress. The venue, menu, and decoration. Nowadays it has become a trend to go for the things which nobody has seen before. Every girl wants a fairy tale wedding. Combination of light, flowers, sparkling candles and the sweet touch of music is the wish of every girl. Besides all these things which gives the essence of pleasure to bride and groom. They focus on the guest’s requirements also. Delicious meals and entertainment of guests are the priority of wedding hosts.

To make a wedding day memorable, there is a need for specially tailored and unique candy carts. Guests always remember the hospitality offered at weddings. So be precise and careful in this selection of candy cart on your big day. Decide at least 6 ounces of candy stuff for every guest. You know your guest well so be careful while selecting candy stuff which is allergic to your guests.  We are going to share the seven candy cart decoration ideas to make your wedding day memorable:

  1. Candy cart with a wedding cake

The white candy cart with purple ribbons hanging on them can make the event mesmerizing. Candies on candy cart and wedding cake can make your guest more attentive to you while cutting a cake. Addition of the couple picture to the candy cart will give you uniqueness.

  1. Beach themed candy cart

Getting married on the beach sounds so romantic. So, if you are getting married near to the open sky and water, go for the blue color candies. These blue color candies in white jars on your wedding candy cart will look awesome considering candles. While getting married on a beach theme-based wedding select candles, some wind charms hanging on your wedding cart. These all thing will make your candy cart attractive and elegant.

  1. Black theme-based wedding candy carts

As at your wedding, the dress is white, décor is almost white go for the black theme-based wedding candy cart. Everything white with only one thing in black will make it different and beautiful. The white jars on black candy cart with white candies and cupcakes. The white cake on your black candy cart in the presence of candles is going to rock.

  1. Glamorous wedding candy carts

If you are looking for new candy carts, follow the theme of white and golden. White jars filled with gold color wrapped candies looks tempting. White glass jars with gold-tone engraved décor on them can give you the essence of the royal wedding.

  1. Barbie theme wedding candy carts

If the bride wants the real happiness of her girls. Just select the Barbie theme wedding candy cart. A candy cart just following the purple and pink color. Light color transparent glass jars with pink and purple candies in them will show a distinctive candy display look. Hang some silver greeting cards or ribbons. Stick some notes to that candy cart, so your guests write their good luck wishes for you at them.

  1. Rustic wedding candy carts

Sometimes you need different than usual white, pink and purple color-based wedding candy carts. Wooden cart, with transparent glass jars filled with white and red candies. Adding this rustic wedding candy cart to your wedding will give the feeling that your marriage is going to last as forever this wooden cart is. Add some antique decoration this wooden candy cart. Hang pictures of your husband and wife from their childhood to that wedding day. This will make your guests get attracted to it. Chances are more likely they are going to make at least 100 photos of this rustically themed wedding candy cart.

  1. Bright colors wedding candy cart

The shinier, the more right. Well if you are fond of colors and want the brightness in your life. Just select the bright colors wedding candy carts. The golden yellow, orange, and other bright colors will draw the attention of your guests. The vintage jars filled with all bright colors candies in them, just delicious. We want to suggest adding some bright colors ribbons also to decoration.

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Before marriage every individual has a very frustrated life. They are fed up from the daily of their lives.

It is obvious that before marriage there isn’t any proper routine for the work or lunch and also the dinner. You might faces many difficulties if you are living alone is some apartment or home.

Marriage changes the lives of many people and I personally seen the results practically on you own.

There are many men’s that is being under observation and a very drastic change is being observed in their lives.

A lot of people pay a very huge amount on marriages bought very expensive wedding cars so that people might know their values.

If you want to live a very successful life then after marriage you should have to adapt some major changes in your life after the wedding that will help you in a healthy and happy wedding life.

Before marriage everyone plan with their new spouse about the honeymoon and them both have to agree on one place that they have to visit for the honeymoon.

Like men’s changes itself totally after the marriage and in this article we will be explain the major 4 life changes that is being observed in men’s life after the marriage.

Some men’s lives on the same principle of their life and no change is being observed in their lives after the marriage. But these are the rare cases that you folks will observed.

Now let’s discuss the 4 major aspects life changes in men after the marriage J

Get a New Look

Yes the “Looks” is one the most important thing that is observed after their marriage.

Actually this the reality of life like the men’s before marriage will not take care of his body or hair and also the diet as well. But after the marriage there is a drastic change that is observed in their lives.

