Obesity has run rampant in human beings, and it’s trickled down to our feline friends too. If you’ve got a chubby buddy, here’s how to get a cat to lose weight.

Obesity in cats is slowly but surely becoming an epidemic, especially among indoor cats who don’t get much physical activity during the day.

If your kitty has gained significant weight, it may look cute and fluffy at first, but it’s actually detrimental to its health. There’s a high risk of developing diabetes, fatty liver, arthritis, skin problems, low quality of life, and decreased lifespan.

The solution to how to get a cat to lose weight is an overhaul of the cat’s diet and lifestyle. This means less dry food and kibble, and more raw meat and movement during the day.

Read below for the best advice on how to get a cat to lose weight and become leaner and healthier for years to come.

Practice Portion Control

Cats are hunters which keeps them naturally slim because food in nature isn’t always readily available and they have to work for it. Sometimes, they won’t eat for hours until they catch something.

If you leave a bowl full of food for the cat to nibble on all day long, this may be the reason why it’s overweight. Cats don’t know when to stop eating, so you have to control their portions for them.

The best way to help a cat lose weight is to feed them at certain times of the day to reduce their caloric intake.

Another easy way to help a cat lose weight is to slowly transition to a hills science diet cat food that’ll fulfill the pet’s dietary needs and help shed the extra weight.

Give the Cat a Species-Appropriate Diet

Wondering how to make your cat lose weight? Feed it more meat and less dry food. Many cat owners make the mistake of feeding their pet kibble or processed cat food full of starches and grains.

Cats are carnivores and the only appropriate food for them is meat – the higher in fat, the better. You can either prepare your own recipes or find high-quality cat food brands that add a lot of meat to their products.

Incorporate Some Physical Activity

Putting the pet on a diet is not all there is to it. Physical activity is just as important, especially for indoor cats that don’t get much space to roam about and explore.

Buy a cat leash and take the pet for a walk around the neighborhood or to a nearby park. At home, play with the cat a few times a day until it gets tired. You can do this with toys or a laser – both these things activate their hunting instincts.

Now You Know How to Get a Cat to Lose Weight

If you have an obese kitty at home and have been searching for answers on how to get a cat to lose weight, these tips will help your pet lose all the extra pounds.

Your furry feline will start feeling better and become more active, and you’ll be a happier owner knowing you provided her with the best possible care.

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