We are currently living in a world of limitless choices and lifestyle inflation. Logging in a social media app would mean losing a big chunk of your daily attention snap. Women fitness influencers tend to help a lot of people getting motivated and back on track.

We as viewers hold the power of choice with us. We are the reason these bloggers, brands, and consultants make content for. We have the power to accept or reject. So, we need to know who to follow and why to follow.

Why are Women Fitness Influencers in India So Popular?

Fitness influencers are the niche that should be followed by everyone, as these fitness trainers are actually motivating us to get off the couch and the app.

Fitness can help you boost your mood and develop a zeal to live life to the fullest. Women’s fitness influencers will amaze you with their crossing horizon journey and recipes.

These influencers inspire you every day and help you troubleshoot all your health issues, Save up on your fitness app subscriptions and choose to follow these fitness influencers.

Roshni Sanghvi – @roshnisanghvi

India’s first vegan bikini competitor to compete on a national level, Roshni is here to break the myths you might have about being vegan. Her quirky lifestyle modification tips, often discussed through her vegan blog page and inspiring glocal (globally local) recipes are a must try.

Roshni also talks about the imporatnce of self love and wellness often through her channels. A clinical psychologist turned body transformation specialist, Roshni’s journey is worth following. 

Bindiya Sharma- @bindiya_diva 

India’s first WBFFPRO bikini athlete and a dotting mother, this superwomen’s account is going to make you get up and do some pushup’s right now. 

Bindiya often shares her journey as a women entrepreneur and raising a fit child. Her account is filled fashion and fitness. She makes you want to work on your body and defy’s the myth’s that come with pregnancy and belly fat. 

Jyoti Thakur- thakur_jyotii

A fitness expert and an inspirational women figure, Jyoti wears many hats. Besides inspiring video’s of her working out, Jyoti often shares her fitness tips and workout video’s. She also encourages other women fitness influencers around the world to share their stories.

She is known for sharing her client success stories and these will motivate you to start your own transformation story.

Jahnavi Sheriff- @sheriffjahnavi

Jahnavi is here to remind us that fitness doesn’t have to mean going to the gym and building muscles. A yogi/ dancer, Jahnavi’s posts are motivating and enthusiastic. Her contagious smile and positive attitude is sure to bring a smile to your face too.

Follow her for her funky dance video’s or though provoking performances, she is sure to make you want to get on your feet and move.

Anushka Kuchnure –  @AnushkaKuchnure

Anushka is a certified yogi and very motivating. Her super flexible body and challenging yoga poses will make you want to join a yoga class right away. She spreds body positivity and the message of accepting one’s own physique. 

She often connects with her followers through regular QnA’s and  insta stories. 

Soumya Pathak- @pratimaanyoga

If you want to practice fitness from home and want detailed video’s to help you get started, Soumya is your girl. She pick’s important topics such as healing PCOS through Yoga. Her home workout routine for people spending too much time at the desk working is something not worth missing. 

She is sure to get you sweating and feeling wonderful about your body.

Swetha Dev – @Sweaty Swetha

A CrossFit trainer, a marathon runner, and a medical professional. Swetha helps people transform online with her routines on animal flow and lifting. Consuming a multitaskers content will fill you with zeal to work harder, play harder.

Natasha Noel – natashanoel001

Natasha’s feed negates all toxicity in your mind whilst inspiring you with fitness.  Her challenges and flexibility with leave you awestruck. Making efforts will get you to the right results with a happier mindset. 

Lavleen Kaur- @dt.lavleen

Lavleen’s warm and pleasing personality is enough to make you excited about fitness. Through her channel, she teaches how you can go back to simple homemade recipes and still get fit.

She also is a loving wife and patient mother. By sharing stories about her family, she will make you feel more connected to her than ever. Lavleen’s nutritional tips are easy to follow and adapt to. Make sure to also check her youtube page out. 

Anupriya Kapur – anupriyakapur

An inspirational mother of a 10-year-old, her passion for fitness, fashion are inspiring women across the globe. If Anupriya can stick to her workouts with a hectic entrepreneurial and a homemaker’s routine, maybe we all can?

