As people living in a country where summers are twice as long as winters, Australians have always sweated over ways to tackle summertime blues. Sleeping in summers is the worst nightmare of the lot. The mere thought of sticky sheets and sweaty bodies are enough to convey the horrors of summertime sleep in Australia. But a minute of innovative thinking can be a game-changer when it comes to the never-ending battle. Investing in good-quality Manchesters or bed linens Australia is the easiest and cost-effective way to enhance summertime sleep quality.


Known by a plethora of names in different parts of the world, bed linens or beddings are a set of essentials for a bed, consisting of a flatbed sheet and a flat top sheet like a duvet or quilt. In some cases, an additional cover for the top sheet and pillows with pillowcases are also included in the set of bed linens.


As long as sleep remains a vital and essential part of a human being’s wellness, bed linens will stay indispensable in any man’s life. Hence, comfort should be the final word when it comes to purchasing bed linens.


Personal preference and the Australian climate are two main factors that need to be considered while purchasing bed linens made of various materials.


The cotton bed linens are known for their remarkable durability and comfort. They are a perfect choice for Australian summers as they are breathable and light-weight.


The linen bed sheets are expensive but worth the price as they are durable and soft. Linen is a perfect choice for the peak of summers for its thermo-regulating properties.


Poly-cotton sheets are made of cotton and polyester. They are best known for their wrinkle-resistance and lightweight nature. Poly-cotton sheets are ideal for mild winters.

  1. WEAVE

Another point to be considered before purchasing bed linens is to examine their weave. There are different types of weaves, and each contributes to the overall quality differently. Some of them are:


Flannelette bedding, known for its heat-retaining property, is ideal for Australian winters. Made from loosely spun yarn, it is soft to touch.


Percale sheets are known for being soft, light-weight and breathable weaves and hence best suited for summers.


The more expensive the lot, jacquard sheets are known for their regal touch to one’s bedroom. Weaves make these sheets of two or more colours, which creates a pattern.


A bed is a multi-utility space for everything ranging from sleeping to eating for most people. Hence, dirty linens aren’t always a surprise. But a clean and fresh smelling bedding is always a charm.

The three magic words when it comes to clean bed lines are WASH, AIR DRY and IRON. Washing, air drying and ironing before storing are inevitable steps to get clean bed linens.

In addition to that, wrapping up soap in a cloth and keeping it near freshly washed linens is also a great way to keep them fresh for long. Placing lavender pouches near washed linens is also an ideal option. Adding a cloth dipped in a few drops of essential oil during the last few minutes in the dryer is also a great idea.


Luxury shopping is not everyone’s cup of tea. Dedicated to real fashion followers out there, trendsetters are born every day. But do you have what it takes to look stunning? Luxury brands can instantly transform you into someone who is extremely elegant and classy. Continue reading ahead to know about the top 10 luxury shopping spots in 2020. If you already have a motto of shop till you drop, then you will undoubtedly need the services of Vertoe’s luggage storage London

Harrods- A one-stop shopping solution

Harrods is one of the oldest and most famous luxury shopping destinations in London’s Knightsbridge Road. It has over 750 brands under one room spread across more than 300 departments. You can buy everything here, right from fashion outfit to shoes and more. Some of the quirkiest things that you can find at Harrods is a luxury yacht, the world’s most expensive coffee, and gold bars. 

Fortnum & Mason- The Royal favorite

The United Kingdom is known for its English tea and cake. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the Royal family is a massive fan of the luxury tea and hampers available at Fortnum & Mason. Some of these can cost you up to 25,000 pounds. You can find some of the best quality products in the food department here. Visitors love to dine at the restaurants here or head for a traditional shave at the barber. 

How about some liberty print fabrics?

The Liberty brand must not be new to you if you are someone who genuinely understands fashion and upcoming trends. Located in an exclusive mock-Tudor building, Liberty is most known for its liberty-print fabrics. You can find clothes, accessories, as well as furniture in these prints. Some of the leading names to have collaborated for this vibrant print are Nike, Barbour, and Uniqlo. Remember to check out the customized range of scarves and other products. 

Harvey Nichols- A luxury department store 

Considered an alternative to the Harrods at Knightbridge, Harvey Nichols is another one-stop luxury solution for shoppers. Spread across eight floors, you can find several designer labels, beauty products, food, and wine options. The best part about shopping at Harvey Nichols is that you can buy for both men and women. After your shopping spree, you can spare some time to dine at the restaurants. 

Dover Street Market- Housing contemporary fashion

A common mistake that most shoppers in London make is to think that the Dover Street Market is indeed a market. In reality, it is a contemporary fashion retail space that is spread over five floors and has leading designer wear. The main brand here is Comme Des Garcons, coupled with other names. If you are seeking a proper Japanese shopping experience, then this is the best place for you. It caters to all types of buyers. 

What’s luxury shopping without Burberry? 

The moment you discuss English fashion and heritage luxury brands, there is no way that you can forget Burberry. Known across the globe for its iconic check pattern, Burberry houses items for men, women, as well as kids. You can buy some of the best fragrances and accessories at Burberry. The Regent Street store has monogramming facilities for bags. Moreover, you can also dine at the ravishing restaurant that they house. Before you head out to shop, you must make a note of the store timings and plan your day accordingly. 

Selfridges is the first department store. 

Selfridges is the first department store that is frequented by the wealthy and elite class. One of the top favorites for luxury buyers, there is rarely. A brand that you cannot find here. It sells everything, right from clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, and alcohol to toys, homeware, electrical goods, and watches. If you are a first time visitor to Selfridges, ensure to visit the luxury food hall that sells the world’s most expensive sandwich. 

Lavish boutiques of the Royal Exchange 

The Royal Exchange is not a single store. It is a collection of many boutiques and vintage shops. Some of the leading names you can easily find here are Hermès, Georg Jensen, and Tiffany & Co. Just like Selfridges, the Royal Exchange also sells clothes, accessories, beauty products, and homeware. 

Female luxury at Browns

If you are a fashionista looking for paradise, then Browns is the spot for you. It has approximately 150 labels where you can shop from. The fashion boutique sells specially curated designs and trends for every body type. Moreover, it also allows new and upcoming designers to show their skills. The sale period is a good time for bargains. Imagine what can be better than an affordable luxury fashion? 

The Westfield Village 

Last but not least, the Westfield Shopping Center is an example of actual luxury shopping at your fingertips. There are two Westfield malls, and they house UK’s biggest casino, a bowling alley, a massive movie theater, and top brands including Burberry, Georg Jensen, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Mulberry, Tiffany & Co, and Versace. You can head to either and find a world of patterns, fabrics, and necklines. 

