If you are reading an article about how to choose the best florist for a wedding, the chances are that you’re really keen about either your wedding or flowers. Whatever the case, we are writing this to walk you around the perimeters of thought processing that you need. 

Below, we have talked about what steps you can take to ensure that the floral decorations on your wedding ceremony are up to par.

Go and look for the florist yourself

Unless it is an emergency situation, it is better to go out there and lay your eyes on the bulk of flowers before you order. 

You obviously need a large number of flowers if you are to decorate a wedding ceremony. If you are ordering online, the florists may sneak in a percentage of bad quality flowers. You do not want to encounter such a situation on the day of the wedding. 

But if you are ordering online, you can type in florist near me that deliver on Google and then visit the websites of florists. They would definitely have their services and prices outlined on their website or page. Going over that and the customer reviews will let you know what kind of florist you would want to order from. 

Plan your decoration

Visiting the place before the function and visualizing the kind of decoration you want will be really helpful. By doing this, you will manage to choose the type of flowers you want. If you want to hire a designer, you will be able to make him understand better too. And most importantly, you will order a near sufficient amount of flowers, not too many, not too little. 

You can develop a vision for what you want the place to look like and then proceed to put pieces together to make that vision a reality.

Determine your requirements 

Do you just want a bunch of petals to lay on the floor, or do you need a stage space outlined and adorned with flowers? Do you know what you need, or would you want to hire someone who does the design for you? Knowing the answers to all these questions will help you with your choice of florist. 

If you want to place a simple order, any florist will suffice. But if you want a designer to do the creative thinking for you, you would have to look for the florists that offer such a service. Moreover, you also have to pick the designer whose taste aligns with your aesthetics. 

Determine the budget

The budget designated for the floral decorations should not exceed 20% of the total amount set aside for decor. However, if your requirements include designers and customization, then this amount can be increased. Either way, a budget needs to be determined first, and then you should start meeting the florists.

When you are meeting the florists, see to it that their services fall inside your budget plan.

Look up images that match your vision

It will be a lot easier to bring your vision to reality if you get a practical idea of what it looks like. Sometimes, an idea may sound pretty in your head, but it looks completely opposite in reality. 

Moreover, you can show these images to people, especially to your florist designer. Then, they will have no problems with understanding your demands. They will also be able to tell you if they can give you the services that you need or not. If they cannot, you can look for other florists.

Look up customer reviews online

If the florist has a website or any other kind of online presence, going to it to determine the credibility of the florist will be a good idea. The customer reviews always help you understand the ups and downs of the shop better. Keep track of what the customers are saying about the services that you will need from the florists. If a sufficient amount of people are speaking in favor of the services of the shop, then you are good to go. 

Make a list

The florists that you have shortlisted for your ultimate choice make a mental note of them. Then, enlist the pros and cons of every single one. Are they offering all the services that you need? Are the customization options available? Would they have a designer if you need one? Will they offer discounts if you order huge packages? It will be easier to choose from such an organized list of florists. 


Even after you have that list sorted, you need to go over it again and again. Keep comparing the prices and services of different florists until you pick out a winner. It will also be good if you take recommendations from people who have experienced such an event before. They might have their research done, and asking them will reduce the amount of work you have to do. Even after taking recommendations, continue your research.

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