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We’ve collected a bunch of facts about cats that are bound to amuse and interest you cat lovers out there! While not everybody on this incredible planet or ours loves cats, those that do sure do love them!

Among the most cuddly of our pets, certain cats love to pet and snooze, while others are natural-born hunters.

cat napping

1. Cats have relatively high survival rates for falling

cats jumping

Known as the high-rise syndrome, this encompasses the phenomenon that cats are surviving big drops quite often.

Since cats have a so-called non fatal terminal velocity, they never reach speeds in which they cannot land properly.

In fact, the argument proposes that it’s due to a lack of air because of the twisting and flexing of the cat, that they don’t survive falls.

2. At age 30 Kitty the cat gave birth to 2 kittens.

two kittens

So far some scientists believe Kitty is the oldest cat that we know of to give birth.

Apart from her awesome feature at the impressive age, she birthed a total of more than 200 kittens in her life time.

Perhaps more impressive, Creme Puff, a cat from the US, managed an astounding 38 years of living.

3. Growing up with a cat can improve your child’s allergies

a cat and a clown

Specifically, if the toddler grows up in the same house as where there’s a cat or a dog it helps boost their resistance to allergies.

However, just being exposed to a friendly pet is not enough. The child would have to live close by the pet and be exposed over a period of time to get the benefits.

4. Cats and humans have similar brain structures

cat hunting

Especially so when it comes to the region responsible for controlling our emotions.

This might also be the reason that both cats and humans tend to get endorphin releases when petting.

5. More than 4 million cats are being eaten in China each year

cat yawning

While it sounds like a lot, more than 9 million Chinese citizens have backed a bill to ban the tradition.

Dogs also have a rough time in China, being even more popular than cats.

6. Cats can tell sounds apart with ease.

hairless cat

We all know how well cats and dogs can hear, but did you know that cats are able to tell sounds apart?

Depending on the distance from the objects producing sound, the cat can locate within an inch or two the particular object it wants.

7. Cats just sweat through their paws

cat paw

That’s right. One of the funnier facts about cats is this one.

While cat’s generally don’t sweat anywhere near as much as us humans, they still release some through their paws.

8. Cats purr and Diesel engines beat at the same rate

cat purring

At approximately 26 revolutions a minute, both cats and diesel engines have revolutions pretty much matching each other.

9. Cats sleep roughly 18 hours a day on average

cat sleeping

In fact, some cats sleep upwards of 20 hours on average, so if you think your cat is lazy, it’s probably more normal than you think!

Most of the time however, cats are only “75% asleep.” This means that they have their eyes shut and are in a sleep-like-state, similar to what humans call power-napping in a way.

10. Cat owners are 40% less likely to die from a heart attack

white cat with blue eyes

Most of us probably know that having a pet such as a goldfish, dog, penguin or of course cat, can help relieve stress, but did you know it can prolong your life?

A 20-year long study found that cat owners in particular help reduce heart attacks by nearly half.

That’s quite impressive by all accounts, but we expected nothing less from our feline friends!


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