London is one of the best cities for luxury shopping in the world, second only to Paris. You can visit top international brands as well as use your time effectively for some great sightseeing. Leading tourist attractions include Big Ben, the London Eye, and countless museums. Another luxury shopping destination is Bicester Village. Here, you can find all the high-end luxury names in a cluster. 



The average American spends around $1,047 on Christmas shopping every year. Your average expenses are bound to more or less than that, but whatever you intend to spend, this amount must fall within your means.

There are a few ways to make sure you set up and stick to a Christmas shopping budget you can afford.

These are our top tips for Christmas shopping on a budget.

  1. Create a Budget

So many of us head out at the last minute, credit card in hand, to complete our Christmas shopping in one fell swoop. This almost always results in overspending and poorly thought-out purchases.

The best way to combat this is by setting up a spending limit for each person on your list. If you save on one person’s gifts, you can allocate that saving to someone else.

Remember to set aside some money for other expenses like wrapping paper, gift bags, and other holiday incidentals like extra-special meals and seasonal recipes. Don’t forget to include that inevitable office Secret Santa expense in your budget.

  1. Spread the Expenses Out

There are two ways to spread out your Christmas shopping expenses. One way is to shop for one person on your list every month. Keep your ears peeled in conversation with them and you might get some gift ideas for the holiday season.

The danger with this is that they might buy the item for themselves before Christmas rolls around, so try to stick to consumables like perfumes, non-perishable treats, and toiletries or cosmetics.

Another way is to set aside money towards your Christmas expenses every month. That way, you’ll have enough saved up to have a very festive season and buy all the gifts you need at the annual sales.

Prepare to cut down on a few monthly luxuries to make room in your budget for Christmas savings. Going without that extra cup of coffee or spa day is so worth it when you think about all the anxiety you’ll save yourself.

  1. Hunt for Deals All Year Round

Holiday sales like Black Friday aren’t the only times you can pick up huge savings. There are sales in every month of the year.

You’ll also find most stores offer discounts on less popular or overstocked items at random times. Walmart Clearance items become available daily and Amazon also has regular online deals.

  1. Sign Up for Savings Alerts

There are three main ways to stay up to date with all the latest discounts from your favorite stores.

You can sign up for newsletters and flyers from your preferred outlets and download apps that advise you of sales as they happen.

Otherwise, go the regular route by setting up Google alerts for sought-after items or notifications from major outlets.

  1. Use Google’s New Shopping Tool

There’s another way to make use of the all-seeing powers of the search engine to track price drops across the internet. Here’s how:

  • Search for your desired item on Google
  • Click the shopping tab to see results for the item you want
  • Pick one you like
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and toggle the ”track price” button to ”on

Now you’ll receive an alert every time that specific item goes on sale, no matter where it is. You can delete your tracking request on Google’s ”my activity” page.

  1. Online Christmas Shopping on a Budget

Thanks to a topsy-turvy year, many stores have extended their sales and are offering more online savings than ever before.

Now, with the sales lasting almost all through November and well into December, you’ve got so many extra chances to save on your holiday shopping.

Remember, Amazon isn’t the only place offering savings this season, be sure to compare prices on Walmart, eBay, and specialty stores too.

If you haven’t worked on saving all year, you’ll be able to split the costs over two paychecks and have the chance to pick up more special offers than ever before.

Add to that the convenience and safety of online shopping and there’s really no better way to spend your money this year.

  1. Make a Shopping List

It’s easy to get sidetracked whether you’re shopping online or in-store. Who can resist those huge placards advertising massive discounts on every second item, right?

Make a shopping list of items you want to buy for every person on your list and stick to it.

If you’re shopping at one of the big sales, like Black Friday, be sure to head for the biggest most popular discounted items first. These will top hits will sell out first, so be sure to get there as quickly as you can.

That said, it’s a good idea to have a Plan B for each person on your list too. If you can’t get one item you can go to the next one on your list.

Sometimes shopping with a well-disciplined friend can help you cover more ground faster. They can head for one aisle to pick up a sought-after item, while you focus on the next thing on your list.

Besides, in stressful situations, two heads are always better than one.

We all have that one friend who likes to live on the edge and make impulsive decisions, that friend isn’t the ideal sales shopping partner.

  1. Leave the Credit Card at Home

If you’ve budgeted all year round for your Christmas splurge, you’ll easily avoid having to crack into your credit this December. If not, rather stick to a modest budget and try again next year.

The best way to stick to your Christmas shopping list on a budget and avoid running up extensive debt is to use cash only for your in-store purchases. Leave your credit cards and store cards at home so you can avoid the temptation to overspend.

Have a Merrier Christmas This Year

The biggest benefit of Christmas shopping on a budget is never having to worry about the crushing debt that can result from last-minute shopping.

Use these tips to ensure you experience the true joy of giving this season without the stress.

Browse some more of our blog articles for other useful tips on negotiating life’s challenges.


From books to tires, the online portals enable you to buy everything! However, many drivers and car owners feel purchasing tires online is a complex process. They wonder how one can get the correct size without taking an up-close look. But it seems that buying tires online is much more comfortable than you could have imagined. Today, websites provide easy pricing choices. It also gives the scope to filter the search in terms of brand, size, and type.  

You can enjoy many benefits when you finally decide to buy tires online. The new age leading service providers have their presence online. Also, easily navigable websites make the entire online shopping process fun and exciting. Concerning the benefits, discussed below are five important ones. 


  • You can only check the tires that are applicable for your vehicle


Walk into a tire shop, and you might get completely overwhelmed with the huge collection of tires! And that might make you lose your focus completely. However, when you know your tire requirements and shop for the same online, you can focus only on the ones that you require. When you filter out the excess, it helps you to concentrate on your needs and select the best one. You can purchase the one that is within your budget.


  • You know that even the rare tire is available


When you hop from one store to the other for purchasing a rare tire, you might not get it. Sometimes, the store doesn’t keep tires that sell less. That’s not how it works online. Since a website is a virtual space, there’s no space constraint. You will find a rare tire in the product portfolio. And even if it’s not available now, you can request for a notification on the tire availability. 


  • You can make decisions in your own time


Sometimes, when you walk into a tire shop, you might have to make a quick decision and purchase the tire. There are several sales tactics used in stores that might make you give into a purchase even when you were in two minds. However, when you are shopping online, you can simply browse through a tire and not purchase it. You have the scope to buy products as and when you want to, from the comfort zone of your house.  


  • You have your time to compare products and price tags


Shopping online gives you the scope to browse through many websites. You can compare the tire features and its price tags to decide which one caters to your needs better. It saves you from physically visiting stores asking for the best price tires. So, you have all the time to do your research and then decide which one you want to purchase finally.  You can buy it from an online store that offers you all the essential documents and warranties. 


