Fashion becomes an essential part of our both environment and daily requirements, so it is quite a struggle to follow the trends and look up to date. The Way of fashioning changes rapidly and it creates confusion for most people as they know very little about fashion and numerous choices make them more confused. Now it is very easy to learn what will look good and what is in vogue. Do some people wonder what celebrities’ personal style rules are? But this is hard to know precisely what they follow. Unfortunately, there is no authentic answer as it depends upon the environment, culture, and situation. All goes into a personal style. For example, there is a different style outfit for different occasions, weather. One of the most significant flaws is less understanding of fashion clothing and looks trendy by following the latest trends. Mostly many of us stress every day about what to wear for each specific event. But it can be made simple by following the Latest Fashion guideline.

Fashion Mistakes 

The 1st common mistake is not paying attention to clothes and accessories matching with their desired latest fashion. Sometimes overloading on you with the incorrect selection of accessory can destroy your whole look. For the special occasions, it is necessary to match your shoe bags color or another accessory that will be similar to each other, whether it is complementing your attire or not. Rough selection can look spoil your branded dress into a bogus look. Must consider the color of every item. For example, the biggest blender one could make by wearing a black belt with brown shoes will surely look like a disaster.

This issue can become more disaster if the color of socks is overlooked. Make sure to wear to avoid wearing white socks with work attire as it will show the person has no sense of style as it will stand out like a sore thumb and poor understanding of clothing.

Color selection 

Color has always been an important part of the fashion industry and trends. As there is still the color of the year as for 2020, color is a classic blue shade, which is relaxing and comforting. Colors may promote everyday’s language every season’s language and mood. Actually Colors are image of the particular garments and think appropriate for specific occasions.

  • Little black dress
  • Crisp white shirt
  • Cool blue jeans
  • Grey suit

All the above are some of the styles that are common around the globe. Association between color and garments are famous and consider trendy. For example, many brides love to wear a white dress on their wedding day besides their cultural or religious demands. Colors have a lifecycle in the fashion industry, yet some colors are meant to be associated with a particular occasion that one must have to follow. for example, it will look very odd if someone would wear red color at a funeral.

Must Haves 

Something is essentials for fashion that one should be part of the wardrobe. These items can be worn on different occasions and show your up to date styles. You can check the latest trendy details from

  • Matching Printed Tops and Stockings. …
  • Square-Toed Heels.
  • Shoes Worn
  • Oversized Victorian Sleeves. …
  • Chunky Boots
  • Plus size denim jacket
  • Pastel Bucket Hats. …
  • Faux Leather Jumpsuits and Boilersuits. …

Australians love their music festivals, especially those between the ages of 18 to 49 years. In a recent survey, it was found out that around 65% of Australians have already attended at least two to three music festivals for this year and that almost half of them are planning to visit more festivals scheduled for future dates. 

Aussies’ love of different kinds of music is the main reason for sold-out stadiums during music festivals. However, the love for attending music festivals is equalled by the desire to wear festival clothing in Australia. So whether your primary purpose for attending a music festival is to enjoy the music or to get a great Instagram photo, you should be careful in choosing the perfect festival outfit for you. So here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts to follow in planning festival clothing for you. 

Although people should be free to express themselves and be comfortable when attending music festivals, there are some fashion no-no’s that people should avoid wearing. 

Don’ts for women

  • Headwear. Headbands made up of flowers have long since been worn even during the first Woodstock happened. Flower crowns have been an essential part of festival clothing since the time of your grandparents, and therefore, it’s probably time to move on to a new trend. So instead of wearing a flower crown, why not wear a bandana instead? 
  • Fabric type. Australia is relatively warm throughout the year, and if you put thousands of people in a music festival event, it will be sweltering. So do not pick fabrics that are heavy such as suede, leather, or fur. Music festivals are also not the time to wear festival clothing with dense layering. If you must wear these heavy fabrics such as leather, keep them as a minimal part of your outfit, such as a leather tank, or incorporate them as part of your accessories such as your bags.
  • Footwear. Unless it’s a rock concert and leather boots complete your rock chick festival look together, avoid wearing footwear with heels. Heels will not be kind to your feet, especially if you have to stand on them for several hours during long music festivals. Wear footwear that will allow your feet to breathe and will enable you to go dancing. You may not have completed your planned clothing with rubber shoes, but you will surely have fun. 

