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Below we have gathered a hand-picked list of the best and most interesting facts about elephants out there, we hope you’ll like them!

The elephant, one of nature’s most majestic animals. With their massive size, elongated trunks, and a reputation for a keen memory, what’s not to love about the largest animal on land in the world? 

Facts about elephants

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1) There are 2 species of Elephants

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They are considered to be the Asian and the African elephant. The African elephant is usually heavier and bigger than the Asian elephant, and even has an extra set of ribs.

Scientists are currently debating whether there should be a clear distinction between two types of African elephants as well, since the Forest elephant differs from the Savannah elephant in a few distinct ways.

2) The average elephant weighs around 4000 kilograms

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Elephants are the largest living ground-based animals we have on our planet.

The male elephants weighing in somewhere between 3000 to 7000 kilograms (roughly 6000-15000 lbs) on average.

Males tend to be larger than females for both the Asian and African elephant species.

3) A male elephant can grow up to 30 feet long

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Yes, 30 feet. Although usually they range from anywhere between 15-24 feet counting from the tail and through the full length of the trunk.

Measurements are for the African elephant, which tends to be larger than it’s Asian counterpart.

The male elephant can be anywhere between 5 to 14 feet in height, depending on the species, age and environmental factors.

4) Elephants can’t jump; the only mammal unable to do so.

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One of the more odd facts about elephants is the fact that they are not built quite the same as most other mammals.

Because of their large weight, their legs are only able to transport the animals backwards and forwards.

Their legs are primarily built to each be able to carry the elephants entire weight, although the weight is distributed roughly evenly with the front legs lifting slightly more than the back legs.

Therefore, elephants can not jump or even turn their legs like us humans, and according to several sources they are the only mammal unable to do so.

Besides not being able to jump, elephants can’t gallop or trot as horses and other four-legged animals do, but they can speed up their walking process to something resembling running.

5) Elephants are left or right tusked.

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Just like us humans, the majestic elephant prefer using either of its tusks, like we prefer our right or left hand.

Whereas we call our primary hand for the dominant hand, scientists call the primary tusk for the master tusk.

6) Elephants mourn their dead.

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Elephants are known to have excellent memory, and nowhere is that as evident as with their family bonding.

An elephant will much like a human go to extreme lengths to protect their closest relatives, and they are even known to mourn their dead.

7. Elephant poop makes up the world’s most expensive coffee

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As un-appetizing as it sounds, it’s true. People are using the elephant dong to produce some of the most coveted black coffee on the market. While there is a relatively low demand for obvious reasons, that helps to drive the price upwards.

8. The trunk of an elephant can kill a lion with a single sweep

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While we normally consider these large animals as gentle giants, they can use deadly force when protecting their offspring.

The trunk is capable of performing tasks ranging from delicate maneuvering to brute force.

Their trunks can lift heavy objects in excess of 300 kg (650 lbs), but they can crack a peanut shell without damaging the nut.

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