In my experience, the biggest challenge people have in dieting is that they see it as a painful experience. They have to force themselves to do it for a short time to lose a few pounds and go right back to eating “normal” food. The problem with that mindset and frame of reference is your thoughts and your actions are not aligned. There is friction between what you want to happen and the way you think. The solution is to eliminate this resistance. I can say in my experience working with many people who struggle to lose weight, they work not to only help you lose weight, but to also eliminate this mental resistance to your goal. Here are Jeff Maynard Fitness’s Top 3 Diet Tips for beginners, who is known for the quality content posted on his own fitness blog.

1. Understand The Pain Vs. Pleasure Paradigm

Your mind will do anything to move away from pain and towards pleasure (or what your mind perceives as the lesser of two pains). This means that you are an associating pain with the challenges of dieting, instead of associating the pleasure you will get in the long run when you are healthy and have more energy. You will want to stop focusing on how eating healthy foods are not as rich in flavor and focus on the way the food makes you feel thirty minutes after you eat. Does the food you eat give you a stomach ache and cause you bloat? That’s your body trying to give you signals.

2. Learn To Portion Control

Start by trying to use a smaller plate and fill half of the plate with protein, 1/4 of the plate with carbs sources and the remaining 1/4 with vegetables will almost defiantly be eating the perfect calories for one meal. One thing you just need to know is how many meals you need to eat each day and that’s dependent on your body size and a few other factors. I would say somewhere between 3-6 of those sized meals. but this will almost be impossible for most if they skip number one on this list. This bears some resemblance to the military diet, although of course there are differences as well. Still, these tips can be good for military diet substitutes and portion control in general will always be beneficial.

3. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Don’t be too hard on yourself. At first, you may fail at the diet. Failure is almost certain to come before you succeed. Everyone has to go through it- it is the human process of forming a habit. The ones who understand that and continue to push on, even when it seems hopeless are the ones who reap the rewards. It’s the universe testing you, it’s the universal test everyone has to pass to see if you’re worthy to have what you want.

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