We all know the importance of backlinks. If we want to rank our site higher then we must create high quality backlinks. But what are high quality backlinks and how can we create them?

To answer this question let me go into the detail of it.

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is a hyperlink to your site on some other Websites or blogs. It is basically an inbound link which other site owners put on their own sites as outbound link.

What is a Quality Backlink?

The backlink will be called quality if it is…

  • Niche Related
  • On High PR Sites
  • On Sites having spam score under 2
  • On sites which are authoritative than yours
  • Which provide traffic

How to create Backlinks?

Following are some of the best ways to create backlinks easily.

1. Guest Posting

It is one of the oldest strategy to create backlinks but still work well when it comes to get higher rankings.

Just type the following key phrases in Google and find your niche related sites which accept guest posts.

After finding the sites, read their quality guidelines properly before pitching or writing the articles so your articles could get easily approved.

One more thing I want to mention, due to its high demand some of the web owners also demand a little fee to publish your article. In my opinion, you should pay this fee as this backlink will help you a lot in your SEO.

2. Article Submission

Do not confuse it with guest posting as it is totally different thing. Article submission is not as powerful source of backlinks as guest posting but still works and most of the people use it to rank low competitive keywords. But be careful in it and make accounts with different email and username on each article submission site.

3. Forum Posting

This is also a good source of getting backlinks. Although most of the forums provide nofollow links but it still helps in rankings. As these links also provide you the traffic and Google love those links which provide traffic. But please do not spam this strategy as this could harm you then.

4. Social Signals

They are also very important when it comes to rankings. Although they provide weak signals to Google, but Google still consider them to give rankings. Try to make your articles or sites popular on social media.

Final Words

Along with creating the backlinks you also have to focus on indexing them. Only indexed backlinks count and others not. So, do not put all your efforts just in creating backlinks but also focus on indexing them.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the article.

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