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A camping holiday in Morocco is an opportunity to enjoy a new experience especially in the beautiful sites in Morocco Holidays. Going camping allows you to travel in complete independence and much more cheaply, either in the summer so as to enjoy the sun or during winter so as to enjoy the cool Moroccan climate.

This Camping article provides you with a list of all perfect Campgrounds in Morocco that are very famous among tourists. This will also help you to select the best campsite for your next wilderness escape in the ancient kingdom of Morocco. Below are camping sites that are the best for campers:

  • Atlantic Coast of Morocco:

 The Atlantic Coast of Morocco has a lot of campsites and are pretty well equipped for even the first time campers. This coast is home to Morocco’s cultivated capital, Rabat, and its financial hub, the modern Casablanca.

The refined Moresque construction and liberal attitudes on display in both cities are a far cry from the primitive medinas and conservative lifestyles of inland cities such as the ancient Fez and Marrakesh. The price and facilities at campgrounds will vary but normally campgrounds are very reasonable and cost under 20E a night. You can find a list of some camping options on Virikson Morocco Holidays.

  • Sahara Desert:

Another hot spot is Western Sahara where camping at night is a perfect adventure. Closer to Marrakesh about 2.5 hours ride will take you to the High dunes of Sahara desert where you can enjoy the Barber Night camping with local barbers. Right in the middle of Sahara, you can enjoy the Erg Chigaga Luxury Desert Camp with full amenities. You can arrange a private desert camp or through the Local companies, whatever best fit your desires.

  • The Rif Mountains:

In the most amazing season of the year, in spring, you can enjoy the wonderful daytime tour and night camp on the high rocky base of the famous Rif Mountains. Trekking in the middle of the Rif Mountains with the perfect views of High Mountains, everything will go perfectly with your camping trip. Give it a try!

  • Marrakesh:

One of the most amazing camping areas in Marrakesh is Safi. With the discovery of antique culture and sites, you can easily setup a night or day camping in the beautiful weather with your spouse in Safi. It will cost you less if you arrange your tents by yourself otherwise you have booked through some Camping company Like Virikson morocco Holidays in Morocco camping Holidays. Camping & trekking in the wonderful area of Auberge Ait Oudinar, located just close the town of Tamallait, is also a beautiful & highly-rated campsite in this district offering similar amenities.

  • Al Hoceima National Park:

One of the most beautiful and calm areas is Al Hoceima National park of Morocco. It is situated near the Tangier. Tetouan-Al Hoceima is Morocco’s northernmost province.

Usually considered the most visited area but geographically, it’s in a great location – right on the coast where the Atlantic Ocean mixes itself with the Mediterranean Sea. Several well-appointed campsites scatter around this region, such as Camping Al Boustane, Virikson Morocco Camping.

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