The men change itself all around. He get his new hair cut also. Like everything means everything the men is fully changes into a very person.

The reason for the new looks and other drastic change is the life that he will be living with a new spouse. Because he will have its own family his own respect and also one day he will have a children that will be known by his father.

Move to a New City

Many people don’t move to a new city. But there are few people that think if they move to a new city they will lives a very happy life without any worry which they don’t in the current city where they lives.

If you think some a deep perspective then you will know the psychology behind the new city.

Yes after the marriage both the husband and wife start their new life so there isn’t any issues if they start or continue their life in a new city or live where they are. But it totally depends upon the couple decision.

Start a Family

Starting a new family is the biggest decision that the couple has to make after their marriage. Starting a new family after the marriage is welcoming to the “honeymoon baby”.

There are some issue that will be rising between the couple about the kids like they are not ready for the kid because of financial issues or other issue.

But the good and right way is that you may have a kid after the marriage because that will make your relation more strong and the bond will be stronger.

Kids are the blessing that comes with a blessing with great wealth. So starting a new life is a great decision.

Buy New House

Buying a new house after the marriage is also the amazing step to start a new and healthy marriage life.

In this way you and your spouse will live separate in a new house. But there are some issue that comes is the financial issue.

Some people can manage to buy the new house and some can’t because of the financial issues. But if you are financial stable then you should buy the new house.

Some men’s with their own parents and they don’t buy the new house because they are more happy and life a good and happy life with the parents or father-in-law and mother-in-law.


This is the 4 major changes that will comes in your life after your marriage. Well changes can also be done in many other ways. It isn’t necessary that you should adapt these 4 major changes you can have your own change or idea.

When you were a boyfriend and a girlfriend, you must have celebrated that date when you first time met each other. The first kiss, the first hug, the first time when you said “I love you”. There are so many first things that you celebrated. In love, everything feels uplifted. So whatever you do it is like increasing the love more between a couple.

When a couple marries, this love doubles or four-doubles between them, that reaches to a zenith where everything seems so blissful. The day a couple marries, is special to them. Because whenever that day will come in the coming years, that will be their wedding anniversary day. Another day that gets added to your list of celebrations. There are so many ways by which you can express your love to your partner whether by giving a costly gift on the wedding anniversary, going on candlelight dinner, or doing something that you like the most, it could be merely talking also! Every type of lovebird is there in this beautiful universe. But we think romance has its own enigma, and to make it warmer, you can say the  wedding anniversary wishes to your partner making your wedding anniversary unforgettable.

You must be thinking about what you should say. It is always like this. When the time comes to express and show love, it is always one step backward and then forward means first you think you should not say whatever is in your heart. What difference it is going to create. You think that your partner already knows that you love her. So you keep your feelings deep in the heart without expressing them, while you must say them. That is the thing about romance. Saying whatever you feel to your partner creates a huge difference. Words are everything in love. And whatever you have of deep love you must say them. Because when the next time your next wedding anniversary will come, your relationship and love will be much stronger, pious and with lots of love. It is always said love is always about the celebration.

Nowadays time is such that wherever you go you always get to hear that someone has broken with someone, someone is filing for divorce etc. Nowadays couples don’t have patience. They don’t know how to express and show love. They keep everything inside their heart and more career-oriented, and their relationship also. In love, words really matter. So always say them whatever you have in your heart.

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Choosing wedding flowers is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning. Read on to learn how to choose the perfect ones.

In 2016, there were over 2.2 million marriages in the United States.

If you’re planning a wedding, you may be overwhelmed at the many decisions you need to make.

If you need help choosing wedding flowers, look no further. We put together this guide to help you choose flowers that will match your wedding look add a touch of romance and glamour to your big day.

Don’t stress–choosing wedding flowers can be one of the most fun parts of wedding planning. Keep reading to get some tips for picking your wedding flowers.

Do Some Research

The first thing you can do is get some inspiration through bridal magazines or Pinterest. Look at different flowers, colors, and floral arrangements to get an idea of what you like. Decide on your wedding flower colors which will help you narrow down your choices.

You can even go to a botanical garden to look at flowers and see how they look in real life. Another idea is to browse an online flower shop to see floral decor ideas and check it out!

Set Your Budget

It may be tempting to want to decorate the whole wedding ceremony with cascades of flowers. It’s important to set a budget early on so that you can be realistic in your choices.