  • Get the best online deals and discounts online


Online stores always provide you the best price deals and promo offers. You can use the discount codes when you are making the final payment. That way you will get the best price deals and add to your savings.

There are many other advantages of shopping for your tires online. But if you are still unsure, you can keep these five benefits handy and try purchasing tires online today.


In the busy modern life, there is a lot of work to do. People have no time for household work as both males and females are working. Buying grocery from the local market is a time-consuming task. Even if you have to go to some supermarket, you have to spend a lot of time. This is why online grocery shopping has become so popular. Apart from offering the ease of buying from home, you can buy many foreign foods and gourmet foods as well. Another reason that makes them better than conventional grocery shopping is the availability of goodies such as Big Bazaar today offers. You can find daily deals for all the grocery items to make grocery easier on your pockets. jhumlife

There are many online grocery stores that you can choose for online shopping. The following post comprises the names of the best online grocery stores that you can use. Read it carefully and start shopping the grocery online.

1 – Big Bazaar:

This is undoubtedly one of the best online grocery stores. The product range is wide and all-inclusive. You can find all kinds of vegetables, fruits, foods, grains and home essentials here. The prices are reasonable and you can also find today’s offer in Big Bazaar on electronics, clothes etc. So, shopping gets simplified for many other things apart from groceries.

  1. Big Basket:

Big basket is one of the best online grocery stores in India. You can buy any grocery item – from local to imported ones. They deliver your shopping right at your doorsteps. Shopping and payments are hassle-free and easy. With around 1000 brands in its catalogue, you get a lot of options to choose from. The delivery for order more than 1000 rupees is free. What more do you want ladies? The summer season is on! Take care of your skin and buy the grocery online.

3 – Natures Basket:

This is an online grocery store run by Godrej. Like the one mentioned above, the orders with bills more than 1000 rupees are delivered for free. Payments can be done online as well as offline. The nearby locations can get the deliveries within 3 hours. The catalogue has around 15000 products. The delivery is provided across the whole nation. This is one of the best places to buy some of the finest foreign foods from all over the world.

4 – Reliance Fresh:

This is yet another amazing online grocery store. You can shop all kinds of grocery products and that too at amazing prices. You can pay via cards or in cash at the time of delivery. The product range is wide and all-inclusive. Reliance Fresh is a one-stop shopping destination that is affordable and full of variety. You can find deals and offers as well to make the shopping more affordable. You can find all the popular local brands as well as selected big brands.

5 – Grofers:

Grofers is also emerging as one of the best online grocery stores in India. They deliver veggies, fruits and other grocery items. They have covered lots of cities like Delhi NCR, Pune, Kanpur, Chennai, Mumbai and many more. Payment can be done online as well as offline. However, we suggest paying bills online to enjoy perks such as coupons and deals. You can find many attractive deals that make your bills more affordable. You can also find many special offers valid on payments done via selected Credit Cards.

6 – Amazon Pantry:

The brand has made its entry in this sector as well. You can buy online groceries with Amazon pantry now! It goes without saying that the services are commendable and the product range is wide. The website has many brands and a huge variety to choose from. You can shop grocery essentials at the best prices and enjoy deliveries at your doorsteps. The fast delivery orders can be received within 2 hours. So, the immediate requirements can be easily dealt with.

7 – Flipkart Supermarket:

Like other major online shopping brands, Flipkart has also launched its online grocery store. The number of reputed brands and product range is commendable. You can also find many deals and offers to enjoy savings on every purchase. Payments can be done online and offline. The store displays expiry dates on each product and guarantees fresh products to its customers.

So, ladies, save yourselves from the troubles of conventional grocery shopping and shop online! Apart from easy shopping, you can also enjoy the benefits of savings in the form of Big Bazaar today offers. So, make your daily grocery shopping easier on your legs and wallets.

Happy shopping!!

For most school going children a school bag is a compulsory part of school items that they must possess. Students especially the teens and the college ones prefer a bag that describes their persona. They want a stylish bag that is admirable by other kids.

As a student, you can use the school bag to carry your books and double it as picnic bags during parties and events. The best school bag is one that is of ideal size, comfortable to carry around and one that will meet your specific requirements. wholesale handbags in kerala

Below are tips when buying a school bag online

Trusted Brand

As you shop for school bags online, check for the most popular brand. The ideal bag should be one that is radiant and the design quite casual. It should be relaxed so that it can double for other uses. It should be a bag that can uplift your spirit and make you walk with optimism. The design should be fun and accessories to decorate it.

Different brands have different designs; it’s thus important to look out for customer reviews and testimonials. While shopping online, most products have star ratings, look out for one that has five stars meaning its users appreciate the brand and would buy it once more.


While shopping for a school bag online look out for tested brands that have been around for long. Ensure the material used to make the bag is durable and string. It should also be resistant from water to protect the items inside from water destruction.

Perfect Size

While ordering a school bag online, go for one that is not so bulky but will fit your books and other items. The school bag should be comfortable to carry and should be lighter than the items inside. It should have more space with more compartments to allow for separation of your things.

The back straps or the hand should have extra layers of well-ventilated pads that are gentle to your shoulders and hands. The school bag should also have external pockets where you can safely keep a bottle of water.


When shopping for a school bag online, order for a flexible bag that is also stylish. Ensure that the straps can easily be adjusted. For the female student, you can consider one that also has other accessories like a purse or a pouch.

It should be flexible enough so that you can also use it as a handbag during different events. If you are conscious about fashion, shop for one that has an extra bag for perfumes, makeup and other items.

Reasonable Price

As you shop for a school bag online, it’s important to look at the price list and go for one that will suit your budget. Look out for a bag whose price is reasonable and one that will serve you for an extended period.

You may find different companies advertising for the school bag offers, it’s important to carefully compare with other bags in the market to make an informed decision.


If you are planning to buy a school bag online consider one that will suit your needs, smart and comfy to carry.


Smart shopping is the ultimate key to save your money.

As a shopaholic yet frugal women like me while shopping the most important thing is NOT to spend too much and get everything I want within my budget.

This holiday season I’ve spent a lot more than I thought and I am sure that these seasonal sales dragged some extra money out of your wallets too, so I am here to share some of my personal takes on these 9 brands that are involved in our routine shopping trips.

Let’s dig into some top food brands!

7 brilliant ways to save at subway:

My kids are super CRAZYYY for Subway so we must have those exquisite looking beauties once in a week or two.

1) Recently I’ve found out that instead of taking two foot longs of different flavors you can always customize your single Sub in 2 different flavors by asking their employee’s.

Basically, you have to be a little polite when asking for the customization because some of the employees may not like do this but sweet words can do WONDERS.

