There’s a common misconception about household pets that says dogs are more loyal and loving than cats. We love dogs, but anyone who’s spent years of their life living with cats would be able to tell you that’s wrong. Cats are every bit as emotionally intelligent as dogs – if not more – and have plenty of ways of showing you that they love you. They’re just a little more subtle and reserved about it than their canine equivalents. 

It’s easy to read a dog’s mood. If it’s at your feet, looking up at you with wide eyes and its tongue hanging out, it’s happy. If it’s growling at you from the corner, it’s unhappy. You’ll have no such luck with cats. They’re so imperceptible that you might as well try to intuitively play slots to work out what might happen when the reels stop spinning. That’s a valid comparison – sometimes, a cat’s response to your approach might seem as random as the outcome of taking a spin on any online slots website you could mention! It doesn’t hold true, though – the events of online slots games truly are random. A cat’s behavior isn’t – you just have to be a little more observant of the little signs they’re giving you to discern their mood, and we’re going to show you how. 

A Purring Cat

You might have seen it said elsewhere that cats only purr for the benefit of their human owners, and so it’s the most transparent way of telling you that they feel happy, safe, and loved with you. That isn’t entirely true. Cats do purr around other cats, although not as often. A kitten might purr while suckling from its mother. They also purr when they’re grooming each other. There are low purrs, and there are high purrs. A cat purring with a high pitch might not be telling you it’s happy at all – it might be asking for something. A cat with a low-pitched purr, however, is genuinely calm and content. If your cat is purring softly, it probably just wants cuddles. If the pitch is a little higher, it may actually be a hint that it’s dinner time. 

A Slow Blinking Cat

Most people probably assume that if their cat looks at them and blinks slowly, it’s because the cat is slowly falling asleep. The real reason is much cuter! This is a far more reliable sign that your cat likes you than purring. There are a few reasons why a cat might be purring, as we’ve already explained. There’s only one reason why a cat would slow-blink at you; it’s because they love you. This is a sign of affection in the feline world. If you like, you can even think of it as your cat sending you a little kiss through the air!

A Cat Swishing Its Tail

Despite the fact that cats often look like they’re smiling, they aren’t. They don’t have the right facial muscles to smile, and they wouldn’t understand the concept anyway. If you really want to know what a cat is thinking or feeling, look at its tail. Cats use their tails to convey emotion more than any other part of their bodies. A cat flicking its entire tail rapidly is irritated and is warning you not to come any closer. If it’s only twitching the very end of its tail, though, it’s feeling happy and playful. It’s a very important distinction to make. Should you ever see your cat’s tail puffed up, it’s time to back away. Your cat is about to attack something, and you don’t want it to be you! 

A Headbutting Cat

This is another common cat behavior that frequently gets mistaken for affection. Because it looks and feels cute, cat owners assume that when a cat headbutts you or rubs its head around your legs, its showing adoration. It almost feels like a little cuddle! Your cat is indeed showing its connection with you when it does this, but not for the reasons you think. Whenever a cat rubs its head on you (or anything else), it releases its own scent from its glands. In other words, it’s marking its territory. Your cat is identifying you as its possession. You might think that you’re the cat’s owner. To your cat, the relationship works the other way around. 

Ear Movements

Cats ears can usually be found in one of three positions – forward, back, or upright. Forward is where they should be most of the time. This is their most relaxed position, and the position you’ll find your cats ears in while they’re asleep. During the quarter of the day that their awake, a cat with its ears positioned forward is calm and curious, and is fine to be approached. Should their ears be standing upright, they’ve heard something that’s alarmed them. Bear in mind that cats can hear things that we can’t, so this might be a warning that someone’s about to knock on your door. Alternatively, it could just be a new and exciting sound that they haven’t heard before. You only need to be wary of a cat when its ears are flat and pinned back away from its head. This is an agitated position and indicates that your cat is either very angry or very afraid of something. Don’t try to approach them in this state. Give them a few moments to calm down, and only try to touch them when their ears have moved to a more neutral position!

