Adobe has been on the forefront when it comes to developing highly intuitive and useful applications for creative minds across the globe. They have earned their spot as the premier competition across many different genres with their award-winning apps such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, InDesign and many others.

Today we will explore some of the most popular apps in order to help inspire you, no matter which art style or direction you wish to pursue. 

Graphic Design & Photography

Adobe is famous for several different applications relating to graphic design, but without a doubt, their most famous has to be Adobe Photoshop. This app is often synonymous with editing digital images, to the point where “photoshopping” is a verb just as “googling” something is.

While Photoshop is a great tool for editing and manipulating digital images, photographers in particular also enjoy another application called Adobe Lightroom. This tool helps organize any amount of photographs, and also offers quick and easy ways to enhance photos, edit images in a non-destructive manner, and speed up the post-processing methods that professional photographers often employ.

Adobe Illustrator is another graphics design application, often preferred by the more professional artists, as this vector-based application allows for graphics that can be used not just online, but also for scalable art that can be printed and more. 

Whether you go for Photoshop or Illustrator will depend on your art style, and many artists own both of these applications/subscriptions, as they are both powerful in their own way, and will open up a world of opportunities for the creative mind.

Video Editing

Whether you wish to be the next YouTuber, make a name for yourself in the TV or Movie business, or just enjoy editing videos as a hobby, Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful application with extensive features for professionals and serious editors.

Another bonus, is the fact that Premiere Pro also is integrated deeply with other Adobe software, such as Photoshop or Illustrator, allowing for a seamless and efficient workflow.

If you are more interested in special effects and post production, Adobe After Effects might be an interesting choice for you. This software has been used by Hollywood professionals for everything from stop motion to visual effects, even animation.

These tools can be difficult to learn all by yourself however, as they are quite advanced and complex. If you want to boost your experience with Premiere Pro or After Effects, we highly recommend checking out some courses on the Adobe applications.

App & Web Development

Adobe also offers powerful applications for web developers looking to employ a powerful framework for building responsive and modern websites. Dreamweaver is the go-to solution in this case, and has been around since 1997.

Adobe Dreamweaver can be used in a visual manner, allowing for elements to be drag and dropped, but the more advanced users can also do code-based editing to speed things up and avoid clutter on their screen.

When it comes to app development, Adobe XD is a popular tool for prototyping concepts and wireframing designs in record time. This application makes the design and development more smooth, and allows creatives to design interactive user experiences that are modern and effective at conveying meaning.

Final Thoughts

We have just barely scratched the surface with these 7 tools mentioned here, as Adobe develops many different creative solutions, for just about any type of modern need. We hope you learned something today, and have been inspired to try your hand at creating your own digital art. Good luck!

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