But let me clear this to you that you can’t customize it fully; the meat remains the same on each side. Cheese and other condiments can be changed, and this will definitely help you in saving almost 10-15% of your money

2) DON’T fall for the add-ons! I repeat don’t fall for the add-ons

By avoiding cookies, chips, and drinks you will cut a sane amount from your total bill, but if your kids are a real cookie monster as my kid’s then buy 3 cookies and you’ll get the quantity discount of $0.48.

3) Untoasted sub! What a disgrace to a sandwich!!

I always liked my sandwiches toasted, but as we are trying to save some money, with heavy heartedly, I must say this that I’ll ask for an untoasted Sub and that won’t charge sales tax.

4) Meat treats!

If you like your subs really meaty, then go for the deluxe style sandwich you’ll get 50% more meat, and you have to pay around $0.79 according to your sandwich.

5) Promotions?

If I tell you that you’ll get a free 6’’ sub on purchasing just a drink! Sounds great right? Well yes you can get this amazing offer by visiting Subway’s site, enter your mobile number and zip code then you’ll get a code

After that, you just have to buy a 30oz drink and get your free subway right away!


You may get weekly discount texts as well. YOU ARE WELCOME.

6) Wanna party?

Join subway reward programs and earn points, if you are a regular customer, then you will definitely collect points, and later you can enjoy a free cookie, a drink or a foot long too.

7) Discount cards and coupons? HELL YEAH!

In past few months, I’ve got some amazing coupons from the subway, you may purchase them, and for the bonus, you can also purchase discounted subway gift cards, you can use them with or without coupons and save up to $2.

PRO TIP: Subway usually accepts coupons with close expiration dates so do not throw such coupons away!

4 amazing McDonalds menu hacks to save up to $2:

Won’t it be amazing if I tell you that you can get some lit discounts at your favorite fast food chain? Who doesn’t love McDonald’s only an idiot will say no to Mc treats, especially after knowing that they are offering discounts on their meals?

1) Breakfast on a budget!

What about starting off your day with a perfect sausage egg McMuffin at a discounted rate? Then follow this step to save $0.60 to $1.30.

Order plain sausage muffin and around egg separately and combine them.

Your very own sausage egg McMuffin is ready in much lesser price.

2) Nuggets anyone?

My little one is totally nuts about McNuggets! So it is impossible for me to convince him for eating something else.

But let me tell you a little secret about getting cheaper nuggets, don’t buy nuggets in bulk quantity instead buy in small batches of 4 nuggets.

A box of 10 nuggets costs $4.50 (single nugget 0.45 cents) whereas if you buy a box of 4, it will run you about $1.30 (0.32 cents for a nugget).

Amazing Eh? Go and grab your BOXES now!
Pro Tip: you’ll also get some extra dipping sauces. 😉

3) The best use of the technology is that you CAN order your food just by clicking!

McDonald’s mobile app is a life saver for me, the deals they are offering are so extraordinary, let me tell you some of their best deals you can get and save your money.

  • Every Wednesday you can avail by one get one free with a Happy Meal
  • By one get one free on sandwiches
  • Free drinks and fries with McDonalds signature sandwiches
  • Get free medium fries with any of your purchases

PARENTING HACK: Take your kids to McDonald’s on Wednesdays LOL!

4) Want to save $2 on a Big Mac?

Big Mac is the ultimate show stopper, one of the most classic items on McDonald’s menu and everyone’s favorite too. But this beauty costs a bit high.

BUT! let me fix this for you by telling this super cool hack, order a McDouble without mustard and ketchup and ask them for their special sauce and lettuce separately,

Combine them together, and you’ll have your low cost pretty much similar tasting Big Mac.

Put that $2 back into your wallet!

FACT: Always check your local McDonalds outlet because their menu varies according to places.

5 Little known Starbucks money saving tricks:

Winters are here, and its THE OFFICIAL coffee season, though I can’t imagine my life without coffee in any season:

Well talking about coffee, it is not possible to ignore the name of Starbucks. So let’s check out some hot saving tricks.

1) Want to enjoy Starbucks but you hate to pay those high prices?

Join Starbucks reward program as soon as you can, I just found out about their reward program 2 months back and felt so heartbroken for the extra money I’ve spent.

BUT it’s never too late people! Go and grab their gift card, register yourself and earn stars to get free coffee and other food items as well.

2) Birthday treats

I am 36 years old right now but trust me I still love birthday parties and birthday treats and if you can relate to this, then here is a cool hack for you!

Well if you’ve already joined the Starbucks reward program then you are eligible for their free birthday treat, but keep that in mind that you have to join the program at least 30 days before your birthday.

By the way Starbuck will send you a reminder of your free treat through e-mail. Now that’s a sweet gesture I must say. J

3) Save up to $37 over the year just with a cup!

Yes! You can save up to $37 by just bringing your own refillable container or a paper glass from another bistro or used Starbucks cup.

If you are an insane coffee lover and visit Starbucks daily then according to my calculations, you’ll save 37 bucks strait.

4) Items under $4 only!

Here is a list of some items that you will get as low as $4:

  • Vanilla Bean Frappuccino: $2.95
  • Minty Hot Chocolate: $2.80
  • Raspberry Passion Tea Lemonade: $2.55
  • Iced Coffee With Milk and Flavored Syrup: $1.95

5) Starbucks offers different promotions throughout the year, and you can really save big on them.

ANDDD… if you are a regular Target visitor then keep your eyes open because you’ll find Starbucks coupons over there, most of the times I get BOGO coupons for drinks.

Oh by the way, my best friend doesn’t know about this coupon thing, and she really thinks that I often pay for her drinks! (Devilish Laugh)

And they post their latest promotions on their Facebook page, so HURRY UP and like it!

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck at Walmart with these 4 smart tricks:

Walmart is a place that is a sweet heaven for almost everyone. You may get things on discounted prices, but today I’ll be telling you all some hidden tips and tricks which are used to save some extra bucks at Walmart.

So let’s dig in!

1) New to Walmart? Want to save some dollars?

Sadly this trick doesn’t work for me now, and I’ll let you why after telling you this amazing hack.

If you are new to Walmart, you’ll get $10 off on your first online purchase by using Walmart coupon, and you can get $10 off every time you refer to a friend.

Now here comes my sad part, I’ve already referred almost every friend and family member of mine now. Sigh!

2) Pick your online purchased groceries for free:

Walmart never fails to offer the best customer services. You can easily purchase your groceries online with Walmart app and just visit the store to pick your things up. TADA!

If you are a lazy being like me, you are going to love this

3) Walmart credit cards and gift cards:

Save $35 immediately when you sign up and spend $75, not only this, but you’ll get 5% cash back on every purchase of $500. Now, this is called some serious saving.

I am also a member of Sam’s club, so I save 10% whenever I visit there, but if you are not a member, they’ll charge some extra amount.

