Planning a wedding is a challenging task. While it is exciting to plan for your special day, it still is formidable. You have to move around from market to market, visit florists, caterers, photographers, choosing the right ring or wedding dress and make a lot of important decisions. Doing all this can be overwhelming, and the odds of making mistakes are high.

There are certain common mistakes you are likely to make. Several things are beyond your control, but many of them can be avoided with a little cautiousness. Watch out for these mistakes while planning your wedding.

  1. Forgetting the contingencies 

You and your partner have finally agreed on a venue, the theme, the floral plan, and the lights. You may have planned an outdoor event but without taking into account the weather situation on that day. It can be a raining or even snowing that day, ruining your entire plan. So, make a rain/contingency plan while setting up the outdoor affair. The same goes for an outdoor photo-shoot, i.e., make up a contingency plan for rain or snow.

  1. Performing tasks before making a budget 

You should never spend money before accounting for how much you have. You may have made a budget, but some costs springing up at the last minute may wreck it for you. Hence, make a realistic budget and allocate a certain amount for these last-minute, out-of-the-blue costs. Once you do that, your future self will be thanking you already.

Also, many people make the mistake of doing chores before even chalking out a budget. Be it picking a wedding venue or finalizing the bridal dress, it has to be done after you have established the financial parameters. Otherwise, it is paramount to buying something without glancing at the price tag. It may be your fantasy to do so, but it is not the reality and thus equals to foolery. If you finalize the location before checking its affordability, you may be cutting your guest list in half or compromising on your dress later.

  1. Not leaving enough time between the reception and ceremony 

Planning a wedding takes time. And the evidence is ample that everything takes longer than anticipated. So, leave enough time between the reception and ceremony even when you are having both at the same location. If you have left only 8 minutes for the drive between the church and reception hall, you are in for a lot of stress and frowning. Your officiate can be late, or there might be too much traffic on the road and so on. So, allow more time between these two events. You can consult your wedding planner or a coordinator in this regard. These professionals have an idea of how long it takes to get ready, receive lines, and take photos.

  1. Assuming some of your guests will RSVP ‘no’ 

There is a common assessment that 10 percent of the invitees cannot arrive at the event. And the figure becomes 20 percent of it is a destination wedding. While the stats may prove to be true later, they are still an approximation. You should not rely on them. Many people make the mistake of over-inviting, counting on these figures. And sometimes, more people say ‘yes’ than anticipated and cause a lot of trouble. So, make your guest list while keeping in view the venue capacity.

  1. Buying your wedding dress early 

You have finally found the ball gown of your dreams. It still is not the right time to do the transaction. A lot needs to be decided before ordering the wedding dress. You should first finalize the venue and the style plus theme of the wedding. Only then, you can know if the dress you selected is affordable and compatible with the wedding or not.

  1. Signing a vague contract 

A contract should always be extensive and thorough, even if it is about catering. It is a very crucial and decisive factor for your wedding experience. So, get everything in writing, be it the time or the details about services. Include the nitty-gritty like staffing for bartenders, support staff, and waiters, varieties, and brands, as well as the food courses in the contract. Any additional charge should also be a part of the contract.

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