Take a look at your overall wedding budget and see how much you can allocate to wedding flowers. Also, with the right positioning and additional cheaper foilage, you can make less look like more.

Consider Your Theme

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing wedding flowers. The first is your wedding theme. Think about your theme and your wedding dress style and how you can tie in your flower choices with them.

For example, if you’re having a whimsical-themed wedding, you can choose wedding flowers with unique shapes such as gerbera daisies, billy balls, or poppies. if you have a more classic wedding theme, you may opt for classic wedding flowers such as roses, carnations, or orchids.

Also, think about the wedding season. Locally grown flowers would be less expensive and more environmentally-conscious than flowers that are out of season.

Choose a Florist

Once you have an idea of what flowers you want, you can choose a florist to work with.

When deciding on a florist, look at their portfolio to see their past work. Talk to them about your budget and see how they can make that work for you. Your florist should also give you helpful advice on which wedding flowers to choose from.

Decide What You Will Order

Depending on your budget, you can decide what floral decor choices you want for your wedding.

Some floral decor to consider include:

  • Bridal flower bouquet
  • Bridesmaids’ bouquets
  • Centerpieces
  • Corsages
  • Flower decor the ceremony
  • Flower decor for the reception

Make a list of which floral arrangements are must-haves–such as the bridal bouquet. Put other, less important floral decor options–like car decor–on a nice-to-have list.

Final Advice for Choosing Wedding Flowers

When choosing wedding flowers, think about your own unique style. Do you like big, lavish, colorful decor? Or would you be more into simple, pastel colors? Remember to keep flower shopping a fun experience.

Do not doubt the strength of Damascus steel rings. These rings will truly last you a lifetime. When, you propose with a Damascus steel ring, make sure that the recipient understands what a priceless thing they are being gifted with. Damascus steel is not everyone’s cup of tea! You need someone, who can truly value such rings. The knife aficionados for one will truly know the value of a Damascus steel ring. Or someone with a penchant for understated elegance.

Stores like Perkin have a variety of such rings that are perfect for your engagement and wedding. So, if you and your partner are outdoor adventure aficionados, then go ahead and get matching rings.

Why go for a Damascus steel Ring?

You might doubt yourself on such a ring! Could a metal that looks good for knives look amazing as a ring? Is this the question going through your mind at the moment? Well, do not overthink it! A Damascus steel ring is truly unique as engagement and matching wedding rings. Here are a few reasons why:

1.The main reason is its sturdiness. You will be wearing the engagement and wedding rings on a daily basis. A few bumps here and there are not uncommon. So, a Damascus steel ring will be able to sustain that without dents.

2.The second reason is looks! Who does not want to own a beautiful and unique looking ring? Everyone does! You get that with a Damascus steel ring. The technique of forging the metal gives it a unique look. It is perfect symbol of the special and unique relationship you share with your partner.

To enjoy these perks just make sure you visit a reputed store for your matching wedding rings in UK.

What are the types of Damascus steel rings?

You need to know about the various patterns and finishes that might be available in Damascus steel knives.

The finish has an impact on the wear and tear of the ring. The ring will bear the brunt of time, but not the finish. Of course, it is completely dependent on the wearer, but the finish will wear off with time. The three kinds of finish that is readily available on the market include:

  • Polished Finish
  • Bead Blast Finish
  • Acid Finish

Now, coming to the pattern, you have choices in that segment as well. Damascus steel is forged with a special technique that involves numerous layers of different metals to create this alloy steel that is sturdy and looks lovely. When the layers come on one after the other, a vivid texture and pattern is formed. The patterns might look similar, but the possibility of the same pattern being forged again, even in the same batch, is near to impossible. Some stores even offer diamond engagement rings in UK made from Damascus steel.  

How do you care for your Damascus steel Rings?

As mentioned before, the rings might not get scratched or dented, but the finish will definitely wear off. So, you will need to take care of the rings, to keep the ring’s finish intact for as long as possible. Here are a few things to avoid:

  • Do not wear your Damascus steel ring to a gym or any place where your hands will sweat heavily.
  • Planning on going to get a dip or swim in hot tub, pool or shower (these have chemically treated water)? Leave the ring at home or in your bag, especially if you are heading into the ocean (saltwater is bad for the finish on your jewellery).
  • If, you plan on cleaning, using harsh chemicals, then it is best to take off your Damascus steel rings.
  • If, you are applying lotions, makeup or perfume, leave the ring off your finger till you are done.

