Weddings and Sydney are a perfect match; the most beautiful event in the world and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The climate is incredible, the landscape is picturesque, the catering is delectable; all this gorgeousness means wedding photography in Sydney is some of the best and you’ll be left with pictures that capture the gravitas of the day.

To guide you on your journey of choosing a wedding location have your wedding; here are the 4 of the best classical outdoor venues in Sydney.

Observatory Hill

If you have driven across the Harbour Bridge enough you would have seen two things; the “One Way Jesus” sign and a wedding on Observatory Hill. As a wedding spot, it’s iconic, and for good reason. It has an incredible view looking over the harbour as it stands eye to eye with the bridge. While at the same time displaying a mastery of soundproofing and somehow drowning out noise from the Freeway literally 50 metres away. It also has the advantage of being a short walk to a number of the oldest and most beautiful buildings, in The Rocks. Despite being owned by the city of Sydney, Observatory Hill is bookable and cheaper than you’d expect. And the flowers there are just beautiful!

Balmoral Beach

When you talk about wedding location’s in Sydney it is required you discuss the beaches. There is a litany of unbelievable beach locations, but Balmoral proves to shine through as one of the best. Yes it has the sandy sand that runs right through your fingers, yes it has a view that seems a little bit photo-shopped, and yes it has a quaint park with the desirable balance of shade and sun. Balmoral checks every box you could want with 11 out of 10. Plus it has the added bonus of having a bookable pavilion in the middle of the beach that gives you a wedding melding so much of what makes Sydney truly special.

Whale Beach

Whale beach is one of the more breathtakingly gorgeous beaches in the world, being the second to last beach on the Northern beaches. If you want to have a more authentic beach wedding, one that is reminiscent of an older time, a more innocent time, then Whale beach can provide with that setting. It still has the charming 70s vibes that so much of Sydney has lost (mainly due to it not being the 70s). It still has the required park land for a great reception and it still has all the vibrancy of a Wes Anderson film.

Centennial Park

As the largest park in the middle of Sydney, Centennial Park or Moore Park has many, many locations within it befit for a wedding. Either the rose garden or column garden can provide the stunning setting for your wedding, both offering a delicate charm. There are also plenty of options to find your own spot and have a unique wedding location. The park can provide numerous tones and vibes depending on the place you pick, so for a wedding in your hands it can be the best fit.

There are many wonderful places for a Sydney Wedding and finding the perfect place for you is key. Whether it is an park, beach, old hall or even newer and funkier places, you’ll be able to track down the place that works best for you.

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