Everything you need is on the iPhone. If you want to communicate with your friends, you can call them or message them on your iPhone via dozens of applications. If you want to find a date, you can just swipe right on your iPhone. If you are researching something for school or work, you can ask Google via your iPhone. If you want to check on the weather—iPhone; when you want to check on your appointment schedules—iPhone; if you want to brad about your lifestyle—post a photo on Instagram via your iPhone; if you want to humble-brag—do it on Facebook through your iPhone! Here are more things you can do with your iPhone: film a movie, book a ride, send e-mails and so much more.

The awesome iPhone allows you to do so many things. So if you have an app design or a website idea, there is no better way to showcase it than through the iPhone mockup. The internet is teeming with free mockups, so creating one is no longer an issue. The concern now is finding the right PSD mockup that can truly back up your creativity.

iPhone mockup for mobile website

There are dozens of free PSD mockup using the iPhone as the technology where you can show off your design. Getting this right is important. As you know, websites used to be opened on regular desktops or iMacs. Websites that have not been upgraded looks out of place when you open them on iPhones. So make sure that when you design your website, it is compatible on both the desktop and iPhone.

Why is the iPhone mockup ideal for showcasing website designs? In this modern times, and because tools are available, you have to be able to show the real world in presentations. In this case, the truth is that people are always mobile. People are on the go and so they should be able to do things while they are mobile. That would include checking websites wherever they are.

By using the iPhone mockup, you are basically telling your audience that they can check the website you are working on anywhere they are. They can browse through the website while they are on the train, bus or cab. Anyone can check the website while waiting in line for their turn to pay the groceries. People can check the website you are going to create while they are eating their lunch.

When you put your design on an iPhone X clay mockup, for example, you are essentially saying that the website you are creating is for everybody. Mothers can check the web design while they are in the middle of doing household chores, or while taking care of the brood. Fathers can take a break from their stressful tasks to glance on their phones and check the internet. Even students on a study session can take a peek on their phone in the middle of the activity.

Mobile apps

Then there are the hundreds of mobile app designs willing to get made. You need to create an enticing presentation in order to get an investment for your mobile application. The iPhone mockup will certainly help you propel your presentation to the next level.

There are various mockups to choose and almost all iPhones have their own mockup. One of the best-selling Ramotion mockups is actually one that features older versions of iPhones. It is simply called iPhone Mockup PSD. Why is this important considering that a number of iPhone 11 mockups are available? You have to be inclusive with your presentation. If you use the iPhone 11 mockup, you will be attracting only a small chunk of iPhone users. Not a lot of people can afford to upgrade every year. Also, not a lot of people want to upgrade every year. Even Jeff Bezos still uses an iPhone X.

However, it doesn’t mean that using the iPhone 11 mockup will spell trouble for you. On the part of the investors, they will actually hail our ability to be on-trend. Using iPhone XS in the presentation will also mean that you want to be in the middle. The great thing is that the mockups are easy to acquire and download. Crafting a presentation using the mockup is also quite simple, so you can be as expansive with your demonstration using the different iPhone models.

When designing a mobile application, the most important thing is showcasing the photorealistic iPhone. The mockup is a demonstration of how the actual thing will look like when already operational. Of course, creating the actual mobile app is going to be expensive, which is why you are doing to mockup. But just because it is a mockup doesn’t mean that it should not look realistic. The actual point of a mockup is to feature a realistic look.

Creating the mockup

With PSD file, the mockup is actually quite easy. First, you need to install Photoshop or Sketch on your computer. Then, you need to download the mockup you intend to use. There are so many different mockups on the internet. There is a stationery mockup, which is important for branding. There are also flat designs, which come in handy when you want images to speak for themselves. It is a basic design, which is why it is called a flat design, but it becomes essential when you don’t want effects to distort your presentation. To know more about creating the best iPhone mockup for professional presentations, here is a Ramotion blog.

Creativity can get you to do the door, but sometimes, you just need the right tool in order to stay in the game. The iPhone mockup is really the best way to capture an audience’s attention and hopefully the investors’ funds. The functionality of the iPhone is top-notch. But probably the best quality of the iPhone is that it works seamlessly with other Apple products. This is important because you want to be able to work on anything in whatever technology is available. It is the same with play—you want to be able to continuously play with your game without having to worry about losing your points when you transfer from iPhone to iPad or to your MacBook or iMac.

There is really nothing better than the technology created by Apple. It is great for work, for personal activities and for closing deals. 

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