Remember that these rules apply to any kind of jewellery (gold and silver). Having said that, find a reputed store for diamond engagement rings in UK made of Damascus steel. They will have beautiful rings for your special day.

Proposal and wedding day are special in every couple’s life! Make it more special with a Damascus steel ring, which is strong and beautiful, just like your relationship!

The wedding is one of the significant milestones in life. It is a special day, and that is why everyone looks forward to making it memorable by going all out to make it big and memorable. Everyone dreams of a big wedding, beautiful cars, gorgeous flowers, a lavish reception with hundreds of guests to share in the joy of their special day. However, all those big wishes cost a lot of money.  Although it seems brilliant to have a glamorous wedding, nothing is encouraging in starting married life in debt since arguing over money is the root of most divorce.

It is, however, wise to start your married life on a firm footing by planning and having enough savings for your dream wedding. To guide you in planning your wedding, here are 6 ways to save for your dream wedding and avoid starting out with huge debts and bills to settle.

  1. Start Saving

An average wedding costs about $40,000. You should start saving towards the amount if you do not have that sum already, else, you may end up borrowing. As soon as you have your wedding in sight, start saving at every opportunity that comes your way. Have regular amounts of cash you will be saving into a special account for your wedding. Ask around; you can even find a savings account paying a nice interest rate. Hire a financial advisor to help you plan out your finances when it comes to saving.

  1. Have Priorities

A wedding has several aspects that require a lot of cash. However, you should prioritize certain aspects to cut down on expenses, and yet have a memorable day. Wedding aspects you can prioritize include wedding videography, wedding photography, dresses or clothing, transport, ceremony, reception, wedding rings, and entertainment. Allocate more fund to aspects with higher priorities and reduce spending on the rest.

  1. Have a Budget

Consider your estimated savings and the cost of the prioritized aspects of your wedding to create a workable budget for your wedding without breaking the bank. Having created a budget, make sure you stick to it under any circumstances.

  1. Do It Yourself

While the popular belief is to hire an event planner to handle your wedding from A to Z, there are several things you can do by yourself to save money. You could ask someone you know that can make a fantastic wedding cake to help you with one and other things you ask family, friends, and relatives to help you do.

  1. Negotiate

As you are trying to stay within budget, negotiate with any wedding service providers you contact for reasonable prices – bridal stores, caterers, florists, car rental companies, wedding videographers and photographers, reception halls, and lots more. Tell them you are looking for god prices to make your choices.

  1. Cut out Statement Items

As you are trying to save money for your wedding, you have to remove certain statement items from your list. You can drop buying a designer wedding dress and choose the “off the rack” dress and still look fabulous while you save money.

Start your home on a firm financial footing by following the 6 ways you can save for your dream wedding.

Very few things in the world are as romantic as the perfect outdoor wedding, but these events can be extremely challenging. Even if the wedding is being held in a temperate climate, the weather can turn around in the blink of an eye. Here is a look at four insights that will help you plan an unforgettable outdoor wedding that your guests talk about for years to come.

Create a Backup Plan

Nature has a mind of its own, and that is why you need to have a backup plan in place. Many brides and grooms decide to carry out part of the ceremony inside so that their guests have a place to go if it rains or the wind picks up. If there isn’t a large enough building at the venue, then you should have drivers ready to take your guests to a nearby facility that you’ve already arranged to have the backup wedding at. Such facilities could be local churches, hotel lobbies, or even a clubhouse of a really nice apartment complex.

Contact an Equipment Rental Company

Renting equipment for a wedding is generally much more affordable if you contact the company a few months in advance. The rental company might let you reserve the equipment at a reduced cost or refund the money if it isn’t used. Quite a bit of equipment might be needed at your outdoor wedding including lights, generators, mobile toilets, and ice makers. If it gets cold towards the evening where your wedding will be located at, you might want to rent patio heaters to put around the areas where people will socialize during the reception. This way, guests will be warm and not be tempted to leave too early due to feeling cold.

Set up Covered Areas

Your guests need to be able to get out of the elements if they aren’t feeling well or the weather is particularly bad. Covering three or four areas with rented canopies is an affordable way to deal with minor weather issues such as light rain. Many brides, grooms, and wedding planners are now renting enclosed tents as well. Those tents allow guests to enjoy the ambiance of the venue without being stuck out in the heat or rain.