Ultimately your fitness finishing is directly correlated to how sophisticated and how often you discharge loyalty out. Your diet and a personal trainer, whether it is a an online personal trainer or a physical both play a major role in reaching fitness goals. Generally speaking, each person possesses exchange methods of aspiration. These are the amalgamated in the fitness world, the corporate world, or the sports world. If you have set fitness goals, regardless of how little or loud they may be, hopefully, you are taking proactive steps toward achieving those goals. You may be the type of person who finds intrinsic or internal drive deeply easily. It’s rarely an encumbrance for you to grow the gym, workout subsequent to you not in the disaffect and wide off from weary, or eat the proper foods concerning a regular basis.

However, those who locate desire more cold need uncovered sources to activate them. Perhaps you puff your fitness incline from your favorite actor or athlete. Maybe your obsession an experienced fitness professional assisting you in getting started in a fitness routine or checking your current workout to gauge how effective the exercises and overall plot may be something taking into account reaching your goals.

A personal trainer is the fitness professional and the dream of your dependence. Your personal trainer is utterly important to your fitness height. Regardless of your undertaking to remain mad by internal or outdoor factors, a personal trainer can set aside your workouts to choice level. Psychologically, human beings react and shove themselves in various ways behind it is known that someone is watching them. If that someone happens to be a fitness professional who knows exactly what they are talking approximately and obviously sees the portion, the workouts will always be more intense than anything you will make a buy of upon your own.

Apart from the easy Jedi mind-trick of having someone watch you, personal trainers have been educated to auspices fabricate and take occurring exercise programs that are an affix, powerful, beneficial, and take control of for the particular client. Trainers conduct health-chronicles interviews, determine current fitness levels, and lifestyle factors. With this hint, the personal trainer can safely design a program to in addition to the client set definite, possible goals using research-proven and published protocols.

Once the goals are set, a personal trainer will teach proper exercise methods and progressions. Each fragment of permit know taught has one want: to the fore to your fitness goals. Yes, the personal trainer will be subsequently the client through the teaching and learning process. Eventually, the client will agree on the self-efficacy to setting empowered ample to secure as soon as an exercise and diet lifestyle to stay in permitted involve. It’s obvious that a personal trainer is no consider important to your fitness play. Trust that these pros have the knowledge to teach and instruct to your liking ways to profit into killer impinge on. You will be pushed to your limits, but each workout will bring you closer to the body and the healthy lifestyle you yearning and obsession. Take the guess-abet out of operating out! Get a want and method from a personal trainer and enjoy your fitness gaining.

We spend, on average, almost nine hours a day sat down – and that’s not taking into account the eight hours we spend lying down whilst sleeping – and this lack of activity has been linked to health problems like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. So how can we stay fit, and combat this issue?

You might think that you don’t spend that long sitting down each day, but when you break your day down, it’s easy to see how easy it is to fall into the habit. Perhaps you consider a home gym, or possibly just running for a few minutes each day. Both are viable options, depending on your ambition and spare time.

Most of us work in an office from 9 to 5 and sit at a computer desk for five days of the week, as well as commuting which can take up a substantial amount of time in your day (especially in major cities), and not forgetting the hours you spend binge-watching Netflix as soon as you get home. Unfortunately, it’s making many of us heavier and sicker.

As a result, it is vital to stay fit whenever you can if you have a busy work schedule. Here are 6 ways to ensure you stay fit and healthy when working in a full-time office job:

Walk as much as possible to stay fit

Walking is an easy way to keep active, so it’s best to fit it in wherever you can. If you drive to work, it is worth parking further away to get the steps on your FitBit up. Alternatively, the same goes for people who travel on the bus or train – get off a stop of two earlier and take a stroll into work

If you work in a high-rise building, split taking the lift and walking up the stairs to ensure you are getting some physical activity. Also consider going on lunch-time walks with some of your colleagues as a way of making exercise a way of socialising.

Move around during your 9-5

Sitting down can have a severe negative impact on overall health and well being as humans are simply not designed to be sitting down – especially not for long periods of time.

To avoid being sat for hours on end, it is sensible to set a timer on your computer to remind you to get up and move around every hour to two hours; make it into a routine and your body will thank you for it.

