Smart shopping is the ultimate key to save your money.

As a shopaholic yet frugal women like me while shopping the most important thing is NOT to spend too much and get everything I want within my budget.

This holiday season I’ve spent a lot more than I thought and I am sure that these seasonal sales dragged some extra money out of your wallets too, so I am here to share some of my personal takes on these 9 brands that are involved in our routine shopping trips.

Let’s dig into some top food brands!

7 brilliant ways to save at subway:

My kids are super CRAZYYY for Subway so we must have those exquisite looking beauties once in a week or two.

1) Recently I’ve found out that instead of taking two foot longs of different flavors you can always customize your single Sub in 2 different flavors by asking their employee’s.

Basically, you have to be a little polite when asking for the customization because some of the employees may not like do this but sweet words can do WONDERS.

But let me clear this to you that you can’t customize it fully; the meat remains the same on each side. Cheese and other condiments can be changed, and this will definitely help you in saving almost 10-15% of your money

2) DON’T fall for the add-ons! I repeat don’t fall for the add-ons

By avoiding cookies, chips, and drinks you will cut a sane amount from your total bill, but if your kids are a real cookie monster as my kid’s then buy 3 cookies and you’ll get the quantity discount of $0.48.

3) Untoasted sub! What a disgrace to a sandwich!!

I always liked my sandwiches toasted, but as we are trying to save some money, with heavy heartedly, I must say this that I’ll ask for an untoasted Sub and that won’t charge sales tax.

4) Meat treats!

If you like your subs really meaty, then go for the deluxe style sandwich you’ll get 50% more meat, and you have to pay around $0.79 according to your sandwich.

5) Promotions?

If I tell you that you’ll get a free 6’’ sub on purchasing just a drink! Sounds great right? Well yes you can get this amazing offer by visiting Subway’s site, enter your mobile number and zip code then you’ll get a code

After that, you just have to buy a 30oz drink and get your free subway right away!


You may get weekly discount texts as well. YOU ARE WELCOME.

6) Wanna party?

Join subway reward programs and earn points, if you are a regular customer, then you will definitely collect points, and later you can enjoy a free cookie, a drink or a foot long too.

7) Discount cards and coupons? HELL YEAH!

In past few months, I’ve got some amazing coupons from the subway, you may purchase them, and for the bonus, you can also purchase discounted subway gift cards, you can use them with or without coupons and save up to $2.

PRO TIP: Subway usually accepts coupons with close expiration dates so do not throw such coupons away!

4 amazing McDonalds menu hacks to save up to $2:

Won’t it be amazing if I tell you that you can get some lit discounts at your favorite fast food chain? Who doesn’t love McDonald’s only an idiot will say no to Mc treats, especially after knowing that they are offering discounts on their meals?

1) Breakfast on a budget!

What about starting off your day with a perfect sausage egg McMuffin at a discounted rate? Then follow this step to save $0.60 to $1.30.

Order plain sausage muffin and around egg separately and combine them.

Your very own sausage egg McMuffin is ready in much lesser price.

2) Nuggets anyone?

My little one is totally nuts about McNuggets! So it is impossible for me to convince him for eating something else.

But let me tell you a little secret about getting cheaper nuggets, don’t buy nuggets in bulk quantity instead buy in small batches of 4 nuggets.

A box of 10 nuggets costs $4.50 (single nugget 0.45 cents) whereas if you buy a box of 4, it will run you about $1.30 (0.32 cents for a nugget).

Amazing Eh? Go and grab your BOXES now!
Pro Tip: you’ll also get some extra dipping sauces. 😉

3) The best use of the technology is that you CAN order your food just by clicking!

McDonald’s mobile app is a life saver for me, the deals they are offering are so extraordinary, let me tell you some of their best deals you can get and save your money.

  • Every Wednesday you can avail by one get one free with a Happy Meal
  • By one get one free on sandwiches
  • Free drinks and fries with McDonalds signature sandwiches
  • Get free medium fries with any of your purchases

PARENTING HACK: Take your kids to McDonald’s on Wednesdays LOL!

4) Want to save $2 on a Big Mac?

Big Mac is the ultimate show stopper, one of the most classic items on McDonald’s menu and everyone’s favorite too. But this beauty costs a bit high.

