When Pokémon Go was first released, it was like the inner child of each one of us came running out. Given how much we all wanted to be Ash and go on epic adventures when young, this was to be expected. Nobody had ever imagined it could become a reality, but it did and in the best of ways. Augmented reality (AR) has opened a world of possibilities and it has slid into our lives effortlessly.

We use many apps with AR features without even realizing, including the likes of Snapchat and its filters. So, what exactly is AR? A Quick and Simple Introduction to Augmented Reality (AR) will tell you that AR enhances the real-world objects by computer-generated perceptual information. While it lacks what virtual reality (VR) has to offer, it still holds its own. While Snapchat and photo filters have lost their charm for us, becoming a part of our daily lives, there are AR apps out there that will instill awe. Here is a list of eight apps, which if you haven’t checked out already, you must!


If you love tattoos and wonder which one would suit you best, download InkHunter right away.

All you have to do is draw a simple target on your body using a ballpoint and the app projects the tattoo design on your skin, fitting along the curves perfectly. There are a ton of options to choose from their library and if that isn’t enough for you, you can put on your designs as well.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a mob boss with the tattoos to prove it, this is where your dream becomes reality. You can also use the app to pull a prank on your family or get creative with designs.

Dino on My Desk

We all loved the Flintstones, with their quirky house and of course their cute pet Dino. Today, AR lets you have a Dino pet of your own in your house.

You get to raise cute, adorable dinosaur babies. You can play with it by hand or on the display screen. You can also feed it. These dinosaurs are responsive and while they may be all lovey-dovey they also have a temper that you should watch out for.

If you have little ones and want to teach them about dinosaurs, this is a great tool and offers tons of information on these prehistoric creatures.


Speaking of educational apps, JigSpace lets you explore the functionality of everything. You can take a tour of the solar system accompanied by captions and explanations or you can pull apart car engines and locks to study. It covers a vast array of topics, sure to keep you entertained.


Hologo is similar to JigSpace as it too allows you to view things in 3D and lets you dissect them. But, Hologo is geared more towards school. Where JigSpace lets you break apart locks and engines, Hologo lets you interact with animal and plant cells, do math in 3D among other things. It also takes you to other places like the Coliseum in Rome and lets you explore it from all angles. It’s fun, and if you ever wanted to open portals and take a peek at what’s happening at the other side of the globe, this is it!


Having 3D educational models is nice, but sometimes you just want to get creative. For this, we’d suggest you try Holo. You can place animated 3D objects in your surroundings. You wanted a pet tiger, they have it. They might also have dinosaurs or dragons. You can create whole scenes, change your reality through this AR program. It has a huge gallery of silly objects you can try. If you ever wanted to be a magician and conjure things out of thin air, now’s your chance.

IKEA Place

Thinking of upgrading your furniture and are unsure of what might suit your home, you should get IKEA place. It lets you try their furniture in your room. You can place them wherever you want and shift it from one corner to the other to see where it looks best. You can also experiment with color schemes so that when you make the final purchase, you know the side table will match the coffee table.


Remember doodling as a kid on the wall and getting scolded by your mom for ruining the paint. Well, no more!

WallaMe is a great AR app and what it does is it turns the whole world into a blank canvas. You can write whatever you want, whenever you want and even draw. Only you and the person you share it with can view it. No police running after you for graffiti. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. Another great way you can use it for, though, is to leave a secret message and that is what it’s meant for. It’s like invisible ink and you create treasure hunts and whatnot. If people get lost looking for your place, you might want to add in a few arrows and extra directions to guide them. The possibilities are endless.


AR came to life with the Pokémon Go game and if you’re looking for similar games, you should give Ingress a try.

In this game you need to choose a side: the Resistance or the Enlightened and from then on you have to look for portals in the world and try to capture others for your side and protect the portals of your side.

Final words

We are living in interesting times, with the world just a click away. All you need is an internet connection and a good quality smartphone and you can create the world you want to live in. AR still has ways to go and huge scope for growth yet to realize, but it is a game-changer, changing the way we see and interact with the world.

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Machine learning (ML), the subfield of computing, will definitely bring huge changes to the globe in coming back years. As consultants believe, the sensible utility of cubic centimeter can shortly be out there to standard users via mobile app – the simplest type of computers out there currently.

ML is starting a brand new age of code development. The developers now not need doing special programming for his or her computers, gadgets and different devices attending to complete many tasks. These devices collect and analyze data that they have to draw an acceptable conclusion and learn throughout program performance, instead.

The technology of machine learning currently accumulates the expertise from antecedently completed operations and makes choices because it happens among people at large. This all can happen through a special rule that will reach machines to find out things on their own. The targeted devices are mobile and, the target is achieved by mobile app development.

Initially, machine learning began from computers however as of current trends, it’s shifting additional towards mobile platforms via mobile app development. this is often why most huge IT corporations have begun to promote machine learning mobile app development because of the next huge factor.

