In the early years of search engine marketing, a small optimization of the page was enough to ensure a higher position in the search results. However, as competition intensified, the strategies became more and more complex, and the emphasis was on creating links through the marketing of newspaper articles and catalogues. However, Panda’s recent update has led to the reorientation of SEO on websites. For those who do not know the SEO factors on the site, here’s a list of things to consider brought to you by our Sydney SEO agency:

Unique titles

It is obvious that the title tags must be specific to keywords, but you should not overdo it. Title tags must be unique, descriptive and keyword-targeted. Filling keywords with meaningless sentences would only have a negative impact. Do not abuse the main keyword just because you are trying to promote it. Repeating the same keyword does not make sense. Also, try using the keyword to start the title.

Focus on the content of your website

Panda’s update focused on checking online content. The right content based on keywords is naturally placed in a good position. But do not repeat these keywords too often. If you want Google Bot to understand the context of your site, use special texts. For example, bold text is more important than unassigned keywords. Similarly, when titles are included in titles, search engines cannot recognize their meaning. But like everything else, do not overdo it.

Write unique Meta descriptions

Although search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing do not use meta-descriptions to rank the site, they definitely use it as a text to display snippets of search results. Therefore, there is no point in overloading and overloading keywords. However, meaningful and unique descriptions can guarantee that the user clicks on your link.

Improve your navigation structure

A well-constructed website is designed not only for users but also helps index websites in search engines. Not all sites should be interlinked, but a good internal link structure is certainly useful. And if you’re a blogger, links to your previous posts make sense. It’s definitely worth sending a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. The footer should also contain links to relevant and keyword-based content.

Keyword stuffing

The deliberate integration of selected keywords into the content of your website is, of course, an unethical SEO tactic. But it’s possible that you enter too many keywords into your site. Fortunately, processes like keyword density control are available and can be run on your website to ensure that keywords are not being abused. The general principle of preventing site spamming is creating natural and organic content that naturally contains keywords.

High Flash content without HTML alternatives

While the use of Flash has become popular due to aesthetic advantages, it has become a common mistake, not only because it is excited about this function, but also to forget about software limitations.

Flash is a very demanding program and therefore highlights the limitations of some browsers and computers. As well as

These are just some of the factors to consider when optimizing your site. In addition to these elements, there are many other factors, such as Alt Image tags, width and height attributes, etc., which are important for page references. The goal should be a clear explanation of the search engine robots, the purpose of your site

Running an online retail store takes time, patience, effort, as well as an SEO-friendly website. But more than the three factors mentioned, running an eCommerce business requires paying attention to critical trends in today’s fast-growing and changing economic landscape. In the absence of SEO guidelines and expertise from an eCommerce SEO agency, no business can generate traction in its website’s organic traffic. So, here are some reasons why your business needs eCommerce SEO services:

1. Build Your Online Brand and Visibility

A good SEO Birmingham agency will make a mark on a business’s presence online through their SEO knowledge and techniques. SEO plays a critical role in enhancing one’s visibility in search engines. There is an entire process as to how SEO accomplishes this, but once you start it, your business and its products or services are bound to gain optimum visibility. Of course, with the right optimization tools and strategies, every content becomes effortlessly accessible by search engines from various parts of the world.

When it comes to the eCommerce industry, word-of-mouth marketing doesn’t work as efficiently as SEO. The majority of your demographic is now online, which is why you should have an online presence. Make it a point to establish a strong presence and connection with your audience right where they are.

2. Long-Term Results

The majority of digital marketing techniques utilized by an eCommerce SEO agency are engineered to get fast results. As you work your way through your SEO tactics, it promises to deliver enhanced organic traffic to your website over the long term.

3. SEO Is Not Costly

When you operate a warehouse where you manufacture and store most of your products, everything can become costly. It is a great thing that SEO is free of charge, which makes it one of the most excellent digital marketing tactics ever to exist, if not the best out there.

Providing your company’s products or services online is a terrific way to mitigate costs and make money simultaneously. It creates an opportunity for your customers to see and purchase your products 24/7 and in any location, which will significantly help you generate additional income in the long run. Also, you don’t have to be hassled about expenses or cost adjustments since your website already acts as your sales clerk who works for you all day at a meagre cost.

4.Operation Convenience of an eCommerce Website

Maintaining an eCommerce website is a fantastic way to attract additional visitors and customers. As stated, consumers like it when they can see and buy products from the comfort of their home rather than travelling to a brick-and-mortar store since this can mean having to deal with traffic or leaving the store empty-handed as stocks are sold out.

Transitioning to an online business allows you to reach out to a larger geographical area. It invites more customers and consumers. More than anything else, this enables your eCommerce business to expand beyond the limitations of time and location compared to operating a brick-and-mortar store.

5. Customize Your eCommerce SEO Depending on Your Needs

Regardless of which industry you fit into, SEO will play a significant role. SEO is flexible and can be customized to suit your business. Web designers can create a customized eCommerce website where you can establish your SEO at the same time. It also allows you to make tactics that feature highlights of your online store that makes it distinct from the rest. Also, investing in high-quality web hosting solutions makes a significant impact on your search engine rankings.

6. Social Media Presence

SEO not only helps enhance your eCommerce website’s visibility but also further generates your business’s social media profiles while enhancing the traffic of your page. Social media and SEO help each other. Each one supports the other to get your business to become well-known. High-ranking websites are likely to be popular among people, and they will likely choose them when they are looking for products or services. Because of this, you must develop an awesome video marketing tactic to further enhance your SEO since it is the most engaging form of content on social media platforms.

For example, when someone purchases the latest iPhone, they will start following Apple’s pages on social media. In the same manner, they want to know more about Apple’s other products as they might want to purchase something else in the future.

7. SEO Gives You a Competitive Advantage

When it comes to business, there is always competition out there. You will be battling out to get more sales. Currently, irrespective of the scale of a business, whether it is a startup or not, websites are crucial. Companies utilize these websites to manage their activities. If you want to sell more products than your competitors, all you have to do is to rank higher than them. In turn, this makes searchers in every area of the Internet consider your business more often than your competition. SEO allows you to compete with businesses that are bigger and more established to gain a huge chunk of the market.

8. SEO Allows Customers to Find Your Business

Customers will likely find it hard to know about your business in the absence of SEO. Keep in mind that there is a sea of retail stores online as well as websites and pages that can easily drown out your presence, and because of this, embracing SEO as one of your digital marketing approaches is crucial. Ranking at the top levels of search engines allows you to reach out to large groups of audiences, making it more effortless for you to market your products and services.

9. SEO Is Indicative of Better User Experience

Ranking on the top level of search engines means one thing, and that happens when you have a user-friendly and good website design. First off, Google has already stated that it rewards websites that are mobile-friendly. It is critical because over half of current users utilize mobile for the search of different products and services they require. With this in mind, websites that contain streamlined and crucial information along with several images and videos undoubtedly enhance organic traffic.

  • SEO Enhances Trust Among Customers About Your eCommerce Site

As discussed, ranking on top of the search engine allows businesses to appear more authoritative than those on the third or fourth pages. Because of this, customers are likely to trust a brand that ranks on top of the list, making it easier to generate more sales and level up organic traffic.

Embarking on SEO for your eCommerce business is not as effortless as it sounds, but it is worth it. It would help if you considered its accessibility. Brands should never underestimate the enormous potential and opportunity of SEO for businesses, especially eCommerce.

Minneapolis is Minnesota’s largest and most populated city. According to the latest US Census, about 429,606 residents are living in the area. It is also considered the third biggest economic center in the Midwest, right next to Chicago and Detroit. The city is even the home of the five biggest Fortune 500 companies in the country, including US Bancorp, Target, Xcel Energy, Thriven Financial, and Ameriprise Financial. 

These companies are located in the Central Minneapolis area. The city’s thriving economy is based on finance, commerce, and healthcare industries. But the city also has several smaller industries that contribute to its booming economy, including food processing, publishing, and high technology. 

Because of the city’s highly competitive business situation, small businesses in the city need to beef up their digital marketing plan to compete with the larger corporations. Most of these businesses rely on a credible Minneapolis SEO agency to optimize their search engine rankings and handle other digital marketing strategies. But to help them pave the way to success, they need to boost their local SEO plans for their brand. 

Local SEO helps small businesses by incorporating geographic information into the search engine listing. It helps make the target customers find them faster, especially if they are within the vicinity. Unfortunately, not all business owners know the perks they can get from local SEO. It is the reason why most of them are not using this tool to their advantage.

Here are some of the best benefits that small businesses in Minneapolis can enjoy from local SEO backlink submitter:

Boost Web Traffic

Companies that are not using local SEO might have to compete for the search engine rankings with companies from other states or countries. It means that their websites might be placed in the lower rankings, which could put them at risk of getting ignored by their target customers. If their Minneapolis SEO agency used local SEO strategies for their website, they would show up faster in local searches. 

Be At Par With Neighboring Businesses 

If a person in your vicinity engages in a mobile search for freshly-baked pastries, for example, then your bakeshop and nearby competitors will appear in their search. But if you are not using local SEO, your bakeshop will not be a part of the search. Even if you have better products than your rivals, your target customers will have no idea about your existence.

Establish Links With Adjacent Businesses

Aside from helping you stay competitive with neighboring businesses, local SEO can also help you form alliances with some of them. For example, you are planning to collaborate with other businesses to promote your products or services. You can turn on your local SEO to help other businesses within your area find you. It is also useful if you want to start a joint marketing campaign for all the businesses in your area. 

Acquire More Local Reviews 

Local customers are fond of giving feedback about any business online. If a person looking for a particular product and service finds other people living in their area talk about a business positively, they may consider purchasing from that shop or enterprise as well. Reviews can also help boost your SEO ranking if the customer leaves a review on your brand’s Google business account. 

Doing small businesses in Minneapolis does not have to be a challenge, even if you are surrounded by some of the country’s biggest companies. As long as you know how to maximize your local SEO potential, you can still drive more customers to support your business and put their money on your products and services. 

4 Shopify SEO Tips: How Shopify Sites Can Use SEO

In 2019, 1 billion people bought items from Shopify stores.

It’s clear that Shopify is one of the best platforms to sell products and finding the best SEO company to improve your SEO is the key to increasing your audience.

Not sure how to leverage SEO for Shopify? If you’re stuck, here are Shopify SEO tips to help you out!

Why Should You Optimize Your Site?

There are many benefits to optimizing your Shopify site. For example:

  • Improved user experience and engagement
  • Better SEO rankings
  • Organic traffic
  • Revenue

A site that is easy-to-use and quick to load has a better chance of generating more money than one that isn’t.

  1. Optimize Your Shopify Site Structure

One of the most important Shopify tips is to organize your content correctly. When your site is easier to navigate, consumers are more likely to spend more time on your site and view more pages.

Do this by simplifying your page. Don’t go crazy with categories and subcategories because a simple site structure makes it easier for search engines to rank your products.

You should also create an “About” and “Contact” page so search engines know that you’re credible.

  1. Improve Your Ranking With Content Marketing

Not sure how to optimize a Shopify website?

Create original content so it’s easier to persuade customers to buy your products. To brainstorm ideas, list everything shoppers ask you or anything important they’ll want to know.

Consumers don’t always want to be bombarded with Shopify ads, and would rather learn more about your brand.

  1. Image Optimization

No SEO guide is complete without discussing how to harness the power of images. It’s important to compress your pictures to eliminate unnecessary metadata and reduce the number of colors.

You can only use certain file types on Shopify like JPG, PNG, or SVG. The latter uses vector graphics so they’re scalable without losing resolution, perfect for logos or icons.

  1. Build Links to Your Store

Another one of the more crucial SEO tips is using backlinks. These are used by search engines to decide how many people value your site. You can do this by adding:

Supplier/Manufacturer Links

If you sell products from an established company they may have a policy so you can get a link. Email them to see if they’ll link to your store.


People may have already mentioned you in other places without being linked. Use to find out if you have and email them so they can link to your site with the mention.

Use Our Shopify SEO Tips

To ensure your site’s success, use these Shopify SEO tips so more shoppers access your site. You can do this by producing blog posts with useful information, optimizing your images, and adding more links to your store.

These methods will improve your SEO rankings and lead to a fantastic ROI.

Did you find this article helpful? If so, check out our articles on everything from Real Estate to Technology.


SEO is a technical marketing strategy with high scope and returns. Mostly, SEO professional’s claims to provide the Guaranteed SEO but the important factor is the ranking cannot be guaranteed. 

Because the market is full of competition and almost everyone is running in a race to get a high rank on Google SERP. We can say it in a way that the word guaranteed will just provide an influence of offering best services. You can visit here for more information.

