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The best thing anyone can do for a couple at their wedding is to capture good photographs and videos of their most cherished moments.

Whether you are a hired photographer, or a friend doing a favor, the use of digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras will earn you a soft spot in the hearts of the couple for a long time coming.

Given that they have large sensors, DSLRs can produce sharp, high-resolution images, which show every detail and every moment at a wedding.

With this post, we will be highlighting the major factors you need to consider before purchasing a DSLR as well as the best brands available in stores worldwide.

Factors to Consider Before Getting a DSLR Camera

1.    Price

Because they are high-performance cameras, DSLR cameras can come with quite a price. The good thing, however, is that you won’t regret your expense. A typical full-frame Canon EOS-1DX Mark II will cost you around $7000 in Austin. You can also go for very affordable DLSR options like the mirrorless system Sony A7, which retails for about $900 in Austin.

2.    Image quality

Your best bet will be one that has the lowest noise and the highest ISO option. So, full-frame flagship models are best.

3.    Dynamic range

If you are offering wedding video productions austin tx, or anywhere else, this should rank tops among your concerns. You need a camera that will capture even the smallest detail. This is one that can post-process RAW images with highlight and shadow sliders.

There are other factors to consider, including the operating system, durability, and the user interface.

The Best Brands Available


  1. Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Interestingly, this beast ranks among the most desired DSLRs by professionals offering wedding video productions austin tx. It features a boosted ISO of 102,400, improved autofocus, and a shutter life cycle put at 150,000 clicks.

2.    Canon EOS 1 Dx

This model is an acclaimed overall best in image quality for Canons. It has noiseless operations put at the ISO 2000 range. Its lower resolution sensors are at 18MP.

3.    Canon EOS 6D

It features the best dynamic range for Canon DSLRs. The shutter life cycle sits at 100,000 clicks. It is weather and dust resistant and is the only Wi-Fi-enabled Canon DSLR. A standard Canon EOS 6D can be procured in Austin for around $830.


1.    Nikon D800

This product is popular for being the best DSLR for image quality. This machine has a dynamic range at 14.4 stops, 25.3 bits color depth, and 14 bit A/D conversion. The shutter life cycle is put at about 200,000 clicks.

2.    Nikon D4s

This is a 16MP Nikon flagship with an ISO 3000 rating. Color depth stands at 24.4 bits, dynamic range: 13.3 stops and ISO can reach 204,800. It has built-in LAN features while Wi-Fi can be added through an additional transmitter. A Nikon D4 16.2 MP CMOS FX Digital SLR equipped with full 1080p HD Video in Austin will cost you about $2900.

3.    Nikon D610

Its color depth is nailed at 25.1 bits, dynamic range of 14.4, and ISO score: 2925. It also has a 24.3 MP sensor and a native ISO range at 100-6400 which can be expanded to 25,600.


1.    Sony Alpha A99

This beast features a high-resolution EVF viewfinder, 24MP sensor, color depth at 25 bits, and native dynamic range at 14 stops.

To get the best deal of any DSLR and the best wedding photos and videos, study the buyer’s guide and user manuals. Also, get professional training if possible.

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