Keep Your Guests Hydrated

Keeping your guests well-fed and hydrated is going to make your outdoor wedding much more enjoyable. As a general rule, you should assume that each guest will have at least one drink per hour. If it is warm outside or the guests are sitting in direct sunlight, then they might drink up to three beverages per hour. In addition to your favorite alcoholic beverages, you should also have refreshing juices, ice cold water, and other drinks that won’t dehydrate them.

Organizing an outdoor wedding can be challenging, and you must spend some extra time getting your team ready for any number of roadblocks you might experience along the way. There is no guarantee that the weather will be ideal, but you can limit your risks with a little bit of foresight and some extra work during the planning stages.

The term “bachelor” was first used to describe an unmarried man in The Canterbury Tales back in the 14th Century.

In a lot of cases today, Stag Dos or bachelor parties are even more important than the marriage itself. The tradition of celebrating the last night of singledom has gained even more traction with the surfacing of event companies dedicated to the cause.

While the popularity of these bachelor or stag parties is immense in english-speaking countries, other cultures are not far behind. Read on to find out how different cultures celebrate the last fling before the ring:

The Spartans

Ancient Spartans are often credited with starting the tradition of celebrating the last night of bachelorhood. Since as early as the 5th Century, Spartan soldiers would celebrate the groom’s last night as a single man by holding a dinner party in their friend’s honour.

The parties would include a generous spread of their most loved meals, along with a series of toasts made in the honour of the groom.

The Germans

In the German language, a bachelor party is called Junggesellenabschied, which literally translates to “farewell to bachelorhood”. Staying true to the German spirit, the event involved binge drinking of beers, along with mild humiliation and funny costuming of the groom.

In addition to that, the Germans have another pre-wedding tradition that involves both the bride and the groom. Usually held the night before the wedding, Polterabend involves breaking of porcelain earthenware to bring luck to the couple’s married life.

The Fins

The Finnish people have their own way of celebrating the end of bachelorhood which involves some heavy drinking (of course!) and doing something extraordinary. In most cases, the extraordinary tasks are decided by the friends of the groom and are extremely foolish. These dares usually make up for some pretty embarrassing stories that are later shared with the rest of the family.

The British

British call the celebration a stag party, and it is an enormously popular tradition in the British culture. The party is usually organised by the best man of the groom. Since it is such a big deal in their culture, the stag party business in the country is on experiencing an all-time high in terms of demand. Involving pub crawls, strippers, all-night parties, the British take the celebration of singledom very seriously.

In fact, it is common for “stag groups” to fly to foreign destinations for the celebration, where they can let go of all kind of inhibitions and do things that the bride-to-be may not find so pleasant.


Almost everyone knows about the popularity of bachelor parties in the US. After the huge success of Hollywood film series The Hangover, we all have a pretty good idea of what goes down in an American bachelor party.

For those of you that don’t, American bachelor parties are very similar to the British stag dos. Made famous by the Hollywood film series mentioned earlier, the sin city of Las Vegas is by far, the most popular choice for bachelor groups. After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


In every culture, there are certain wedding traditions that simply cannot be ignored. While stag or bachelor parties were always a part of this list, Hollywood movies have fortified their importance further.

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Weddings are an exciting, beautiful and special occasion that you’ll want to remember forever. Although precious moments of the event will certainly have a lasting impression on you, the most effective way of holding on to the experience is through photography.

A photoshoot prior to the big day can be just as important as the real thing, providing you with an all-inclusive and well-rounded recollection of the event. So take a look below at the benefits you may receive from hiring a pre wedding photographer.

Finalise plans

Pre wedding shoots provide couples with an opportunity to discuss final plans and coordinate their visions for the event. Couples are able to communicate their ideas and wishes for the actual day, to allow the professional to deliver ideal pictures on the special occasion.

Simple conversations about your ideas will never be as effective as a practical shoot. The session will allow you to confirm the camera person’s understandings of your wishes, while also helping you to gather more informed ideas about what you may want.

Ensuring the vision of the photographer and client are aligned means people are able to feel more at ease on the big day. Being calm and comfortable is the key to receiving relaxed and genuine photos that authentically capture the event. So a pre wedding photographer will not only provide you with an entire set of beautiful before shots, but also help to deliver optimal photos on the big day.

