The top secret when it comes to gaining weight, you have to eat more calories on a consistent basis.

At the same time, you have to keep on lifting weights so that the extra and additional calories can be utilized to build up your muscle mass.

Here we have five best weight gainer foods for you so that you can gain weight on a healthy note. Do incorporate these foods in your meal plans and stick with them on a long term basis.

You have to make a great deal and amount of efforts while gaining weight. One should follow healthy ways if he wants to put on pounds on his body.

Gaining weight means that the individual should move on a slow and steady as well as sustainable approach.

  1. Dark chocolate

Among the recommended weight gain foods we have for you, it is dark chocolate. This is definitely one of the showstoppers.

This food is packed and teamed up with fiber, antioxidants and too magnesium content. In between your meal times, you can have couple and bunch of dark chocolate squares or have it whenever you are feeling tired.

You can eat it by teeming it up with handful amount of almonds. This will come out as a super and best satisfying snack and thus helps you in weight gain too.

High-quality dark chocolates are always packed with lots of health benefits because of the tons amount of antioxidants present in them. It is suggested to buy that kind of dark chocolate which has 70% cocoa content in it.

As it is a high-calorie density food, in this way it will become easy for you to consume many calories.

Each of the 100 gram bar of it contains 600 calories and further packed with many micronutrients and too health promoting compounds.

  1. Healthy oils and fats

You can bring your weight on a balanced number by consuming healthy oils and fats. These foods can boost up your caloric intake job.

You only have to drizzle and put a little oil over on your food and eventually the required number of calories will enter into your meal. No doubt, healthy oils really helps you in gaining weight.

Remain creative in this job, make sure that you should not use any of the dull and flavorless oils. You can have oils which comprise garlic or chili or rosemary content on them.

There are many rich tasting oils available in the market as well. Both healthy oils and fats are the calorie dense foods present on the planet.

If you will simply add a tablespoon of any healthy oil to salads and sauces, then around 135 calories will be added in your cooked meal.

This comes out a healthy way to increase weight. Try using extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil or be it a coconut oil

  1. Nuts and nut butter

Both nuts and nut butters are one of the perfect choices if you want to gain weight. A handful amount of almonds consist of 7 grams of protein and also 18 grams of healthy fats in it. This is a calorie dense food and add hundred numbers of calories in your body.

Using nut butters in your smoothies, yogurts, snacks or in any of your dishes, the nutritional value of your meal will become higher and you will gain weight in a healthy style.

Make sure that you should be buying those nut butters which have no added or no extra oils in them.

  1. Granola and oats

This food granola is another highly recommended nutritious and weight gaining food. Fitness enthusiasts love to eat this granola bars so that they do not become underweight and look healthy as well. This food will give you sustained and constant energy kicks for all day long. It is

Similarly eating whole grain oats will give a healthy boost to your weight numbers. Mix whole grain oats, any of your most loved nuts, some of the dried fruits and have this tasty mixture early in the morning.

While preparing it, you can bring your own creative touch in it too. You can even throw dried coconut pieces, some dark chocolate chips int he bowl.

  1. Whole grain bread

Whole grain bread boasts high levels of protein, higher number of calories and too dietary fiber in it. This food helps you in digestion and assist you in gaining weight.

You can couple your whole grain bread with any source of protein like you can have it with eggs, meat or have it with cheese.

This is a nutritious food choice which you should make if you have made a target of gaining weight.


Weight gain foods do not include cookies, cakes and fries. Eat those best weight gainer foods which comprises high nutrient content as well as high-calorie content.

We are sure that through this post, you will come to know about many options which you can prefer to increase your weight.

Obesity has run rampant in human beings, and it’s trickled down to our feline friends too. If you’ve got a chubby buddy, here’s how to get a cat to lose weight.

Obesity in cats is slowly but surely becoming an epidemic, especially among indoor cats who don’t get much physical activity during the day.

If your kitty has gained significant weight, it may look cute and fluffy at first, but it’s actually detrimental to its health. There’s a high risk of developing diabetes, fatty liver, arthritis, skin problems, low quality of life, and decreased lifespan.

The solution to how to get a cat to lose weight is an overhaul of the cat’s diet and lifestyle. This means less dry food and kibble, and more raw meat and movement during the day.

Read below for the best advice on how to get a cat to lose weight and become leaner and healthier for years to come.

Practice Portion Control

Cats are hunters which keeps them naturally slim because food in nature isn’t always readily available and they have to work for it. Sometimes, they won’t eat for hours until they catch something.

If you leave a bowl full of food for the cat to nibble on all day long, this may be the reason why it’s overweight. Cats don’t know when to stop eating, so you have to control their portions for them.

The best way to help a cat lose weight is to feed them at certain times of the day to reduce their caloric intake.

Another easy way to help a cat lose weight is to slowly transition to a hills science diet cat food that’ll fulfill the pet’s dietary needs and help shed the extra weight.

Give the Cat a Species-Appropriate Diet

Wondering how to make your cat lose weight? Feed it more meat and less dry food. Many cat owners make the mistake of feeding their pet kibble or processed cat food full of starches and grains.

Cats are carnivores and the only appropriate food for them is meat – the higher in fat, the better. You can either prepare your own recipes or find high-quality cat food brands that add a lot of meat to their products.