4) Save up to 50% on bakery products and meat:

I know it’s difficult for many of us to wake up early in the morning, but I bet after knowing that you’ll get 30-50% off on bakery products and meat items you’ll definitely wake up early!

I usually shop between 8 am to 10 am to avail discounts, always go for a day old French bread loaves you will get them in $0.57 only and save up to $3.

And you can also find the best quality meat cuts at that time with up to 30% to 50% off. I’ve shopped steaks, hamburgers, grass-fed beef and salmon with 50% discount at around 9 am.

PRO TIP: To find hidden discounted deals, visit Walmart’s official website and type Clearance in the search bar to avail them.

5 useful tips to save at Target

I admit that I am a LITTLEEEEE obsessed with Target and my biggest problem is that whenever I pop inside target I just can’t control myself and spend the hell lot of money, but of course I’ll tell you some AH-MAZING tips to save some cash.

1) Identify the Targets clearance reduction schedule

Here is the list of clearance items I am sharing with you guy’s which you can shop according to the days:

  • Monday: Electronics, children and Infants products
  • Tuesday: Women’s clothing and accessories
  • Wednesday: Health, Stationery, Laundry, Foods items, Men’s products
  • Thursday: Household items, , Athletic gears, Shoes, nightwear
  • Friday: Auto parts,Domestics, ornaments, Scarves, , Beauty products

2) Look for the special price cut items:

You can find two kinds of price cut items, one is temporary, and the other one is permanent-price-cut items, and both are marked by yellow tags, so check before putting them into your cart.

If you ask me, then I’ve always found good discounts on temporary priced items, but it only lasts for 14 days only.

3) RED card – save 5% on everything

If you are a frequent target visitor, then their RED card is a must have for you.

I usually spent $100 at Target on monthly basis and get an additional 5% off which makes a total savings of $5 per month and $60 per year. And this works for clearance items and other promotional offers.

Did you just say WOW? Well yes it is a wow factor, and except for saving money, you will also get 120 days for returning any item instead of 90 days.

4) Get more than 5% off and free shipping

You’ll get free shipping and 5% off if you are a regular customer and 10% off if you have RED card, on everyday used things like household and beauty products, grocery items, etc but it is applicable for online orders only when you subscribe for monthly deliveries.

5) Save 5 cents on reusable bags

Whenever I visit Target, I always carry the bag which I kept when I shopped from here last time and guess what?? They deduct 5 cents from your total bill.

I know, I know that’s not earth-shattering, but it’s better to have something than nothing 😉

PRO TIP: Always go to the end aisles you’ll get 15% to 90% discounts on different items!

5 ways to save a good amount at Amazon

Whenever I visit Amazon, I can always find some kick-ass discounts on different products, and if you are likely to find some visit their site right now!

It’s the best place to shop for sluggish people like me and what else do you want if you are getting amazing discounts by just clicking on your phone or laptop J

1) Subscribe to save

Amazon has started its subscribes and save the program for quite some time on every product but very fewer people know about it and it is only for sending products on a regular basis.

I’ve subscribed myself to 6 household products a few months back, and got 15% off on those products and got them delivered free at my home, monthly.

If you want to discontinue any item, you can always do that. This discount is only applicable on 5 or above items.

2) Today’s deals

You can find your desired product in today’s deal section and save up to 70% on different products.

Honestly speaking whenever I visit Amazon I first goes and checks this section, and most of the times I find my preferred items.

3) Get your shopping credits

I often shop from Amazon, and now I am their prime customer so whenever I shop, I go for a free no-rush method of shipping rather than free two-day shipping and by this, I get complimentary promotional points.

Whenever I receive my parcel, I get an e-mail from about those credits and how to redeem them in future.

4) Get 2% cash back and $10 bonus when you reload your Amazon gift card

Last month my Amazon gift card ran out of cash, and I came to know that when I reload it, I’ll get 10% additional amount in my balance.

I immediately went and recharged my card with $200 and got a 10% extra amount. But it’s a onetime offer.

If you are a prime customer, you’ll also get 2% cash back if you use checking account, this is applicable to every time you reload.

5) Save up to 25%

This trick can help you save up to 25% on many items. Whenever you are buying something look for the option which is less-popular.

A friend of mine purchased a very beautiful black gown for New Year’s night, I got so flattered over that dress though it was quite costly, and still I visited Amazon and guess what?

I got that dress in blue color with 20% lesser price than the black one, just because that color was less-popular. (Smiley with glasses)

6 hacks that can help you save money at JCPenny

JCPenny is my favorite because of their deals and discounts; it’s a heaven for people like me who loves saving some extra bucks every time.

This holiday season if you are planning to do lots and lots of shopping under budget then this is the place for you.

Let’s check out some crazy hacks here:

1) Shirts just for $5

JCPenny is always offering sales on different items, on my recent visit I found out there is a promotion going on where you can find very good quality shirts just for $5.

I snagged a few in different colors 😉

2) Save $10 with Reward programs

I love joining reward programs they always pay off. JCPenny also offers a reward program. Whenever you visit your nearest store make sure to ask your sales representative to sign you up for the program before checkout.

You’ll get points for each purchase. These points are then added up to your cash rewards for your future buying.

I’ve just earned some points which make a total of around $15 which I can use at my next visit to JC. WOOHOO!!!

2) Coupons + sale = ultimate savings!

JCPenny allows you to use coupons on sale items most of the times.

You have to be on their e-mail list through this you will be updated with the latest offers and can save a sane amount of money.

3) Look for the pink tags

If you find anything you need with a pink tag DON’T THINK just picks it up and throw into your cart straight away.

Pink tag indicates that it’s a clearance item and I am sure you don’t want to miss this!

4) Complete a survey and get 10% off

On my recent visit to JCPenny, the sales guy asked me to fill a survey for them after that I’ll get a chance to win a prize.

It took around 5 to 6 minutes to fill that survey and GUESS WHAT! I got my 10% off coupon for my next purchaseJ

PRO TIP: Download JCPenny app on your phone during holiday or any promotional season and $10 will be added to your reward account.

5 secrets to save at IKEA

When it comes to furniture and other housewares, then IKEA is the name which cannot be overlooked.

I am a not so regular customer of them, but whenever I visit there, I make sure to follow these tips to save a little extra cash.

1) Monday’s are not always blue

Yes! You heard it right; Monday is the best day to shop at Ikea because most of the people have made returns on Saturday’s and Sunday’s

So there is a special section for such items called “As-is”. Basically, it’s kind of a clearance section where you can find more items with 50% less prices.

2) Sign up to and save $25

Ikea’s moving program is the best to join, especially in this shopping season.

My mom just joined it when she visited Ikea’s store last week, and after purchasing items above $250, she got $25 off for her next purchase.