It is vital to make small changes to your lifestyle, such as walking to a colleague rather than phoning them. Some businesses are even considering introducing ‘walking meetings’ to combat this.

Workout at your desk

If you don’t have a chance to get up and about when at work, make time! There are many simple workouts that you can do whilst sitting at your desk, without drawing attention to yourself and needing gym equipment.

For example, a good workout for your abs is to squeeze the muscles in your core tightly for one minute, and then releasing – you can do as many of these as you wish whilst working.

Alternatively, an under-desk cycle is another smart option, that doesn’t take up much room or bite into your bank account.

Avoid skipping breakfast

As most of us know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Thus, skipping breakfast is a ‘no-no’.

Your metabolism slows down when you sleep, so it’s sensible to eat within a few hours after you wake up, to help boost your metabolism for the whole day and avoid snacking on fatty foods later in the day.

Don’t snack

A recently-conducted study found that women eat 100,000 calories worth of office snacks at their desks a year and indulge in at least three snacks during a typical working day, totaling almost 500 calories in an average 9 to 5 job.

It is advised to stay clear of typically ‘unhealthy’ snacks, such as crisps and chocolate, and if you are feeling peckish, opt for healthier options such as fruit. However, avoid dry fruit as they can be unhealthy and full of sugar.

Drink water – and lots of it!

Numerous studies have shown that drinking around 8 to 10 glasses of water throughout the day can be highly beneficial to your body, and also encourages weight loss.

If water isn’t your cup of tea, consider buying a water diffuser where you can add fruit to make your very own flavored water – without the added sugar and additives.

Setting up your own home fitness gym

In your journey towards a fit and healthy lifestyle, starting can be easy enough. Maintaining this lifestyle is where the challenge lies.

You might find yourself one day feeling tired and exhausted, balancing all your responsibilities and your hobbies.

Sometimes, instead of going to your local gym to squeeze in that much-needed sweat session, you’re tempted to just travel home. But what if your gym is at home?

Setting up your very own home gym can lessen the hassle of paying membership fees and driving to a different destination after a long day of work. It allows you to get your workout done in the comfort and convenience of your homes.

Find a Space to Set Up Your Home Gym

Before building your home gym, the first step is to consider its location. Where will you place the equipment?

When setting up your own workout station, it’s important to find a space to inspire and motivate you to move. In this step, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much space is available at home?

Take a look at the layout of your house and identify which room can accommodate gym equipment and give you the most freedom for movement.

Some people who live in smaller spaces may find this difficult, but definitely not impossible.

You just have to be more creative with setting up. Perhaps you can use your living room to double as a home gym.

When there’s a will, there will always be a way to make this work. The important thing to remember is your chosen workout space should not disrupt other areas of the house.

  • What type of exercises will you do?

When building your gym at home, it is important to consider what kind of workouts you’re inclined to do.

If you’re more focused on building strength and gaining muscles that require more equipment, you would need to find a bigger space. But if you’re more inclined to doing HIIT or cardio exercises, then smaller spaces will suffice.

Knowing what type of workouts you will do can help you choose the perfect space to set up your exercise station.

Buy the Home Gym Essentials to Get You Started

Once the gym room has been finalized, the next step is to determine which equipment to purchase. This, of course, depends on the type of workout you’ll be doing.

Every piece of equipment has its distinctive purpose. The main objective is to find one that will help you reach your personal fitness goals.

Some equipment is designed for cardio and endurance, while others are designed for strength and mobility.

On the one hand, if you want to focus more on increasing your heart rate and building endurance, some equipment that will work for you include a fitness air-bike, a rowing machine, a spin bike, and a treadmill.

On the other hand, if you want to define your muscles and get stronger, you should invest in a curl bar set, a dumbbell set, and weight plates. They are available in various weights, so you can easily adjust the level of intensity.

Maintain a Clean and Safe Workout Space

After allocating the perfect space and purchasing the necessary equipment, the last and final step is to arrange your home gym that ensures safety.

To do this, you need to ensure that all the equipment is in good condition before every usage. Clean the space after every session, and store away the workout gear in their proper places.

