International businesswoman Mylène Besançon has graciously agreed to answer our questions. Mylène divides her time primarily between South Ontario in Canada and South Florida in the United States. 

Although she was born and raised on the French Riviera in the South of France, she has since established a wonderful network of friends and embraced the many lifestyle advantages of these three regions. 

She co-founded companies that helped her race to the top, such as Tunedly in the music industry and Bring My Song To Life in the gift industry. This success was achieved through partnerships with major names, remarkable numerical growth, and a strong team. Now, let’s expand our discussion.

Question: What’s a great way to age gracefully?

Answer: Embrace excellent eating habits, nurture loving relationships, and embark on frequent travels.

Question: When you mention ‘frequent travels,’ can you tell us what fascinates you about the places you visit or where you have a home?

Answer: Certainly! 

In Ontario: Muskoka offers luxury lakeside cottages. Toronto caters to urbanites with its high-end shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

In Monaco and its surroundings: Besides offering enriching cultural encounters, this place boasts stunning Mediterranean coastline, beautiful gardens, and panoramic views. 

In Florida: Palm Beach is famous for its high-end shopping and exclusive resorts. Sanibel Islands is known for its pristine beaches and a serene atmosphere.

Question: Speaking of shopping, could you share an event where you will flaunt your fanciest attire soon? Conversely, can you recount a time when your outfit choice left you less than thrilled?

Answer: Of course !

To answer your first question, I’m eagerly awaiting a familial gathering in Europe a few months from now, where I’ll proudly wear my pink and white Dior dress. It’s my very first Dior piece! The choice of shoes remains a matter of debate. In response to your second question, I distinctly remember a professional photoshoot in Vancouver where I showed up with a simple dance-looking outfit. Fortunately, my husband and I were so joyful that everything turned out perfectly. And my yellow gold necklace adorned with a butterfly stood out nicely!

Question: Have your ‘excellent eating habits’ influenced your professional life in any way?

Answer: Certainly, they have! For instance, eating fruits and drinking matcha helps keep me energized throughout the day. In general, a well-balanced lifestyle enhances my happiness and positively impacts all aspects of my life.

Question: Regarding your previous mention of ‘loving relationships’, what principles do you keep in mind? 

Answer: I strive to remember the understanding that human connections can be delicate and require an open-minded perspective to thrive.

Question: Expanding on your ‘open-minded’ response, could you share three quotes that you like at this moment?

Answer: Yes!

“True friendship can exist only between equals.” – Plato 

“Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it.” – Steve Jobs 

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible!” – Audrey Hepburn

Question: Any quotes from the glamorous music industry you started your entrepreneurial journey in?

Answer: Not at the moment.

Question: Is there something you are currently contemplating and feel certain about?

Answer: Imparting our heritage to our future children and nurturing their innate curiosity. People will see them as individuals who grow, develop passions, and carry an enduring heritage.

Question: And what about ideas you’re contemplating but remain uncertain about?

Answer: Firstly, considering having more than one child. Secondly, listening to my grandma’s ongoing aspirations about me releasing a book. While I am uncertain about this project, I believe my future child might inherit the inclination. Thirdly, deciding on a restaurant for dinner for this beautiful October evening in 2023. Farm-to-table eatery? Italian trattoria? Vegan cafe? Sushi bar?

Question: Speaking of books, could you share the title of a book that you’ve recently enjoyed?

Answer: I recently read a book about the ocean, although I can’t recall the title offhand. However, I highly recommend “The Sleep Revolution” by Arianna Huffington.

Question: With your high proficiency in both English and French, do you envision yourself acquiring proficiency in another language? Alternatively, do you foresee not embarking on another linguistic journey?

Answer: I may consider revisiting Italian one day, as I’ve always had an affection for the language. However, I don’t foresee dedicating time to learn Japanese for instance, as my schedule is already quite packed. It takes time to master languages and maintain them; time will tell.

Question: In your current perspective, how do you define luxury?

Answer: Luxury, for me at this moment, is savoring sweet moments by a pristine beach, with the soothing sound of the waves as the perfect backdrop.

More than a pretty face and words of wisdom, a bright future filled with a busy schedule and lots of quality family time awaits Mylène. Her website is Business, wealth, wellness, travel, happiness, and much more define what we can call ‘Mylène’s world’. 

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