3) Free meals for your kiddos

I make sure whenever I go to IKEA with my kid’s, it must be Tuesday. You must be wondering why Tuesday?

Well, here’s your answer, if you have Ikea’s family card just show that card at the time of checkout and you can get two free meals for your kids.

4) Free coffee and meal

You can also get a cup of coffee or tea for free at Ikea’s café by just presenting you Family card.

It’s not necessary to purchase anything to get your free mug 😉

And you can also enjoy a free meal with every purchase of $100 as well; you just have to show your card and purchase receipt.

5) Special weekly offers

Keep your eyes open whenever you visit IKEA and look for weekly special signs in the store, but the deals vary from store to store

Before going to your nearest store do visit their website for the on-going deals to save big.

Fun fact: Ikea’s founder was facing difficulties in keeping record of every item through conventional number method, so he named each section after men and women names, animals, etc.

Save hundreds of dollars at Sephora with these 3 tips:

OMG! I am getting super excited about writing about my favorite brand. Sephora is the place where I just go and can’t control myself from buying some extra things and of course saying bye bye to EXTRA CASH as well! :/

Well, right now I am actually imagining myself at Sephora <3

But don’t worry I am here to tell you some awesome tips to save at Sephora

1) Connection between JCPenny and Sephora??

There is a very amazing connection between Sephora and JCPenny (both are my favorite brands, Sephora is the first ;))

This is a very little known fact people might know that by buying JCPenny gift card you can get discounts of around 11.5% at Sephora. Yes! You heard it right ladies.

2) Unlimited free 2-day shipping

2-days shipping actually cost $10.59 for a single order but as I have signed myself up for Sephora flash (it’s just like amazon prime) so it’s free shipping for me.

But yes! It totally depends upon your status which is set according to your spending per year. There are two categories:

  • VIB (very important beauty-insider) – after spending $350 per year
  • VIB Rouge – after spending $1000 per year

By the way, I’ve got the VIB Rouge status HURRAY! And I also get 40% off on Sephora’s holiday gift sets:

3) Save $5 with Ibotta App

Ibotta is a task-based app; you just have to complete some simple tasks after downloading this app.

Lately, I’ve got $5 cash back with purchases of $75 at Sephora. So it’s like more tasks, more money savings! J

Freebies alert: You can get almost every item’s sample from skincare to perfumes or even foundations, so don’t shy before asking for one!

Retail business is changing fast. Whether it is a small shop that sells limited items or a large departmental store, they need to stay competitive. Many brick and mortar stores are losing business to online stores because of convenience of shopping and lower prices. So, how should you set prices if you are selling through a physical store or even through multiple channels?

Setting the Price

Pricing has always been a difficult aspect of a retail business. How much margin can you set on the cost price? Physical store operations does involve a lot of overheads like rental for the space, displaying the items on shelves, labor costs etc. All these need to be taken into account when pricing items for sale in your physical stores.

Does this mean online selling is always cheaper? Not necessarily. As some studies have revealed, the delivery costs involved in online sales can sometimes make it a more expensive sales channel than in-store sales.

However, this is not the general rule, so mostly, web store prices are lower than in-store prices. So, setting prices for sales through physical stores becomes a challenging task. Price Optimization Software like Intelligence Node’s Incompetitor can help make this task easier.

Selling In-Store

In-store shopping gives a personalized experience, regular customers are recognized and greeted by the stores sales people. You also get to pick up and feel the items you buy. This sense of touch is still a very strong influence that brings many customers to physical stores.

No Single Formula for Setting Prices

When it comes to pricing, different factors come into play. Generally, online stores do not have the overhead of paying for store space, keeping a large inventory, paying salespersons and other staff. This enables online shops to offer items at lower prices.

Still, in-stores sales mostly avoid packing and delivery costs as the customers themselves pickup the items at the store. Sometimes, this can make a big difference as one study showed. The package and delivery to home involves overhead costs that can lower the profit margin of online sales as compared to in-store sales.  Even for retail stores that sell products like Home Appliances, the delivery costs will be lower as the items are mostly shipped to local areas.

Each channel offers its own unique experience, and each retailer has to decide pricing based on their own strengths and the products they are selling.

For instance, clothing and other apparel are better items to sell through physical stores. Statistics show that around 30 to 40% of clothing bought online tend to get returned. This is understandable because customers cannot be sure about the texture, feel, and fit of the clothes they buy online. So, they may be willing to pay a little more for items bought in-store, as they can be sure of the style, color, texture and fit of the clothes.

Online Vs In-Store

Many figures are quoted to show that online sales are still a small percentage of retail sales, but more and more retailers are adapting the web and mobile platforms to stay competitive. Online sales percentages are increasing each year and the younger shoppers prefer the convenience of online shopping and shopping on the mobile platform.

Should Physical Stores Always Match Online Prices?

This is highly subjective. Pricing is very relative. The same retail chain may have different prices on many items based on store location. If nearby stores selling similar products are selling at lower prices, other shops may also have to reduce prices to attract more customers.

The Web is a universal location, accessible anywhere and everywhere. So, you will always have to take into account the pricing strategy of online competitors to set your prices.

When shopping at physical stores, customers now have the facility to check online prices for the same item, using their mobile phones. Many customers may ask you to match the online price at the sales counter. If you feel that you are losing a lot of customers because of this price difference, then you might consider matching the price. If you can limit this price matching to a smaller percentage of your sales (around 10 to 15%), you may even gain more customers and more sales through this strategy.

In-Store Sales Strategies

Physical stores can use different pricing strategies to stay competitive. Based on the products you sell, you can set lower prices on certain SKUs, you can offer add-ons and incentives.

Lower Prices On Many Items: Retailers who sell groceries, cosmetics and other such products can offer certain items at much lower prices than the MRP. They can even offer them at lower prices compared to local competitors. Customers like this kind of pricing, they become regular buyers as they know that they can trust this store to offer them good prices on many items, even if they know that online prices are lower. This especially works with customers who value the touch and feel aspect of in-store shopping.

Value-Added Sales: In-store salespersons can induce customers to buy add-ons, related products and think of other ways to boost sales, which is not always possible through online stores. For instance, if a customer buys a new brand of dog treat, your salesperson can point out that the new brand is offering a set of dog treats at a promotional price. If they buy an oven, you can offer to include baking trays, cake molds, oven mitts and tongs as a bundle, at a discount rate. You can offer free delivery and installation for products like Refrigerators, Televisions etc.

Discounts and Sales: You can hold seasonal sales, offer discounts and coupons. Though online sellers also use these strategies, you can find ways to make these unique in your physical stores. Promote local goods, hold special sales to mark local events and occasions, and so on.

Price Optimization Software

Price optimization applications take in many metrics like your historical sales data, prices, items that move fast and items that stay on the shelves, competitors pricing and inventory strategies etc. So, they have a large data set to analyze and come up with competitive pricing strategies.