BUT! let me fix this for you by telling this super cool hack, order a McDouble without mustard and ketchup and ask them for their special sauce and lettuce separately,

Combine them together, and you’ll have your low cost pretty much similar tasting Big Mac.

Put that $2 back into your wallet!

FACT: Always check your local McDonalds outlet because their menu varies according to places.

5 Little known Starbucks money saving tricks:

Winters are here, and its THE OFFICIAL coffee season, though I can’t imagine my life without coffee in any season:

Well talking about coffee, it is not possible to ignore the name of Starbucks. So let’s check out some hot saving tricks.

1) Want to enjoy Starbucks but you hate to pay those high prices?

Join Starbucks reward program as soon as you can, I just found out about their reward program 2 months back and felt so heartbroken for the extra money I’ve spent.

BUT it’s never too late people! Go and grab their gift card, register yourself and earn stars to get free coffee and other food items as well.

2) Birthday treats

I am 36 years old right now but trust me I still love birthday parties and birthday treats and if you can relate to this, then here is a cool hack for you!

Well if you’ve already joined the Starbucks reward program then you are eligible for their free birthday treat, but keep that in mind that you have to join the program at least 30 days before your birthday.

By the way Starbuck will send you a reminder of your free treat through e-mail. Now that’s a sweet gesture I must say. J

3) Save up to $37 over the year just with a cup!

Yes! You can save up to $37 by just bringing your own refillable container or a paper glass from another bistro or used Starbucks cup.

If you are an insane coffee lover and visit Starbucks daily then according to my calculations, you’ll save 37 bucks strait.

4) Items under $4 only!

Here is a list of some items that you will get as low as $4:

  • Vanilla Bean Frappuccino: $2.95
  • Minty Hot Chocolate: $2.80
  • Raspberry Passion Tea Lemonade: $2.55
  • Iced Coffee With Milk and Flavored Syrup: $1.95

5) Starbucks offers different promotions throughout the year, and you can really save big on them.

ANDDD… if you are a regular Target visitor then keep your eyes open because you’ll find Starbucks coupons over there, most of the times I get BOGO coupons for drinks.

Oh by the way, my best friend doesn’t know about this coupon thing, and she really thinks that I often pay for her drinks! (Devilish Laugh)

And they post their latest promotions on their Facebook page, so HURRY UP and like it!

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck at Walmart with these 4 smart tricks:

Walmart is a place that is a sweet heaven for almost everyone. You may get things on discounted prices, but today I’ll be telling you all some hidden tips and tricks which are used to save some extra bucks at Walmart.

So let’s dig in!

1) New to Walmart? Want to save some dollars?

Sadly this trick doesn’t work for me now, and I’ll let you why after telling you this amazing hack.

If you are new to Walmart, you’ll get $10 off on your first online purchase by using Walmart coupon, and you can get $10 off every time you refer to a friend.

Now here comes my sad part, I’ve already referred almost every friend and family member of mine now. Sigh!

2) Pick your online purchased groceries for free:

Walmart never fails to offer the best customer services. You can easily purchase your groceries online with Walmart app and just visit the store to pick your things up. TADA!

If you are a lazy being like me, you are going to love this

3) Walmart credit cards and gift cards:

Save $35 immediately when you sign up and spend $75, not only this, but you’ll get 5% cash back on every purchase of $500. Now, this is called some serious saving.

I am also a member of Sam’s club, so I save 10% whenever I visit there, but if you are not a member, they’ll charge some extra amount.

4) Save up to 50% on bakery products and meat:

I know it’s difficult for many of us to wake up early in the morning, but I bet after knowing that you’ll get 30-50% off on bakery products and meat items you’ll definitely wake up early!

I usually shop between 8 am to 10 am to avail discounts, always go for a day old French bread loaves you will get them in $0.57 only and save up to $3.

And you can also find the best quality meat cuts at that time with up to 30% to 50% off. I’ve shopped steaks, hamburgers, grass-fed beef and salmon with 50% discount at around 9 am.

PRO TIP: To find hidden discounted deals, visit Walmart’s official website and type Clearance in the search bar to avail them.

