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Bali is an island of many faces, a novelist Anaïs Nin once touted Bali as where the life, art, and religion all converge. A richly diverse island, Bali boasts of stunningly beautiful landscapes including the Ubud rice terraces, the Ubud Monkey Forest, Hindu temples, towering volcanoes, rugged cliff in Pecatu, and the pristine beaches. For wedding couples, it is an ideal spot to have a wedding and enjoy the honeymoon. Bali has something for every wedding couple, and these top 3 wedding packages can make your wedding experience a memorable event.

  • Light Beach Wedding

Many people dream of having their wedding in Bali, and a Bali beach wedding can be the most exciting thing you ever have in your life. If you have been longing for a wedding, you may want to have the Light Beach Wedding since it can give you a romantic experience than the sun-kissed ocean beach weddings you see in movies, magazines, and televisions.

You have the real experience down at a Bali beach where everything is so tranquil, lively, and stunning. The white sandy beaches and the warm sun coupled with the calming sounds of the water make your wedding a unique experience. There are many things you can enjoy on your beach wedding including tropical cocktails, professional photography sessions, exotic fruits, and fresh young coconuts.

  • Cliff Light Wedding 

Bali has cliff settings that offer a panoramic view of the oceans and landscapes. Cliff weddings have become popular in Bali because they offer a special environment for wedding couples and guests. They are a favorite for many wedding couples because they provide a true spectacle for the celebrations.

Bali is dotted with many oceanfront cliffs that come in different forms and shapes. A unique thing about these cliffs is that they offer a legendary sunset experience while giving spectacular views of the surrounding ocean waters. You can have your wedding perfectly decorated for the event to rhyme with the cliff location.

For example, you can have an arch twined with beautiful flowers, two-tiered cake, a path of soft petal, and many other features to spice up your wedding mood, emotions, feelings, and the atmosphere. During sunset, you can take advantage of the soft sunlight to make the best wedding photos since they appear so beautiful. Besides, you can have a romantic dinner or a party celebration right on the cliff.

  • Sacred Beach Wedding

You can also choose to have your wedding in a sacred location in Bali. Villa Campuhan situated outside Bali, for example, offers a magnificent spot for your wedding. Surrounded by the clear blue ocean waters, the traditional Balinese Villa offers you an opportunity to view the landscape including the emerald green undulating hills and the rice paddies fields. Wedding couples can choose this spot if they would want to be away from the busy streets of the town.


These are the top three wedding spots are a perfect choice for the brides. They offer unique environments and settings to complement your wedding and honeymooning experiences.

Since you want to have the greatest experience in your Balinese wedding, you can consider engaging with a wedding planner who is based in Bali, understands the area, and knows the most exciting spots for wedding celebrations. You need a wedding planning expert who is trusted by many people and has organized several weddings. For example, a travel agency experienced in wedding trips that has organized over 2000 weddings can be an ideal choice for your wedding trip planning. Make sure that the wedding planner has received good genuine reviews from real brides.

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