Bond between photographer and client

During the photo shoot, clients and photographers are able to familiarize themselves with each other. While many people love to hold the spotlight on their special day, for many people life in front of a lens is very unfamiliar and quite nerve wracking.

An earlier shoot allows clients to get used to the style of the professional and become more accustomed to the process in a stress-free environment. Photographers also have an opportunity to introduce themselves and explain their individual way of operating.

People naturally feel more comfortable with practice, so every opportunity to acquaint yourself with the experience will be very useful!

Capture every moment

On the big day, people often find themselves caught up in the excitement of the whole thing, as well as the inevitable nerves. Immersed in the struggle of being ready in time, acknowledging the importance of the day and worrying about your guests, sometimes photos are understandably not the first thing on your mind.

In these photo shoots, a relaxed and chaotic-free environment allows you to purely focus on creating beautiful shots with your loved one. You will be able to properly engage yourself in the experience, naturally translating to stunning informal pictures.

Diverse scenery options

Through an additional photoshoot, you are also offered an opportunity to capture beautiful shots with a different backdrop to that of your big day. There is a huge range of incredible landscapes that photographers love to play with, creating interesting perspectives and unique beauty.

The informality of the shoot also means you can wear comfortable clothing that may more authentically reflect your everyday relationship, as opposed to the glamour of a sparkling white dress and suit. This will assist in creating natural photos and may also help you feel more relaxed in front of the camera.

An earlier shoot is another opportunity to create amazing memories with your partner, so what could be the downside? Your wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so you’re allowed to go all out. A pre wedding photographer Sydney will deliver irreplaceable photos, which will help in making the event that extra bit special.

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The bride may be the central attraction of a wedding as she leaves the house of her parents and enters a new home to live with her husband, but that does not mean the groom should take a back seat. It is his wedding too, after all; and he deserves as much affection and attention as his better-half. While the bride gets a lot of jewelry items as gifts from parents and close family members, the only item that a groom prefers to show off is his wedding ring.

Most men don’t like to spend a lot of time doing jewelry shopping. If your husband is very busy with his work, then it’s your duty as his future wife to pick a ring that he will wear for the rest of his life. If you are confused, then here are some tips that will help you buy the most beautiful wedding ring for your partner.

Fix a budget: The first thing you need to do is to decide how much you are going to spend for the wedding band. If you are paying for it alone, then your budget could be low, but if your husband is bearing 50% of the cost then you may pick something more expensive. However, please remember that wedding is not just about buying a ring because the total expenditure of the wedding could be really high considering the price of wedding gown, decoration, and catering.

As soon as you enter the jewelry shop, it is wise to tell the jeweler about your budget so that he can show you only the best items within your budget. In case you are buying the ring from an e-commerce website, you can select the price range to filter the men’s wedding band search results.

Get the right size: It is a disaster if you buy a ring that looks great but smaller or bigger than the finger size of your spouse. The ideal way to pick the right size is to ask your soon-to-be husband if he has any other ring and take it with you at the jewelry shop so that they can measure it and help you choose the perfect fit for his finger.

Match his personality: Wedding rings come in different designs and metals and both need to be considered during the selection process. For example, if your spouse is involved in manual labor, it is wise to select a hard metal for him such as tungsten instead of gold. Similarly, if he is flamboyant in nature then you should invest your money in a funky design.

It should complement your wedding ring: When you two will go out, your wedding rings should display your personality and unity as a married couple. It does not have to match your ring’s design; instead, it should complement it. For instance, both bride and groom can buy rose gold rings or they may have a diamond in both rings. This way, the harmony of your married life will be presented in a classy style.


Nothing is more satisfactory that buying a ring for your husband and then giving it to him on the wedding day. The smile on his face and sparkle in his eyes will be an everlasting memory.

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As the bride walks down the aisle with the allure and grace of a queen, the handsome groom waits eagerly with the rest of the wedding entourage, a picture perfect scene that is the culmination of a great day and the beginning of a new chapter.

There is a lot of hard work and love that goes into making a perfect wedding day and the preparations begin way before the final date. Here are some wedding ideas that are bound to create everlasting memories.

Decide on the Venues

One of the most memorable ways to host a wedding is by having it on a large picturesque farm, with original and unique design elements customised for the groom and bride. Wedding hosts present a range of options to make that dream wedding a reality. Options of venue can include a traditional English barn, a blend of masonry and woodwork which offers the warmth of natural light and a spacious high ceiling.

