Since the year of its introduction to the world, AR has appeared in many interesting ways, be it an unforgettable gaming app like Pokemon Go, or other AR based apps. Due to its grand capabilities like overlaying virtual data onto a physical space and enhancing the real-world environments, the AR technology is considered to have huge potentials in the different industry verticals.

When almost every industry has started embracing the AR app development , real-estate has been in efforts to take advantage of this exceptional technology in the form of Real Estate App Development and other experiments. The ability of augmented reality to bring life to products makes it worth integrating into real estate sector, allowing businesses to display the properties in much interesting and perfect manner.

An augmented reality real estate app can have a big contribution in real estate marketing and can become a brilliant tool for salespeople and marketers of real-estates. Further, in this blog, we will see how AR can have a great role in transforming the real-estate industry.

How AR Can Be Effectual in Real-Estate


 AR has a power of fetching people attention and engaging them even at a first time they use it. The first impression is last one, and AR wins this fact. When you provide clients an AR tour for your properties, you will be increasing the chances of publicity of your real-estate business, since people will tend to spread a word about what they had just experienced, and thus, creating more buzz.

User Engagement

The augmented reality real estate app allows users to get additional information about the property like price, property specifications, locations, and photos. Moreover, the users are able to walk around virtually and look at everything like what paint color should be on the wall or where they can place their furniture, etc. This overall provides a delightful and engaging experience to the prospective buyers and helps them to make the proper decision.

Business Intelligence

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Apart from driving buyer engagement, AR or augmented reality real estate app can be effectual to know customer preferences about properties, collect customer data and other essential information like CRM insights providing real-estate agencies necessary business intelligence for further deciding the marketing goals and strategies.

Instant Access

Most of the times realtors or real-estate broker found it difficult to take clients to a project place because of time and distance constraints. Here augmented reality real estate app comes as an endowment to get rid of this situation, making it convenient for realtors to reach potential property buyers and provide them a detail view and information of the property right on their Smartphone.

Benefits of AR Real Estate App Development

Real Estate Company or Realtors

Real estate app development with AR proves to be highly beneficial for the real estate businesses. An augmented reality real estate app enables realtors to have instant communications with their clients, provide them inclusive information about the property at right time and also acquire new potential clients.

With the AR-enabled app, it is much easier for real estate businesses to draw the attention of potential buyers towards their properties. Also, AR significantly helps to cut down the marketing efforts and cost.

Prospective Buyers

The augmented reality real estate app can aid buyers to make a right property choice. Such AR applications, allows users to experience virtual property tour. Further, some augmented reality apps are designed in such a way that allows user to scan flyers, banner, and other printed materials combined with augmented reality to observe the property alive.

AR technology, when used in apps, will also show buyers detailed information about the property like the price of the house, total area of the property, the number of rooms incorporated in it, and much more.

Some Popular Augmented Reality Real Estate Apps in 2018

Recognizing the vast benefits of AR and AR apps, many real estate businesses have built some amazing augmented reality real estate apps that are worth exploring.


The Homesnap real estate application allows customers to obtain information about homes available for sale in a particular area. The users just need to tap on location images they desire and the available information will be instantly visible to them. This information will consist of pictures of the home’s interior, the value of the home, and so on.

Lux AR App

The Lux AR app lets customers search for properties without the need of a map. Since the app makes use of GPS Geolocation along with a mobile device to provide customers exact location of properties near to their current location. Apart from getting a view of the property, customers can also interact with the environment.

NuOffice App

The NuOffice app offers clients with an insightful property searching experience. The app provides a 3D visual interaction to the user giving an interactive presentation of real estate projects. Real estate agencies can exploit the visualization feature in areas of architecture, real estate, and project management.


Seeing above scenario it’s clear that AR has been immensely empowering the real-estate sector and further supposed to transform the industry with more technology advancement. Real estate app development has been experiencing lots of improvements with technologies like AR making the real-estate apps even more effectual and interesting. If you want to build a user engaging and full-featured augmented reality real estate app for your real estate business then get in touch with our AR experts to get a precise solution.

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