Your wedding will be one of the most life-changing days of your life, but like all other things that can be life-changing, your wedding day is also a challenge. You cannot manage all the special people at a time. Of course, anyone who is going to attend your wedding is special. Thus, there will be a natural urge to treat everybody in a better way. The purpose of the marriage is to announce that you are picking up a spouse and you are rendering respect to all those people who have been in your life by letting them become a part of your happiness.

Now, when all this would take place, there will a need for sound management. The wedding ceremony management plays a decisive role in making that day a happy day. For both groom and bride, who want to make people feel special in their happy moments, it is essential to plan. Deciding and designing each moment will ease the process; moreover, both the organizers must keep in mind that things can sometimes go out of control. Therefore, please plan for alternatives as well.

From deciding your gown/ suit to receiving people, there are various levels. You never know when you will be a need for change of address notification cards. I do not think that wedding planning would always start a year ago. A few people get this chance. However, a lot of people do not understand this much time, and they tend to miss a lot of things.

Once you are engaged, then it is the right time to start the wedding preparations. No matter if you have not decided on the wedding dates yet, but once it is confirmed that you are going to marry this person, you should think about the management.  It will start by making a list of guests and ending on sending house warming invitation.

Let us have a look at how you can plan your wedding smartly and effectively.

Dream pragmatically 

It is time to dream about your marriage once you are engaged. It is not a stupid thing. Dreaming about your marriage will naturally give you the ideas about your wedding day. You will decide more quickly if you have got it in your imagination. However, when dreaming, you can stay realistic; otherwise, you will not be able to make them come true.

Make a list of guests.

Of course, there will be people at your wedding. So, you and your spouse-to-be should sit together and have a meeting about it. Discuss the family, friends, and colleagues you want to invite on your wedding. The list-making activity might take a day or two because it is not possible that suddenly within an hour, you two will be able to recall family members and friends.

Contact a wedding planner.

A wedding planner will only assist you; it will be a side by side business. You will have to tell them what you want from your wedding day. Both parties must decide about the theme of the wedding day. It can be a destination wedding. If in case it is going to be a destination wedding, then you must contact the local wedding planner.

Wedding planners will ask for a few bucks in advance, you and your prospective life partner must divide the cost and payment. It is for both of you and your family members, so there must be a balance.

The cuisine 

What type of food do you want at your wedding, here both you and your partner need to help each other? You can take some suggestions from your friends, or you must follow the trends. The cook who is going to cook food for your wedding ceremony needs to be an expert for that cuisine. You should discuss it with your wedding planner.

The legal papers 

Two weeks before the marriage, you are supposed to get the legal documents—the legal matrimonial history of your spouse and the demands for the agreement. Everything must be on point on the wedding day. Thus, you must contact the authorities and ask them about the legal proceedings of your marriage.

The dresses 

It is not a compulsion, but as everybody is happy and it is your big day, you should try to look good together. Picking up the right wedding dress involves a few things; it starts with your budget and fashion. I believe that it should be your taste rather than the trends, but if you are confused, you should go with the flow.

Plan a budget and choose a suitable dress, it is not compulsory that both man and the lady, must wear the same colors but sometimes it looks good. The same design and colors of the wedding dresses might show the strength of your relationship, but to be honest, it does not matter much.

The day, date, and timings 

You cannot invite your lovely guests at any time. There must be some motivation and plan in the decision. For instance, it would be great if you will pick up Sunday for your wedding because a lot of people would be free on Sundays.

The timings also need to be according to the guests. It would be more courteous if you will think of your guests while deciding.

Send the invitations 

You are supposed to send the invitations a week or two before the wedding day. Otherwise, a lot of people who were planning your wedding might not attend because you did not let them prepare for your wedding. Be kind to those who want to join your wedding.

For those living in faraway states, you must reserve tickets, and if you can afford them, send them the tickets along with the invitation cards. Your invitation card must display all the details about your wedding. Kindly, make sure that any of the invitation is not misprinted, every word and number is clear and obvious. Lastly, you must have a list of latest address of all your friends and family members. 

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