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If you’re looking to tour the world or even take a mini holiday to a nearby city, the right companion can make or mar your adventure. Travelling can be a totally exhilarating experience when you find the right travel buddy or a terrible idea if you pair up with an incompatible partner.

Some of the most rewarding travel experiences I ever enjoyed were those I shared with the right travel partner. Before embarking on any trip abroad, be sure to do a thorough compatibility check of your travel partner and pick someone who will add value to your trip and make it as enjoyable as possible.

Here is list of some of the qualities to to look out for in a travel companion:

1. Pick someone whose money plans is in sync with yours:

If you intend travelling on a budget, make sure your travel partner is on the same page as you. Find a thrifty or generous companion, stick to someone on the same expense page as you.

If you’re all for saving your pennies, it is advisable to not travel with someone who is ready to splurge, so as to avoid awkward moments. There is absolutely nothing worse than been stuck with a partner who takes every opportunity to drag you into buying over priced items.

2. Choose an outgoing travel companion:

To make the most of your trip, take someone with a sunny personality, someone willing to explore and create unforgettable memories with you.

Travel will someone who motivates you to try out new things, encourages you to go surfing, skydiving or try out new treats.

3. Make sure they are as excited as you are about your destination:

When picking a travel companion, be sure they are as interested in the destination as you are.

Make sure you’re both after the same trip, it would terrible if all they want to do is laze around the beach and take pictures while you would rather see all the local attraction. Find someone whose interest matches yours, a city trotter wont enjoy the things that appeal to an ecotourist.

4. Pick a curious travel buddy:

Travel is essentially about discovering and exploring new things, find a companion whose curiosity will lead you to have a memorable and adventurous travel experience. Be assured that time spent with a curious travel buddy is sure to be remarkable and enjoyable.

If you are going to rent a car, then it’s a good idea to make sure the person you’re travelling with is up to date with his or her license, and that you’re aware of the various laws of minimum age for driving in the various countries you plan to visit. For instance, according to Billige Lejebiler, you have to be 18 to drive a car in Denmark, and it won’t matter if you are allowed to drive at 16 in the US.

5. Find someone with a great sense of humor:

Just like life itself, travel can sometimes be unpredictable and messy. Even if you have made adequate plans beforehand, you may experience delayed flight, missed reservations, awkward cultural faux pas or even difficulties communicating in your new destination.

Finding someone with a good sense of humour will go a long way in making light of these various situations. As they are more attuned to seeing the brighter side of things and ready to roll with the punches.

To enjoy a truly fulfilling experience, find someone you can who magnifies the beauty of your destination and create a bond that could last a lifetime.

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