But if we just talk it in a way to provide accomplished services it is important to think out of the box. There are multiple things that should be in consideration while making the strategy of SEO. Here we have some useful tips to achieve the Guaranteed SEO results:

  1. Your website has to be quick to open – it is normally examined that people want results quickly and wait can affect the interest of the visitors. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to open it may lose the interest of visitors and they will never get back to you.
  2. Keep your content management in a useful way – linking and citing content on your website and on other website is a good strategy to capture the interest of the audience. But keep in mind that it should be relevant to that site where you are linking it. Irrelevant content will not work or even you will lose the interest of your potential consumer.
  3. Avoid the keyword stuffing – using the keyword and appropriate keyword can increase the traffic and increase the rank as well. But remember just focusing on keyword and use them too much on your website will drop the quality and not up to the standards of Google. 
  4. Use short and relevant descriptions – while doing a website or web pages’ optimization there is a requirement of meta description, the content that displays on the result page right after your company or website name. you have to be more specific and relevant with that content because it acts as first impression and emphasizes the audience to click and check the site.
  5. Generate the quality material in writing –while writing blogs, website content and off-page articles you have to go with creativity. A well-structured and well-written material is the way to get the reader’s attention and make them stay on the page otherwise you will lose their interest.
  6. Back-linking with the rated or trusted websites –back-linking is another SEO practice that people do to increase the traffic and target the audience from the other websites. But before doing this must go for the right selection. Check the insights of that particular website with that you are trying to link yours.
  7. Infographics can be an impressive strategy – infographics are one of the attractive and useful practices in SEO, it only requires an eye-catching design with informative material. So make one for your website and optimize it well to get the traffic.
  8. Provide contact information and optimize it well –for Guaranteed SEO it is important to provide the franchise accurate address and contact details so that can increase the walk-inn customer ship. You can optimize it with the directories or Maps as well. 
  9. Optimize with the FAQ websites – online there are multiple of FAQ websites and blogs are available where people pinch the questions to get the answers. You can use them for SEO as well, by providing the answer toa relevant question that is associated with your business as well and link your website as well. Or you can create one as well that provide people an opportunity to connect and get their queries resolved.
  10. Create relevant URLs –URL is the impression that tells about the page and the content available on that page. So, make a relevant one that actually gives an understanding what the link is actually about.

Guaranteed SEO is right here!

Hukumat is committed to providing performance-based SEO services around the globe. It is a growing network or professional SEOs having number of satisfied clients on the page. 

We work on providing online marketing solution related to SEO, online promotions and marketing and helps our customer to make their prominence in the competitive world. We will help you to build customer ship and achieve long term market influence with Guaranteed SEO. 

SEO techniques help you to optimize your content so that you can get natural traffic. It is a good practice of you want to improve the ranking of your website in the search engine. When you optimize your website well, it will rank highly in the search engines. As a result, you will attract so many visitors and potential clients. The best SEO Company in India can help you to achieve this objective. 


  • Have a Mobile Friendly Website


Most people are now using their mobile devices to access the internet. As a result, Google uses it as one of the key ranking factors. A website that has a mobile design will have higher ranking in the search engines that the one that is designed for desktop users alone. Therefore, you have to make sure that your website is compatible will all mobile devices to get to the top position in the SERPs. 


  • Use the Right Keywords 


The most important component of any SEO strategy is keywords. All search engines use keywords to rank your website appropriately. The URL of your website, page title, and header one should all have the keyword. You also need a keyword density of 2 to 4 percent throughout your website. 

Some keywords get more searches while the others get less. Look for keywords that are searched more to get a high traffic. Besides, we have keywords that are competitive while others are less competitive. It is good to choose keywords that are less competitive if you want to get higher ranking in the search engine. 


  • Get High Quality Back Links


Back linking is a critical element when it comes to off-site SEO. You will have higher chances of getting to the top of the search engine when you have more backlinks. Therefore, you need to maintain a highly authoritative site to attract more backlinks. The quality of the back links is important and hence you need to get them from high authority sites. 


  • Optimize Your Content


There is no way you will get high ranking in Google unless you optimize your content. Google knows how to reward a website that has the best content. Therefore, you need to publish relevant and good content on your website.

The minimum word count on every page should be 400. However, Google treats long articles to be more informative and it is good when you make your content to be over 2000 words. Use the keywords naturally and spread them throughout the content. 


  • Images


All visitors will want to see good images on your website. People avoid reading text alone because it tends to be so boring. One of the best SEO practices is to include images on your website. However, you have to choose images that are relevant to your content. Don’t forget to use your keywords on the image caption. With this, the search engine will know that you are using images to explain your content.


The best SEO Company in India in India will help you to implement all these strategies for your website. These SEO tips will help you to rank better than your competitors as long as you implement them in the right way. 

So, let us start by knowing what SEO is. It can be defined as the practice of improving or optimizing their websites for a higher position in the search engine, or we can say it is set of rules to be followed by a blogger for his blog or website owner to increase their websites or blogs search efficiency and quality. It can also be considered as a process since it contains all rules, guidelines, stages and set of controls for optimizing their website. Importance of SEO are as follows-

  • seo service in india helps a website to gain a higher position in the search engine, since users use a search engine to gain answers and solutions for their problem, and websites appearing the higher are trusted by the search users more.
  • It helps the user to operate the website more easily.
  • SEO is of great importance to website owners and bloggers. For instance, if two or more websites sell the same thing, the SEO optimized website gains more competitors and give the owner a competitive advantage in that field.

Now, let us move onto types of SEO. Types of search engine optimization (SEO) are-

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  1. White Hat SEO- This technique strictly follows the guidelines of Google Webmaster. These websites usually take a long time to carry out a result and are costly, but the results obtained by white hat SEO are long-lasting and positive. Search engine algorithms appear around 500 times in a year, but these are not affected negatively impacted. The results take longer time because the result or data generated is not copied. Websites with white hat SEO optimized are steady, gradual and long-lasting in rankings. Websites under this don’t run under foul search engine or duplicated ones.
  2. Black Hat SEO– This technique doesn’t follow guidelines of Google Webmaster, they appear in the results higher, less costly and provide results quickly. But the results obtained are not long-lasting and can be banned by Google webmaster since it is against the guidelines. It helps the websites in gaining user traffic and so the rank. It is an unethical way, and it is used by finding loopholes in algorithms by a search engine.
  3. Grey Hat SEO– It can be described as both a mixture of white and black hat SEO. It somewhere falls around between white and black hat, it is not specifically described as against guidelines, but it can be harmful, and results or data can even get banned.
  4. On-page SEO– The main function of on-page is to optimize our content and website; the main focus is to ensure that the users can easily understand, search and read the content. It also ensures that the data is relevant and correct.
  5. Off-page SEO– It is used to boost the position of the website in search engine. It is the process of optimizing outside the website to build links and get back to it. These outside website link act as votes, the more votes you get, the better position in search engine.

In the end, the selection of proper SEO can be beneficial in the long run rather than a corrupted one. Using seo service in india with proper Google Webmaster guideline can be costly and low traffic in the initial phase but prove to be beneficial in the later phase. The corrupted SEO has less cost and more traffic in the initial phase, but later, the website gets banned, and the website won’t go any further.

Your law firm just like any other law firm needs some new clients to grow and survive. Regardless of the fact that there are many ways to get more clients in your business, the best of them is to utilize the internet. With internet, it’s very easy to be noticed via organic searches. It doesn’t matter where your law firm is located what matters the most is that people are searching for you and can get all the information about your location.

With the internet, it becomes very easy to acquire more potential clients that are very ready to work with you. According to the information available in the market from the ABA Journal for Lawyers, most of the customers lately begin their search for an attorney and lawyer online.

With that information, am sure you want your law firm to stand out tall in the pool of competitors. To beat the competition on search engines you have to utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO).This is what helps law firm websites grow and get more traffic which comprises of potential customers. SEO for law firm websites starts by optimizing your website, creating highly involving contents and doing a couple other things.

Along with other SEO strategies, Video Marketing is another very effective strategy that can make a huge difference. As of late, Video marketing is on the rise courtesy of YouTube. Today users are consuming more videos that ever. In this case, Video content is picking

and there are several reasons why I believe it’s effective in Law Firm SEO. Here are my reasons

Improve SEO and increase potential customers (Traffic)

To make sure you have useful and well edited and eventually SEO-optimized videos, you should start by hiring someone reliable to help you along the way. Search online for a good company such as Goggle has classified video content as high quality content and hence they give it more value and priority. This means its very visible and ends up drawing more people in your website in search of your services.

It delivers impact

The videos you create to optimize your law firm website should be clear and able to stick. This increases the chances of your website getting a new reputable name that may end up increasing the number of traffic and eventually the customers.

Introduce potential clients to your team

Video marketing is a good thing for professional service providers in the market such as lawyers. It’s now with ease that apart from your clients straining with complex messages and services, they should get videos that works perfectly simple.

What types of videos should they try?

There are several types of videos that can work well for law firms. Take a good example of brand videos, case studies and client testimonials, educational videos and many others.

In Law firms, when used the right way, Video marketing is a very powerful tool that can increase your customers and eventually make all your actions profitable.

When it comes to improving your website traffic, one of the most effective ways to do that is SEO. However, with the many methods out there to follow, it can be quite confusing as to which one to trust and implement for your site’s success!

According to Joel House, there are just as many SEO myths as there are effective ways on boosting your ranking and traffic. And because search engine crawlers continue to update every day, it gets confusing as to what really works and what doesn’t.

What exactly should you begin following to improve your SEO ranking? That’s why I did the research to help you out! Read on for the seven smart tips for traffic boost and SEO ranking.

  • Improve Website Speed and Performance  

We all hate a slow-loading website. If ever we come across one, we simply scoff and exit it. If your website loads very slow or has too many irritating pop-ups and trinkets that reduce its performance, chances are that people do the same and exit your website without even checking the content anymore!

Because of this, it’s time to check out your website speed and performance. Search engine crawlers want to make sure that the websites they rank high are satisfactory for their users, so it’s best to start off with website optimization!

  • Using the Most Appropriate Keywords

Keywords are crucial if you want to be on top of search engine rankings. But it isn’t just the amount of keywords you put in your content, but the quality and placing as well! You have to ensure that the keywords you choose are usually searched for because without the proper keyword research, you’re just wasting energy and time with the wrong phrases and words put into content.

You can research keywords using free tools or even spying on competition to see what kind of phrases they use on their content for ideas on what to do better.

  • Mobile-First Indexing and Site Mobile-Friendliness

There are millions of searches done daily through the use of mobile devices. And when visiting the website using Smartphone or tablets, people want to make sure it loads fast and is easy to read, with a good layout. If not, they simply exit it, which isn’t great when you want better traffic and search engine page results!

Search engines now crawl your site based on its mobile-friendliness and website speed, so make sure that your website is optimized for both desktop and mobile. Also, it should load as quickly as possible without lagging.

  • Personalized and Informative Content (Always Updated!)

Keyword stuffing is definitely NOT the best if you want to go up the search engine ranks! What you want to focus on is the content you put in on your blogs, which is what makes it even more enticing for both search engine crawlers and your target audience.

You shouldn’t only look into the simple answers, but go as far as going into detail and providing all the information. This will have users satisfied and want to stay on your website while having them want o share and engage, which will heighten your ranking.

  • Be Consistent And Focus On “One-At-A-Time” Principle

This is another pretty important tip to follow that not many websites and business owners do your website will have a ton of things revolving around your business, as well as the products or services you have to offer. But if you want better SEO results, it’s best to focus on ONE main topic which is crucial for any messages you want to convey.

By having one main topic and staying consistent with it, using it for your content and services, it helps you get set up on the right track. It will also help with your keyword research and what content you should be posting for better traffic from your target audience.

  1. Link Building and Exchange

Link building is probably one of the first common SEO tactics that are still relevant today. Spreading links online that direct to your website will have search engine bots see that your website has good content, deserving to be on top of the rankings.

You can get backlinks through exchanging links. How? Message another website asking if they are willing to post your website link on theirs in exchange for you doing the same. It can be a tedious task, but it provides powerful results in terms of SEO.

  1. Create Content You Can Share and Link

While originality is crucial, linking and sharing content is also just as important to get word of your blog out! That’s why you should match valuable and important content with the shareable links and share buttons, which will encourage users to spread your blog and content around their own channels for others to see.

Make sure that you have a call-to-action after your blog post with the share button easily seen. And remember to thank and/or reward people who choose to share your content! With more shares, the more organic traffic and even better rankings on search engines.

Wrapping It Up

Through the smart ways on improving your SEO ranking, you’ll have a more successful website with better traffic and performance. It only takes a few tweaks and the proper usage of keywords, as well as smart thinking and decision making for your website’s progress! And once you’ve done this and continue to update your website, you can reap the many benefits, from quality traffic to higher rankings on search engine pages.

Hopefully, according to Brisbane SEO Firm Joel House these seven smart tips for traffic boost and SEO ranking will give you an idea on what you should begin following today. So don’t wait any longer and check out any of these tips now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on improving SEO, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

Business owners have undoubtedly come to realize the importance of SEO for business growth, especially for new businesses over the years. SEO is an important strategy for the growth of your website. Understanding SEO is an essential digital marketing strategy that significantly increases traffic on your website and creates more awareness for your business. Many startup businesses have risen to top ranking through steady growth and effectiveness of their SEO. It is important to understand the essential techniques needed to be able to achieve an effective SEO.