Smartphones go together with quite comfortable power which might perform operations as similar as large-size computers do. Here square measures the confirmations:

Google’s language code victimization the neural network and providing language translations is optimized for achine learning (ML) is used with mobile appssmartphones and, it supports devices while not the net association.
Lenovo is functioning a smartphone technology that will perform many operations while not the net association. Indoor geo-location and increased reality square measure 2 best examples. this is often created doable with the high-speed image process code in conjunction with Google’s code.
During the last WWDC sixteen, Apple bestowed Siri SDK and, currently, all developers will incorporate this feature into their apps.
Areas wherever Machines Learning Apps will be enforced

As a multidisciplinary field, machine learning mobile apps will be enforced in areas requiring the intersection of technologies, science, and business.

Use of Machine Learning in AI

The machine learning capabilities may also aid AI. we have a tendency to square measure seeing associate degree emergence of the age during which the robots assist folks in doing their works, each at work and reception. Also, these will be operated via voice command or remotely or via a number of faucets on the screens of smartphones. All there needed square measure the machine-learning capabilities for the right performance, even in unpredictable surroundings.

The MPL Implementation in data processing

Data is that the true fuel to swimmingly and incessantly run the fashionable day’s business practices. Nothing moves while not it. The machine learning capabilities will facilitate loads in analyzing and finding the fascinating connections with the very important set of information.

Machine Learning and Finance

The machine learning capabilities are extensively used in the better prediction of future trends. Customized apps can analyze all sorts of browser related history of previous transactions and social media activities so that credit ratings can be determined. Such system can also provide a result to consider portfolio optimization and send recommendation directly to the smartphones of users.  Of course, this is a potential problem area for machine learning considering the growing prominence of premium VPN apps used for the express purpose of preventing organizations from acquiring their browser related data.

The Machine Learning Makes e-commerce straightforward

Machine learning is providing quite a few opportunities for e-commerce businesses in would like of skyrocketing revenue and enhancing client expertise. The globally recognized retail giants like eBay and Amazon have already proved it. However, these square measure huge firms which might afford Brobdingnagian investments to implement cubic centimeter capabilities at their workplaces, however, smartphone quality provides the best ways in which to implement cubic centimeter via mobile apps.

Here square measure some examples however enterprises will showing intelligence use cubic centimeter capabilities in their mobile app developments.

Searching for the merchandise

The cubic centimeter primarily based app will give higher product searches in terms of ranking, query-understanding and therefore the queries associated with expansions.

Recommendation and Promotions of merchandise

The cubic centimeter will facilitate users to urge higher recommendation for the merchandise they’re finding out. Same applied on the merchandise promotion.

Forecasting and analyzing the latest trends

E-commerce businesses engaged in the apparel industry would like data to grasp the most recent trends within the market. data of the past season sales and approaching trends will facilitate them reach additional exactly to their customers. Here huge information machine learning capabilities aid these businesses to mixture the trend and sales data from numerous sources and build prediction in real time. The cubic centimeter may also facilitate fashion businesses to manage higher rating to their merchandise to draw in additional customers.

Detection and interference of frauds

E-commerce firms keep facing a spread of challenges however with machine learning capabilities, they will produce weaponry by involving continuous observation of online activities and making alarms.

Since the year of its introduction to the world, AR has appeared in many interesting ways, be it an unforgettable gaming app like Pokemon Go, or other AR based apps. Due to its grand capabilities like overlaying virtual data onto a physical space and enhancing the real-world environments, the AR technology is considered to have huge potentials in the different industry verticals.

When almost every industry has started embracing the AR app development , real-estate has been in efforts to take advantage of this exceptional technology in the form of Real Estate App Development and other experiments. The ability of augmented reality to bring life to products makes it worth integrating into real estate sector, allowing businesses to display the properties in much interesting and perfect manner.

An augmented reality real estate app can have a big contribution in real estate marketing and can become a brilliant tool for salespeople and marketers of real-estates. Further, in this blog, we will see how AR can have a great role in transforming the real-estate industry.

How AR Can Be Effectual in Real-Estate


 AR has a power of fetching people attention and engaging them even at a first time they use it. The first impression is last one, and AR wins this fact. When you provide clients an AR tour for your properties, you will be increasing the chances of publicity of your real-estate business, since people will tend to spread a word about what they had just experienced, and thus, creating more buzz.

User Engagement

The augmented reality real estate app allows users to get additional information about the property like price, property specifications, locations, and photos. Moreover, the users are able to walk around virtually and look at everything like what paint color should be on the wall or where they can place their furniture, etc. This overall provides a delightful and engaging experience to the prospective buyers and helps them to make the proper decision.

Business Intelligence

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Apart from driving buyer engagement, AR or augmented reality real estate app can be effectual to know customer preferences about properties, collect customer data and other essential information like CRM insights providing real-estate agencies necessary business intelligence for further deciding the marketing goals and strategies.

Instant Access

Most of the times realtors or real-estate broker found it difficult to take clients to a project place because of time and distance constraints. Here augmented reality real estate app comes as an endowment to get rid of this situation, making it convenient for realtors to reach potential property buyers and provide them a detail view and information of the property right on their Smartphone.