Incorporate Some Physical Activity

Putting the pet on a diet is not all there is to it. Physical activity is just as important, especially for indoor cats that don’t get much space to roam about and explore.

Buy a cat leash and take the pet for a walk around the neighborhood or to a nearby park. At home, play with the cat a few times a day until it gets tired. You can do this with toys or a laser – both these things activate their hunting instincts.

Now You Know How to Get a Cat to Lose Weight

If you have an obese kitty at home and have been searching for answers on how to get a cat to lose weight, these tips will help your pet lose all the extra pounds.

Your furry feline will start feeling better and become more active, and you’ll be a happier owner knowing you provided her with the best possible care.

Picking the right chair is not only comfortable but also good for your back. Most people have it easy and can fit on basically any type of chair. The big and tall people have a hard time finding one that suits them.

Most models are either too short, while others are too small for a heavy person. This article focuses on 5 types of chairs that are perfect for heavy people.

Recliner chairs for Big People

The beauty of recliner chairs is that when reclined, big and tall people can comfortably sit on them. They are spacious to accommodate a heavy person and are well padded to add on comfort.

Such models come in different ‘height sizes’. This is to accommodate tall people, without straining their backs. Some even come with armrests. Pay attention to 10 Best-Rated Recliners for Big and Tall Person that were reviewed by

Office chairs

Most people spend the better part of their day in the office. While most office options are designed for the regular person, there are some designed for big ones.

Big persons require a product that is comfortable and can support their height and weight. Executive office chairs come with a generous sitting allowance to ease getting up and sitting down.

They also come with extra padding and are built with heavy material, to comfortably hold a heavy person.

Chairs for Gaming

Gaming can be addictive. More often than not, people find themselves spending their whole weekend on the gaming chairs.

Such models should generally be comfortable. Large users should go for options that are adjustable, to suit their height and have a wide base to cater for their big size. It should also be padded and wide to ease movements.

Chairs for Kitchen

For a heavy person, most kitchen models are either too short or too small. Dinner should be a relaxing meal and an uncomfortable product ruins the whole experience.

A heavy person needs to enjoy dinner without worrying the chair will break beneath them.

Kitchen chairs for tall and big people should be built with heavy-duty material to accommodate the weight and prevent squeaking. They should be stable and relatively higher to cater for the height. They are however pricy.

Beach Chairs

The reason you don’t see many big people on the beach has a lot to do with chairs. Most beach options are either too short for a tall person or easily breakable for a heavy person.

Beach chairs for heavy people should have adequate room for relaxation. For a tall person, they should be relatively higher to prevent their knees from sticking out when they are seated.

They should also be heavy duty to accommodate the extra weight. The beach model should strike the perfect balance between ease of set up and ease of carrying.

For big and tall people, comfort in chairs is everything. The above models are perfectly comfortable and come in various designs to cater for different styles. Back pains from uncomfortable models should no longer be an issue.

Are you tired of listening to people telling you, that you are gaining weight? All your clothes have stopped fitting, and you are worried about it? If you are someone who work in an office for long hours, have no time to work out and follow a diet plan, you are reading the right article. I have compiled 5 simple tips in this post that can help you to lose weight with a long-hours desk job.

People who perform daily work task seated in their cubicles with their laptops find it really difficult to go to gym or follow a fitness routine. Sometimes making small changes can contribute to a healthier lifestyle. If you have a zero activity level, you are doing office work overtime, you need to make sure you are doing following to maintain your weight:

Tip # 1: Stop drinking calories!

Major mistake that most people in offices do is that they keep so many unhealthy beverages in their office spaces. Energy drinks, sodas, creamy coffees, chocolate shakes and whatnot! Even if you are skipping lunch and thinking you have done such a great thing by only having drinks. You are mistaken. These drinks have so much sugar and processed chemicals in them. Replace them with fresh juices, smoothies, green tea, and black coffee.

Tip # 2: Walk to your office

This is a very basic tip. Instead of using an auto or a car, use a bicycle or brisk walk to your office. It will help you to burn so many calories daily. Walking is great for mental and physical health. You will fresh and energized when you will reach office and it will help you greatly in keeping your weight down. You can even install an app to see how much distance you cover and how many calories you burn daily to keep yourself motivated.

Tip # 3: Bring healthy Snacks to office

Most people rely on vending machines for snacks which destroy their health, cause them to gain weight and make them lazy. Believe it or not, processed food items are not good for health. If you are worried that how I am going to get fresh veggies and fruits from the market to make some healthy snacks as you have got no time. Learn about e-grocery shopping here. This might make things easier for you.

Tip # 4:  Don’t take the elevator

Staircase climbing is best to keep your muscles tones and strong. It’s the best way to burn calories. Always go for the stairs. This way you will get to meet more people and you will have more toned legs. This will become your habit in no time. Ditch the elevator completely.

Tip #5: Don’t have lunch out

If you will pack your lunch at home when you’re NOT eager and in a rush, you will make healthier food choices as compared to the choices of dashing to the closest café when you’re starving on your meal break. With the menu loaded with pictures and a snarling stomach, you’re more unfavorable to pick good alternatives (if there are any.)