5 useful tips to save at Target

I admit that I am a LITTLEEEEE obsessed with Target and my biggest problem is that whenever I pop inside target I just can’t control myself and spend the hell lot of money, but of course I’ll tell you some AH-MAZING tips to save some cash.

1) Identify the Targets clearance reduction schedule

Here is the list of clearance items I am sharing with you guy’s which you can shop according to the days:

  • Monday: Electronics, children and Infants products
  • Tuesday: Women’s clothing and accessories
  • Wednesday: Health, Stationery, Laundry, Foods items, Men’s products
  • Thursday: Household items, , Athletic gears, Shoes, nightwear
  • Friday: Auto parts,Domestics, ornaments, Scarves, , Beauty products

2) Look for the special price cut items:

You can find two kinds of price cut items, one is temporary, and the other one is permanent-price-cut items, and both are marked by yellow tags, so check before putting them into your cart.

If you ask me, then I’ve always found good discounts on temporary priced items, but it only lasts for 14 days only.

3) RED card – save 5% on everything

If you are a frequent target visitor, then their RED card is a must have for you.

I usually spent $100 at Target on monthly basis and get an additional 5% off which makes a total savings of $5 per month and $60 per year. And this works for clearance items and other promotional offers.

Did you just say WOW? Well yes it is a wow factor, and except for saving money, you will also get 120 days for returning any item instead of 90 days.

4) Get more than 5% off and free shipping

You’ll get free shipping and 5% off if you are a regular customer and 10% off if you have RED card, on everyday used things like household and beauty products, grocery items, etc but it is applicable for online orders only when you subscribe for monthly deliveries.

5) Save 5 cents on reusable bags

Whenever I visit Target, I always carry the bag which I kept when I shopped from here last time and guess what?? They deduct 5 cents from your total bill.

I know, I know that’s not earth-shattering, but it’s better to have something than nothing 😉

PRO TIP: Always go to the end aisles you’ll get 15% to 90% discounts on different items!

5 ways to save a good amount at Amazon

Whenever I visit Amazon, I can always find some kick-ass discounts on different products, and if you are likely to find some visit their site right now!

It’s the best place to shop for sluggish people like me and what else do you want if you are getting amazing discounts by just clicking on your phone or laptop J

1) Subscribe to save

Amazon has started its subscribes and save the program for quite some time on every product but very fewer people know about it and it is only for sending products on a regular basis.

I’ve subscribed myself to 6 household products a few months back, and got 15% off on those products and got them delivered free at my home, monthly.

If you want to discontinue any item, you can always do that. This discount is only applicable on 5 or above items.

2) Today’s deals

You can find your desired product in today’s deal section and save up to 70% on different products.

Honestly speaking whenever I visit Amazon I first goes and checks this section, and most of the times I find my preferred items.

3) Get your shopping credits

I often shop from Amazon, and now I am their prime customer so whenever I shop, I go for a free no-rush method of shipping rather than free two-day shipping and by this, I get complimentary promotional points.

Whenever I receive my parcel, I get an e-mail from about those credits and how to redeem them in future.

4) Get 2% cash back and $10 bonus when you reload your Amazon gift card

Last month my Amazon gift card ran out of cash, and I came to know that when I reload it, I’ll get 10% additional amount in my balance.

I immediately went and recharged my card with $200 and got a 10% extra amount. But it’s a onetime offer.

If you are a prime customer, you’ll also get 2% cash back if you use checking account, this is applicable to every time you reload.

5) Save up to 25%

This trick can help you save up to 25% on many items. Whenever you are buying something look for the option which is less-popular.

A friend of mine purchased a very beautiful black gown for New Year’s night, I got so flattered over that dress though it was quite costly, and still I visited Amazon and guess what?

I got that dress in blue color with 20% lesser price than the black one, just because that color was less-popular. (Smiley with glasses)

6 hacks that can help you save money at JCPenny

JCPenny is my favorite because of their deals and discounts; it’s a heaven for people like me who loves saving some extra bucks every time.

This holiday season if you are planning to do lots and lots of shopping under budget then this is the place for you.

Let’s check out some crazy hacks here:

1) Shirts just for $5

JCPenny is always offering sales on different items, on my recent visit I found out there is a promotion going on where you can find very good quality shirts just for $5.