Those are the cat behavior basics that you need to know if you’re a cat lover. We hope that they’ve given you a better understanding of what your cat is trying to tell you. We know it’s a little disappointing to hear that not every cat purr is a declaration of love for you, but keep an eye out for those slow blinks. When you get them, give them right back. Your cat has taken the time to say ‘I love you,’ so don’t leave them hanging! Remember to take it as a compliment every time a cat brushes its head past your legs or feet, too – you just got claimed, even if the cat doing the claiming isn’t your cat! 

Felines are just precious pets. They bring an aura of fun and excitement in any home. However, one of the challenges that commonly faces most cat owners is identifying the right products to buy. Since the market is awash with all manner of products, getting the right one can be quite confusing. For this reason, we have a list of five must have cat items that every feline owner must have.

Cat pouch hoodie

Well, if you think about a pouch, then a kangaroo comes into mind. Kangaroos have the rare advantage of having to go everywhere with their lovely young ones. To any cat lover, when you think about them, you know how that would feel. Thankfully, you can consider a cat pouch hoodie. This pouch comes with a set of designs that ensure both you and the cat have a seamless and endless life together. Since they are clean and warm, these pouches also helps in making the cat stay comfortable as you get things done.

Cat Bed

Did you know that on average a cat sleep about two thirds of the day (a little more than us…), and giving a place where he would feel comfortable to cuddle in is a great thing..
You want him to have his place, where he’ll feel secured and comfort. And for that reason you need to invest in a great cat’s bed. You want to invest in a Marshmallow soft cat bed which is made from environmental-friendly material, that will make the cat enjoy the perfect sleep experience.

Cat toys

Cats are not only intelligent pets, but they are also quite playful. With this in mind, any cat owner should ensure that they put measures in place to ensure that their cats maintain this natural feature. Cat toys are important items that also ensure that the cat stays entertained at all times. They also enhance interaction and give the cats an opportunity to unleash some of their inherent features with much ease.

Cat litter and trays

If you really love and care about your cat, then it is important to ensure that you keep them clean at all times. The easiest and most effective way to keep them clean is by having litter and trays in place. Essentially, this is important because it ensures that cats do not have to potty in other places within the house. Furthermore, it is an easy way for you to minimize dirt and manage any form cat urine odor.

The scratching post

Scratching is a cat’s natural habit. As such, if you do not provide them with this opportunity, chances are high that you will get a piece of your sofa or part of your items somewhere on the floor. For this reason, you need to get a scratching post. When getting a scratch post, make sure that it is slightly taller than the cat. It should also have a powerful base to prevent it from tipping over. Scratch posts help cats to sharpen their nails. You should also ensure that you have it somewhere close to where the cat sleeps.

Water and food items

There is nothing as harmful as dirty food and water items. Dirty feeding items increase the likelihood of posing health threats. You must ensure that you have clean water bowl and food tray. Always look for water dishes that come with excellent filtering features. This helps in eliminating impurities. In addition, go for shallow and smaller bowls that eliminate any form of strain while feeding.

In conclusion, there’s nothing as fulfilling as having an active and bubbly cat. With these items, you can rest assured that your cat will have all the necessary needs met, which plays a critical role in enhancing their overall quality of life.  

During these turbulent times, we need to consider the safety and comfort of not only ourselves but our furry feline friends as well. As the days will surely get warmer, outdoor cats may be seeking shelter from the hot weather.

There’s no need to head out to the pet store when you can fashion your own outdoor cat house that’s completely DIY! Here’s how.

Find the right materials

Firstly, you’ll need to find some materials that are sturdy and resistant to make your outdoor cat house out of. Options can include plastic, styrofoam, cardboard and wood. There are many pros and cons with choosing these different materials, it all depends on the function of the cat house and the extent of protection and shelter you want to provide for your furry feline. The following are different variations of cat houses you can make with simple tools.