Dos for women

  • Bum bags. You never know what can happen at a music festival or who you are going to see. A smartphone is a must-have for celebrations, and therefore, you’re going to need something to put your phone in when it’s not in need. Bum bags or cross-body purses will help keep your smartphones and other small items safe and secure. 
  • Shine. Complete your festival clothing by shining. Glitter up. Music festivals have a lot of laser lights that make your skin shine when they hit glitters. So show your sparkling personality during music festivals by literally sparkling. 
  • Fishnets. Although incorporating fishnets into your festival outfit may be risky, fishnets would match well if worn with ripped jeans or oversized shirtdresses. 

The above do’s and don’ts will help you plan the perfect festival outfit for you. However, if you’re not sure where to start, you can easily find shops that offer the best festival clothing in Australia. The clothes you wear ultimately depend on the genre of the event and how much fun you intend to have. 

We have all been guilty of impulsive buying at some point in our lives. Impulsive buying can make you waste your money, time, and effort. Poor buying decisions might look like a part of life but just like any other thing; you can learn from your mistakes and get more skilled at shopping.

Following tips will help you find the right clothing without spending fortunes.

  1. No occasion specific shopping please

You need to start from filling your wardrobe with essentials. You have got to have a good pair of jeans, some casual shirts, a couple of formal dresses, and some sweaters or cardigans for winters.

It is never a good idea to buy an expensive dress just for one specific event (unless that event happens to be your wedding). You will wear it in that particular event, but then it is never going to get out of the closet. Remember, versatility is not overrated and when it comes to fashion clothing, it is one of the wisest decisions to take. You should not feel bounded when you look at a dress about the number of places it can be worn at. Rather, you should have all the liberty in the world so you can enjoy your favorite dress to as many places you want and with as many styles you like. Furthermore, a versatile dress gives you a lot of room to bring forth your creative side.

Also, you can’t have a separate wardrobe for formal clothing that you wear to work. Therefore, versatile clothes will easily be styled to make them look more “office suitable”.

  1. Go for basics rather than trends

Your wardrobe should be tailored with your lifestyle and trends which do not compliment your style statement are not worth spending on. Trends are short lived and seasonal. It is wise to go for something that will last you long like black pants. Getting a good quality pair of pants is worth paying some extra bucks as you will need them every year. Therefore, sticking to basics unless you have a heavy bank account is a sustainable shopping behavior. Calm your urge to buy fast fashion by asking yourself whether I care more about my pocket or this timely trend that I am not going to wear on more than one occasion?

  1. Go for the one which has a lenient return policy

However, being a human, there is always a margin for wrong decisions made even after all the thinking process has taken place. Many retailers don’t accept an item back if it is not faulty. Here, you are left at his mercy to whether or whether not to allow you get your refund or let you exchange it with a piece of your choice. Therefore, carefully go through a store’s return policy before hitting the “add to cart option”.

  1. Don’t fall prey to bargains

Yes, we all are bargain hunters but some bargains are just useless for us as our wardrobe is not in a need of it at that time. Therefore, we have saved money to consign a cheaper designer piece in our closet and later give it away? Do not make the price tag a primary factor behind your purchase. When you look deeply into it, you realize buying fewer investment pieces is the ultimate sensible decision rather than having a wardrobe stocked up with cheaper pieces so that you get more chance of wearing what is going to last after several washes and wearing experiences.

  1. Look for comfort

You will never want to draw eyes to yourself with awe while you being waiting miserably to reach home and get in your most comfortable attire. You are not obligated to go behind the masses on the cost of your ease. Rather, take as long as you like to determine which dress is the best combination of style and comfort according to your lifestyle. You must have your accurate measurements by your side while making choices and must buy accordingly. The fabric should not be such that you usually don’t feel all relaxed in. Remember, you look the prettiest when you carry your whole look with confidence which can’t be faked for long if you are not feeling all yourself.