An effective SEO gives your website a higher rank on Google and other search engines. Each and every year, Google constantly updates its algorithm. So it is important for website owners to always be updated on the essential techniques for a perfect SEO. Making the most out your investments in online marketing is not achievable without the best and most relevant SEO technique. Thousands of people using the internet are searching for a content just like yours. You can make finding it easy for them by staying on top of SEO and becoming an expert. Here are 4 essential techniques for SEO success;

  1. Choose the right keyword

An effective keyword is the backbone of every SEO campaign. This New York SEO company excels at choosing proper keywords for clients. This is the number one very old rule in SEO. This rule is still as effective is ever. For an effective SEO, and to enjoy fully all the benefits SEO has for your business, you must choose the right keywords. Keywords are highly important to your visibility on search engines. Choosing the right keyword really maters,  especially for having an insight into what your audience is searching for. Keyword is the one golden tactic that hasn’t changed over time. It is important in achieving a perfect link building, content marketing, and on-psge SEO.

SEO without some targeted keyword is much regarded as a total waste of time and resources. Your priority is to increase traffic and generate leads to your site. However, attracting the right audience is a necessity. Choosing the right keywords determines your niche and visibility to your target market. To pick the most effective keyword, you should;

  • Think like a customer; remember the time you needed a particular product or service, what did you type into google? Putting yourself in your customers’ shoes will help you understand how to choose the most effective keywords.
  • Choose long tail keywords to add more context. They are less competitive, easier to rank well, and they attract more relevant traffic.
  • Refine your keyword search by inciting an action. You can add action based phrases as part of your keywords.
  • Add your location. Mentioning your location helps you narrow your keyword search thereby making your SEO effective by focusing on your niche.
  1. Link Building

Link building is an essential technique in SEO. It basically means putting your links on every site that is willing to host them. You can encourage other sites that you find trustworthy enough to link to your content by providing them with images, infographics, and others. This technique helps to increase the visibility and traffic to your site. Getting your site mentioned on credible high traffic websites will help you to achieve a dramatic increase in traffic level to your website. It also has a great impact on your google ranking because it tells google that your site is credible and worthy of citation. Link building is an essential technique for SEO that can grant your site more search visibility, more traffic, a better competitive edge, and greater brand authority and recognition.

  1. Mobile Optimization

In the world today, people use mobiles largely to perform much of their online activities. It is important to ensure that your mobile website is fast and works on all mobile devices. With Google mobile first-index, it is important to ensure that your SEO process includes best practices toward accomplishing an operative mobile representation of your online presence. Mobile first-index regards the mobile version on your site for Google ranking.

Mobile optimization allows your site to be available and fully accessible to your customers on their mobiles. Studies have shown that the highest number of search is generated on mobiles. This technique is another way to increase and direct more traffic to your site. Your business website should cater to the needs of your audience for a good SEO conversion.

  • Optimize your website that your contents can be viewed on mobile.
  • Make sure any video you put up on your page is compatible with smart devices.
  • High-quality images are essential. Also, make sure to crop the images in order to maximize details to allow visibility on smaller screens.
  • Every button on your site should be easy for mobile customers.
  1. Unique and High Quality content

Creating a unique, high quality and engaging content may be a challenge for many website owners. However, this technique is essential for SEO success. The ultimate goal of a content is to promote your website or brand,  to gain customers loyalty or simply brand loyalty, and also for visitor engagement. A unique and high quality content produce both long term and short term result for your startup business. The quality of your content will determine if a visitor will stay or leave. A good content is capable of turning a visitor into a customer, it makes people keep coming back to see what’s going on your site. You can influence a customer’s decision with a good content. Generally, good content holds power and can determine the success of your website.

A quality and unique content is evergreen as they remain useful for your website for long and even into the future. In writing a quality content, you should;

  • Make your content about the uniqueness and values of your company, products, services, and website.
  • Gain credibility through original and valid researches.
  • Focus on your customers by providing them with the content they want and expect from you.

To enjoy the benefit if SEO to the fullest, the above techniques are are well laid out tips to follow. These techniques are here to stay.

For any type of business, having an online presence is one of the most important factors of modern times. That presence, however, extends way beyond having a flashy webpage. You need to put your company out there, attract visitors to the website, and generate interest. To do so, you need to understand how and why to use search engine optimization (SEO) practices.

With 89 percent of potential customers beginning the buying process with a search engine like Google, you need SEO to give you a boost. You also need to make sure you’re at the top of the search engine results page (SERP), because only 20 percent of those same customers will scroll down or move on to the next page.

If you own a business website than you need SEO, and should absolutely follow these guidelines for your website to get stellar results:

  1. Content, Content, Content

Even with an influx of technological innovations in the world wide web, people still want to read something engaging and fulfilling. If your audience doesn’t connect with your content, or if you have nothing noteworthy at all on your site, they’re not going to stick around long enough to convert. Your customers what useful information that solidifies your presence as a respected authority of whatever your niche or industry is.

So do some research and write thoughtful, insightful articles to keep people coming back.

  1. Faster Page Speed

You don’t want to slow people down. Page load speed is one of the most critical factors of user experience and SEO. A study was conducted by eConsultancy that found 40 percent of people will abandon a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Even Google tracks your site’s speed. Therefore, if your pages are slow, you’re not going to get anywhere close to the top of the SERPs.

  1. Keywords

Though keywords are definitely not the shining stars of SEO anymore and cramming keywords into content is a minus, you still need them. Keywords will help organically boost your rankings in search engines and help people locate your content. Remember, keywords should be used to help boost you up, not smother your customers with their presence.

  1. Fill Out Text Fields

Your website is more that the pages you construct, because if humans and computers have no idea what the site is comprised of, no one is going to visit. In other words, you can’t afford to forget meta descriptions and alt-text fields, especially if you are selling products online and are using pictures. When you include alt-text, for example, the pictures will show up in image searches, which means reaching more potential customers.

  1. Link Building

Linking to other reputable websites that have relevant content is a definite must. Link building will never go out of style, because linking helps with the flow of internet traffic. If you have connections to high authority sites, both for inbound and outbound traffic, it makes your website all the more respectable. Seek out sites in your niche for link exchanges, and don’t forget to anchor to sites that back up any research.

Final Thoughts

SEO doesn’t have to be confusing. Nor does it have to be something that holds you back from succeeding. By using keywords, content, and building links between other reputable sites, you can certainly rise in the rankings and gain more traffic. Remember, when it comes to SEO, it’s all about the user experience.

It is not uncommon anymore for people who have been in the business fields that SEO and business cannot be separated from each other. Search engine optimisation, known as SEO, is the technique used for increasing a website’s online visibility on search engines as well as increasing brand awareness. For that reason, many companies compete for reaching a wider audience to increase their brand awareness through hiring SEO companies that offer SEO services.

When doing an SEO process, there is one of the important elements that can help in many ways – the article making. Articles are made not only to educate people about what you write, but also establish your website and company profile. Through writing articles, you can also get more backlinks and increase your brand awareness, as well as improve traffic to your website. Therefore, many companies start hiring professional copywriters that can produce helpful, informative and interesting articles that can be beneficial for their company. Of course, it is not just about articles, but it is also about quality.

If you are a business owner and already hire an SEO company to do SEO for you, you surely know that you also need a copywriter to write articles for you too. However, before deciding to hire a copywriter, make sure you know how to identify the right one, so that your SEO will progress well. Don’t worry, as this article will help you with that. Keep reading to learn these steps!

Know the right copywriting, not just “any copywriting”

There are many writers out there, but only some who know what they are doing. This means, any writer can write articles, copy some stuff, and insert some keywords in it, and then, that’s it, just like that. Well, it is not that simple, but it is not that complicated too. Good copywriting is not always focused on keywords. The key point is what is written in that article. The good one should include information that educate and entertain people at the same time. Also, you don’t insert so many keywords in one article. A good copywriter should know how many keywords that should be included in one article. If the copywriter you are testing is stuffing so many keywords at once, then, absolutely not.

“Know what you need, not what you want,” said the right copywriter

While it is important to produce high quality articles with interesting stuff inside, you should know the difference between what you want and what you need. It is simple to include what you want in an article, but you might not know if it is actually necessary or not, but the right copywriter should know. They will only include necessary but important elements in their high quality articles to avoid over-optimising content that would not be good for your SEO process. Yes, only the qualified one knows the best.

Analyse the copywriting skills of your copywriter-to-be, one by one

They say “experience is your best teacher”, well, not always. It is more like, “anyone can be your teacher.” While it is true that you need an expert in this area, skill is the one that differentiates people and their quality. Some SEO copywriters might be newbies that only know the first things about SEO, while some are SEO experts that know how to put strategies and key phrases when writing articles. However, you can differentiate them based on their writing style, and how they improve their writing skills. A good copywriter knows how to entertain and educate people at the same time, and they don’t always have to be an expert in SEO. Is their writing skill unique? Are they able to attract people with their writings? Are they a fast learner?

If their writing skill is unique and they know how to attract people, as well as know how to improve their knowledge on SEO, then, all you need to do is give them time and they will do some magic for you. Practice makes perfect, because knowledge alone doesn’t determine good results. For that reason, you should give your candidates some tests and analyse their skill from that.

Get to know your soon-to-be copywriter first

It is not only about the writing skill, but you can also know if they are the right person through talking to them in person. From the meeting, you can get the “feels” and know if they are the right person or not. No, we’re not talking about soul mate-finding here; we’re talking about copywriter-finding. From your conversation, you can pay attention to details and find out if they are a creative person or more of a critical person.

Ask the candidates about their educational backgrounds and experiences

Before doing this step, make sure you know what you need in a copywriter. Do you want them to have literature as their educational background? Do you prefer them to be an expert in IT? Do you want them to be good at English? Or do you prefer someone who is bilingual? Depending on your preferences, you can choose the right one through analysing their educational backgrounds and experiences. Make sure you know what is needed for your brand before you decide to set your preferences in a copywriter.

That’s all you need to know in choosing the right copywriter. Remember, a good copywriter knows what you need, not what you want. Also, they will always keep improving their writing skills and expanding their knowledge in SEO related information – someone who is willing to know and learn new things. Don’t rush things, choose carefully and wisely. That way, you can find a highly qualified that knows SEO standards, as well as your preference while providing you with what you need.

If you are a small business owner who uses genuine SEO services, have you ever felt envious of big companies that might always seem to be “effortlessly” in a high ranking position in search engines? Well, don’t worry, even big shots make mistakes too, and these companies are the very famous companies you might be familiar with. Of course, we all know, in SEO world, Google is the king. No matter how big and famous your company is, you will likely be penalized by Google if you violate their rules and policies. So, what did they do that resulted in Google’s penalty? Keep reading and find the answer you can learn from!


Well, you thought that this huge Germany-based company that produces cool cars you’ve seen in the street was perfect in everything, but in 2006, BMW was caught red-handed of using doorway pages stuffed with keywords to direct users to their German website This is undeniably considered as black-hat SEO. As a result, their method has led them to the kiss of death for their SEO, as Google removed them completely from Google index. After they learned their lesson, they removed the doorway pages and their website was back to normal and can be accessed as usual.


Despite Google’s notification email, warning them about the possible artificial or unnatural links on their site, the famous Forbes magazine was still allegedly selling links illegally in 2011 (reportedly doing the same in 2007 before). Not only that, Forbes also responded in a confusing way, stating that there was no such a thing like illegal paid links on their website, until Matt Cutts of Google pointed it out himself. After that, those webpages containing paid links had miraculously gone.

In 2011, a major US retailer, was at fault for doing suspicious link business intended to manipulate Google PageRank. They gave a 10% discount offer to university/college students or faculty, and in exchange, the university .edu sites have to include their links, since Google has no trust issues with the links from .edu sites. However, Google was quick to act, and once they found out what was doing, they got penalized, resulting in a serious drop in their rankings.

JC Penney

Well, this one is big, actually. If being a big shot isn’t enough, they attempted to boost their ranking positions in the SERPs through farm-type backlinks to their website in 2010. No wonder almost any product you searched for in a search engine – you would most likely find JC Penney in the top ranking position there. Initially, Google had no idea about it until this story made it to the New York Times, did Google finally notice and as a result, JC Penney had to accept the consequence; a tremendously big drop in their ranking position. According to New York Times, at one moment, JC Penney was still in the No.1 result, and then 2 hours later, it was at No.71 result.

Now you know that big companies are not always perfect, but from their experience, we can learn that:

  • A better SEO is the one that may take efforts and time, but will produce more effective results.
  • If you hire someone to do SEO services for your company, you have to be certain that they know what they are doing.
  • Even though the company you hire for an SEO service is a pro, you have to make sure that they practise a clean white-hat SEO.
  • Make sure you know the first things about SEO, so you will know or notice the difference between white-hat SEO and black-hat SEO.
  • Link spams may boost your position in the search results in a remarkably fast way, but its glory will only last for a short period of time.
  • Once you get caught of practising black-hat SEO, Google’s penalty will result in more damages to your company, but does nothing to the SEO company you hire. Remember, they will not be at a disadvantage when this happens, rather, only you and your company will suffer the consequences.