Plastic Box Outdoor Cat House

This is an easy and affordable version of a cat house you can make that requires minimal tools. The pros to this cat house are that it is scratch-proof, so your feline fur babies won’t be destroying it all on their own and it’s water-proof during rainy days.

Cons to this would be that it is lightweight and may not withstand particularly rough weather.

To make this, get yourself a big plastic container or box. An 18-gallon plastic tub or anything similar with a top lid will work fine. You can line the inside with egg cartons or soft bedding and seal the top shut.

Now, you’ll work on making the entrance to your outdoor cat house. You can either map out a square opening that will be large enough to fit your cat (make sure to leave some extra spacing all around, you don’t want to get your poor cat stuck) and slice out an opening with a saw or plastic cutter.

Another fun option is to cut out a hole instead of a square and fit in a PVC pipe for your cat to slink in and out of. Again, make sure there’s ample space all around to ensure no one gets stuck.

Styrofoam Cooler Outdoor Cat House

This is probably the easiest option for you if you’re facing time constraints and need a temporary fix for an outdoor cat home. All you need is a Styrofoam cooler which you can easily get from your local grocery or hardware store and some cutting materials.

The advantage of this makeshift house is that it is lightweight so it’s easily transportable. If the going gets tough you can quickly bring your rescued cat (already in the cat house) indoors to safety.

Of course, the cons to this lightweight material is that Styrofoam is extremely fragile. If you’re fostering a feral cat expect it to get scratched out.

To make this cat house, just get yourself a Styrofoam cooler box from your nearest store. Insert some form or bedding inside and tap the top. Similar to the plastic box version, you’ll map out an entrance or a flap for your cat to get in and out. Make sure there’s ample space and cut out an entrance. And you’re done!

Obesity has run rampant in human beings, and it’s trickled down to our feline friends too. If you’ve got a chubby buddy, here’s how to get a cat to lose weight.

Obesity in cats is slowly but surely becoming an epidemic, especially among indoor cats who don’t get much physical activity during the day.

If your kitty has gained significant weight, it may look cute and fluffy at first, but it’s actually detrimental to its health. There’s a high risk of developing diabetes, fatty liver, arthritis, skin problems, low quality of life, and decreased lifespan.

The solution to how to get a cat to lose weight is an overhaul of the cat’s diet and lifestyle. This means less dry food and kibble, and more raw meat and movement during the day.

Read below for the best advice on how to get a cat to lose weight and become leaner and healthier for years to come.

Practice Portion Control

Cats are hunters which keeps them naturally slim because food in nature isn’t always readily available and they have to work for it. Sometimes, they won’t eat for hours until they catch something.

If you leave a bowl full of food for the cat to nibble on all day long, this may be the reason why it’s overweight. Cats don’t know when to stop eating, so you have to control their portions for them.

The best way to help a cat lose weight is to feed them at certain times of the day to reduce their caloric intake.

Another easy way to help a cat lose weight is to slowly transition to a hills science diet cat food that’ll fulfill the pet’s dietary needs and help shed the extra weight.

Give the Cat a Species-Appropriate Diet

Wondering how to make your cat lose weight? Feed it more meat and less dry food. Many cat owners make the mistake of feeding their pet kibble or processed cat food full of starches and grains.

Cats are carnivores and the only appropriate food for them is meat – the higher in fat, the better. You can either prepare your own recipes or find high-quality cat food brands that add a lot of meat to their products.

Incorporate Some Physical Activity

Putting the pet on a diet is not all there is to it. Physical activity is just as important, especially for indoor cats that don’t get much space to roam about and explore.

Buy a cat leash and take the pet for a walk around the neighborhood or to a nearby park. At home, play with the cat a few times a day until it gets tired. You can do this with toys or a laser – both these things activate their hunting instincts.

Now You Know How to Get a Cat to Lose Weight

If you have an obese kitty at home and have been searching for answers on how to get a cat to lose weight, these tips will help your pet lose all the extra pounds.

Your furry feline will start feeling better and become more active, and you’ll be a happier owner knowing you provided her with the best possible care.