One of the sure-fire ways of building your business is by treating your customers like royalty. Without your customers, you would not have a business. Building your fashion line with consumers in mind will help you build a successful brand.

Care About the Needs of Your Customers

Taking care of customers after the sale is as important as making the sale. Consumers want to know that they have your attention when it comes to their concerns. In a world that demands screen and phone time, taking your eyes off the screen to listen to a customer shows that you care.

In the fashion industry, this may mean going into retail and talking to the customer. Showing respect for their concerns, addressing what they have to save, then implementing them is a great way to build your brand.

Ask Your Current Customers for Feedback

Customer feedback is information provided by clients or customers that tell you whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with in regards to your product. Improving the customer experience is made possible through feedback. Today, there are many means of obtaining input through the world of technology.

With the most common source of new business is referrals, your customers must be valued. It has been shown that highly engaged customers will buy products more often and spend more per transaction. Loyal customers are more relevant to growing a business than marketing. Repeat sales are the key to helping build your brand

Feedback can be obtained through surveys, monitoring of social media, and software to help gather that information. How is feedback used?

  •       Asking
  •       Categorizing
  •       Follow-up
  •       Implementing changes

Product issues, trends, and service issues can all be handled through feedback. In the fashion industry, you may also want to know how the product is holding up to wear.  Knowing what customers are saying about how something is made will help you make changes to your clothing line if necessary.

Utilize Fashion PLM Software for Retail

Product Lifecycle Management software (PLM) can help you get your newest fashions to market quickly. With the latest fashion trends hitting the market quickly, it can help to create excitement with consumers as new designs and patterns revitalize your line. To help the transition flow be more manageable, it is imperative that you invest in PLM for retail . PLM uses the technology of Silicon Valley combined with the flow of fashion.

What can this software do for you and your consumers? PLM for retail can help you in the planning of assortments as well as creating and sourcing products; it can also give you information that extends to the moment a consumer gets the product in their hands.

All types of retail business can benefit from PLM for retail; fashion and home furnishings can benefit from the management of products. The software makes bringing products to the market at a faster rate as it increases production success.

Consumer satisfaction has been aided through product-centered modules and apps that allow the building of customer intimacy.

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You have an all-important interview tomorrow. You open your wardrobe which is stacked with clothes up, down and center. You skip everything you see, and in despair, you tell yourself you have nothing to wear tomorrow. 

Sounds familiar? 

We have all been there. Having evergreen fashion staples in your wardrobe can solve your problem. These are garments that are versatile, fashionable, and can suit Mondays and Sundays and everything in between. 

Here is our list of every woman’s wardrobe must-haves: 

Black pumps:

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. 

-Marilyn Monroe

A workday or a night out with friends, you need shoes that make you look your best. Classic black pumps will serve you well for both formal and casual occasions. Slip them on with a floral skirt or black trousers; they go pretty well with everything you wear. 

Just make sure your pair looks neat and is comfortable on your feet if you plan to wear the shoes to work. No matter where you wear them, your black pumps will make you feel confident, trendy, and attractive. Moreover, black is a dominant color that will always look classy and fabulous. 

White t-shirt 

A lovely white t-shirt can save any day. Pair it with jeans for a casual outdoorsy look or put a blazer on and you are ready for work. White t-shirts give you practically unlimited pairing options and are a mandatory part of any complete wardrobe. 

T-shirts are super comfortable, and white gives you the option to wear endless combinations, be it with a jacket, jeans or under a power suit. They also keep you fresh in summer afternoons, which makes them a wardrobe essential you cannot miss. If you are looking for ideas to spice up your T-shirt collection, here is a tip to design your T-shirt. 

Black trousers:

Black trousers might be considered on the conservative side of fashion, but not many pieces of clothing come close to the versatility black trousers offer. They can be your go-to clothing base any day because of how easy they are to wear with other types and colors of clothing. 

Also, a sharp-looking black trouser will make you look appropriately dressed, nearly anywhere you go. They are the perfect piece of clothing from work to hangouts which makes them an excellent investment for any fashionable woman. 

