No dining experience in London can be complete without enjoying a dinner cruise on the Thames. No matter what the occasion is and in whichever manner you want to celebrate it with your loved one, family and friends, there is nothing comparable to the dinner cruise.

Beyond the needs of individuals who love to embark on dinner cruises, corporate houses find it equally attractive for entertaining clients in an entirely different setting that shows London from a completely different angle.

The dinner cruise on the Thames is perfect for all. To explore the uniqueness of London, you have to view it from the air or take the boat ride on the Thames that brings a different picture of London in front of you. The dining experience on the Thames will be so memorable that you would find it hard to resist the temptation of repeating it.

Viewing London in a different way

London Dinner Cruise is attractive on its own, but the attraction goes up many times if you tag it with some deliciously fun activity like having lunch, dinner or evening tea. The ambience of the floating restaurants housed on the luxury boats is completely different from what you have experienced in any restaurant on the land.

When dining on a boat, nature surrounds you from all sides as you enjoy a panoramic view of both banks of the Thames with the boat sailing leisurely, while guests are busy to make the best use of the splendid the moments on board.

Sitting inside a completely see-through floating restaurant that has floor-to-ceiling glass windows is quite thrilling as you can explore the city in different lights depending on whether it is daytime or evening. If you’re on the other side of the world, perhaps consider reading about some of Sydney’s best places to go as a tourist.

Choose the dining option

Although dinner cruises are most famous, you can replicate similar dining experience by opting for lunch cruise or evening tea cruise.  If you are unable to make time for the coveted dinner cruise, you lose nothing because the lunch cruise offers you almost the same experience in quality dining.

From the quality of food, drinks and service to the level of hospitality offered to guests there is nothing that you can complain.

The setting is the same; the host is the same and the experience comparable with the dinner cruise with the only difference being in the timing. The famous landmarks on both sides of the Thames appear entirely new to you as you have a different view of it.

Dinner cruise on the Thames

Considered as one of the most exclusive dining experiences in London, the dinner cruise is the most prized offering of cruise operators who rely on it heavily. Naturally, the focus is more on dinner cruises that take you to the other side of the historical landmarks like the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, The London Eye, the Globe theatre and much more.

The music and delicious food with quality drinks unfold the most magical evening that has now become a cultural landmark in the life of the city dwellers.

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