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Just look around your locality. You see a new trend everywhere- Everyone is using different mobile devices to look for information, products/services, etc, on the global Internet. Due to the rapidly increasing use of various mobile devices for Internet browsing, most of the website owners are adopting RWD to catch the business coming from small screens, boost sales/conversion, enhance user experience, save lots of money which is spent on maintaining a separate mobile site, and, give a great boost to your SEO efforts.

Naturally, some useful responsive web design frameworks have appeared in the tech market which supports web developers a lot when they work on RWD projects. If you are a web developer/designer and are looking for popular frameworks for the creation of responsive website designs, have a look at top 5 options highlighted here below:

1. W3.CSS

W3.CSS is a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), provided by for all those professionals who are interested to learn the basics of W3.CSS. Once they gain expertise in this technique, they can easily create faster, beautiful, and responsive websites on all platforms. Before learning this technique, you are supposed to have at least the basic understanding of any text editor, Document Object Model (DOM), JavaScript, CSS, HTML. Apart from this, you must know web-based applications work. All these will help you to use this platform easily and create responsive websites quickly without seeking the help of other website developers.

2. HTML5 Boilerplate

HTML5 Boilerplate is a helping hand for all those programmers who are trying to learn the basics of HTML5 and gain command over it. It is assumed as a starting point for new coders. It works like a codebase using which you can create stunning and relevant things and add them to websites. The good thing about this framework is that it includes in-depth docs, allowing website creators to easily understand how things work and why specific choices are needed to be made. The document describes every single line of normalize.css that the H5BP includes.

3. Skeleton

As a matter of fact, Skeleton is a lightweight collection of CSS & JS files which provides a 960px grid layout. It easily scales down to smaller screens on different mobile devices, tablets in both landscape and portrait form. It is one of the most appreciated and popular responsive boilerplates and is used by a good number of coders and website creators. Compared with other CSS frameworks, it doesn’t offer any CSS classes. It gives a simple and intuitive solution, enabling you to create responsive websites easily and effortlessly without any flaw.

4. MontageJS

MontageJS is a useful open source HTML5 framework. It is available to all under BSD license and you can download it totally free of cost from GitHub. It makes use of the latest web technologies, accumulates with web standards, and ensures the smooth performance and easy maintenance of websites.

It works on a component basis architecture and montage applications that are supposed to be an amalgamation of specific components. With its help, you can easily divide complex web development projects into smaller components and can use them later to complete the assignment quickly. Montage Studio supports MontageJS, allowing drag and drop authoring/creation of responsive web applications using MontageJS. Always keep in mind that Montage studio is a dedicated editor for MontageJS in beta.

5. CreateJS

CreateJS is a highly useful framework for creating responsive websites/blogs. It is fully loaded with a collection of modular libraries and tools that you can use to make HTML5 based content easily and quickly. A few popular libraries of this package are highlighted here below:


Popular Libraries

Main functions

PRELOADJSHelps you to control how you load various assents
SOUNDJSLet the web hear you want
TWEEENJSTween and Animate the web with HTML5 and JavaScript
EASELJSEasy management of HTML5 canvas element


You must note that almost all responsive web design frameworks are packed with a few specialties. CreateJS seems to make a solid presence in the world of HTML5 based ads. If CreateJS and Adobe animate are combined, they make a marvelous combo and are used extensively by web designers for the creation of appealing and professional advertisements. CreateJS has a strong backing from, Adobe, Mozilla, and Microsoft.

Final Words:

Responsive website design has now become an essential necessity for all those individuals who are in the web-based business and expect to excel in it. A responsive website keeps you up in SEO ranking of websites, grab more business opportunities coming from small screens, and, earn sufficient revenues every month. If you are a web designer and create responsive websites, these 5 frameworks are of great use for you. All these frameworks will help you create responsive websites easily and quickly without applying too much effort.

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