Denim jacket 

A nice denim jacket is a timeless fashion piece. Slip it on any t-shirt, and you are ready for an evening with friends. Denim jackets are great for the light evening chill of spring and autumn. Unlike your other clothing item that needs to be crisp-looking all the time, denim jackets only get better as they age. 

Denim are a perfect intersection of fashion, convenience, and comfort. If it gets a little warm, unzip your jacket, and you can show off the trendy top you’re wearing inside. They are easy to layer up with and add the perfect finish to any outfit. 

Leather jacket 

One fashion staple you can never go wrong with is a leather jacket. While they break the wind and keep you warm, leather jackets are always in fashion. 

Take your pick of blacks or tans and see what suits you best. A beautiful leather jacket is a great way to look fashionable without worrying too much! This goes especially for big cities where fashion should always be on point. 

Why won’t you show off your beautiful leather jackets in new york and catch envious glances?

Simply pair the jacket over any t-shirt, don skinny jeans, and you are ready to go! Brown colored leather jackets never seem to go out of fashion. 

Leather jackets are also best at keeping you warm during winters without having to compromise on your fashion one bit. Since leather is exceptionally durable, investing in a nice leather jacket gives you a timeless piece of trendy clothing for a lifetime. 


Every lady needs scarves in her closet. Having a couple of scarves in solid colors can take your fashion game to a whole new level. Solid scarves work equally well with plain as well as patterned shirts. This gives you plenty of new pairing options by adding an easy to carry a piece of clothing. 

There are hundreds of ways scarves can be tied, which provides you with the chance to flaunt the same scarves in potentially endless ways. Scarves keep you warm during chilly and windy weathers and make you look good at the same time. Since scarves take center stage, they also eliminate the need to add other accessories. 

A black dress

A nicely fitted black dress is the answer to all the fashion problems a woman can have. It is a classic you can never go wrong with. If you are invited to a party or have to see friends for late drinks, pull out that black dress, pair it with your black pumps, and there is nothing more you can need. 

It looks elegant, makes you feel confident and is very easy to accessorize. It is the piece of clothing that goes everywhere with you, and not many pieces of clothing can serve you better than this. 

Red lipstick:

Some bold red lippy will never prove to be a wrong investment for a fashionable girl. Red lipstick is something that will instantly take your outfit to a 10/10. It does not matter which brand you pick or which store you buy it from, the shade of red is pretty much the same in every company. 

Last word:

When we say fashion, we immediately relate it with something coming from a high street. Fashion has been made to look expensive due to its high commercial value, but it does not have to expensive. If you are a smart girl, who knows what to buy and when you will look your best in any season of the year.

Bonus tip: look out for season end sales, mid-season sales, and online promo codes for your favorite items. Looking good does not have to come at a cost! 

Author Bio

Audrey Throne has an ongoing affair with the words that capture readers’ attention. Her passion for writing dates back to her pre-blogging days. She loves to share her thoughts related to business, technology, health and fashion. To date, she has given life to multiple worth-a-second-read pieces. Audrey is a fitness freak and loves to travel. When she isn’t writing, she takes her kayak and sails to discover more ecru and earthy tones.

The fashion industry is changing every day, and your business needs to know what changes it can make to remain competitive. Fashion was once something that you could only find in a store. However, now that fashion has gone online, everything has changed. You must learn about how the fashion industry is shifting so that you can shift with it. Each of the six pointers below can completely change how you manage a fashion business

Anyone Can Buy Fashion Online

It is easy to buy fashion online from an app or website. There are many places where you can make purchases, and you will discover that it is very easy for you to find clothing that you want. Designer clothes are everywhere, but these websites are changing so that you can buy the specific clothes you need.

Big Or Small: You Have Choices

The largest and smallest people out there can find clothes more easily than ever before. There are many stores that market specifically to big and tall men. Plus, there are many stores for women who are very small or need tailoring. You can get plus sized clothing for ladies, and you might even come across websites that sell only wide shoes. You can search for these stores online to see which ones sell the best products, and you can avoid spending too much at a local retailer.

