The top secret when it comes to gaining weight, you have to eat more calories on a consistent basis.

At the same time, you have to keep on lifting weights so that the extra and additional calories can be utilized to build up your muscle mass.

Here we have five best weight gainer foods for you so that you can gain weight on a healthy note. Do incorporate these foods in your meal plans and stick with them on a long term basis.

You have to make a great deal and amount of efforts while gaining weight. One should follow healthy ways if he wants to put on pounds on his body.

Gaining weight means that the individual should move on a slow and steady as well as sustainable approach.

  1. Dark chocolate

Among the recommended weight gain foods we have for you, it is dark chocolate. This is definitely one of the showstoppers.

This food is packed and teamed up with fiber, antioxidants and too magnesium content. In between your meal times, you can have couple and bunch of dark chocolate squares or have it whenever you are feeling tired.

You can eat it by teeming it up with handful amount of almonds. This will come out as a super and best satisfying snack and thus helps you in weight gain too.

High-quality dark chocolates are always packed with lots of health benefits because of the tons amount of antioxidants present in them. It is suggested to buy that kind of dark chocolate which has 70% cocoa content in it.

As it is a high-calorie density food, in this way it will become easy for you to consume many calories.

Each of the 100 gram bar of it contains 600 calories and further packed with many micronutrients and too health promoting compounds.

  1. Healthy oils and fats

You can bring your weight on a balanced number by consuming healthy oils and fats. These foods can boost up your caloric intake job.

You only have to drizzle and put a little oil over on your food and eventually the required number of calories will enter into your meal. No doubt, healthy oils really helps you in gaining weight.

Remain creative in this job, make sure that you should not use any of the dull and flavorless oils. You can have oils which comprise garlic or chili or rosemary content on them.

There are many rich tasting oils available in the market as well. Both healthy oils and fats are the calorie dense foods present on the planet.

If you will simply add a tablespoon of any healthy oil to salads and sauces, then around 135 calories will be added in your cooked meal.

This comes out a healthy way to increase weight. Try using extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil or be it a coconut oil

  1. Nuts and nut butter

Both nuts and nut butters are one of the perfect choices if you want to gain weight. A handful amount of almonds consist of 7 grams of protein and also 18 grams of healthy fats in it. This is a calorie dense food and add hundred numbers of calories in your body.

Using nut butters in your smoothies, yogurts, snacks or in any of your dishes, the nutritional value of your meal will become higher and you will gain weight in a healthy style.

Make sure that you should be buying those nut butters which have no added or no extra oils in them.

  1. Granola and oats

This food granola is another highly recommended nutritious and weight gaining food. Fitness enthusiasts love to eat this granola bars so that they do not become underweight and look healthy as well. This food will give you sustained and constant energy kicks for all day long. It is

Similarly eating whole grain oats will give a healthy boost to your weight numbers. Mix whole grain oats, any of your most loved nuts, some of the dried fruits and have this tasty mixture early in the morning.

While preparing it, you can bring your own creative touch in it too. You can even throw dried coconut pieces, some dark chocolate chips int he bowl.

  1. Whole grain bread

Whole grain bread boasts high levels of protein, higher number of calories and too dietary fiber in it. This food helps you in digestion and assist you in gaining weight.

You can couple your whole grain bread with any source of protein like you can have it with eggs, meat or have it with cheese.

This is a nutritious food choice which you should make if you have made a target of gaining weight.


Weight gain foods do not include cookies, cakes and fries. Eat those best weight gainer foods which comprises high nutrient content as well as high-calorie content.

We are sure that through this post, you will come to know about many options which you can prefer to increase your weight.

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