When Pokémon Go was first released, it was like the inner child of each one of us came running out. Given how much we all wanted to be Ash and go on epic adventures when young, this was to be expected. Nobody had ever imagined it could become a reality, but it did and in the best of ways. Augmented reality (AR) has opened a world of possibilities and it has slid into our lives effortlessly.

We use many apps with AR features without even realizing, including the likes of Snapchat and its filters. So, what exactly is AR? A Quick and Simple Introduction to Augmented Reality (AR) will tell you that AR enhances the real-world objects by computer-generated perceptual information. While it lacks what virtual reality (VR) has to offer, it still holds its own. While Snapchat and photo filters have lost their charm for us, becoming a part of our daily lives, there are AR apps out there that will instill awe. Here is a list of eight apps, which if you haven’t checked out already, you must!


If you love tattoos and wonder which one would suit you best, download InkHunter right away.

All you have to do is draw a simple target on your body using a ballpoint and the app projects the tattoo design on your skin, fitting along the curves perfectly. There are a ton of options to choose from their library and if that isn’t enough for you, you can put on your designs as well.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a mob boss with the tattoos to prove it, this is where your dream becomes reality. You can also use the app to pull a prank on your family or get creative with designs.

Dino on My Desk

We all loved the Flintstones, with their quirky house and of course their cute pet Dino. Today, AR lets you have a Dino pet of your own in your house.

You get to raise cute, adorable dinosaur babies. You can play with it by hand or on the display screen. You can also feed it. These dinosaurs are responsive and while they may be all lovey-dovey they also have a temper that you should watch out for.

If you have little ones and want to teach them about dinosaurs, this is a great tool and offers tons of information on these prehistoric creatures.


Speaking of educational apps, JigSpace lets you explore the functionality of everything. You can take a tour of the solar system accompanied by captions and explanations or you can pull apart car engines and locks to study. It covers a vast array of topics, sure to keep you entertained.


Hologo is similar to JigSpace as it too allows you to view things in 3D and lets you dissect them. But, Hologo is geared more towards school. Where JigSpace lets you break apart locks and engines, Hologo lets you interact with animal and plant cells, do math in 3D among other things. It also takes you to other places like the Coliseum in Rome and lets you explore it from all angles. It’s fun, and if you ever wanted to open portals and take a peek at what’s happening at the other side of the globe, this is it!


Having 3D educational models is nice, but sometimes you just want to get creative. For this, we’d suggest you try Holo. You can place animated 3D objects in your surroundings. You wanted a pet tiger, they have it. They might also have dinosaurs or dragons. You can create whole scenes, change your reality through this AR program. It has a huge gallery of silly objects you can try. If you ever wanted to be a magician and conjure things out of thin air, now’s your chance.

IKEA Place

Thinking of upgrading your furniture and are unsure of what might suit your home, you should get IKEA place. It lets you try their furniture in your room. You can place them wherever you want and shift it from one corner to the other to see where it looks best. You can also experiment with color schemes so that when you make the final purchase, you know the side table will match the coffee table.


Remember doodling as a kid on the wall and getting scolded by your mom for ruining the paint. Well, no more!

WallaMe is a great AR app and what it does is it turns the whole world into a blank canvas. You can write whatever you want, whenever you want and even draw. Only you and the person you share it with can view it. No police running after you for graffiti. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. Another great way you can use it for, though, is to leave a secret message and that is what it’s meant for. It’s like invisible ink and you create treasure hunts and whatnot. If people get lost looking for your place, you might want to add in a few arrows and extra directions to guide them. The possibilities are endless.


AR came to life with the Pokémon Go game and if you’re looking for similar games, you should give Ingress a try.

In this game you need to choose a side: the Resistance or the Enlightened and from then on you have to look for portals in the world and try to capture others for your side and protect the portals of your side.

Final words

We are living in interesting times, with the world just a click away. All you need is an internet connection and a good quality smartphone and you can create the world you want to live in. AR still has ways to go and huge scope for growth yet to realize, but it is a game-changer, changing the way we see and interact with the world.

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