You Can Measure Yourself

New technology in the industry is so powerful that you can actually measure yourself when you are buying your clothes. You can use your phone or tablet to take measurements, or you can buy customized clothes based on the measurements you enter into the system. These clothes are made to fit your body, and you can even enter extra information about the fit problems that you have mad. Once you get your clothes delivered, you have a grace period to try them on before you must keep them.

Clothing Rentals

You can rent clothing that you need for specific events, or you can rent clothing that is simply too expensive for you to buy. Plus, you can rent tuxedos for weddings or even wedding dresses. You can stay within your budget when you are wearing rented clothes, and you can have these items delivered to your door. You can measure yourself or use your mobile device to take the measurement, and you never need to go to a store to get measured or pick up the clothes you ordered. Also, you do not need to return anything to the store. You are provided with a shipping label that allows you to send everything back with no trouble.

Responsible Selling

A lot of companies on the market today are providing clothing or items to people in need based on the sales that they have made. When you make a purchase through one of these companies, the company will send clothing or accessories to people in need. You might shop with companies that do this specifically because that is what they do. You might also want to pay to send a few extra items to people that are in need. This is a very simple thing that companies do to make the world a better place, and you can be a part of it. This is a much better idea than giving to a charity or trying to send the items on your own. Plus, these companies send brand new clothes to people in need.

The Prices Are Lower

Prices in the fashion industry have been dropping as more companies use sustainable production methods. There are many companies that are using recycled materials to make their clothes, and there are many more that are recycling all the materials they did not use. The company can recover it own rainwater, not test on animals, and make a campaign out these things. If you are starting your own company, you need to have a mission that is focused on helping the plant and helping people. When you do this, prices will naturally drop because you are not spending so much money on overhead.

Honorary Mention: Anyone Can Design

Anyone can design their own clothes by making their own patterns online, choosing their own colors, and making items that they will not find in the store. The custom manufacturers that you run into might have the option to make your own fabric, design your own dress, or even make your own shoes. The more that a company can customize clothing, the more they will hold onto their customers.


The clothing industry is changing every day, and fashion businesses need to keep up. All the pointers listed above can be used to help your company progress into the future. Plus, you can create a mission of your own that helps your company stand out in the modern fashion world.

Everyone has a given curiosity in knowing what’s new in fashion. When you keep your wardrobe current by fitting in the latest trend inspired by celebrities of the glamorous world. Each year varying top stars and celebrities offer a general view on fashion through the media. Numerous magazines, media outlet, catwalk, and ramp walk all offer you with information on the latest fashion. In light the of this we are offering you the trend of spring in 2019;


Jeans has been part of the male and female fashion world for some time. This is because jeans are stylish and comfortable to wear. Jeans has various benefits; one of which is easy it offers to users in convening wallets, cell phones and other small accessories with the help of its pockets. Jeans are available in numerous size and colour and for every age group. Jeans come in, handed with t-shirts, tops, and jackets.


Skirts are trendy and classy because they are clothes that cannot be ignored. Girls look exceptionally stylish in skirts. Miniskirts are the most commonly wore kind of skirt. Skirts come in almost every size. Notably, various countries officially recognize skirts as a professional uniform dress for ladies. So in the light of these skirts is among the top fashion of spring for 2019.

Block print designs

Block print is now a notable trend in the fashion world, and highly noticeable in the various fashion brand. Block print comes in painted or hand drawing style. Block print adds a new flavour and fashion to our dress. Block print dress comes in handed when attending a party or regular event. These print designs are classy and elegant, and it gives a bold look, which we all need.


Shades have been in trend for some centuries now; shades protects its user’s eyes from sun rays while making them look classy in the process. Shades give you a modern and stylish look. Shades come in numerous styles and colours; for instance, the cat shape, rectangle shape, square shape, round shape and D shape, which is also available in varying price range. Shades have come to stay in the fashion world, and during the spring when they are used heavily, they give users funky or classy look; this, however, depends on what kind of glasses they are wearing. Everyone loves shades because of its multipurpose; which ranges from protection from UV rays to the classy looks it offers.