Yes, big companies can make mistakes too. However, the true winners learn from their mistakes and create a better future from the lessons learned. If you want a better SEO result, make sure you know what you are doing and avoid things that can lead to black-hat SEO.

Comparatively, visualized content with decent video clips gear up the volume of regular online web traffic. People like to watch free online streaming portals, gloss 3D pictures and running slide shows on 6 inch android glass screens. So, online entrepreneurs and rookies have to use strategies to increase the flow of site visitors. Professional Leeds SEO service provider is right now indispensable of online business promotion. Stay live with the team of dependable Leeds SEO consultants to have innovative guide to launch websites on internet.

  • Understand Importance of SEO Consultants

Importance of experienced professional SEO consultants based in Leeds is understandable. A top SEO consultant designs a site optimization plan which must be a showpiece to a webmaster. Online SEO consultants evaluate sites and then give immediate solutions to customers. For example, instead of basic portfolio website, value of the responsive web portal accelerates nicely. Short Meta tags, online virtual video tutorials, demos, colorful logos and templates attract Generation Z teens.

  • Get Advanced Theories from SEO Consultants in Leeds

Now-a-days, your websites must have bold authoritative tone to lead others. Share your messages with people. They must be convinced and motivated.SEO consultants in Leeds try to optimize home pages by using research oriented tools, theories and lot of brilliant references/examples. Dependable competent SEO consultants in Leeds choose the best site development formula for rapid popularity in the digital market.

  • Improve Ranking

At present, reputed sites get quick likes from visitors due to goodwill and recognition. Paid ads clicks and affiliate programs don’t bring customers to doorsteps of webmasters in comparison with the free organic site views. It is because of the higher SERP rates on Google search engine. So, talk to genuine SEO consultants in Leeds how to improve the site viewing on internet.  What type of information does a customer need? Join a short ranged training session to remove doubt about the site development.

  • Upgrade Websites for Having More Customers

Beginners need perfect online guide to promote any e-commerce website. Other rivals also run their sites to have daily site hits. Needless to say, you must overtake them by adding more upgraded features to your website.  Is long keyword relevant to customers? Is it more productive to install the mobile apps tools to renew your e-commerce websites? A talented SEO expert in Leeds analyzes the sites and then prescribes theories /strategies for site decoration. Mobile responsive websites are open source. Online visitors open websites on their IOS devices. The downtime is not frequent to disturb them. Besides, the quality of sites is enhanced as well. Take proper roadmap and guideline from the efficient SEO professionals.

  • Have on-Screen Guide from Leeds SEO Consultants

On-site site screening is helpful to webmasters to reset their new websites. Leeds SEO consultants select the high density keywords which are also hyper linked to your websites. Build up sites easily to influence online site visitors to a great extent. Have quick pre-set samples, demos and free content for reviewing websites. This preview enables inexperienced site owners to detect weak points to repair. SEO consultants boost up beginners to tailor websites confidently. Site maintenance must not be stopped. An online site must be tuned up technically. SEO consultants check the sites before upgrade. SEO experts highlight the specific sections for faster rework.  Therefore, expenses on website must be reduced.  Within few days, the new e-commerce websites will have high SERP and site views. On Google site rankings will skyrocket.

  • Manage Technical Faults/Errors to Upgrade Sites Easily

Often in spite of spending money to innovate websites, the ultimate result is not fruitful. Competitors outperform your website. SEO experts must compare to spot minus points. Is your website lacking innovation?  In that case, you must include more emulators, free jail broken tools and smart android apps to tempt youngsters.  In addition, the content must be written beautifully. Concise blogs with small supportive paragraphs are interesting. The content reading systems must be dynamic. On spot tech consultation enables webmasters to re-engineer the remote sites successfully.

Maintaining website quality, ask for backup from SEO consultants in Leeds. They will do awesome sites restoration properly. They will make your mobile websites much organized with excellent CRM infrastructure. Create a powerful online administration to take care of websites. Tackle major problems to activate the websites. Wipe out hurdles and tech loopholes to handcraft the sites artistically. It must be more presentable, responsive and revenue based.

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The Smart Crawl works well as the great plugin for improving the SEO of the website. It helps in enhancing the SEO of the web page as it works impressively with the CMS platform. Under this, the professionals of the WordPress development company use the best-proven methods for the Search Engine Optimization. It helps the companies in achieving the web traffic and boosting the PageRank. It also supports one-click setup for the domain authority in the Google, social media sharing, content and keyword analyzer in real-time, helps in scanning and reporting.

Moreover, the Smart Crawl helps in following ways to improvise the SEO of the website in the WordPress development.

  • It helps in customizing the title and meta description for every post and the web page.
  • It submits the automatic sitemaps to Bing and Google or any other search engine that accepts the sitemaps.
  • There is an optimizing tool in the Smart Crawl that helps in displaying the contents to varied Search Engines.
  • It supports both on-site and the off-site automatic linking of the keywords.
  • It provides the ‘Moz Integration’ for the Moz-related SEO tools.
  • Automatic update sharing with Search Engines is initiated with Smart Crawl.

Significant Features of the Smart Crawl SEO tool

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Smart Crawl provides the users great settings and tools for working seamlessly on the CMS platform. It helps the companies in getting the bold, clear and the targeted website content at the top of the favorite browsers from Bing, Google, Safari to Firefox. Under WordPress development, there are some of the specialized features involved in the Smart Crawl.

  1. Getting Real-Time Advice for the Contents

The Smart Crawl comes power-packed with the content analyzer that is built on the web page and the post editor. It also provides instant suggestion and the feedback for making improvements in the content. This SEO plugin also helps the companies in easily finding and reading their site.

  1. Provides Multisite SEO Management

The Smart Crawl helps the website owners to control the Search Engine Optimization settings across their individual sites. It also performs the work as a ‘Super Admin’ throughout the website network. It extends support for making huge changes in the Multisite or helps in optimizing each website.

  1. Recognition of the Content on the Social Media

The businesses can take the services from the professionals of the WordPress development company to get their website content recognized on the Social Media Sites along with the Open Graph support. The Social Media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube loves the Open Graph technique for sharing the content, crediting and connecting with a large number of audiences. The website owners can retrieve great benefits from the ‘Open Graph Integration’ of the Smart Crawl.

  1. Extending the SEO Analysis free for the Owner’s Websites

gui 2311261 640

The Smart Crawl plugin tool will help in scanning your website and assists in finding out the ways for optimization of the content. It will also make your website discoverable by many Search Engines. Now, the website owners or developers can avoid any kind of human mistakes or errors with the use of Smart Crawl. Other areas in which it helps for better SEO include the creation of the links, descriptions, tags, sitemaps, images, page structure and the anchors.

  1. Involving the Proven Methods for Enhancing the Site Ranking

For making improvements in the site ranking on the CMS platform by the website owners the Smart Crawl extends support for many verified methods like:

  • This plugin helps in the page analyzer as it initiates a quick set-up with just one-click scanning, activation and analyzing.
  • Easy redirecting of the traffic from one URL to another URL through 301 redirects.
  • It helps in importing and exporting of contents or links with the settings from the Smart Crawl and helps quickly setting up.
  • This plugin also extends support for the Hub SEO under which the owners get an overview of their sites from only one place that is the ‘Hub’.
  • Other important ways in which the Smart Crawl helps is processing of the RSS Feeds, preventing the duplication of the links, carries out ‘case-sensitive’ matches provides the option of the ‘blog archive meta robots’ and much more.


SEO is not going to be hard again with the inclusion of the Smart Crawl plugin that provides customized pro guides for the developers of the WordPress development Company. Under WordPress development, Smart Crawl helps the professionals in covering up the most important settings and pointers for the SEO of the company’s websites.

Moreover, this automated plugin is going to provide business growth to the online website owners as they can reach the target audiences easily. For making easier moves and working seamlessly for the promotion of the website, the Smart Crawl plugin will help the developers and their clients too.

Author bio:

Harshal Shah has an countless experience as being a CEO of Elsner Technologies PVT. LTD: WordPress Development Company that offers various web development services to the clients across the globe. Mr. Harshal is an huge tech enthusiastic person who has written major & genuine articles as well as blogs on motley topics relevant to various CMS platforms. This can guide the readers to acknowledge new practises about web development and also they can learn new ideas to build & optimize a website online using multiple web development tools & techniques.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital if you want your website pages to rank high on search engines. And while on-page SEO focuses on the actual things on your site like Meta tags, keyword density, and image optimization among others, off-page SEO centers on building your brand presence through external sources. In this post, we’ll discuss the best 5 off-page SEO techniques in 2018, and how you can use them to improve your presence and revenue on the internet.

How do Off-Page SEO Techniques Work?

The heart of off-page SEO is the generation of backlinks through other sites and blogs that refer their users to an article on your website. In this case, other domains supply the links, and these links must be high-quality and distributed across different pages if Google will rank you high.

To achieve off-page SEO, you need to work on getting backlinks consistently, as it is unrealistic to see the results in a single day or in few days. Let’s get down to discussing five best off-page SEO techniques in 2018 that are reliable for great and lasting results.

1.     Guest Posting

When you write on guest posting sites, you get 100% guarantee that you’re building your off-page SEO the best way. This number one technique is famous in the SEO world as the most natural way to get backlinks to your web pages.

It involves getting in touch with websites who have “write for us” options, and when they confirm you, you write content for their website. It requires effort, but Google loves it and it pays off well.

2.     Infographics

In 2018, infographics is one of the leading techniques for ranking your site. You only have to find websites that have written content related to your infographics. When you sell these to them, they’ll in exchange give you a backlink.

Such website webmasters include Reddit and InfographicLove.

3.     Social Media Signals

If you follow the trends in internet and technology, you’ll know that social media is equivalent to SEO. The more social shares you have, the better your off-page SEO. Twitter, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn are major platforms that enjoy billions of search queries on a monthly basis.

You’ll connect with your target audience better through discussions, tweets, and likes if you find them at the right place – social media. This will, in turn, influence your off-page SEO.

4.     Quora Responses

Remember Neil Patel? Yes! He’s an SEO legend that answers questions on Quora, and in turn, increases his website visibility. Quora is the number one place to find answers to all types of questions; hence, where else would you rather be if not there?

You only have to create a profile, select the topics that relate to your website, and write answers. The best answers get noticed by Google and traffic gets started. The intention is to build your business; so, be willing to learn how to grow your business from other people who spend time there as well.

5.     YouTube Videos

Next to Google, YouTube is the secondtop search engine. By making YouTube videos, many people make a lot of money and attract and keep their audience.

Start by getting an idea of the trend in your field. Put your creativity together and come up with unique and quality videos that will earn you subscribers. While you utilize this off-page SEO technique in 2018, don’t forget to also give attention to other channels.

In all, there are other off-page SEO techniques that work but these best 5 off-page SEO techniques in 2018 have been improving(and continue to improve) the revenue and ranking of many websites on top search engines.

Did you launch a brand new website in the past few days? Is this your first time operating a website with the intent to draw in traffic? Of course, every website needs to pull in visitors in order to turn a profit or remain relevant. You want your website to pull in high traffic numbers, but getting to that point can prove challenging. Brand new websites rarely take off the day they’re launched and pull in a million unique visitors. Fortunately, a few tactics and strategies can boost your website’s traffic with relative ease.

Build A Website That Looks and Performs Well

First and foremost, your website needs to be attractive and professional looking. Nobody wants to visit an ugly or poorly optimized website with any frequency. First-time visitors should come to your website and feel like they want to return multiple times afterwards. A properly designed website should also perform well with no error pages and no dead links. For the best results, you should take the time to optimize your website in both user experience and user interface.

Make Sure The Site Is Populated With Quality Content

gui 2457113 1280

The actual content found within your website matters more than you might realize. Without a doubt, quality content is necessary to rank in search engines and keep visitors interested. They should come to your website and be able to find exactly what they want to know. This holds true whether your website sells a product or service, or provides information and guidance. Content is king on the Internet, and your website needs to be filled with useful, high-quality content whenever possible.

Advertise and Market Your Website (When It Makes Sense)

If your website sells products or services, then advertising might be a smart path to grow traffic. Marketing your website on various social platforms or through traditional ads can lead to excellent results. Nobody will visit your site for products or services if they don’t know it exists after all. Then again, advertising requires a lot of money, so you might not feel comfortable with this option. Creating and displaying ads on other sites can pay off, but you’ll need to be strategic about this particular solution.

Never Count Out Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is still as important today as it was 10 years ago. The strategies and concepts behind SEO have changed in that time, but its effectiveness has not. Undoubtedly, you’ll want to invest in the time and effort to optimize your website for search engines. When a search engine grades your website as quality and above the competition, then your site will rank higher in searches. Everyone knows the websites on the first page of Google results see more visitors than those on the second page.

For better SEO results, you’ll want to analyze what your competitors are doing related to SEO. Some of their strategies might work incredibly well for your niche or industry. A tool like the one found at can help you discover what the competition is doing. From there, such information can inspire your own SEO results, and more knowledge on the competitions’ strategies is never a bad thing to hold.