Most importantly, don’t leave any equipment lying around. In doing so, you prevent the occurrence of accidents or injuries.

Benefits of Having Your Own Home Gym

Having the convenience of a gym at home is empowering. The fact that you have full control of your body and your time gives you more freedom to do what you want.

You can get fit and stay fit on your own terms in your own time. There are no boundaries and no limitations. Your home gym is your complete domain, and you’re free to customize it any way you want.

We have long since entered the digital and technological era. This is an era where almost everyone take care of themselves and try to live healthier lives, and as a result, several companies have seen an opportunity to innovate and create new things in areas where technology has not yet penetrated so deep. One of them is fitness, and with the latest generations of fitness trackers, even office workers and sedentary people can get a healthy boost of life quality.

For instance, people were quick to identify that it’s been tough keeping track of ones training schedule, and that’s just one area of innovation that’s now being tackled almost automatically by devices and apps.

Keeping you up to speed

Fitness trackers keep you in the loop as to how many steps you’ve taken during the day, keeps a record of your sleep pattern and some even let you know when it’s okay to eat those delicious but sugary cookies. And that’s just a small portion of what todays devices are capable of. If you are looking to buy or need more information about the best fitness trackers you can go here.  

Fitness trackers and apps have many different functions that make them unique, but in the end they are all made for helping people who want a healthier lifestyle but are having trouble getting started, or more commonly, staying motivated and up to speed with progress.

Tracking improvement of lap times

It can be a great boost of morale to see your improvement printed out on a nice graphical chart, where you can see your daily times improve week by week. But for others, the bracelet may be just a gadget that they think is fun to play with, and the important thing is to have fun with it.

As a beginner, you will always want to see results quickly, that’s just the nature of beginners in most sports and activities. But as with all types of results, things can take time, and if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. So consider starting out your new training routine in companionship with a fitness tracker, as it could help you complete your goals!

It may also be important for some novices to see themselves burn a certain amount of caloris, which can be done with a heart rate target for instance, and it’s hard to argue against the accuracy and results of the device, as even professionals are using them to keep sharp.

Not everyone loves doing their exercise down at the local gym, and of course that’s absolutely fine. I’ve spent many a gratifying early morning jogs racing, occasionally walking, through local parks, up and down hills, around ponds. Outdoor running is a great way to get or stay fit, get fresh air into the lungs and experience your local environment.

Likewise competitive sport. I’m a football fan and have always enjoyed getting together with friends on a weekday evening or Saturday morning. We don’t tend to play so often these days but for the best part of a decade we’d make the effort, get up early if need be, book a 5-a-side court or simply claim a spot in Regent’s Park and play for an hour two, once or twice a week.

Non-competitive sports are also fun. Cycling is a personal favourite and is something I’ve often practiced both by myself or with one or two friends. We’ll often send each other a WhatsApp message in the week with a route suggestion – nothing too demanding, but always something new. Thinking about it now, it could well be that cycling is my favourite way to be active; maybe there’s no better way to explore and get to know your local area – woodland, parkland, streets. It’s also just a great way to spend time with friends and loved ones.

Despite all the above, I don’t actually consider myself all that active. Most weeks I do some form of physical exercise two or three times a week. But that’s also often once or zero times a week. What I do know is that I never regret doing exercise. Certainly the idea of it doesn’t always get me excited. I could probably count on the fingers of one hand the times that I’ve actually looked forward to heading off to the indoor climbing centre in the middle of the week, straight from work. But I’ve literally always felt great for having done it.

Whether it’s seeing the people you get on with, challenging yourself, successfully meeting a challenge, or simply getting the blood going and adrenalin pumping, one or more hours of beneficial physical activity is a brilliant way to spend one’s time. But with so many different opportunities out there for us to go and get, then stay, fit, why go to the gym at all?

For me what the local gym offers is the chance to specifically target areas of your fitness and body. That could be your cardio fitness and health, it could be your lower-body strength, or upper-body flexibility and suppleness. I will always prefer running in the park to running on a treadmill. But when I do running in the gym, I can more accurately measure my progress, and better inform myself as to any areas of weakness.

