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Working as a freelancer is about as tough as being an entrepreneur, but the best thing about it is being  your own boss and working for oneself. Being your own boss clearly means that you are solely responsible for each and everything happening with or around your business, so it does put some pressure on you.

Therefore, to make up your work more efficient and effective we have come up with some amazing apps which will definitely speed up the flow of your daily tasks as you need.

Check out the below listed Apps!

Dropbox Paper:

The best thing about working as freelance is you don’t have to follow up the same schedule every single day. You can work according to your time and wish. Isn’t it?

But many times you have to take regular visits to your clients for minimal things, therefore we’ve got dropbox paper for you. With the help of which you will be easily sharing your thoughts and ideas with your client under one touch.

You can easily keep your projects moving even if you cannot. And it is available totally free of cost which can also be used offline.

You can get the app on Google Play Store

AutoStamper Stamping App:

If you share and publicize your work online on web. Then your most important delimma and priority might be  protecting your work from getting copied, isn’t it ?

And if you are looking for one and quick fix solutions for the same, then we have got a multi-usage platform which can not only protect your photos from being copied or used without your permission but will also make wonders happen for your photography skills before your publish it.

With AutoStamper you can copyright your photographs in form of signature stamp and protect it from being copied and used without your permission.

You can get the app on Google Play Store

All Social Network:

Marketing plays a major role in each and every business, same it holds here. And with the growth in digital era we are more focused on social media marketing than traditional marketing, isn’t it ?

Therefore, we’ve come across this must have android app to make all your work go like a flow under one single roof. You can access all your social signals within single install and maintain your timely posting accordingly without any hassle of maintaining so many apps.

It is the easiest way to publish content on multiple channels faster and speedily all in one.

You can get the app on Google Play Store

To do List, Reminder and Calender:

The most needful App for every single person working as a freelancer is to do list app to accomplish every task they need to make up during a day.

Not only it offers the to do checklist but even with the help of this you can set your own reminder as per your requirement in form of daily, weekly as well as monthly. It also offers additional cutomizable timely reminder according to accurate date and time.

You can get the app on Google Play Store

All Email Provider:

Want to mail your project details to a client urgently? But unfortunately you donot have the mail app installed ? Now you may tend to hassle and open the broswer search for mail log your account and send it.

A lot of hassle to face, phew! But what if you already have your account logged with an app with just 3 steps it will go ! just tap, add and send. With All Email provider you can easily access all your mails, additionally You can even add your own email provider.

With more than 150 email providers, checking and sending mails becomes as simple as ABC!

You can get the app on Google Play Store

Summing up the above list as of now, using it in your daily work will definitely assist your work and make look like a pro!

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