In the end, your website doesn’t have to spend months struggling to attract visitors. You can see a fairly quick boost in traffic by implementing these strategies and others. A high quality website that serves a given niche properly will see its traffic numbers creep upward over time. With the inclusion of SEO, you’ll see even better results over time as well. Never assume that your website won’t see traffic growth because solutions are available to boost your site into the stratosphere.

For entrepreneurs, it is sometimes difficult to detect a charlatan trying to extract money, especially when it tells you about a topic you do not know much about.

Take the SEO of your site also called SEO (search engine optimization). While it is accepted that a well-managed SEO campaign is a critical component to your online marketing strategy, many entrepreneurs do not know how to go about it and how to improve their rankings in search engine results. They may therefore have to turn to so-called experts…

The problem is that these people can use outdated techniques to try to improve your positioning or simply promise the moon, without being able to show results. We recommend checking Market Fuel Media – Jacksonville SEO expert.

  1. I can position you in 1st place of search results on Google

Why does this lie endure? Nobody can guarantee a ranking on the search engines. Except maybe Google, but you are not Google, and the person who will work on your SEO either.

Be very skeptical about those who promise you a very fast up positioning in search engine results. Also if the business has listings in credible places like Yelp , Manta , Foursquare etc….Example of Market Fuel Media Yelp.

  1. SEO techniques are always the same; I do not need to know your area of ​​activity

Ideally, the SEO professional you work with must have experience in your field. Not all sectors are equal in the world of SEO. Some, such as business services, are much more competitive to position themselves on the best keywords – others, such as manufacturing, are less competitive and therefore easier to work with.

  1. Duplicate content is no problem

Posting the same content multiple times on different sites does not please Google at all. If your expert tells you the opposite and encourages you to copy and paste, run away!

  1. The more links you have, the better

A few years ago, this was true and worked very well! SEO was based on the reputation of a site, which is determined by the number of inbound links.

These days are over. Although the acquisition of incoming links is still an important part of any SEO strategy, Google has changed the rules and added a decisive parameter: the quality of links. Large amounts of inbound links can now hurt your rankings if these are deemed weak and unnatural – and even lead you to blacklisting Google indexes..

Google has even put in place a tool so that the webmaster can dereference bad links that return to a site.

  1. The more keywords you have, the better

Although the density of keywords on a page was an important criterion for positioning a page in the past, this is no longer true. Google manages to detect “unnatural” repetitions of keywords (same word in all sentences). It is thus necessary to write naturally by using several times the key word and its lexical field on your page.

Do not forget also that beyond your positioning, it is the interest of your content for the user that matters to your customers … And Google knows it very well.

  1. I will submit your site to hundreds of search directories

Directory submission no longer has any impact on your ranking and can even be harmful on a large scale

  1. My techniques are too complicated to explain

You may not be a technical person, but you are perfectly capable of understanding how someone you pay can improve the ranking of your site. In all honesty, it’s not that complicated. Good SEO campaigns are the result of the successful merger of what are called the three pillars of SEO: Content, Links, and Social Media. Each pillar is not in itself complicated; the necessary mechanisms must be put in place and have some expertise to implement them according to best practices.

  1. You do not need to worry about updates to Google’s algorithm

Even if your strategy is based on a production of content in the rules of the art, it is important to keep an eye on the changes made by Google. These changes can impact some Google services that matter in SEO (Maps / Local, etc).

  1. All you need is SEO optimization

Your site’s rankings can improve with your active presence on social media, blogs, and even your offline marketing efforts. Do not put all your eggs in one basket, but make sure that each brick of your marketing strategy is at the service of your SEO.

  1. I will optimize your SEO for a fixed price

SEO is not a one shot strategy; it requires sustained attention. Your competitors are constantly improving their own SEO. If you stop doing it, you will end up behind. Some one-off projects can be good at the beginning, such as initial SEO audits. But these should be treated as the foundation and the starting point for SEO campaigns.

In the end, you need someone who is willing to work with your company for the future and make recommendations to improve and move forward.

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You must have heard the acronym SEO a number of times, you might have even seen it appear in articles. But have you ever given thought to what this acronym really entails? If you are curious to know what is SEO and how it works, this article is for you.

Simply put, SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is a marketing procedure employed to help enhance the quality and the amount of the traffic coming to your website, there improving your website ranking. It is the logic behind website ranking. While SEO may appear difficult to implement initially, it is quite easy and fun the moment you get a hand over it. In this article, we shall be discussing the advanced SEO strategies for 2018.

In the real sense, there are too much of points and facts to be considered when preparing a webpage or an entire website for Google ranking, but we will try to hit the nail right on the head here so that the salient points can be grasped quickly.

URLs That Are Both Accessible and Crawlable: If you want Googlebot’s spiders to be able to access your webpages then put whatever you have in them into its web index, then you must make your URLs accessible and crawlable by making the contents of your webpages – texts, videos, images and others understandable.

Keyword Research: In an effort to optimize your website, you have to be able to use words and phrases that searchers on the internet will possibly use to search for answers or solutions to their problems. Use a primary keyword and a set of secondary keywords that shares a searcher’s intent and you will find your webpage coming up on the list of Google search results!

Carry Out Research to Know What Google Thinks Is Appropriate to Searchers: Carry out a search query in Google (SERP) then examine results to find out what Google thinks is appropriate to the keywords searches. By doing this, you are trying to find out intent, the content type needed and the possible missing pieces that may be. If you do this properly, you just might be heading towards a better Google ranking.

Develop Contents That Will Serve the Need of a Searcher then Publish Persuasive Meta Descriptions and Tile Tags: If you do not want a searcher to become bored with the result you proffer compared to the results of others, you have to develop contents that will serve him accordingly. This is where the expertise of good content developers is required.

Setting your snippet (the way your proffered solution appears to a search on Google search results) enticingly is very essential, because it is a major factor that will tell whether a searcher will click on your result or not. If a searcher deciphers that your result might not be relevant, he probably will not click on it, which will in the long run affect your website ranking.

Optimize Your Web page for Speed: If your webpage has an appealing user interface (UI), holds the right content and it loads so quickly, there is every likelihood that a searcher who has visited once will probably visit again and again.


seo 2426046

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of making your website perform better in the search engine results page. If you have a website with no traffic, it’s likely that your competitors are taking advantage of your absence on the serps.

With mobile phones, people are always looking online for goods and services. Make sure your website is hosted on a content management system that supports mobile indexing. You could be missing out on hundreds of potential visitors and clients by not having a mobile friendly website.

There are many free platforms to claim your brand on, Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are a great start. You want to make sure you’re on every platform that you think your customers might hang out on. If you’re service is targeting businesses, you may want to claim a profile on LinkedIn as well. These links are a great starting foundation for your SEO campaign.

According to this local SEO infographic from NYC Serp, only 44% of businesses have claimed a GMB listing. Make sure to include a list of all of your locations and services you provide.

Competition in the SEO space can be tough, especially in a larger market such as New York. If you’re dealing in a highly competitive niche, you might want to target low volume keywords to start generating some relevant traffic.

Most people prefer to click on organic listing when compared to paid results. You can also invest in both of these services to make sure your brand appears for numerous relevant keywords.

One of the biggest ways to start getting new clients is through referrals. Customers love to talk about how services have benefitted their brand. If you go out of your way to treat a customer right, they’ll be talking about it to their friends for years to come. This is a great way to generate referral clients and reviews.


Five star reviews can also help your business rank in the Google local-pack. The more review signals you have, the more likely it is that you’ll start ranking higher than your competitors.

If you want to invest in SEO services, you need to make sure you’re in it for the long haul. There aren’t any quick fixes or short cuts that will rank your website in one month. In fact, you should avoid any SEO agency that claims that they can rank your business in a month.

A brand new domain can take several months before it starts to rank. However, if you’re consistently adding quality content ( ideal is over 1,000 words!) and building high quality links to your website, you should be able to get out of the Google sandbox within three to six months.

Google is always evolving its ranking factors. You used to be able to spam a website with a link blast and appear at the top of the serps in a week. Nowadays, that type of black hat SEO will get your website hit with a penalty. You need quality content and backlinks to gain some traction for your website.

If you’re an SME business that’s keen on building a strong online presence, SEO needs to be an important aspect of your internet marketing strategy. In fact, companies that want to stay relevant and reachable in today’s digital economy cannot do without a sound internet marketing plan, whatever their line of business.

Whether you’re a local ecommerce store, service website or blog, investing in SEO and other key marketing tools is indispensable for the success of your enterprise. Here are some of the key factors you need to bear in mind when drawing up your SEO budget and strategy.


Any small time SEO company can get you likes and follows, but if you believe in organic growth that will result in real conversions and increased revenues, you must be open to investing in consistent and rigorous SEO promotion.

For small and medium businesses, a one- or two-member in-house SEO team can never achieve what a seasoned internet marketing agency can. It has the expertise to understand how google and other search engines work, what strategies must be employed to bring your business up to top, and what are the possible pitfalls of SEO manipulations google doesn’t approve.

So think hard before spending the dollars—what will give your greater ROI on your SEO spend: an experienced team of seasoned internet marketers or a one-person army with limited experience?

Content is King

Remember that when it comes to internet marketing and SEO promotion, high-quality content is still king. By generating content that’s worthy of being placed in the top search results, your Internet Marketing Team will not only ensure greater traffic to your website, but also reader/customer loyalty that’s hard to come by in these times.

With increasing automation and more and more people getting access to the internet, digital marketers globally are looking at some riveting changes in the search engine optimization has worked so far. But every seasoned marketer knows that great content will never lose its relevance in the world of digital marketing.

User Experience

While at one point in history user experience was the responsibility of website designers, today SEO teams are increasingly becoming aware of the impact UX has on visitor retention and return. Whether it’s the speed of your blog or website or the user-friendliness of its design or the ease of navigation, a website that appeals to a large spectrum of prospective customers is essential for any small business trying to scale.

Voice and Visual Search

Voice and photo-based search has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, and more and more businesses are recognizing the value of using images to drive traffic to their websites and social media handles.

Running a successful and effective internet marketing campaign involves all of this and much more, and if your business needs the boost, don’t shy away from investing in the latest SEO strategies.

Lastly, if you’re looking for tangible results in a small span of time, avoid hiring a rookie for the job.

In B2B marketing, the overarching principle is to establish your business as an industry authority or expert because that’s what your clientele demands. With your products and services, your customers want to experience an obvious elevation of their overall performance. They want their requirements accurately met, and the quality of their output for their own clients perfected.

But how do you effectively work all that in a marketing campaign? How do you make sure that your business’s marketing strategy is presented in the standards that will ultimately depict you as a reliable expert? This can be a challenge, especially when your clientele are very knowledgeable and even considered industry specialists as well. How do you step up your B2B marketing game?

There’s an overwhelming number of variables to stay on top in the creation of an advantageous B2B marketing strategy, but the complexity of the task can be better managed through the thoughtful approach provided below.

Step 1 – Do the legwork.

Establish your target client profile (industry, size of enterprise, location, their established market, etc.). Get to know the businesses and the decision-makers you want to cater to, so that you may be able to provide more suitable solutions for them. Run surveys, do background checks, and conduct tests to distinguish optimally effective tactics from mere time-wasters.

Step 2 – Identify the strategies that have proven effective on your target market.

For example, “younger” enterprises generate most of the information they need from social media sites. Meanwhile, older and longer established companies still place tremendous value on traditional marketing such as print and radio ads. List all the strategies applicable to your intended market and determine how you can seamlessly combine them all for a powerful marketing campaign. A bonus: Doing this will also help you be more efficient with your marketing costs.

Step 3 – Create an info-packed and regularly updated website.

laptop 593673 1920

A high-performing website is a top marketing touchpoint by B2B consumers. You need to make sure that it focuses on delivering value to users. Articles should be able to answer questions or solve problems clearly. Your content should be straight to the point about what your business can do in terms of products and services.

It should be able to provide help during the most crucial moments. Therefore, having a responsive design is crucial since a continuously-increasing number of online users use compact, handheld, and mobile internet-connecting devices for faster access to websites.

Likewise, the website should be able to provide your business relevant data and analytics about every connection you make so you can improve your campaigns and accomplish your marketing goals.

It’s imperative to ascertain as well that your website contains your business’s value statement and it’s communicated properly through the right choice of words and images.

Step 4 – Take advantage of SEO.

It’s the best way to amp up your marketing game. SEO makes sure that your business’s official online presence is right where people can automatically see it, and see it in a positive light through valuable and high-quality content such as original product images, videos, infographics, and others.

Step 5 – Always include email marketing.

Lead generation is a must in all marketing campaigns, and email marketing accomplishes this task. Though often overshadowed by SEO and social media marketing, it remains to be a big contributor in harnessing web traffic, generating conversions, and identifying truly valuable connections for the business.

Here are the important rules to follow for B2B email marketing:

  • You can’t accomplish anything with a single email. Multiple emails spread over a longer period of time are more effective for lead nurturing. Make sure the content is well-thought out and event-driven.
  • Content sells better than a great offer; “more info” trumps “buy now” as CTA.
  • Send emails to the Decision-Making Unit and customize your message according to the role each member plays.