Benefits of AR Real Estate App Development

Real Estate Company or Realtors

Real estate app development with AR proves to be highly beneficial for the real estate businesses. An augmented reality real estate app enables realtors to have instant communications with their clients, provide them inclusive information about the property at right time and also acquire new potential clients.

With the AR-enabled app, it is much easier for real estate businesses to draw the attention of potential buyers towards their properties. Also, AR significantly helps to cut down the marketing efforts and cost.

Prospective Buyers

The augmented reality real estate app can aid buyers to make a right property choice. Such AR applications, allows users to experience virtual property tour. Further, some augmented reality apps are designed in such a way that allows user to scan flyers, banner, and other printed materials combined with augmented reality to observe the property alive.

AR technology, when used in apps, will also show buyers detailed information about the property like the price of the house, total area of the property, the number of rooms incorporated in it, and much more.

Some Popular Augmented Reality Real Estate Apps in 2018

Recognizing the vast benefits of AR and AR apps, many real estate businesses have built some amazing augmented reality real estate apps that are worth exploring.


The Homesnap real estate application allows customers to obtain information about homes available for sale in a particular area. The users just need to tap on location images they desire and the available information will be instantly visible to them. This information will consist of pictures of the home’s interior, the value of the home, and so on.

Lux AR App

The Lux AR app lets customers search for properties without the need of a map. Since the app makes use of GPS Geolocation along with a mobile device to provide customers exact location of properties near to their current location. Apart from getting a view of the property, customers can also interact with the environment.

NuOffice App

The NuOffice app offers clients with an insightful property searching experience. The app provides a 3D visual interaction to the user giving an interactive presentation of real estate projects. Real estate agencies can exploit the visualization feature in areas of architecture, real estate, and project management.


Seeing above scenario it’s clear that AR has been immensely empowering the real-estate sector and further supposed to transform the industry with more technology advancement. Real estate app development has been experiencing lots of improvements with technologies like AR making the real-estate apps even more effectual and interesting. If you want to build a user engaging and full-featured augmented reality real estate app for your real estate business then get in touch with our AR experts to get a precise solution.

Spying is a situation that arises from a feeling of insecurity or when trust is broken. Spying is an extreme situation to which a person should be not brought to. Whether you go for full scale spy apps, or stick with a more basic phone tracker, either option can provide comfort and less stress.

But since your trust is already broken, whom do you rely on to bring you authentic and real information? How can you decide whether the source is providing you correct information or not? In such a situation, you have to take the matters in your hand and make sure that there is no more lying.

What options are available for spy apps?

With the technology at your disposal, you do not really have to really wear a black hoodie and roam around with a binocular around your neck or wait for your partner to sleep and see text messages to spy on the target in question.

Instead, you can sit back comfortably in your house and track the activities by just simply installing an app in both of your phones. Just download the app, enter some basic information and get going. So here we are, giving you a complete guide to use those apps whether for an Android or Apple phone.

  • mSpy: We are starting with the number one in the list and the most top rated one. This app is supported by Android, iPhone, and Windows phones. It helps you spy on calls, see text messages, track emails, tracks GPS locations, access to address book, control apps, access to the gallery to view pictures and videos, monitor internet usage and all this without even touching your target’s phone on a daily basis.
  • Spymaster Pro: This monitoring software is typically available for an iPhone and helps you keep a close watch on your children, partner or even a business employee. It gives you an access to phone book, GPS, SMS, web history, WhatsApp, contacts, multimedia and many more. It is available as a jailbreak version which helps you enjoy its features without any hindrance.
  • Spybubble: Again one of the best in the list of spying apps. But this app has greater accessibility since it is compatible with Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Mac OS and even Windows phones. Because of its compatibility, it is more reliable and hence loved by many. Apart from accessibility to text messages, emails, calls, GPS locations, internet usage, multimedia, it gives access to your social media platforms, calendar, bugging and even remotely control the phone of the target’s question.
  • FlexiSPY: This software literally helps you eavesdrop. FlexiSpy has an inbuilt feature of Call Interception which lets you secretly listen and record into phone calls. This feature is over and above the other benefits, it provides for tracing call recordings, GPS locations, texts, emails, photos, social media and instant messaging. Apart from recording conversations, this app records the voices of the surrounding as well and to top it all, it has a feature called RemCam which remotely activates the camera and takes a secret picture in order to keep a track on the view of the surroundings.
  • iKeyMonitor: Particularly designed for Apple iPhones, this app’s interface is simple and intuitive. This also offers a free 3-day trial so that you can evaluate its usage before actually investing your money. One of its prominent features includes that it logs all forms of messaging from the keypad and records it to send to the email of the person concerned. It has the ability to capture passwords, periodic screenshots and even provides with a multi-language support like English, Spanish, Russian, French and even German. This app is your one-stop-shop destination for all your spying needs.

We have kept the list short and crisp in order to avoid any sort of confusion since you will be overwhelmed with the number of options available.