I use my gym work to benefit my sport. For example, I noticed that my calves were beginning to cramp towards the end of football matches. So I made a point of going to the gym and targeting calf work to build up the muscle and resistance. I also like to go to the gym before playing again if I’ve been injured for a short time.

So if you want to measure your progress, target weaknesses or help your recovery from an injury, I’d say get yourself down to the gym – it’s another great way to help you get and stay fit.

In my experience, the biggest challenge people have in dieting is that they see it as a painful experience. They have to force themselves to do it for a short time to lose a few pounds and go right back to eating “normal” food. The problem with that mindset and frame of reference is your thoughts and your actions are not aligned. There is friction between what you want to happen and the way you think. The solution is to eliminate this resistance. I can say in my experience working with many people who struggle to lose weight, they work not to only help you lose weight, but to also eliminate this mental resistance to your goal. Here are Jeff Maynard Fitness’s Top 3 Diet Tips for beginners, who is known for the quality content posted on his own fitness blog.

1. Understand The Pain Vs. Pleasure Paradigm

Your mind will do anything to move away from pain and towards pleasure (or what your mind perceives as the lesser of two pains). This means that you are an associating pain with the challenges of dieting, instead of associating the pleasure you will get in the long run when you are healthy and have more energy. You will want to stop focusing on how eating healthy foods are not as rich in flavor and focus on the way the food makes you feel thirty minutes after you eat. Does the food you eat give you a stomach ache and cause you bloat? That’s your body trying to give you signals.

2. Learn To Portion Control

Start by trying to use a smaller plate and fill half of the plate with protein, 1/4 of the plate with carbs sources and the remaining 1/4 with vegetables will almost defiantly be eating the perfect calories for one meal. One thing you just need to know is how many meals you need to eat each day and that’s dependent on your body size and a few other factors. I would say somewhere between 3-6 of those sized meals. but this will almost be impossible for most if they skip number one on this list. This bears some resemblance to the military diet, although of course there are differences as well. Still, these tips can be good for military diet substitutes and portion control in general will always be beneficial.

3. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Don’t be too hard on yourself. At first, you may fail at the diet. Failure is almost certain to come before you succeed. Everyone has to go through it- it is the human process of forming a habit. The ones who understand that and continue to push on, even when it seems hopeless are the ones who reap the rewards. It’s the universe testing you, it’s the universal test everyone has to pass to see if you’re worthy to have what you want.

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Yes, you can maintain your fitness and health while carrying out your passion. The pole dancing is a perfect blend of acrobatics, body toning, and muscle-building. It is an effective and strongly recommended form of a gym workout.

There are people who think pole dancing is restricted to some bends, twirls or the mere poses on the pole, but actually, it is reckoned as the essential form of exercise which is not that smooth to do.

It builds your muscles stronger and your cells are more oxygenated when you undergo the art of pole dancing. As your heart pumps more, the blood circulation in your entire body becomes more efficient. It helps in breaking down the extra fat and calories from your body, making it a promising way to shed those extra kilos.

It is comprised of anaerobic exercises that tone down your back, upper and lower extremities. It improves your flexibility as you perform a series of motion exercises. Strengthening your back muscles, it gives you a firm body posture. Join Pole dance studio in Milan to master the art of this dance form.

Climbing up the poll seems to be the most daunting task. Yes, it may take a while if you’re a little on the heavier side. You need to bring down your weight in order to mount that pole easily. You can join the emerging pole fitness classes at Pole dance studio in Montreal. It is open to excess weight people and to everyone who desires to learn pole dancing. You can register yourself to gain health and fitness results.

The pole dance classes are the source of women empowerment and also boost the self-confidence among those who are feared of defeat in life. The exercise triggers the release of elated hormones called endorphins in your mind. You enjoy every bit of it despite the soreness or bruises you get as an outcome. Pole dance studio in Dubai is a professional group assists people to conquer their fears to achieve high in life while staying fit and happy.

In short, don’t go behind the negative criticism of this sport that it is merely about club stripping. It will be dissipated once its health pros are widely spread.

So, get set to overcome your limits and prepare your body to perform such amazing yet challenging poses. Remember, no fear can put you down ever!