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Following fashionable people is definitely not a new trend as people have been doing it for ages, it is only the medium that has now changed, or rather, evolved. While earlier, people would follow influential celebrities or fashion icons through different fashion magazines, today they do this through their social media accounts.

For today’s generation, fashion bloggers are a more relatable version of a fashion magazine, since they give a more personal insight into their lives. You can easily think of arguments against following fashion trends as such, but it seems that with bloggers it’s a different story. Here are some reasons why fashion bloggers are so important for today’s youth and how they influence them:

They’re Relatable

One of the most important reasons why people like following fashion bloggers is that many followers are able to somewhat identify with their everyday lifestyle choices, hobbies or other activities. Several people follow fashion bloggers who they can relate with in terms of their age, ethnicity or even size as they believe that by following them, they can learn to improve their own style too. For instance, there are a plus size fashion blogger, Tanesha Awasthi of girlwithcurvers is followed by more than 281 thousand people on Instagram. She’s a source of inspiration and confidence for curvy girls around the world.

They’re Trustworthy

For many fans, the bloggers they follow are the most authentic source of information that they trust. These bloggers provide their followers with reviews on different products or fashion trends and even tips or ideas on how to wear different outfits and their followers find these advices extremely helpful. In fact, a great percentage of people solely visit fashion bloggers websites to look for tips, hints or how-to-guides.

Dalal Al-Doub is one such example, a Kuwait based, hijabi fashion blogger who shares some incredible reviews on different beauty products along with make-up tutorials. Her followers completely trust her taste, which is why she has a following of 2.2 million people and counting!

They’re Not Just About Fashion

Fashion bloggers are not just about fashion but they have an influence on each and every aspect of their follower’s lives. They share pictures and descriptions of their house and their followers instantly want to redecorate their places, they share pictures of the food they’re eating and the followers start looking that place or those food items up for themselves, they share their travel stories and their followers start making plans of visiting that place, even if they share a picture of their shopping trip, their followers immediately start asking for details about where they went to shop and what they bought.

Leena Asad of withloveleena is just a 23 year old hijabi, followed by more than 490 thousand people, mainly because of her beautiful hijab outfits. However, this is not the only part of their lives that she impacts. She also provides inspiration to people on healthy eating and focusing on their studies and careers. She’s also a home influencer as every time she shares a glimpse of her apartment, wardrobe or even the bathroom, people can’t help but love it. She recently shared pictures of her new dining table and people immediately came up with words of admiration and tips of their own. So undoubtedly, fashion bloggers are influencing every aspect of their followers’ lives.

According to an independent survey in the UK, Millennials trust bloggers the most, after their family and friends, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that fashion bloggers have millions of followers that grow everyday. And this is not just a UK phenomenon, in Denmark, as one danish webstore experiences a great surge in people coming via blogs: “Blogging accounts for a large portion of our revenue now, and for good reason. People establish a bond with these bloggers who they have something in common with, so they are more believable.”

We truly hope that the strong influence that fashion bloggers have over the young generation continues to be a positive one and that it can be used for an even more positive impact on the world making it a better, and certainly more beautiful place 🙂

Sarah Ghanem

Sarah is a hijabista and a fashion consultant at Modanisa who is passionate about the modest fashion scene. Apart from keeping up with the latest hijab trends, she is also very keen on blogging as it lets her share her thoughts with readers from all over the world.

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