You need not make any hasty decisions for purchasing a software since you can always use the free or trial version to know whether you are comfortable using this app and then accordingly take a decision to purchase one.

Although you will get more options for usability of features in a purchased version than a free one, you can always get a fair idea. The best thing about this software and applications is that it maintains the full security of your identity together with getting the work done.

One resource that can be of help for further information is found online with a collection of guides and in-depth tutorials on the subject to further your understanding.

Picking a phone tracker app for parents

Your phone is the most reliable thing and is with you most of the time, so you do not have to worry about the authenticity of the information and not even worry about your security. A phone tracker can help in many situations.

Being a responsible parent, it is crucial to check where kids and teens spend time. As a matter of fact, Gen z is the most vulnerable victim to threats these days. Growing dangers have already increased the parent’s concern. With all the crime going out there, parents want to protect their children.

In this era, you do not need to handle activities on your kid’s phone. Many tracking apps empower the end-user to manage the activities on the target device remotely.

Parents want to learn where their kids are, but they can’t afford the expensive apps. That’s why we are here with the best phone tracker list. These phone tracking apps are not for only parenting, but you can find the lost phone, share your own location with friends, trace a new location, etc.

It’s time to find out which phone tracking app matches your requirements the most. 

TheWiSpy – An Advanced Mobile Tracker

It is an android compatible app that is developed to track the target device remotely. A user can use this app for both personal and business purposes. TheWiSpy is a reliable phone tracker with advanced features. Install the app on the target android phone and capture the screen, call recordings, surround recordings, text messages & IMs, Spy on Camera, etc.


Glympse is a good choice that allows the parents to track the location instantly. A user can monitor not only the current location, but can also check the location history.

Its online dashboard displays all the location-tracking details plus compatibility with both android and iOS devices. Now, track the whereabouts of your children and take control of their screen.

Find my Device

Android compatible phone tracking app allows the parents to find your lost phone or device. Not only yours, but you can also check your loved one’s phone’s location instantly. You don’t need to pay a single dollar for its location-tracking services.

A user can ring the lost phone using this app and find out the exact location through an end-server.

Geo Tracker

No matter how much danger is out there, you can still protect your children using a geo tracker. It is an app that requires zero dollars and lets you access the target android phone. Open Play Store and tap on download button.

Google Maps

Google maps direct the users to their destination. It is the most popular app these days as it is free of cost and provides a chance to share your location with your loved ones & friends. It uses GPRS, wi-fi, GPS services to track the location. If you want to find out a new place, use Google maps.

Family Locator – GPS Tracker

It is an android compatible app that is designed to check the location of the target device using GPS. It does not involve any cost to download the app. You can see where your child goes and also monitor her/his recent visited places.

We have shared 5 free phone trackers that will help you find out the location of the target device without any cost. But there are many apps available that capture the screen and offer unlimited advanced features. For example:

Wrapping Up

Our teens and kids are not safe at all, as they always use social media. The Internet brings many dangers, but you can minimize threats using a free phone tracker.

We have shared a list of some of the top mobile tracking apps that will help you to protect the kids. But remember that free apps do not provide advanced features as the paid apps do. Parents can take help from an app to check the location and to monitor other online activities.

You only need look along a train platform in any modern city to see just how attached (quite literally) we have all become to our smartphones. In some parts of the world, smartphone use has come close to actual ubiquity. Taking the UK as an example, 96% of 16-24 year olds now own a smartphone.

After putting aside the well-trodden debates about whether smartphones and social media are proving detrimental to “real” human relationships, it’s hard to deny that the devices offer us fantastic functionality that makes life easier. Thanks to GPS, navigating around a new place is simplicity itself; high resolution cameras make it easy to capture and share memories; and widespread Internet connectivity means constant access to knowledge.

However, it’s not all good news. Smartphones can sometimes prove almost too clever for their own good, creating situations that can potentially compromise the privacy and security of the user. Some of these needless risks are easily avoided, but smartphones are not necessarily set up by default to work in the safest way.

This article discusses three ways in which you can easily make your smartphone a little safer:

1.   Look at the permissions you are allowing to your apps.

Often, when you set up a new app on your phone, it will ask for certain permissions when you first launch it. These permissions can range from camera and microphone access (for a messaging app, for example), to access to your location (perhaps for an app concerned with navigation).

Frequently, however, the permissions an app requests are way out of step with the minimum permissions they really need to work. Why does a social network need access to your microphone if you’re not going to make voice calls? And why does an app that identifies music need to know your location?

In many cases, the app developer offers an (often spurious) reason to need such permissions in return for certain functionality. However, it’s usually possible to run apps without giving away such unfettered access to your phone’s features. It makes no sense to give a whole raft of apps permission to listen to what you’re doing or know where you are – so try to allow these things only by exception, and not as a rule.

2.   Exercise caution with public Wi-Fi.

Everyone loves free Wi-Fi! Access to decent Internet connectivity in hotels and cafés is seen as a must nowadays, and everyone is quick to take advantage of their nearest hotspot. This is particularly relevant during international travel where data roaming charges can still prove prohibitive.

