When it comes to using a phone in business, the first mental association that we get is sales and telemarketing. To put it simply, telemarketing is a practice of reaching out to prospects in order to sell them some goods or services. Depending on type of a calling procedure through which agent contacts prospect, telemarketing can be inbound and outbound. The implementation of both types pays off provided that a business uses a proper strategy.

A Brief History of Outbound Telemarketing

Outbound telemarketing emerged earlier and it has a very interesting history. The very first manifestation of this approach was spotted in the 1900s. It was also the period when businesses started using a phone as a sales tool. The industries adopting the telephone as a piece of innovative technology were mostly financial and steel services. Through this device, they contacted present and potential customers. However, it was not until the late 1970s that the first centralized call centers were organized and using a telephone for such purposes finally became economically effective.

Telemarketing as we know it now emerged no sooner than in the early 1980s. From then on, telemarketing gradually started taking over the direct-mail advertising. Naturally, these were outbound calls only.

Sadly, the happy days of outbound sales didn’t last long. Unethical telemarketers began to employ very pushy and sly tactics making customers feel harassed by an abundance of annoying calls. The state had to strengthen regulations to guard the consumers against this harm. The late 1990s looked like the end of sales over the phone.

The reputation of telemarketing suffered great damage from phone scams and illegal robocallers and people developed a solid negative attitude to this promotional strategy. However, there is no reason to be hostile towards outbound telemarketing. Scams and frauds exist nearly in every business, and they also use other communication channels with the same exertion.

These days, telemarketing industry works on creating a new image based on compliance and customer engagement. For the most part, respectable outbound telemarketing providers are going through the revival since more and more companies acknowledge the effectiveness of this approach. If aligned with a compelling marketing efforts, outbound cold calls can serve as a great instrument for customer acquisition and retention.

The Significance of Outbound Telemarketing

The companies massively go online in order to connect with their prospects and customers. However, we shouldn’t give up on personal phone calls just yet. It is still one of the most effective ways to deliver critical information to the clients. Outbound cold calls can do a lot of good to your business, namely:

  • Make a sales strategy adaptable:

Every promotional strategy needs flexibility since it is impossible to please everyone with a single solution. It is possible to find out more about your audience with the help of outbound telemarketing, so you could make your marketing efforts more productive.

  • Collect and analyze honest opinions:

Telemarketing enables another great business opportunity that you can use to your advantage. Besides sales, outbound telemarketing can be employed to collect clients’ feedbacks. This will help you increase your understanding of the market and adjust your marketing strategy correspondingly.

  • Target your audience more accurately:

Sales representatives use this approach to connect with leads. Naturally, they may or may not turn into their customers, there is no guarantee. But this is a useful activity anyway as it enables you to identify trends and then again, improve your marketing strategy.

  • Decrease a turnover in your company

High turnover is a serious problem for many companies as it can directly impact the bottom line. However, no company wants to waste time and money on underperforming or unqualified employees. Outbound call center software will undertake monitoring and control at minimum cost, and provide you with a set of other useful features to increase the efficiency of your call center.

Outbound cold calls in B2B and B2C sales may bring an organization many advantages. Voiptime Cloud call center solution is a universal tool that will enable you to connect with your prospects easily and help your top agents close more deals. Outsmart your competitors by making outbound call center software a part of your business!

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