Here are 11 tips for those seeking a more restful night’s sleep:

  • Stick to a regular sleeping schedule. Going to bed and waking up at the same times each day will soon lead to higher quality sleep. If possible, try to schedule your sleep times in line with your body’s natural sleep cycles.
  • Create a healthy sleeping environment. For a restful sleep, you need the temperature, light, noise and humidity levels in your bedroom to be just right. If you are too cold or too hot at night, getting to sleep and staying asleep will be harder.
  • Keep pets out of your bedroom. Pets can often disturb you during the night if you allow them to sleep in your bedroom.
  • Invest in a comfortable mattress. If your mattress is too firm or too soft for your body, getting a good night’s sleep will be even more difficult. Read these Nectar reviews and find the best mattress for you.
  • Commit to regular workouts. Undertaking some form of exercise each day, be it running, walking, cycling, dancing, or swimming, will help keep your stress levels low and make getting to sleep at night easier. However, avoid any vigorous workouts just before bed. Reschedule that high-intensity spin class for the morning hours.
  • Limit your caffeine intake. Caffeine is found in all kinds of beverages, including tea, coffee, coca-cola, and energy drinks, and is a stimulant that will make it hard for you to get to sleep. Try drinking herbal tea or warm milk before bed instead.
  • Don’t overeat at night. Overindulging in food or booze late in the evening will impact your body’s natural sleep cycles. While alcohol might cause you to initially fall asleep faster, the quality of the sleep will be poor.
  • Stop smoking. While quitting smoking can be challenging, the nicotine found in cigarettes is a stimulant that causes lighter, more disrupted sleep.
  • Relax before bed. Possible activities to do before bed to help you sleep include taking a hot bath, gentle yoga exercises, and listening to relaxation music.
  • Put pen to paper. If you take some time just before bed to outline your plans for the next day on paper, you won’t have to lie in bed worrying about how things will play out.
  • Don’t stay in bed. If you find yourself still awake after you’ve been in bed for a while, get up. Worrying about not being able to sleep will make the task even more elusive, so get out of bed and do something else relaxing until you feel tired again.

If you are thinking to buy a bed and feeling confused whether you should buy a platform bed or not, then you are landed on the correct place. Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of the platform bed and will know if they provide comfort or not. As choosing right type of bed is very important so that you don’t have to compromise with your beauty sleep. You will find various types of bed available in the market come up with different features and styles. If you are planning to switch on to the platform beds, then you can look or choose platform bed reviews before going to purchase it.  So we are discussing advantages and disadvantages of platform bed.

So here we go:


  • The platform beds don’t have springs and that’s why it is extremely comfortable for sleeping. Moreover, it has a very soft mattress and you will love your bed for this. Also, it is proves to be extremely good for people who are heavy. If you love to put stuffs beneath your bed, then it consists of in-built cabinets and drawers which can be used to put the blankets and other stuff hence will save more space.
  • The mattresses for the platform beds can be chosen according to the personal choice as it does not require any type of special mattress. Also, it has a very solid development hence it will serve you for a long time. The people with heavy weights will not find any difficulty on the bed.
  • Platforms beds are too economical for a middle class family as it doesn’t need any box springs or any establishments. It includes a level strong surface which proves to be very helpful for flexible foam beddings. The design of the bed is also attractive and it is noiseless which a great advantage is. Platform beds are most popular in European countries as it can go with any type of home décor. It comes up with varied design: classic, contemporary or traditional. You can choose among them as per your choice.


  • The primary drawback of the platform beds is its price. It is quite expensive but we must say it is worth buying. Also, due to the low profile of this bed, it might be uncomfortable for the people who have issues with knees and back.
  • The placing of bed is also quite difficult around tight corners, stairs and entryways. In case you need to shift the bed from one place to another, then it is really tough to do that as it is a single piece bed.
  • In case you are looking for an attractive designing and planning for it, then you might need to spend more on purchasing high quality mattress for the platform bed to make it stylish.
  • The people who love to store their things inside the bed and want to hide the mess; platform beds are not very suitable for them, as the beds are low floor. However, if you want a storage bed, then platform beds are available with drawer and cabinet storage but the arrangement will be quite expensive.

So, these are the listed advantages and disadvantages of the platform beds. We can conclude by considering both its pros and cons that platforms beds are really comfortable and economical. Though it is quite costly, but it’s a worth buying. Once, you will try the platform bed, you’ll never want its leave its soft mattress. Therefore, our recommendation is that one should try it at least once. It will give immense satisfaction.

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Frequent fliers do not automatically get better at adapting to different time zones, and suffering from jet lag in one way or another can lead to poor quality of work, bad decisions and an outright worse time at your destination, than if you didn’t have to fight off the dreaded jet lag. Today’s article will provide you with a bunch of helpful tips and tricks to combat this syndrome, and hopefully keep you healthier and fresher too!

  1. Adjust your body’s inner clock
    At least a few days before leaving for a longer flight, you should gradually start adjusting your sleep and eating habits to fit with your destinations time zone. If you travel east, you should consider spending a couple of days before your journey going to bed an hour earlier than usual, this is recommended for your body to acclimate itself. If you’re travelling towards west you should go to bed an hour later to compensate.

  1. Get plenty of water
    Drink plenty of water, like a glass of water per hour while in the air, even if you do not feel thirsty. You can easily dehydrate on the flight, which may cause the jet lag to feel worse. For the same reason, you should also stay away from alcohol on the flight.
  1. Say goodbye to your mattress in style
    It’s important to get a good nights sleep before you are planning to spend the day in transit, check-in, boarding and flying longer distances. By sleeping in your own bed, on a proper mattress you ensure your body gets some much needed rest in a comfortable setting you are familiar with. For tips and guides for learning about different types of mattresses and sleeping positions, you can click the link.

  1. Set new timezone once you have boarded
    Set your watch to the local time at your destination as soon as you board the plane. This will make you mentally prepared for the new time zone from the start of the journey.
  2. Stay in shape by eating properly
    Eat properly, sleep properly and stay in a relatively good shape. The better your body feels in general, the easier it will be for it to handle the stress and side-effects that the timezone change for longer journeys leads to.

  1. Consider sleeping on the plane
    This is especially important when traveling by night or traveling east. Traveling can be exhausting and the more rest you get during the journey, the more prepared your body will be changing in time zones. Choose a window seat if you can and bring along. your pillow so you can have a comfortable nap. Sleep mask and ear plugs can also be a good idea.
  2. Don’t drink too much coffee
    It may be a good idea to avoid coffee during the whole flight and also at least six hours before departure. The coffee may cause you to have sleep problems during the flight. Thus, the body does not get the sleep it needs – and it may be harder to adjust to the new time zone.

  1. Take a hot bath
    Several airports have showers available for travelers who have stops during their long-haul flights. If time permits, it may be a good idea to prioritize a hot shower during your stopover. It will make your muscles relax and help blood circulation start again so you are more well-behaved on your next part of the journey.
  2. Get out for free
    When you arrive at your destination, it may be good to spend as much time as possible outside the sun. This makes it easier for the body to adjust your inner watch to the new surroundings.
  3. Stay awake
    Unless you arrive at your destination late in the evening, stay away from bed. The more you do to customize your local time and local routines – the easier you get across the time difference. Drink a cup of coffee in the morning, eat a hearty breakfast and stick to the normal daily routine until the evening. If you need a nap during the day, you should set your alarm clock and avoid sleeping for more than 20 minutes. A short nap can quickly become a long nap, which will make it harder to fall asleep again at night.