I snagged a few in different colors 😉

2) Save $10 with Reward programs

I love joining reward programs they always pay off. JCPenny also offers a reward program. Whenever you visit your nearest store make sure to ask your sales representative to sign you up for the program before checkout.

You’ll get points for each purchase. These points are then added up to your cash rewards for your future buying.

I’ve just earned some points which make a total of around $15 which I can use at my next visit to JC. WOOHOO!!!

2) Coupons + sale = ultimate savings!

JCPenny allows you to use coupons on sale items most of the times.

You have to be on their e-mail list through this you will be updated with the latest offers and can save a sane amount of money.

3) Look for the pink tags

If you find anything you need with a pink tag DON’T THINK just picks it up and throw into your cart straight away.

Pink tag indicates that it’s a clearance item and I am sure you don’t want to miss this!

4) Complete a survey and get 10% off

On my recent visit to JCPenny, the sales guy asked me to fill a survey for them after that I’ll get a chance to win a prize.

It took around 5 to 6 minutes to fill that survey and GUESS WHAT! I got my 10% off coupon for my next purchaseJ

PRO TIP: Download JCPenny app on your phone during holiday or any promotional season and $10 will be added to your reward account.

5 secrets to save at IKEA

When it comes to furniture and other housewares, then IKEA is the name which cannot be overlooked.

I am a not so regular customer of them, but whenever I visit there, I make sure to follow these tips to save a little extra cash.

1) Monday’s are not always blue

Yes! You heard it right; Monday is the best day to shop at Ikea because most of the people have made returns on Saturday’s and Sunday’s

So there is a special section for such items called “As-is”. Basically, it’s kind of a clearance section where you can find more items with 50% less prices.

2) Sign up to and save $25

Ikea’s moving program is the best to join, especially in this shopping season.

My mom just joined it when she visited Ikea’s store last week, and after purchasing items above $250, she got $25 off for her next purchase.

3) Free meals for your kiddos

I make sure whenever I go to IKEA with my kid’s, it must be Tuesday. You must be wondering why Tuesday?

Well, here’s your answer, if you have Ikea’s family card just show that card at the time of checkout and you can get two free meals for your kids.

4) Free coffee and meal

You can also get a cup of coffee or tea for free at Ikea’s café by just presenting you Family card.

It’s not necessary to purchase anything to get your free mug 😉

And you can also enjoy a free meal with every purchase of $100 as well; you just have to show your card and purchase receipt.

5) Special weekly offers

Keep your eyes open whenever you visit IKEA and look for weekly special signs in the store, but the deals vary from store to store

Before going to your nearest store do visit their website for the on-going deals to save big.

Fun fact: Ikea’s founder was facing difficulties in keeping record of every item through conventional number method, so he named each section after men and women names, animals, etc.

Save hundreds of dollars at Sephora with these 3 tips:

OMG! I am getting super excited about writing about my favorite brand. Sephora is the place where I just go and can’t control myself from buying some extra things and of course saying bye bye to EXTRA CASH as well! :/

Well, right now I am actually imagining myself at Sephora <3

But don’t worry I am here to tell you some awesome tips to save at Sephora

1) Connection between JCPenny and Sephora??

There is a very amazing connection between Sephora and JCPenny (both are my favorite brands, Sephora is the first ;))

This is a very little known fact people might know that by buying JCPenny gift card you can get discounts of around 11.5% at Sephora. Yes! You heard it right ladies.

2) Unlimited free 2-day shipping

2-days shipping actually cost $10.59 for a single order but as I have signed myself up for Sephora flash (it’s just like amazon prime) so it’s free shipping for me.

But yes! It totally depends upon your status which is set according to your spending per year. There are two categories:

  • VIB (very important beauty-insider) – after spending $350 per year
  • VIB Rouge – after spending $1000 per year

By the way, I’ve got the VIB Rouge status HURRAY! And I also get 40% off on Sephora’s holiday gift sets:

3) Save $5 with Ibotta App

Ibotta is a task-based app; you just have to complete some simple tasks after downloading this app.

Lately, I’ve got $5 cash back with purchases of $75 at Sephora. So it’s like more tasks, more money savings! J

Freebies alert: You can get almost every item’s sample from skincare to perfumes or even foundations, so don’t shy before asking for one!

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