However, free Wi-Fi can sometimes come with a sting in the tail. The problem is that it’s alarmingly easy to hack other people on free Wi-Fi networks. It’s quite straightforward for a hacker to sit on another table or in another hotel room, making a sneaky note of such information as your bank password or Facebook login.

If you frequently use free Wi-Fi on your phone, it’s well worth considering subscribing to an inexpensive virtual private network (VPN) service, which, when activated, will encrypt your online communications. You will find a wide range of services for iPhones and Android devices. Once you have subscribed a Vpn service it is also good how efective the service is, by tunning a Leak Test as Anonymster explains here. If you choose not to use a VPN, it’s best to ensure that you don’t do anything remotely private on your smartphone when you’re on public Wi-Fi – but with a VPN, you’re much more protected.

3.   Ensure you have a backup regime.

The smartphones we all carry around are essentially very compact but fully-featured computers. They often hold a huge amount of information, including (for many of us) vast libraries of precious photos and videos.

Unfortunately, phones are easily lost, and memories can be lost with them if there’s no backup regime in place. It’s easy to use services such as Dropbox and iCloud to ensure data is kept safe, but statistics suggest that plenty of people don’t get around to it, and risk losing irreplaceable records of special moments. This is despite a third of people already having experience of losing data on a mobile device.

Smartphones can be life-enhancing gadgets, but it’s important to harness their power appropriately. These tips should help you gain a little more control over these tiny but sophisticated devices.

ipad 632394 1920

Whether you’re traveling for pleasure, work, or business, doing your usual tasks and staying in touch with your loved ones, colleagues, or employees all the time is a cinch as long as you’re connected to the internet. But this huge perk often comes at a big cost, which you will see once you receive your monthly phone bill.

Internet package providers in Saudi Arabia offer some tips below on how to avoid spending a fortune on your data roaming charges while still staying connected to the internet while you’re abroad:

1.    Download everything you need and want before your flight

Before going abroad, download all the tunes, videos, e-books and apps you need so that you won’t have to do this overseas. This will help you avoid using your data allowance for downloading. You will also be able your data allowance for more important things.

2.    Turn off updates while you’re abroad

Software updates are important, but don’t update your apps until you are back home or connected to free, secure Wi-Fi. Updating your apps requires a fast internet connection. If you use your data allowance to do this, you will go beyond your allowance and pay expensive charges.

Prior to traveling, switch off the automatic update feature on your phone as well so that you won’t have to worry about this part.

3.    Save web pages you need or have to read frequently

You can save offline copies of web pages, videos, and articles which you can refer to later without having to use your data. Use an offline reader app such as Pocket, Instapaper, and Readability. You can also add the web page to your reading list or download it as a PDF and save it on your phone so that you can read them later even without an internet connection.

4.    Navigate offline

If it is your first to time to visit a particular place, you do not always have to use data to avoid getting lost. All you have to do is to save an offline Google map of the area you are traveling to. You can then refer to it later when you need to. However, Google maps can only be saved for 30 days so it is important that you keep this in mind.

You can also use Apple Maps to navigate offline as well.

5.    Avoid using apps that are loaded with ads

Although many apps are free, they come with numerous ads that are not only annoying, but will eat your data. As much as possible, don’t use these apps. But if you really need or use them regularly, consider getting the paid versions of these apps to avoid the costly consequences of paying data roaming charges.

6.    Use data-reducing or compressing browser and apps

If you really have to read or do something online, use Chrome. This particular browser can reduce the size of web pages, thereby decreasing your data use by up to 50%. Certain apps such Opera Mini, Opera Max, Onavo Extend, and Data Compress work in different ways, but using them will help you reduce your data consumption.

7.    Monitor your data usage

Even if you don’t always surf the Web or use a data-compressing app on your device, you still need to keep a close eye on the amount of data you use while you’re overseas. This will help you avoid burning through your data allowance and getting a huge phone bill.

You can view your data usage stats on your mobile network account page. All smartphones and tablets also have a built-in data traffic log which you can check regularly to monitor your usage. Although these tools are sometimes not updated in real time, you can still use the numbers as a rough guide.

8.    Use Wi-Fi whenever possible

Lastly, the simplest and most effective tip to help you avoid getting a frightening phone bill because of data over-use is to use the internet or your apps via Wi-Fi connection.

Use the Wi-Fi at your hotel, the café, or restaurant. There are also many public Wi-Fi hotspots which can give you decent connection but be careful in using them.

This means you have to avoid making online banking or financial transactions and changing your passwords using these hotspots. Make sure you disable your device’s data roaming setting as well to be sure they won’t be used accidentally, especially if the Wi-Fi connection is unstable.

Once you’re home, make sure you know how to check your postpaid bill carefully so that you can avoid making the same costly mistakes on your data roaming usage the next time you travel.

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Working as a freelancer is about as tough as being an entrepreneur, but the best thing about it is being  your own boss and working for oneself. Being your own boss clearly means that you are solely responsible for each and everything happening with or around your business, so it does put some pressure on you.