From my perspective as a business owner in the creative industry, I can affirm that the no-fail principle to B2B marketing success is consistency with efforts in understanding what your target audience wants. It’s through this that you’ll be able to improve and secure your advantage in a fiercely competitive business scene.

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SEO – also known as search engine optimization, is a form of marketing that has continued to grow in terms of market share and value in the recent years. SEO is all about optimizing a website to rank highly in the search results displayed by search engines like Google and Bing. The actual marketing services involved can take place both internally on the website, as well as externally via other websites linking back to the site in questions, also known as backlinks.

In this article, we will review some of the things that you should be aware of when you start optimizing your website.

Content Optimization

Content optimization, also called onpage SEO, is all the work you can perform on the site itself. It consists in text and keyword optimization of content, and focusing on readability and quality.

When you write your content, there are a number of things to be aware of. In the old days, it was about stuffing the texts with enough keywords on as many pages as possible that did the trick. However, Google and other engines has since then moved on to more sophisticated ranking schemes, and today it is important to focus on quality above all else.

Therefore, today, when you optimize your site, you should think about writing directly to the user. What do your users need to know to be able to take next steps in the process of buying, downloading, or anything else? Once you have written a good and useful text with the reader in focus, you can subsequently work on optimizing the text for engines. However, you should be careful here. You can take great advantage from what you call keyword density, which also means keyword density. That’s how many % a keyword constitutes of a page. Here it is a good idea and best practice to stay between 2 and 5%.

When we talk to content optimization, you should use your keyword in the H1 headline, page title, and possibly in some of your subtitles, if that makes sense.

User behavior

Reading users’ behavior on a website is something that Google is getting better and better at. What Google is looking at here is, among other things, the rate of rejection, the time spent on the page, the number of pages per visit, and the user engagement.

These are excellent numbers to assess whether a user has found the content of your website relevant to the given search. Therefore, this is something that you should work actively with when you want to search engine optimize your website as it is something Google weighs more and more. If you’re thinking of writing to your visitors instead of Google, you’ve already come a long way.

Link Building

Linkbuilding is one of the largest single items in SEO, and it is also typical here how many companies are having difficulty allocating enough resources for this crucial part. A link serves as a recommendation from another website, and the more links a website has, the better chances for a good search engine ranking placement it gets. Quantity alone is not enough however, and one strong link can be worth several thousand weak ones, so tread carefully. Obtaining links requires work and, not least, good relationships. Here are a few great suggestions for link sources:

  • Website owners
  • Online magazines
  • Friends and family
  • Bloggers
  • Press releases
  • Forums
  • Social Media

No matter how compelling your messages are, a poor email newsletter design can sabotage your strategy.

The fact that email has a median ROI of 122% (which is over four times higher than social media, direct mail, and paid search), you can’t just ignore design. Only bulk SMS has better open rates, but that is not the topic for today.

An excellent newsletter design leads the eyes of customers to your desired path. It must provide focus on the elements that you want to emphasize like your CTA button. This helps increase the chances of them performing your goal action.

From time to time, visit your email newsletter design to assess if there are things you need to adjust for better results. When you do, be sure to keep these tips in mind.

  • Use email newsletter templates with a focused layout

There’s a perfect email newsletter template for every type of email. Using one template for all your emails is not just lazy, but it will make your emails boring.

When choosing your email newsletter template in your marketing automation software, make sure that the layout gives focus on your content. For instance, a single column newsletter layout is advisable for emails that encourage one action only. For promotional emails containing multiple products, you might want to use a multi-column layout to present your offers in an organized manner.

  • Use contrasting colors for emphasis

Color increases brand recognition by 80% and can influence the customer behavior. So, use it strategically.

For instance, red increases heart rate so using it for your CTA button creates a sense of urgency. Blue suggests security and trust while green is friendly to the eyes as it is relaxing.

Contrasting colors are also effective in highlighting the important elements in your email newsletter like your CTA button. This way, customers can immediately notice what you want them to see.

  • Reduce elements with concise content

gui 2457113 1280

Less is more, and this applies to both your design and copy. Too much design elements mean more noise, which can confuse customers. Meanwhile, trying to communicate to many messages can lead to a text-heavy email. Using a single CTA in emails can increase clicks by 371% and sales 1617%.

The more you populate your email newsletter, the harder it is to guide your customers. You only need a few things in there: a concise copy, an attractive image, a catchy and clickable CTA button, social media buttons, and a pleasing color scheme.

  • Place a visible CTA button

Aside from color, the placement of your CTA button is crucial. Because people read content from left to right, it is highly recommended that a CTA button is placed on the right. This enables customers to consume your messages first before they see your CTA. Placing your CTA on the left would require customers to move their eyes back to the left to perform your desired action, which is an additional effort to them.

  • A/B test your newsletter design

The best way to determine which email newsletter design works and which to forget is through A/B Split Email or A/B Testing. Here, you create two identical emails with slight differences (usually one element like CTA button design, layout, or color scheme). Both email versions must be sent to a significant portion of your recipients to ensure conclusive results.

Your marketing automation software will then analyze the data to send the better performing email to the rest of the contacts on your list.

  • Optimize for mobile

About 68% of email opens were done on a mobile device. If you are not optimizing your email newsletter design for mobile, you are making a big mistake.

Write short subject lines with up to 25 to 30 characters, so that mobile recipients can read your complete message. Since the mobile screen is smaller compared to desktop, be sure that your content is concise. Always test your email on mobile before blasting it to customers so you could correct mistakes if you find any.

You don’t need to be a graphic artist to boost your click rates with the right email newsletter design. A lot of marketing automation software today offer newsletter templates that even email marketers with no background in design can use without hassles. Be sure to choose the one that can provide a list of options to help you experiment, explore and switch templates.


On thinking of online marketing and SEO, no doubt that keyword research is the most important and valuable activity in search marketing. Not just in SEO, but keywords are essential in every aspect of online marketing now as we can see how efficiently the hashtags on Instagram works and also how the e-commerce search system works.

Ranking at best for the right keywords can give you a real break in the online space irrespective of the size of your business. By researching on your niche market to identify the keyword demand, you can not only know which terms and long-tail phrases to target for SEO, but also can learn about the customer behavior as a whole.

Keyword research tools

The core objective of keyword research is not only to get more visitors to your website, but also to identify the right kind of visitors to get real conversions. This due diligence in keywords research can help you in predicting the shifts in market demands and respond to the changing market situations instantly to reap the first-to-market advantage.

In fact, keyword research can do manually, but considering the pace of market shifts and the need for quick changes regarding search marketing, manual research may not be competent enough to keep you up with the pace. Here comes the relevance of appropriate research tools like Jungle Scout VS keyword inspector, which will help the marketers to conduct volume research in minimal time and come up with the best keywords to promote.

Assessing the value of a keyword

gui 2774167 640

How much worth will a keyword be to your website regarding promotions? This is another confusing question to the marketers once if they come across a bunch of relevant keywords based on the research. If you own an e-commerce store, then the confusion is whether you make more sales out of those who search for “brown shoes” or “brown boots”?

Here also, a keyword research tool will help you to find this information based on the stats. Even though the tools cannot show you how valuable it is to receive traffic regarding each of your product listed but can surely give you a better understanding of how to strategize your keyword-centric promotional campaigns. In a broader sense, to understand the value of the keywords, we should first understand the website and test some hypotheses to come to a perfect conclusion.

Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are found very effective now regarding search marketing, but to get the right combinations and alternate key phrases are essential. A good keyword research tool will be your best companion regarding doing in-depth research on long-tail keywords too to ensure the best results.

To understand which all keywords to target, it is vital that you should not only know the demand of the give key terms or phrase but also to accomplish the work needed to achieve a high ranking based on the keywords. If there are already big brands which are always on the top 10 positions and you just start with it out in the web, the battle may take a long time for you to climb uphill and succeed.

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Did you notice your website’s traffic? Is it unexpectedly low? This often gives goosebumps to any webmaster. Does Google penalize you for something? If yes, then you need to take it very seriously. When Google has a problem with your website, they exclude you from their search results.

So, what’s next?

In order to tackle such problems, you need to understand all the rudimentary facts about Google penalties. This post addresses all these facts about Google penalties. So, let’s get started.

Understanding Google Penalties

When there is some problem with your website, Google always keeps a close eye on that. They set some ground rules which helps them to keep the website in order. When any website violates those rules, Google penalizes them either by warning message or excluding them in their search results.

This is done to make sure that the websites rectify the issue asap. Most of the Google guidelines are based on user interaction and user security. After rectifying the issue, the webmaster needs to inform Google to recrawl the website to make sure that the issue is resolved.

There are two types of Google penalties, Manual penalties & Algorithmic Penalties. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Algorithmic Google Penalties

analytics 2618277 640
analytics 2618277 640

When Google changes its guidelines, it penalizes website under algorithmic penalties. Google uses a defined “Algorithm” to cater the best search results from the ocean of websites for the users. For serving the user in better ways, Google constantly tweaks the algorithm. This results as beneficial for many websites but some websites face downside as well.

When Google updates its algorithm, many websites almost disappears from its search results. You can reckon these websites as algorithmically penalized websites. A receiver of Google Algorithmic penalty.

The main reason is only the violation of guidelines of Google webmaster. There is, however, one problem with these algorithmic penalties. Google does not inform you that you have received any penalty. You have to figure it out yourself. How can you speculate that? I will cover that later in this post. Let’s move to the next penalty.

Manual Google Penalties

As the name suggested, manual penalties of Google are actually manual actions of a homo sapiens from Google. These penalties are given when a human in Google investigate your website and find some flaws which can potentially harm the user. There are many reasons for which Google can penalize you manually.

The upside of manual penalty is that you will get notified that your website is penalized. All the website with Google Search Console account will receive the message. Not just a text about the penalty. They also guide you in rectifying the issue with your website. That is surely a bright side.

How Can You Find That Your Website Is Algorithmically Penalized?

As there is no notification for the algorithmic penalty for your website, the first sign of trouble will be a significant/noticeable drop in your website’s organic traffic. Remember, organic traffic is the one which comes directly from search engines.

One important thing to mention. There might be a possibility that even when you are algorithmically penalized by Google, you still rank high on other search engines.

So, the simplest way to figure out if you are penalized or not is to visit your Google Analytics account. Then you need to Login to your account. After that click on Acquisition on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Then click on All Traffic, then Source and then Medium.

When you click on Medium, you will see a graph. Then you need to click on Google/Organic.

Now, adjust the time span to refine the graph according to the timeline. If you have been penalized algorithmically, you’ll see a drastic change in your website’s organic traffic.

How Can You Find Out If Your Website Is Manually Penalized?

gui 2311260 640
gui 2311260 640

This is very simple in comparison to algorithmic penalty. All you need to do is log in to Google Search Console. It is the common channel through which Google communicates the website issues.

You need to click on the Search Traffic option on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Then select Manual Actions. If you have any manual penalties, you will see that info in this section. And if not, then you will see a magical typo saying, “No Manual Webspam Actions Found”. It is as simple as this.

Some Common Problems Every Website Faces

Whenever there is a change in Google’s algorithm, several websites all over the globe face one or many issues. In this section, we will discuss those issues and try to find a plausible solution. Let’s get started,

Do You Have Spam Links To Your Web page?

If you frequently do guest posting, then there is a chance that Google reckons it as a malpractice. Backlinking is a good SEO practice, however, you need to be sure that the backlinks you getting are from reputed and authentic websites. In these scenarios, the best practice is to either disavow those links or nofollow them.

Do You Link To Any Spam From Your Website?

If you are in a practice of selling links or affiliate links, you need to be reasonable with that. If those are excess in number, you must disavow them or nofollow them.

Do You Show Poor Content To Your Users?

A bad content is worthless. You need to make sure that your website content shares value with your user. In-detail contents are paramount nowadays. Share value and get value is the new formula for avoiding Google Penalties.

Over To You

So, this is all about Google Penalties. Whether it is manual or algorithmic, you must avoid them in order to get most from your website. So, tackle the issues and rank higher. Ciao for now!!!

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Getting the very best SEO support can make all the difference in these highly competitive modern markets. Following is Google’s own special guide to finding the most effective SEO Houston Texas can provide.

Step 1 – Conduct a two-way interview

Many people are of the mind that an interview works in one direction, as in one side does the asking and the other the selling and the information flows from this side to that. This conventional way of thinking needs to change when discussing the multifaceted topic of SEO. The complexity of the subject calls for a more involved method of communication. You SEO agency should show a huge interest in the details of your company and get a full perspective by asking such questions that will play a role in the SEO solutions they can provide.

  • What makes your company unique and what is the value you bring to your target audience?
  • Who are your target clients and where do you go to find them?
  • What is the primary function of your website and what will you be expecting your visitors to do? Will they be making appointments, filling out forms or selling a service or product?
  • What are your primary channels for doing business, online or offline? –Who are your major competitors and what do they offer in comparison to what you offer?