The orchard pavilion is perfect for summer and warm weather ceremonies, highlighting the timeless charm of a sprawling garden. Whether it is with a verdant background or the fallen leaves of autumn providing an extra element to the picture, an outdoor wedding is a classic example of this happiest of days.

The main marquee is perfect for longer guest-lists and provides a stage for all-weather weddings with internal temperature control. Chandelier lighting provides the elegance for such an important day. Local churches around the property are an ideal place for a church wedding. The St. Nicholas in Eydon is a beautiful site amidst the countryside, fit for the occasion.

Comfortable Accommodation

A good wedding host provides not just the stage for the finale, but quality accommodation for the guests and families. Spend time in the countryside in an old-fashioned cottage room with all the modern amenities while the wedding time draws near. Family rooms allow for more guests to be accommodated. Some of the features of the cottages include heated floor and high oak beamed ceilings. The hosts at Crockwell ensure that the stay is as memorable as the wedding.

The accommodation options include the Tyrell and Dryden cottages and the endearing farmhouse rooms. The Maybury room offers access for the differently abled and an extra accommodation a mile from the farm is a cottage on the edge of Eydon. Local area B&Bs are part of a larger accommodation network. For a more casual and eclectic experience, guests can also choose the option to camp on the site with full access to the facilities.

The High Spirits

A farmhouse wedding is of course a cause for celebration and an onsite bar is a must. Guests can choose from a wide range of spirits, house wines, lagers, ciders and more. Card payments make for a more convenient experience when it is time to wrap up.

Planning a wedding is a step by step and detailed process, where everything has to be determined in advance, from the flowers on the tables to the taxis that ferry the guests and everything else in between. Choose the experts of farmhouse weddings. Make sure you read the testimonies of happy customers and view images of previous occasions at


Weddings and Sydney are a perfect match; the most beautiful event in the world and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The climate is incredible, the landscape is picturesque, the catering is delectable; all this gorgeousness means wedding photography in Sydney is some of the best and you’ll be left with pictures that capture the gravitas of the day.

To guide you on your journey of choosing a wedding location have your wedding; here are the 4 of the best classical outdoor venues in Sydney.

Observatory Hill

If you have driven across the Harbour Bridge enough you would have seen two things; the “One Way Jesus” sign and a wedding on Observatory Hill. As a wedding spot, it’s iconic, and for good reason. It has an incredible view looking over the harbour as it stands eye to eye with the bridge. While at the same time displaying a mastery of soundproofing and somehow drowning out noise from the Freeway literally 50 metres away. It also has the advantage of being a short walk to a number of the oldest and most beautiful buildings, in The Rocks. Despite being owned by the city of Sydney, Observatory Hill is bookable and cheaper than you’d expect. And the flowers there are just beautiful!

Balmoral Beach

When you talk about wedding location’s in Sydney it is required you discuss the beaches. There is a litany of unbelievable beach locations, but Balmoral proves to shine through as one of the best. Yes it has the sandy sand that runs right through your fingers, yes it has a view that seems a little bit photo-shopped, and yes it has a quaint park with the desirable balance of shade and sun. Balmoral checks every box you could want with 11 out of 10. Plus it has the added bonus of having a bookable pavilion in the middle of the beach that gives you a wedding melding so much of what makes Sydney truly special.

Whale Beach

Whale beach is one of the more breathtakingly gorgeous beaches in the world, being the second to last beach on the Northern beaches. If you want to have a more authentic beach wedding, one that is reminiscent of an older time, a more innocent time, then Whale beach can provide with that setting. It still has the charming 70s vibes that so much of Sydney has lost (mainly due to it not being the 70s). It still has the required park land for a great reception and it still has all the vibrancy of a Wes Anderson film.

Centennial Park

As the largest park in the middle of Sydney, Centennial Park or Moore Park has many, many locations within it befit for a wedding. Either the rose garden or column garden can provide the stunning setting for your wedding, both offering a delicate charm. There are also plenty of options to find your own spot and have a unique wedding location. The park can provide numerous tones and vibes depending on the place you pick, so for a wedding in your hands it can be the best fit.

There are many wonderful places for a Sydney Wedding and finding the perfect place for you is key. Whether it is an park, beach, old hall or even newer and funkier places, you’ll be able to track down the place that works best for you.