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Adult cartoons show us what to do and maybe more so what NOT to do in real life situations, guided by the likes of Homer Simpson, Bender, Peter Griffin and other beloved characters. Not only have we watched how they live, we’ve also watched where they live. Each show features living spaces, from futuristic bachelor pads and fully detached homes to run down studio spaces and jazzy sprawling apartments. Some are lavishly furnished and some are less-than-clean holes in the wall.

We can’t help but wonder about a few things. Did these characters make enough money at their day jobs to afford their matching homes? And just how much would these characters have paid in rent for their well-known dwellings in the real world? Although not many people have answers for the first question (did Bender steal enough to live off of?), do know approximately how much adult cartoon homes and apartments would rent for in the real market.

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