Wedding’s in Sydney are an incredible pairing. They both have the dynamism and variability to pull of any sort of style, any sort of intention and sort of day. However it is undeniable that Sydney has its better attributes, namely the its spectacular views and it’s gorgeous architecture.

A day that properly capitalises on these aspects can lead to an absolutely unforgettable Sydney wedding, one filled with the envy-inducing photography.

Here’s a list of some of the best venues for an elegant and stylish Sydney wedding.

Vaucluse House
The 19th century mansion is one of the oldest, most grandiose building’s in Sydney. Ceremonies can be held on Lone Pine Lawn and be followed by drinks and canapés in the Vaucluse House Tea Rooms. From its vantage point views of the harbour and city are unblocked witness every fine detail of the magnificent headlands. If you want a wedding that is smaller and more intimate, Vaucluse House specialises in such event, especially those around 60.

Taronga Zoo
Zoos conjure connotations of animals and rightly so, but Taronga Zoo is also home to one of the most amazing views from the north side of Sydney. The wall of windows lets you gaze upon the city in all its glory; all the way from North Sydney to Watson’s Bay. While the view is incredible, the food and staff do everything to match it, bringing your mouth-watering food with the brightest of smiles.

Fort Denison
A wedding around the harbour is so highly coveted, by with your wedding at Fort Denison you get to experience the harbour from a whole new perspective. Fort Denison ensures the best wedding photography in Sydney, with completely undisturbed shots of the city, Harbour Bridge and Opera House. More than just being a premier harbour location, it is renowned for its impeccable service and to-die-for seafood.

The University of Sydney
Walking around The University of Sydney is the only way to appreciate its immensity. Founded in 1850 it is the oldest university in Australia and The Great Hall is the epitome of its stature. The Great Hall, one of the most photographed buildings in Sydney is an incredible place to have a wedding ceremony. The 19th century stone walls and its magnificent aura make the Great Hall perfect for those who want reveal in Australia’s most extravagant hall. Plus it’s central location make any reception just a hop, skip and a jump away.

Chinese Garden of Friendship
Modelled after gardens of the Ming Dynasty, the koi ponds, bridges, hidden pathways and exotic plants create an atmosphere that encapsulates the philosophy and harmony of traditional Chinese gardens. The tranquillity of the garden sets the scene for a peaceful and personal affair. If you desire a wedding between 40-80 people, Chinese Garden of Friendship will provide the exact grace and elegance fit for the event.

Jonah’s Restaurant and Boutique Hotel
To get a little away from the city and engage more in Sydney’s beach culture, Jonah’s take you up the peninsula of the Northern Beaches. Overlooking an expanse of crystal clear Pacific Ocean while drinking their two time ‘Best Wine List of Australia Award’ wine list. The partnership of class and beach melds together perfectly and a more relaxed feel, does not mean a drop in quality of service. For a unique mixture of glamour and chill Jonah’s is the place to be, plus you’ll be the only Sydney wedding to have whales in their wedding photography.

There are a number of extraordinary places to have your wedding in Sydney, these are just some of the fancier, most extravagant. A Sydney wedding that will have everyone balking at the photos.

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