Step 2 – Check references

If you see that the SEO has taken the time to get a good idea of what your business is all about, you will then need to ascertain the level of success this particular SEO has seen in their professional experience. You should ask for a list of their top clients — preferably in an industry similar to yours in many ways– and then call these connections up to ask them about their level of satisfaction.

Here are some good questions to include in this communication:

  • Where were their rankings for major keywords before they signed on with this SEO?  And what were they within the months that follow and where are they now? (Remember that the best results will come in time)
  • Was the working experience enjoyable and easy to understand?
  • Was the quality of the work high and the timing prompt?
  • Was the information and advice the provided clear and actionable?
  • Was the overall experience educational for you and your team and do you have a better idea of what your SEO did and how it helped?

Step 3 – Ask for a technical and search audit

By our third step, most of those SEO that lack interest in their clients as well as any whose references didn’t express enthusiasm about top-notch SEO Houston Texas services. Now it is time to take the search for a reputable SEO a step further and ask for a full technical and SEO audit of your site and online business.

This is proverbially allowing a SEO to look at the shady underbelly of your business and a service that you will require an investment so make sure you are working with a trustworthy service. You can also choose to give them a restricted access to your Google Search Console and other critical data. Another option for larger businesses is to have a few different SEO’s perform an audit and compare their findings. But, a smaller company with fewer resources will be fine with a single opinion.

Search audit — The SEO will prepare a special document that outlines their finding after a full investigation of their rankings and site evaluation. The document will include a list of needed changes in order of importance that must be applied for your site to achieve better rankings.  Then you will receive a similar list with their recommendations starting with the most cost-effective adjustments.

The list of recommendations should also include a plan for implementing each one as well as the timeline and cost associated with each. You will see a list of predicted outcomes and a timetable where you can expect the results of the recommendations made.

Technical audit — this inspection will take a look at the “nuts and bolts” holding the site together. This includes an analysis of the server connectivity, URL parameters, crawlability and any internal linking conditions. Each of the aspects about the design and layout will be checked and recommendations made for improving the site structure.

Step 4 – May the Best Agency Win

After the last step has been completed you will have been provided the most aggressive SEO Houston Texas has to offer, that can deliver you impressive results. But, you still need to be sure you feel good with their work and confident that they can deliver what they have promised for the cost that you both feel good about.

Once you have agreed to a cost and signed on with your SEO, you will see the process in action making progress for your online business.

This is the recommended way that you choose a SEO, one that will make a difference for you and your online business. So good luck and may you achieve those rankings you need.

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If you want to build your brand and get more people to click through to your website, then it’s important that your website is optimised for search engines. You may have heard about SEO before – but the truth is that you don’t need to know the ins and outs of the technique to make positive changes to your website and get more people to click through and buy from you. Below, we’ve rounded up four quick-wins for any SEO beginners.

  1. Write content

One of the most important things that you can do as a small business owner is write quality content. The benefits of content marketing for small businesses are endless, and one of the biggest benefits is SEO. If you write good quality posts that answer questions and provide your customers with value, you’ll be rewarded by featuring on search engine results pages (SERPs), and you’ll be able to convert readers into customers by adding them to your newsletter and giving them discount coupons and regular product reminders.

  1. Install a plugin

The chances are that your website is powered by the self-hosted version of WordPress, and if it is, then you’re in luck. Plugins like Yoast SEO can help make your site more accessible to search engines like Google and Bing, and ensure that you rank higher for terms related to your industry and niche. With the Yoast plugin, you can choose a keyword that you’d like to rank for, and then optimise your content for it through writing content and improving your page’s meta description and title. It’s a sure-fire way to optimise your site – and it’s free!

  1. Get links

Links are one of the biggest SEO ranking signals, so the more you have, the more likely search engines are to see your website as an authority figure in your niche. See where you can get links for your business – it could be in directories, on your supplier’s and customer’s websites, or by guest blogging on other people’s sites. There are a whole host of ways that you can get links for your website, and every extra link will help your site in the long-term.

  1. Read content

The basics of SEO don’t take long to learn, and having that knowledge can really help you in the long-term. The more you know about how to rank for competitive terms, and the more onsite work you do to optimise your content and get people to click through to your site, the more likely you are to find success online. Nobody said that SEO was easy or that you’d be able to rank at number one overnight, but by making changes to your website on a regular basis, you’ll be able to increase your chances of ranking highly in the future.

If you’re still looking for help with your SEO campaign, check out the SEO for small businesses page on the Muffin Marketing website, where you’ll find valuable tips and affordable packages.

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In today’s world, internet consists of lots of links. Who gets a link to the website and how it is done are some of the essential factors driving the search engine ranking as well as the traffic of the site.

If you don’t know where to begin while it comes to link building with other websites, here are some of the strategies to get it started:

Write a blog

Writing content on a regular basis not only build the links internally, but it also provides you with the ability to create them naturally, because the material is the primary asset while attracting links. A blog is crucial for many strategies given here, like linking out. The blog is necessary for today’s online world to survive.

Internal Linking

You have a lot of posts as well as pages on your site, so why not make the most of it? Internal links are enormous enough for building links because you can control everything related to it, from the anchor text to location of the page. This is the point that most of the people overlook, please you don’t! Ensure to steer your material in the direction of various other pages or posts so that you may get a link to them.

Links pages/Resources

Most of the other webmasters have made links or pages, resources and this is the best opportunity to get links. If the links on the webpage are relevant, you have a chance. There are also specialists in this area, offering SEO optimization services for business owners too busy to learn the details of this aspect.

Unfortunately, it is not that easy as asking for the link. These two suggestions are the particular strategies to help you get the liking of the webmasters before you ask and substantially increase the chance of getting the link.

Ask other people who you know for the link

Whether they are your relatives, friends, colleagues, employees, clients, business partners or someone else, you may ask them for the link. People who have a website or a blog and also who you know, you may take advantage of this.

Make it simple to link to you

If you want others to get a link to you, make it easy for them and don’t complicate. Make the HTML snippets that people may plug right in their content to connect to you because some of the linkers who belong in your community might not be too tech savvy. Either you may create a page of ‘Link to us’ or also use the JavaScript language to generate HTML at the end of the post.

Search for the competitors

While it comes to finding the new opportunities for the link, researching competitors are the primary thing that you must do. Essentially, you are backing off the success of your competitors. While some of the links are unobtainable, others act like a diamond in the rough.

Link out

Linking out is big. Don’t act like a link hoarder; you are going to write the content, so better use it as the favor with other people. If you are not educated enough about seo then you can hire professionals like who provides top class SEO services.


When it comes to increasing a websites visibility, link building is a common SEO (search engine optimisation) technique. This is often referred to as an off-page technique, and is implemented by many site owners. This process refers to sharing a link to other relevant websites so search engine companies such as Google and Yahoo are more likely to rank that website higher in search engine results. Some find optimisation techniques to be hard to understand, so seek the help of professional SEO services.

This can be a wise move as an expert will understand why these types of strategies can sometimes fail. While nobody knows exactly what Google is looking for when it comes to search engine rankings, professionals have done their research and know as much as possible. SEO services will also include goal setting and will devise strategies which means there is a purpose behind the link building. Here are some of the common reasons why link building strategies fail as well as what can be done to rectify these methods.

The content is not focused on

development tablet web seo designer coding code program programming developer compute coder concept – stock image

Sometimes people tend to focus on sharing as much as possible to other websites. When this occurs, often the content itself is not focused on. The content is the most important thing and it the best SEO strategy that can be used. Good quality content that contains valuable information is imperative to think about before anything is shared around the web. Fresh blog posts, good quality pictures, and great information is all important and will increase the chances that a site is shared by visitors. Great content is also the best way to get Google to notice a page. Once this is focused on, only then can pages be shared elsewhere on the web.

Links are shared to non-relevant places

Another common mistake that people make is that they share their site to non-relevant pages. For example, a dental blog would not want to share their site on a plumbing blog. Instead of focusing on sharing here, there and everything, it is imperative to find places to share that are of good quality and in a relevant field. Implementing professional SEO services is a great way to let the professionals find the best places to share a website, so all of the hard work put in is more likely to pay off.

Tracking is not completed

A great benefit to implanting professional services is they can accurately track which links are working and which are not. There are also programs that will allow users to see where their website traffic is coming from. Without tracking what is shared, it is impossible to decipher what is bringing more visibility and what is not. Having this knowledge will allow site owners to change their sharing strategies if need be, and to continue the ones that are working.

The wrong audience is targeted

Finally, a reason why a strategy can fail is because the wrong target audience is focused on. This is why it is imperative to do research. It is great to know the gender of your target audience, where they live, where they shop, what their likes are, and their age. All of this information is vital to know before any sharing occurs. This will ensure that time, money and effort is put into the correct places to reach ideal clients and customers. Working side by side when an SEO company like SEO Shark – SEO expert is a great way to gain this knowledge and to implement techniques that will work long term. When it is known what the correct target audience is, similar sites can be shared to in order to best reach the desired audience.

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After ringing in the new year, it is the perfect time for digital marketers to sit down and evaluate new opportunities for the future. This process not only involves looking ahead but also looking to the past. Evaluating marketing techniques that you have been using thus far will help you determine what is and isn’t working. Using this information, you can then come up with a plan for how to continue getting great results in the future.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to marketing is playing it safe. Continuing to do exactly what you have been doing without making any changes is a surefire way for your marketing campaigns to become stagnant. As tempting as it might be, you can’t count on your current strategy working forever. Digital marketing is always changing. If you don’t keep up with these changes, you will quickly fall behind. The following section evaluates some of the most effective digital marketing strategies that you can use to promote your business in 2018 and beyond.

Video Marketing And Live Streaming

Online video consumption as at an all-time high. In fact, every single day, users log on to Facebook and watch 8 billion videos. On Snapchat that number is closer to 10 billion videos. Those numbers are staggering and are a clear indication of why video marketing is so important for any business.

Evaluate your current online presence, thinking about how effectively you are using video in your marketing efforts. Sit down and brainstorm some ideas for videos that you can create that will actively engage your audience, keeping them entertained and helping to build long-term connections with your followers. You may need to test and tweak your approach after seeing how your followers respond to your videos. The important thing is to start using this powerful marketing medium to your advantage. You can always fine-tune your strategy as you get feedback along the way.

Content Marketing

Ask any NYC SEO expert and they will tell you that creating fresh, relevant content on a regular basis is absolutely essential if you want to succeed in today’s online world. A good way to make sure that you stay on task is by developing a content calendar. This calendar can be used to plan out the various types of content that you plan to share through all of your online channels.

For each piece of content that you develop, you need to determine which delivery method will help it have the greatest impact. Every piece of content needs to be targeted to the audience that will receive it. When putting together your content calendar, make note of not only the types of content you are going to develop but also how you plan to deliver them to your customers.

You need to take different approaches for each of your online marketing channels. Really think about the people who utilize each of the platforms that you use. For instance, the people who follow you on Facebook may be far different than the ones who follow you on Snapchat. Likewise, people who visit your website are most likely looking for different types of content than those who find you through your YouTube channel. Your goal should be to create a consistent brand that provides targeted content through each of your online marketing channels.

Consider Tapping Into AI and VR

Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are major buzzwords in today’s world. With some creativity, you may be able to incorporate these cutting-edge tools into your marketing plan. Think about how you can leverage these new technologies for your business.

Influencer Marketing

Major influencers on social media have tremendous sway when it comes to convincing people to buy certain products or use certain services. If you can get these influencers to endorse your products or services, you can dramatically increase your sales while at the same time building name recognition for your brand.

An important part of your marketing strategy should be identifying these influencers. You should then keep track of the types of content that they post and the types of people that they are able to reach. When you identify potential partners, contact them to see if they are willing to work with you.


We all know the importance of backlinks. If we want to rank our site higher then we must create high quality backlinks. But what are high quality backlinks and how can we create them?

To answer this question let me go into the detail of it.

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is a hyperlink to your site on some other Websites or blogs. It is basically an inbound link which other site owners put on their own sites as outbound link.

What is a Quality Backlink?

The backlink will be called quality if it is…

  • Niche Related
  • On High PR Sites
  • On Sites having spam score under 2
  • On sites which are authoritative than yours
  • Which provide traffic

How to create Backlinks?

Following are some of the best ways to create backlinks easily.

1. Guest Posting

It is one of the oldest strategy to create backlinks but still work well when it comes to get higher rankings.

Just type the following key phrases in Google and find your niche related sites which accept guest posts.

After finding the sites, read their quality guidelines properly before pitching or writing the articles so your articles could get easily approved.

One more thing I want to mention, due to its high demand some of the web owners also demand a little fee to publish your article. In my opinion, you should pay this fee as this backlink will help you a lot in your SEO.

2. Article Submission

Do not confuse it with guest posting as it is totally different thing. Article submission is not as powerful source of backlinks as guest posting but still works and most of the people use it to rank low competitive keywords. But be careful in it and make accounts with different email and username on each article submission site.

3. Forum Posting

This is also a good source of getting backlinks. Although most of the forums provide nofollow links but it still helps in rankings. As these links also provide you the traffic and Google love those links which provide traffic. But please do not spam this strategy as this could harm you then.

