Fun and memorable – those are probably the two words that aptly describe how you want your wedding reception to be, right?

Fun because you want guests to enjoy themselves – you also want to have a great time surrounded by loved ones and friends. Memorable because you want everyone at the event to talk about your wedding for months and years to come.

But, how do you make your reception stand out? 

Here are six ways to make your wedding reception amazing.

Set the stage

When it comes to the wedding reception, choosing the perfect venue will set the stage for a memorable experience for everyone involved. 

Granted, choosing an ideal venue and brainstorming décor ideas can be overwhelming, you may want to consider bringing in a wedding stylist Sydney so you can focus on other aspects of the planning.

The right lighting and atmosphere can be the last piece of the puzzle you need to create an incredibly memorable reception. 

For an evening and outdoor event, consider a mix of delicate hanging lights and large bulbs to create a magical look guests will rave about.

Consider co-opting family and guests’ photos into your venue décor, not only will the pictures make them feel appreciated, it is a smart way to integrate your loved ones into your special day. 

Plus, the photos are excellent conversation starter as everyone relives old happy memories.

Pick the perfect band or DJ

When guests agree to come to your wedding reception, they expect to be entertained. Your responsibility as the host is to ensure they are well taken care of. 

One sure way to keep guests entertained is to have a live band play or DJ play great songs everyone can dance to. 

While, you can ask the DJ to play a couple of songs that have sentimental meaning for you and your better half, to keep the dance floor packed full, it is best to have songs everyone can relate to.

Grand entrance

Remember, the goal is to create a memorable experience for everyone. What better way to make a lasting impression than your entry and exit at your wedding reception?

While many party-goers would not expect any dramatic entry, you can take everyone by surprise by making a grand appearance. 

Consider a super slide or if your budget can allow it, show up in a helicopter, or a kabuki drop.

You can also put on a show for guests by break dancing your way onto the dance floor. Use fog or snow machines to liven things up.

Open Bar

An important element to the success of your reception is a well-stocked bar. A bar can make or break your event. You need to ensure there is enough beverage to go around.

A well-stocked bar performs other important function, it lightens up the mood, breaks guests out of their shell to start conversations with others, and of course, provides the liquid courage for guests to channel their inner Michael Jackson.

Capture every intimate moment

While you may have professional photographers to take your snaps, providing guests with disposable cameras is a great way to encourage them to have fun.

With the cameras, guests can capture intimate moments your professional photographer may miss. The photos are also quirky keepsakes that show you what your guests are up to during the wedding.

Hand out fun favours

At the end of the night, when the music is turned off, and light fades, your wedding favours become the last remainder for your guest about your special day.

The wedding favours are your last opportunity to thank everyone for committing their time and money to celebrate with you and your partner.

So, you may want to offer items your guests may wish to use. Personalized matchboxes, cocktail kits and Himalayan salt are some of the wedding favour ideas you can use.

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