Therefore, to make up your work more efficient and effective we have come up with some amazing apps which will definitely speed up the flow of your daily tasks as you need.

Check out the below listed Apps!

Dropbox Paper:

The best thing about working as freelance is you don’t have to follow up the same schedule every single day. You can work according to your time and wish. Isn’t it?

But many times you have to take regular visits to your clients for minimal things, therefore we’ve got dropbox paper for you. With the help of which you will be easily sharing your thoughts and ideas with your client under one touch.

You can easily keep your projects moving even if you cannot. And it is available totally free of cost which can also be used offline.

You can get the app on Google Play Store

AutoStamper Stamping App:

If you share and publicize your work online on web. Then your most important delimma and priority might be  protecting your work from getting copied, isn’t it ?

And if you are looking for one and quick fix solutions for the same, then we have got a multi-usage platform which can not only protect your photos from being copied or used without your permission but will also make wonders happen for your photography skills before your publish it.

With AutoStamper you can copyright your photographs in form of signature stamp and protect it from being copied and used without your permission.

You can get the app on Google Play Store

All Social Network:

Marketing plays a major role in each and every business, same it holds here. And with the growth in digital era we are more focused on social media marketing than traditional marketing, isn’t it ?

Therefore, we’ve come across this must have android app to make all your work go like a flow under one single roof. You can access all your social signals within single install and maintain your timely posting accordingly without any hassle of maintaining so many apps.

It is the easiest way to publish content on multiple channels faster and speedily all in one.

You can get the app on Google Play Store

To do List, Reminder and Calender:

The most needful App for every single person working as a freelancer is to do list app to accomplish every task they need to make up during a day.

Not only it offers the to do checklist but even with the help of this you can set your own reminder as per your requirement in form of daily, weekly as well as monthly. It also offers additional cutomizable timely reminder according to accurate date and time.

You can get the app on Google Play Store

All Email Provider:

Want to mail your project details to a client urgently? But unfortunately you donot have the mail app installed ? Now you may tend to hassle and open the broswer search for mail log your account and send it.

A lot of hassle to face, phew! But what if you already have your account logged with an app with just 3 steps it will go ! just tap, add and send. With All Email provider you can easily access all your mails, additionally You can even add your own email provider.

With more than 150 email providers, checking and sending mails becomes as simple as ABC!

You can get the app on Google Play Store

Summing up the above list as of now, using it in your daily work will definitely assist your work and make look like a pro!

mobile 616012 1920

Technology, specifically mobile applications, are one of the best inventions so far. These applications, which are coded software, more or less aim and ace in making our lives easier in many different ways. Now-a-days, application and software developers have designed applications that have made human lives smoother and chores easier to be carried out.

With absolutely no botheration and only an uninterrupted internet connection (or not), these applications have increased various set of possibilities of doing tasks with just a click.

The development of mobile apps is increased daily and it’s quite easy to do almost everything like tracking and maintaining health, mobile payment systems allows to make and receive payments easily without having to carry cash or credit cards anymore, switching home switches and tallying and managing work, all can be done through simple mobile applications these days.

Let’s learn about the 7 best applications in the market now:

  1. Paypal:

Swiping and using financial debit or credit cards online has always raised questions of security but with Paypal, one can be sure of security since it allows a user to buy or sell anything without having to share its card and personal information with the vendor or merchant in any case. One can make the most of Paypal as a money transfer app without a hitch of having the confidential and crucial information at stake. You can now also buy tickets, book shows, transfer funds, pay bills, earn points and various benefits.

  1. Google Maps and GPS

We have heard of the phrase ‘Not all who wander are lost’ but this has been proven right by the trending and most loved navigation applications including Google Maps and GPS. These applications have made locating any place a child’s play. With them, one does not need to be worried about getting lost. You can make the most of these applications by saving the route offline for pre-destined places to save the data and efforts both, as it also gives the option of operability on the offline but saved mode.

  1. Airdroid and Airdrop

Sharing and transferring files (receiving and sending data, images, videos etc) can be a task and time taking if the files are heavy. To combat the problem and get going with extra saved time and effort, applications like Airdrop, and Airdroid allows users to share filed of extremely heavy data easily in just no time. One can make the most out of it as this application relieves a person from the usual and time-consuming disk burning and pen drive sharing task, even on the go. The best thing one can do about it is that it can also be used on airplane or offline mode since it does not need internet or service connection.

  1. Healthy out and Cody

Taking care and keeping a track of our health has become a pivotal and extremely important step of our lives, considering the deteriorating health statuses due to environmental and fast lifestyle. Healthy Out and Cody are some of the applications that helps one keep the track of each physical activity and intake of food, nutrition, essential vitamins etc. These applications also suggest and creates a personalized diet plan and exercise routine for users to let them stay healthy and fit. A person can make best use of this app by filling in their personal culinary and work out details to get the expert advice on a daily basis. It can also be used to know about the intake of daily nutrition and what one is missing on for the alterations to be made. These apps are reviewed to be the best free health and fitness guides.