4. Social Signals

They are also very important when it comes to rankings. Although they provide weak signals to Google, but Google still consider them to give rankings. Try to make your articles or sites popular on social media.

Final Words

Along with creating the backlinks you also have to focus on indexing them. Only indexed backlinks count and others not. So, do not put all your efforts just in creating backlinks but also focus on indexing them.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the article.

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Mobile phones are becoming an increasingly large part of day to day life. They hold together virtually everything we know and own and provide us with everything we don’t know. The continuous expansion on the digital world has seen phones become more and more impressive with their functions to the extent that, although small, there is almost no need for a computer.

Because of the heavy reliance that people now have on their phones, it is necessary to hire SEO services in Australia to aid in ensuring that a given business has a mobile friendly website.

While it has previously been so important to have a user-friendly webpage, a website that is easy to use on all devices is now even more important. As people are using their phones more, they want to be able to do everything they could on their computer, on their phone.

With the help of an SEO expert, here are a few reasons why manufacturing a mobile friendly webpage is becoming even more important;

Users are Different

People using their phone have different objectives and behaviours to those who are using their desktop. Phone users typically want their information quickly, on an easily accessible platform. People using their phones are more likely to engage in impulse purchases and this is why it is important to provide them with easily digestible information on a fast site.

This underlies the reason as to why the mobile site must, a) be different to the desktop site and, b) be aligned to the needs and wants of users. Providing a user friendly site will aid in the major statistics of mobile use and improve return on investment (ROI). SEO services in Australia are able to help businesses design their sites specifically to help overcome this issue.

It Gets More Traffic

As has been stated, mobile devices play a large role in day to day life and as a result, a lot of website traffic comes from this device. Because people often use their phones simultaneously with other devices, there is an even greater need for the first impression to be a good one.

Many of the major tech companies are saying that the future of search is mobile and that desktop is going out of fashion. This links back to the increasing functionality of phones combined with people’s busy lives. As people are now more regularly doing things while on the go and out of the office or house, the importance of a mobile friendly webpage is only increasing.

With more traffic comes the potential for more conversions, but it also opens the door for a higher bounce rate. A user friendly site will help to push these additional users towards a conversion as opposed to contributing to bounce rate.

Increased Conversions

If the desktop website is the same for all other devices, the likelihood of conversions is significantly decreased and the need for an SEO expert is highlighted. It is shown that desktop websites do not lead to conversions on phones. The conversion rate is measured as ‘the number of people who visit the site’ divided by ‘the number of people who achieve a designated site goal’.

The biggest problem with desktop webpages on a phone is the navigational power that the user is devoid of. Text is harder to see and they are unable to gain a full picture of the site at once. Many of the call-to-actions are no longer visible or are difficult to find, as are the contact links.

Additionally, because of the nature of usage, as touched on above, they want a fast and easily accessible website that can complete the task quickly. A desktop webpage doesn’t allow for this and will see a reduction in conversions as search shifts towards phones.

As conversions are the most highly valued statistic in SEO, hiring an SEO expert like SEO Shark to manage the various device-specific sites and configure them accordingly is a great step in overcoming these issues.

Reduced Bounce Rate

Following on from the above, if content is unreadable and unable to be easily engaged with, consumers are likely to leave the site. The bounce rate is calculated by dividing ‘the number of visitors who view a single page’ by ‘the total number of sessions of all users’.

Regardless of how the site looks on the desktop, if it isn’t mobile friendly it won’t matter. Visitors won’t want to stay on the site as they won’t be able to properly engage with the site as it is designed. Often, desktop sites lose a lot of the features when used on other devices due to the alternative formatting required.

SEO services in Australia provide specialised services to reduce bounce rate and increase other areas of performance in search engine optimisation. Reducing bounce rate is a big step in improving the performance of a webpage.

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A reliable and trustworthy SEO company can help your business grow by establishing your digital brand and ensuring that you have the best possible Internet presence.

A lot of companies fail to take advantage of the power of the Internet because their SEO consultants do not have the necessary experience or knowledge to identify new markets and explore new opportunities.

There can be a battle between organic SEO and SMM, don’t worry about this because Michigan SEO Company is there to take you through steps that can help you manage this battle of traffic for your web page. A step-by-step guide on how to increase your traffic in 60 days or less.

SEO and SMM are like tea and sugar you can get one without the other, but, believe me, it isn’t worth it in that SEO cannot be effective without well-executed content duration and that is where social media kicks in, it helps you unlock untapped potential.

Social media signals don’t influence site rankings and on the other hand, SEO is not effective without harnessing social media channels.

These two may be battling but the real thing is that they very closely. When you share content on SMM channels you’re not only getting engagement, but also bringing visitors to your site. This, in turn, helps you boost your site’s visibility. SMM corresponds to SEO and indirectly influences website performance in Google. Through this, it is very clear that SMM impacts SEO hence, organic channels bring more traffic to SMM-focused blogs than to SEO-focused ones.

Social media-focused blogs perform much better when it comes to SMM traffic compared to SEO blogs. It sounds reasonable that SMM blogs attract and build relevant communities on social media and then convert them into loyal readers than SEO blogs. This because users interact with content shared on social media channels.

In order for you to earn a sufficient number of visitors from social media sources, you need to keep a close eye on what kind or type of posts not only engage users but also get clicks. And if your goal is to drive traffic, then you need to focus on writing engaging tweets that will make your followers want to click on them. Don’t forget to include a link in your post.

Ideally, if users are actively sharing your content on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms, then it should bring users to your site.

Despite the fact that SMM communities usually have more subscribers than SEO communities, it’s even harder for SMM communities to get clicks. This is because one click occurs for every 80 interactions on social media. Hence, the problem lies not in the small number of subscribers, but in the small number of active, relevant followers. Relevant users are those who are interested in your content and will click on your links and share them. So you need to your audience by following them back as a strategy to get more traffic.

If encounter or find out that content works so well for SMM blogs, then it should generate a good number of links.

Social media actually helps you to get your content was seen, which in turn can substantially increase your number of brand mentions on the Web. The better you promote your content across SMM channels, the more referring domains you will receive.

It’s quite logical to assume that blogs focused on search marketing should be getting significantly more organic traffic compared to blogs that write about SMM. Accordingly, SMM blogs should be receiving the majority of their visitors from social media channels, since social media marketing is their area of expertise.

The high levels of engagement SMM blogs receive from social media allow them to get more backlinks and referral traffic, which, in turn, helps them rank higher organically.

Enough with the battle of traffic, here are the steps Trustworthy SEO Company is telling to follow in this case.

You may choose SEO firm to help you and lead you through the way of getting traffic but they have failed.

Choosing a reliable SEO firm is not only important for progress but it is also necessary in order to avoid losing your traffic potential due to bad SEO practices.

Decide why you need to hire an SEO Company. Before the actual selection of which SEO firm you will trust, it is important to decide and have clear in your mind, the reasons you need to hire an SEO firm in the first place.

In this case and from my own perspective I would encourage you to hire an SEO or digital marketing firm when you have a website but you are not getting any traffic or when you’re getting traffic but not customers.

Think of where to find a good SEO firm. Ask your friends if they know trusted companies or you can actually click on the advertisements.

Getaways on how to assess the reliability of an SEO company

Regardless of how you will find the company to hire, it is always advisable to do a bit of assessment before making your final decision.

Don’t trust anyone that is promising first page rankings (either in Google or other search engines).

If you see something like ‘We can get you to the top of Google Search’, in simple words it means that they don’t know what they are doing.

Ensure you have even a slight knowledge of a subject it makes it easier to do negotiations or even challenge a method proposed by your SEO.

The competition is huge and search engines need time to process the data they capture from websites.

It is, therefore, more appropriate to hire an SEO for a number of months rather than a couple of months without any return.

The duration of their work is something that you need to discuss with them and agree before signing any contract.

Note that a true SEO consultant has nothing to do with link building, his or her main job and focus is to ensure that a website is secure, fast, user-friendly and with good ranking positions on all major search engines achieved by creating quality content and having the page optimized for onsite best practices.

It’s all in the results

One of the most interesting things about the internet is that everything is measurable.

There are metrics and reports that can help you measure and monitor the activity of your website in terms of incoming visits; time users spend on site, pages they visit and much more.

Ensure that you have the best possible Internet presence and that you are taking advantage of all digital channels no matter how small or big your business is.

If this is something you cannot do yourself because you don’t have the time or knowledge then it is more preferable to hire a professional, reliable and trustworthy SEO firm to do it for you.


Social SEO would be combining the power and magic of social media along with the SEO strategy for getting the best possible outcomes. Today, your shares and reputation on social media could be dictating your online business. That actually implies that you could utilize social media for boosting your overall SERP ranking that would be instrumental in driving more traffic to your website. Here are some strategic steps toward your social SEO reputation and success.

Right Keywords Must Be Targeted

You must target the right keywords. Targeting the correct and relevant keywords is vital both on social media and your website. You have restricted scope of explaining who you actually are and what you are doing, so you need to ensure that you are making the most of the limited scope at hand. You must necessarily hit the right spot.While linking to your website, it is best to avoid using things such as learn more etc. You must try to be more descriptive and you must necessarily utilize keywords for letting potential customers know details about the product in simple short sentences. It is a good idea to use keyword tools to be able to trace the right keywords.

Motivate Users to Share All Your Content

Remember that the reward of top quality content is that it would be shared on social media. This would certainly boost the exact number of your followers on social media because friends of your followers would also be able to have access to your post if it is shared. The greater number of followers would indicate that you are powerful and Google would regard your social pages as authoritative.

Therefore, it would be attaching more importance on the links shared by you. This could be an excellent tool for promoting content and in turn pushing your website much higher up in search. All this, however, would be dependent on high-quality solid content that you would be required to generate consistently for keeping the interest high. You may seek professional assistance by getting in touch with a professional for a perfect SEO solution if you are not interested in spending time to learn about the subject yourself, and then spend more time implementing the various methods and strategies involved.

Promote Your Products & Services

You must necessarily promote your products and services. It has definite SEO advantages of effectively linking to all your products and services on the social platforms. You could utilize analytics tools for finding out how visitors behave on your site. If the visitors are coming to your site and going away in split second without even visiting all the other pages, you must start worrying about why it is happening that way.It is an indication that there is a scope for optimization. You must make your website more responsive, cut down the loading time, and enhance internal linking to help visitors find relevant products.

Welcome Reviews

Remember positive reviews would be improving Google’s opinion about your website. Social media is the best platform for interacting with your customers. You could be prompting them to come up with feedback whenever something right has been done by you. Of course, you must not nag your customers. However, do not forget that even a few good and positive Google reviews would be boosting your online reputation and enhancing your SEO performance.


No business could afford to ignore social SEO today. But you must also realize that social SEO is only a part of your overall search engine optimization strategy. You have to pay a lot of importance to content marketing and technical SEO for attaining success.

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As an owner or manager of an ecommerce site interested in enhancing your search engine optimization (SEO), you might be surprised to find out that Instagram can significantly boost traffic to your site and increase sales. The photo and video sharing platform offers you an opportunity to reach a much larger audience.

Simply put, Instagram is a potent marketing tool that ought to be part of your arsenal for boosting SEO. Before we delve into some Instagram tips, it is important to note that there are some common questions a number of online business owners still have regarding the relationship between Instagram and business.

Commonly asked questions

Isn’t Instagram only used by younger people that may not be part of my target market? Instagram is among the fastest growingsocial media platforms and gaining a presence on the site offers real returns for a vast majority of businesses.

Is Instagram relevant to my business? The social media app is for sharing photos and videos. If your business can benefit from representing your products or services in a visually appealing way online, then you certainly stand to gain from using Instagram as a marketing platform.

I’m not really gifted in photography or film-making. How can I produce good content for Instagram? If you own a standard smartphone, it has a camera that can take great photos. Like many others, you can learn how to take good photos, edit them and post them on your feed in a way that is appealing to your target audience.

Enhancing your SEO with Instagram

The number of photos you can post on Instagram is limitless. So whenever an opportunity presents itself to take a great photo, grab it. Keep in mind that the philosophy that drives the Instagram community is sharing beautiful imagery. Frequently sharing content is among the most effective ways of getting attention and if you consider the possibility that you can buy Instagram followers and likes, then it becomes relatively simple to rank a site.

As is the case in all other social media sites, the more content you share, the more visible you are. Remember that your post will be at the top of the feed only for a limited time. It is therefore important to share often to ensure that your current and potential customers have more opportunities to engage with your content.

Additionally, don’t lose sight of your goal, which is driving traffic to your site. So be sure to link back to your site. Instagram doesn’t allow links in the captions. A good strategy is updating the link in your bio to match the call-to-action in the caption.

Research your hashtags

As with other powerful forms of marketing, research is essential to success. In simple terms, you want to use keywords that your target audience is actually interested in. Some of these hashtags may be static and some change from time to time.

Note that Instagram allows you to use as many as 30 hashtags on a single post. The more keywords you use and the more relevant they are to your target audience, the more likely you are to reach them and generate traffic to your site. It is a good idea to load the keywords in the comment section in order to keep your caption clean.