Still, before you use these softwares, you need to do a thorough study of your sales data yourself. You need to gather data on SKUs that sell quickly, SKUs that sell more during seasonal sales, slow moving items, pricing strategies used by local competitors as well as online rivals. If you have access to customer data, study customer preferences and buying trends.

Then, study your store’s strengths and weaknesses. Can you afford to sell certain items at lower prices? Is your shop well laid out so that select items can be prominently displayed to attract customers? Is your shop easily navigable, so that customers can easily go to different aisles and spot the products they want quickly? If not change the physical layout, if needed, add more salespersons. All these can help further attract more people to shop in your brick & mortar store.

Then use the price optimization software to help you set the prices for the various products you sell, dynamically change prices depending on market trends, competitors strategies, product matching trends in different categories and in different price segments, etc. Review your pricing strategy periodically. Stay informed and be ready for necessary pricing changes when needed. In the current scenario of increasing online and mobile platform sales, your In-store sales and pricing needs to be dynamic in order to stay competitive.

Being a new mom is a wonderful thing but dressing up as a new and nursing mom can often be frustrating. The options for functional yet flattering clothes are typically few in shopping malls. Thankfully, over the last several years, there has been a boom in really stylish maternity brands online.

Now, nursing moms no longer have to settle for frumpy, shapeless nursing clothes.

However, even with the increasing selection of fashionable maternity and nursing wear, navigating the responsibility of feeding your little one while looking stylish can still be challenging.

Plus, you’re plagued by this sense of practicality which prevents you from doling out a good amount of money on clothing.

But what if you buy nursing clothes that you actually would want to wear often and even when you no longer have to breastfeed your baby? The cost of the clothes would be completely justified, right? You can do just that – all you need is a bit of planning. Here are some tips to help you shop for great nursing clothes to wear.

  1. Choose your basic colors.

Most people think these automatically are the neutrals such as black, white, cream, beige, and grey. For a lot of people, those are the basic colors but yours should be the hues that make you feel good and pretty.

The colors that work best for your skin tone or make you feel confident should be present in the breastfeeding tops and dresses you buy.

  1. Bring in basic yet versatile styles.

T-shirts, loose tunics, T-shirt dresses – these are basic styles that can be dressed up or down an abundant of ways.

A striped round-necked cotton breastfeeding shirt is always a smart pick. You can pair it with anything – leggings, jeans, leather skirts (when you feel like getting your “sexy” back), jean jackets, bright shorts, and so much more.

It’s a basic style that goes a long way – fashion- and function-wise because the loose fit makes nursing a snap.

  1. Don’t be afraid to splurge on clothes for layering.

Long and flowy Kimono dresses, oversized denim boyfriend shirts, blazers, cardigans, and trench coats are must-haves for nursing mothers. These can help your basic nursing wear to easily transition through the different seasons.

Moreover, because of their loose fit, they make for a great additional cover-up and you can keep wearing them long after you’ve weaned your child.

  1. Pay attention to the material.

The fabric material is super-important for nursing clothes, whether it’s a vava voom dress or high-waisted pants. Comfort is always a top consideration when choosing nursing clothes that you really would want to wear because when you’re a new mom, you may find that you will easily feel hot, especially when feeding the baby.

Therefore, go for stretchy, smooth, and breathable fabrics. They feel cooler to the skin and it’s not just you who will feel comfortable with the material; your little one will, too.

  1. Find a cut that accentuates the parts of your body that you like.

Don’t you always gravitate toward the clothing items that highlight what you like about your body and draw away attention from the “sins”?

A perfect example would be those wrap around nursing dresses. The V-neckline elongates the neck and creates the illusion of a slimmer upper body. Also, the placement of the “tie” can cinch the waist as well as hide a less than taut belly.

It’s worth noting too that this type of dress’ flattering cut is also functional. It makes breastfeeding easy and discreet especially when you have a scarf on.

Quite popular these days as well are loose off-shoulder tops. They’re sexy because of the shoulder and clavicle exposure yet these tops still look decent and modest.

When it comes to functionality, they score high as well because they’re quick to fix for breastfeeding due to the loose fit around the torso.

Shopping for the nursing clothes that you’d be excited wearing is a lot like building a capsule wardrobe. Choose highly functional pieces that you can easily mix and match, bring you great joy, and make you look good. With these pieces, you can get dressed quickly for any occasion and still look quite put together even when you frequently need to breastfeed.

A lot of things today have the letter e affixed to them. We have emails, ebooks, and ecommerce. This one-letter difference, to put it simply, identifies it as something online.

Technology has changed the course of the trade and business industry. Through the Internet, entrepreneurs can easily take their businesses online. Need a new house? Just go to a real estate website. Need to learn a new language? Take a course online. The same thing goes for buying and selling.

Because of the fact that online selling means paying less since, for one, the product goes directly to the consumer and does not have to go through distributors, people are now purchasing online.

Here are four other reasons to start selling things online.

Less Capital

savings 2789112 640
savings 2789112 640

Before, selling would mean putting up a stall or kiosk on the sidewalk. In some cases, it entails getting a spot in a shopping mall or leasing a studio. These are physical forms of selling: people actually go to the store, try the clothes out, and then buy them. Sounds pretty fun, but the truth is, it’s too costly. Paying the lease is just one of the concerns. There are other things to be considered, like staffing and construction costs.

When you sell online, a physical store is not needed. What takes its place are a functioning computer, stable internet connection, a bank account or online payment method, and competitive marketing strategy. In online selling, lesser capital is needed, as compared to putting up a physical store.

Fewer People to Manage

Most of the time, opening up a physical store requires more than one person to operate it. It is also a known fact that manpower cost is high in all kinds of businesses. Not only that, paying someone does not necessarily translate to them contributing to business profit.

For startups, unless employees are micromanaged. Not all of them can deliver the desired output. In this fast-paced world, who has time to micromanage?

Reach More People

people 2603112 1920
people 2603112 1920

The internet brings everyone in the world together. Through it, far does not seem too far anymore. Online sellers can reach far more people than those with physical stores. As more people discover an online store, it becomes viral, and soon after, sales more or less shoot up.

Accessibility and Convenience

With online shops, consumers no longer need to drive to the store to buy what they need. Instead, their items are delivered right at their doorstep. After all, who does not want hassle-free shopping?

In addition, selling online is not only convenient for the consumers but for business owners as well. Unlike putting up an actual physical store, creating an online shop only takes a few minutes thanks to various online platforms.