  1. Google Drive and other cloud storage applications

Google products and applications are one of the best in the market. Gooogle Drive is a drive wherein one can save its important documents, data and more without having to occupy any external or internal storage of the phone. The best usage of these applications is stated and made through its storage space as the data and files on these applications are saved in the cloud space which does not affect the functioning and RAM memory of the phone, thus, giving you more space and storage. One can use it as much as wanted for any purpose without having to give up on their in-built phone or external memory.

  1. Weather application

With environmental changes becoming extremely unpredictable each day, weather applications have become a boon. One can use these applications to keep a chart of weather predictions even on the go and plan the tasks and outdoor activities accordingly, as and how they like. The best potential feature of the application can be used by one to pre-check the weather when traveling to a different place or country in order to assure enjoyable journey at all times.

  1. Evernote scanner or Camscanner

Not every phone has a great camera, or not everyone has great photography skills, but we all have some time felt the urge to capture something important, valuable and meaningful in our lives. To combat the clarity issues, Camscanner and evernote scanner, works well for scanning documents, business cards, etc extremely well. One can make the best use of it when they need to carry the information on paper by scanning them and taking them in the phone while on the go and do away with taking care of the valuable documents and hard copies. These scanners are great and easy to be used by one and all.

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Every sports fan has the pocket version of his favorite sport stored on his smartphone so he can play it wherever he wants. This list is geared towards older phones too, so you will not need the best Samsung Galaxy phone currently available, but it couldn’t hurt. So what some of the best sports games for Android and iOS on the market? Check out the list of 10 sports game you have to have with you if you want to be a real sports fan:

  1. Real basketball – MobileCraft

Real basketball is a great application for al basketball fans because it offers them the chance to play single player or multiplayer. For this app, you have to connect to the internet if you want to play with people all around the world, which can be a lot of fun. Choose your own team from 40 different uniforms and 4 different courts and choose the game mode which suits you best from 6 different modes. If you still aren’t convinced then let the numbers do the talking; the overall score is 4,6 which is graded by almost 1,600,000 users.

  1. MLB 9 Innings – Com2uS

Baseball is one of those games you have to see to understand. The same thing is with the application, you have to try it to love it. Choose your own ball, pitch, position, anything you need to become a great baseballer. The game is pretty impressive, it has more than 800 players which are rendered in 3D with some serious graphic. The overall score for the game is 4,2 which is pretty good when considering the 55,500 users behind it.

  1. Foosball Cup World – Ludus Studio

Foosball is one highly addictive game and this application makes sure that you can fully enjoy the pocket version of table football. You can choose the size of the table, the player formation, style, the stadium and even the type of the ball. But, keep in mind that you have to win most of the options through the game. Almost 30,000 users have graded this game with 4,0 score which is not bad at all.

  1. FIFA 16 – Electronic Arts

The best way to enjoy a proper soccer application is through FIFA. Electronic Arts are the giant in the gaming world and you can expect only the best from them. This application is more than just playing soccer because you can trade and transfer every player in your team. There is one feature which can improve your skill and that is the Daily Challenge. Achieve every challenge and get your reward. The overall score is 4,0 and the number of reviews is 825,600 which is pretty good.

  1. Archery Master 3D – TerranDroid

Archery is not a basic sport, but it is one of the most addictive ones. In this application, you can choose your bow, archer, types of bows and bull’s eyes and change them all from time to time to spice things up. Just remember, first few levels may be easy, but the higher you get, the harder it is to shoot the target. Almost 800,000 reviews show us that the game is pretty interesting and the 4,2 score shows us that the performance is impressive.

  1. Pro Feel Golf – Behaviour Interactive

Golf is actually pretty unusual sport for an application, but the experts in the Behaviour Interactive did a pretty good job with it. Just like the basketball game I have already mentioned, you can play single and multiplayer mode with people all over the world. The graphics are pretty impressive and the one-hand controls make this game easier to play. Different upgrades and powerups can improve your skills so you can continue to grow in the game. Almost 15,000 people have left a review which leads to the 4,0 overall score.

  1. Ice Hockey 3D – Mouse Games

Hockey is a fast-paced game and with this application, you will feel like you are on the court with them. The animation of the game is impressive and the control of the player is flawless. Just like other games on this list, here you can also choose your hockey team to win the entire game. You can also choose different game modes and find the ones that suit your style best. Almost 92,000 users had reviewed this app and they gave it the overall score of 3,8, which is lower than the rest, but still pretty OK.

  1. Madden NFL Football – Electronic Arts

Another Electronic Arts application is on this list. Madden NFL Football will tie you to your smartphone while you let your team win match after match. The principle is similar to the FIFA application where you can buy and sell your players and by achieving challenges, you can earn rewards. The game was rated more than 1,350,000 which is awesome and the entire game’s score is 4.5.

  1. Pool – 8 Ball Game – Pool Games Studio

Foosball and poll are two table games that are on this list because they are also highly addictive and entertaining. The entire game feels like it is the real deal, there are no unrealistic movements. Improve your skills with daily challenges and become a pro fast. Almost 45,000 users gave this game the overall rating of 4,4, which is very impressive.

