We are currently living in a world of limitless choices and lifestyle inflation. Logging in a social media app would mean losing a big chunk of your daily attention snap. Women fitness influencers tend to help a lot of people getting motivated and back on track.

We as viewers hold the power of choice with us. We are the reason these bloggers, brands, and consultants make content for. We have the power to accept or reject. So, we need to know who to follow and why to follow.

Why are Women Fitness Influencers in India So Popular?

Fitness influencers are the niche that should be followed by everyone, as these fitness trainers are actually motivating us to get off the couch and the app.

Fitness can help you boost your mood and develop a zeal to live life to the fullest. Women’s fitness influencers will amaze you with their crossing horizon journey and recipes.

These influencers inspire you every day and help you troubleshoot all your health issues, Save up on your fitness app subscriptions and choose to follow these fitness influencers.

Roshni Sanghvi – @roshnisanghvi

India’s first vegan bikini competitor to compete on a national level, Roshni is here to break the myths you might have about being vegan. Her quirky lifestyle modification tips, often discussed through her vegan blog page and inspiring glocal (globally local) recipes are a must try.

Roshni also talks about the imporatnce of self love and wellness often through her channels. A clinical psychologist turned body transformation specialist, Roshni’s journey is worth following. 

Bindiya Sharma- @bindiya_diva 

India’s first WBFFPRO bikini athlete and a dotting mother, this superwomen’s account is going to make you get up and do some pushup’s right now. 

Bindiya often shares her journey as a women entrepreneur and raising a fit child. Her account is filled fashion and fitness. She makes you want to work on your body and defy’s the myth’s that come with pregnancy and belly fat. 

Jyoti Thakur- thakur_jyotii

A fitness expert and an inspirational women figure, Jyoti wears many hats. Besides inspiring video’s of her working out, Jyoti often shares her fitness tips and workout video’s. She also encourages other women fitness influencers around the world to share their stories.

She is known for sharing her client success stories and these will motivate you to start your own transformation story.

Jahnavi Sheriff- @sheriffjahnavi

Jahnavi is here to remind us that fitness doesn’t have to mean going to the gym and building muscles. A yogi/ dancer, Jahnavi’s posts are motivating and enthusiastic. Her contagious smile and positive attitude is sure to bring a smile to your face too.

Follow her for her funky dance video’s or though provoking performances, she is sure to make you want to get on your feet and move.

Anushka Kuchnure –  @AnushkaKuchnure

Anushka is a certified yogi and very motivating. Her super flexible body and challenging yoga poses will make you want to join a yoga class right away. She spreds body positivity and the message of accepting one’s own physique. 

She often connects with her followers through regular QnA’s and  insta stories. 

Soumya Pathak- @pratimaanyoga

If you want to practice fitness from home and want detailed video’s to help you get started, Soumya is your girl. She pick’s important topics such as healing PCOS through Yoga. Her home workout routine for people spending too much time at the desk working is something not worth missing. 

She is sure to get you sweating and feeling wonderful about your body.

Swetha Dev – @Sweaty Swetha

A CrossFit trainer, a marathon runner, and a medical professional. Swetha helps people transform online with her routines on animal flow and lifting. Consuming a multitaskers content will fill you with zeal to work harder, play harder.

Natasha Noel – natashanoel001

Natasha’s feed negates all toxicity in your mind whilst inspiring you with fitness.  Her challenges and flexibility with leave you awestruck. Making efforts will get you to the right results with a happier mindset. 

Lavleen Kaur- @dt.lavleen

Lavleen’s warm and pleasing personality is enough to make you excited about fitness. Through her channel, she teaches how you can go back to simple homemade recipes and still get fit.

She also is a loving wife and patient mother. By sharing stories about her family, she will make you feel more connected to her than ever. Lavleen’s nutritional tips are easy to follow and adapt to. Make sure to also check her youtube page out. 

Anupriya Kapur – anupriyakapur

An inspirational mother of a 10-year-old, her passion for fitness, fashion are inspiring women across the globe. If Anupriya can stick to her workouts with a hectic entrepreneurial and a homemaker’s routine, maybe we all can?

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