Just like everything, there are upsides and downsides to selling online. However, these won’t really matter as the pros will more likely outweigh the negative, especially if entrepreneurs equip themselves with online marketing skills and, of course,  knowledge in e-commerce.

wine 3021459 1920

Wine is an alcoholic drink made from fermented grapes, and is a beverage that is enjoyed by many people in Shanghai. Deepening on taste, those who want to buy wine in Shanghai will prefer red, rose or white and perhaps have a favourite brand. There are many different flavours and many different types of the drink available, which is why so many people enjoy it. The same type of wine from the same place can taste slightly different as the creation process is never quite the same. This variety makes it exciting to drink with loved ones, to attend wine festivals and to personally taste because each drinking experience is a new experience.

Consumers get to discuss the different body, fullness, and crispness while relaxing after a long and hard day. Those wanting to buy wine in Shanghai usually prefer to purchase from Australia because of the competitive prices and amazing tastes. This article will explore some quick tips to buying wine overseas, so residents looking to buy wine in Shanghai can have the most pleasant experience possible.

Decide on a budget

There is no use finding a company that sells premium quality wine if that is not in the budget. Conversely, if the most expensive wine is wanted, then there is no use is searching on websites that sell budget beverages. The first step to ordering from overseas is deciding on how much is going to be spent on the purchase. It is important to factor in shipping costs, and to understand that most companies have a minimum purchase amount in order to deliver overseas.

Research, research, research

When purchasing online it is imperative to do a lot of research. Visit several different websites to see what flavours and brands they offer, as well as how they grow their products and the methods used to create the drinks. Read about other experiences had and contact different companies to get a rough idea of prices. Read the fine print everywhere and decide on what business seems the most ideal and has the easiest shipping process.

Check the import policies in your country

Every country has different policies when it comes to importing alcohol. They may be a tax to be paid, which can later be claimed back. Establishing this before ordering is essential in order to reduce any unexpected costs in the long run. It is important to figure out what happens if a shipment is lost, stolen or broken and it is imperative to make sure that a purchase is insured. Before of the amount of time it takes to ship and the amount of discrepancy that can occur between point a and point b, many place larger orders so they don’t have to roll the dice with as many shipments throughout the year.

Speak with others who have ordered from overseas

To get an idea of what the process is going to be like, it can be a great idea to speak with others who have ordered from overseas. They will have the best idea of what surprises may occur and what mistakes can be avoided. If nobody can be found that has ordered from overseas, there may be blogs or YouTube videos dedicated to the experience with tips and tricks to a hassle-free delivery. It doesn’t matter what type of alcohol is shipped, whether it be gin, vodka or rum, the rules apply to them all. However there can be a variation in the tariffs imposed on each type of beverage, so please check accordingly.

Buy with others

A great tip to buying from overseas is to purchase with others. As many Australian companies will only ship larger orders, ordering with others is a great way to get around this. This way a few different wines can be ordered rather than having to order several bottles. This also eliminates the number of orders that have to be placed during the year and everyone can come together to buy in bulk.

Order samples

Finally, a great tip to purchasing from overseas it to order samples. Samples of lots of different brands, colours and flavours can be ordered so buyers are not stuck with a huge case of a wine they do not enjoy. If a sample option cannot be found on a website, it is perfectly acceptable to contact a company to arrange. Great businesses will be happy to help and understand how tedious is can sometimes be when buying overseas. While, of course, no two batches ever taste exactly the same, a rough idea can be garnered by testing out a sample.

At the end of the day, it can sometimes be difficult when you buy wine Shanghai. However, the good outweighs the bad as a beautiful and interesting drink can be enjoyed with loved ones.

christmas 2980687 1920

Christmas season is a time to be jolly and to be thankful for all the blessings that we have received. For other people though, they perceive the holiday season as a time for shopping at the last minute and being stressed about the pressure of gift-giving.

How can you avoid feeling like Mr. Grinch and instead channel your inner Santa Claus during this festive season? You’ll be able to enjoy the holiday season more without stressing out too much if you have made a good plan for your shopping. Follow these tips to a headache-free and hassle-free gift-giving season:

Start Saving Early

Avoid the headache caused by holiday gift shopping expenses by making a plan early. You don’t need to wait a month or two before Christmas and start saving. You can start as early as beginning of the year, or a day after Christmas. If you allocate a portion of your savings towards your holiday shopping as early as you can, you’ll have a lot of money saved when the gift-giving season comes.

Set a Budget Within Your Reach

Though we love to lavish our loved ones with luxurious gifts such as designer bags and clothes, not many of us can’t afford it. To 3 avoid bankruptcy and credit card debt, make sure that you are planning a budget that is realistic.

Sure, money is not an issue if you’re earning a 6-figure salary every month. However, if you’re just like the majority of people who make a average earnings, setting up a budget within your means is doable and wise and can help with you avoiding high bills after the holiday season.

Create a Shopping List

Making a holiday shopping list is like creating a layout when you’re designing a house. This list will serve as your guide for the holiday season. What should be included in the list?

First, write down the names of the people that you’re planning to give gifts to–you can even use an app. Next to their name, create an estimate budget for each individual and what gift are you planning to give to them. This way, you have a rough estimate of how much you would be totally spending.

Do Your Homework

We all want to get the best deal there is, don’t we? It’s a bummer when you purchased an item at a higher price when it’s offered at a much lower price at other shops.

Check with different shops first and see which one offers the lowest rate. If you’re shopping at your local stores, visit each store first and compare their prices. Local business usually have promotions going on so checking out which shop you will get the best value for your money is a good idea. If you’re shopping online, you can use websites that compare products offered by retailers.

Countdown to the Holidays

Not in the mood for holiday shopping yet? One way to beat procrastination is by counting down the days before Christmas. You can either put an X mark on your calendar or use countdown apps on your mobile phone.

If you know how many days left before Christmas, you can plan your shopping really carefully. You can even create a task once in every two weeks to do your holiday shopping. This way, you won’t cram all of your shopping into one day when the holiday season is near.

Be Thoughtful When it Comes to Your Gifts

The goal of giving gifts is that the receiver would love what was given to them. You just can’t give presents just for the sake of giving. Be thoughtful and creative with your gift ideas.

Take into consideration the things that your recipient wants and if it’s going to be useful for them. When all else fails, giving a gift card is a great gift option.

Get on Your Shopping Game

After all the sleepless nights spent on brainstorming and creating holiday shopping strategy, it’s time to put that plan in action. Shopping is one of the most pleasurable experiences so enjoy every moment going through shops and looking for unique items. Be on the lookout for great deals and promotions. Saving a few dollars per gift item will go a long way.

Make use of coupon codes and cashback offers as well. There are also lots of online retailers that offer free shipping–don’t be shy on taking advantage of as much freebies as you can.

Be wise and creative when it comes to holiday shopping–it is only one of many ways your spending money this season. If you carefully plan out everything as early as you can, you will be able to look forward to a festive and happy holiday season.