  1. Fishing Hook – Mobirix

You can’t compare the real fishing and the game about fishing, but this game is pretty close. This game has 16 different languages and you can also play it on tablets, which is a new thing. The graphics in the game are great and the intense feeling will be always around you. You can’t just tap the fish; you have to put some effort in catching it, just like the real thing. Almost a 1,000,000 people gave this game 4,4 rate which is pretty impressive.


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When people understand the motive behind your nonprofit organization, number of donors increases and you start to receive more and more funds for your noble purpose. You do know, the free accounting software that you’re using is not going to help you for a long time.

After achieving a certain level of success, you may want to switch to a user friendly Nonprofit Accounting Software. But, before choosing such software, you may want to consider a few things:

  1. Be specific:

Yes! Many nonprofit organizations use a general accounting software. You can’t use a hockey when you’re playing cricket. Sure, at some levels general accounting software will help, but after a certain level, you have to choose the specific.

There are many good options available for your nonprofit organization which will perform specific tasks with precision.

  1. Will it be useful at the time of Audit?

Audit is one of the hardest times any nonprofit organization can face. Numerous questions are asked, numerous files are checked, and numbers of statements are verified. You may want to make sure, the software you’re choosing will be a good helping hand in such times.

No matter which country you reside in, you have to face an audit committee, and you better choose your accounting software which can fit with the laws and policies of the government.

  1. Packed with needed features:

When you adopt nonprofit accounting software, you expect features like accounts payables & receivables, asset management, activity tracking, etc. Actually, the list of features depends upon your requirements. So, you must identify your needs and check out for the most needed features.

So, here are 5 outstanding nonprofit accounting software that can smoothen your work for your organization:

  1. QuickBooks:

QuickBooks is one of the widely chosen software for accounting purposes by many businesses, and it is also available for nonprofit organizations. It is a great choice for tracking down donors and programs, maintaining your money, and handling your reports.

QuickBooks basic plan starts from $15/month and the highest plan is of $50/month.

QuickBooks for nonprofit has following features:

  1. Class tracking to categorize your work and be constant aware of your funds.
  2. Schedule and send invoices to your regular donors and generate sales receipts.
  3. Generate donation summary with QuickBooks statements.
  4. Connect your accounts to track each activity, and categorize your income and expenses.
  5. Connect QuickBooks with various apps and payment gateways.
  6. Great team collaboration.

The software is available for a free 30 days trial, so you can try the entire software before your purchase. With robust interface and strong features, QuickBook can be a great choice for your nonprofit organization.

  1. Sage Intacct:

Sage Intacct is a great choice for:

  1. Faith-based organizations
  2. Philanthropic Organizations
  3. Health and human services
  4. International and NGOs

Sage Intacct is a power packed accounting software for nonprofit organization with lots of great features like project accounting, multi-entry management, purchasing, payable accounts details, cash management, general ledger, etc.

  1. Aplos:

Third on the list is Aplos that aims to manage donors, members, and books at one place. With Aplos, you are taking following features:

  1. Track and manage your funds with True Fund Accounting.
  2. Comparing your budget with your yearly accounts, and specifically monitor each fund.
  3. Create reports of donation activity, finances, and funds with ease.
  4. Customize your chart of accounts according to your need.
  5. Cloud based access to any device!
  6. Generate reports by projects, activity, location or department wise.

The starter plan of Aplos nonprofit starts from $25/month, and the advanced plan is $120/month.

  1. Xero:

Xero is an online accounting solution for nonprofit organization, and it is widely accepted because of its easy to use interface. Have a look at some of the features of Xero:

  1. Get a real time view of your cash flow with an attractive dashboard.
  2. Create customized invoices. Create flow for recurring invoices.
  3. Track and manage inventories.
  4. Connect your bank accounts with the software to get a real time cash flow.
  5. Record, claim and manage expenses online.
  6. Protect your organization information with extra security.
  7. Pay your bills on time, and never miss a payment date.
  8. Capture all the expanse details on the go with the mobile app.

The starter plan of Xero starts from $20/month, and the premium plan costs $40/month.

  1. ZipBooks:

ZipBooks is easy accounting software that aims to be intuitive for anyone to use. Let’s have a look at some of the features of ZipBooks:

  1. Create and send beautiful invoices, and set automation for the recurring invoices.
  2. Manage your organizational details on the go with mobile app.
  3. Simplify your process by managing donors, people, and workers and form good team collaboration.
  4. Organize your time spent, and record your employee’s time.
  5. Create tags for each activity for a better understanding.

ZipBooks starter plan is free and the highest plan costs $125/month.

Bottom Line:

So, these were some outstanding accounting software for your nonprofit organization and one of them can be your next good companion. When your organization starts getting more and more donors, it becomes quite necessary to manage the funds with care. Because, you don’t want to lose the precious donations because of some mismanagement. So, it is better to adopt a smart accounting software for nonprofit which is specially designed according your work area!