Tops are of recent fashionable and cool to wear. Tops look trendy and are available in various styles; such as the cut shape, frock shape, baggy shape, butterfly shape, and many more. Tops are of varying price range and diverse colours. You can pair your tops with jeans, skirts, and denim. The white tops and colourful flowery prints look excellent in summers, and it’s cute and trendy. It is a must wear fashion for 2019 spring.


Watches compliments the outfits of individuals who appreciate them. Watches come in varying designs and price range. Watches add class to your look and personality. Many brands are famous for their watches; for instance, Guess, Gucci, Calvin Kelvin, and many more. Watch is the best present to give on any occasion. Watches have come to stay in the fashion world, so therefore to have a complete look you have to compliment it with a watch. Watches give the wearer a sophisticated and brandy look and which suggest that you have a good sense of punctuality. We suggest you to visit Brandable’s website in order to choose the right watch for you, you won’t be disappointed!

Bucket Hat

The bucket hat is one of the hit lists to consider when going shopping. Bucket hats give you a stylish look and protect you from sun rays. It has various symbols on it; some of these symbols are logos, patterned or simple designs. It gives you a perfect summer look, and it looks very cool and stylish. The Bucket Hat is a must wear for spring, and it is something you cannot say no. This hat can be styled with long white tops and with skirts according to your choice. Sometimes, people also paired up this hat with a jumpsuit, and you can wear this hat when you go on a beach and a walk, and it is best for spring in 2019, and it is among the hit list.

Coloured Tartan

The leopard print has been trending for some times now in the fashion world; the leopard prints are used in famous fashion street not only in New York But also in London, Paris and many other countries. These editions are designed with the eye-catching colours that fascinate it, users and viewers. Leopard print jeans, jackets, mufflers, shirts, ladies tops all come in varying colours such as red, yellow, and blue and green.


The jumpsuit is very trendy because it is very comfortable and could wear to various occasions and gatherings. Flowery prints are worn to the beach events while decent and elegant prints are worn to parties. Jumpsuits are always in fashion, and they come in numerous designs and prints.

Above are all the trendy fashion of spring in 2019, so henceforth you can update your wardrobe with the outlined fashion trends.

Home improvements 1

Interior designing has become one of the essential matters before stepping into the house. The city dwellers exchange ideas from the expert designers for adding luxury to space.

Every one of you might have taken inspiration from your friends, neighbours, and even celebrities on the most trending interior decorations. But are you well-informed about the quality of the material?

One mistake in selecting the material can ruin the entire objective of your interior design. It is probably best to look for trending materials along with the design ideas. PVC foam board has the highest probability of sustenance in the market.

The perks do not end with durability, the board is easy to handle due to its lightweight and are offered in different shining colours.

Special Traits of PVC board

The fact is not hidden that the PVC Foam sheets are light in weight and easy to handle. Apart from this, the material has exponential ways of adding charm to any interior. To begin with, PVC sheets are designed in a manner that secures itself from any natural damage like scratches or corrosion.

People are coming up with very prickly interior ideas and sometimes their desire is to have window panels, table or kitchen deck in a specific shape. The only material that can be moulded, crafted as per the owners liking is; the PVC board.

The Onset of PVC in Interior Objects

One can probably design every nook and corner with PVC foam sheet to secure the house. However, do not go buying tons of PVC sheets just because they are durable and attractive.

It is best advised to look at correct use of the material depending on your lifestyle and house location.

A Kitchen Classic material

Not a single day would have passed when you won’t have stepped into the kitchen. Even if you did not cook a meal, the small routine tasks shall drive you inside. Perhaps, the kitchen is a place exposed to maximum risk.

Only PVC cabinets can save space from unnecessary stains. On top of that, this material is easy to work with. So, even if you encounter dirt, it wouldn’t be hard to clean. The cabinets in the kitchen can be surfaced with PVC sheets which can be designed, coated and painted in modern styles.

In the frames of Photos

PVC can add more strength and durability to the picture hanging on the walls of the rooms. The moulding feature of the material takes the limelight. With your unique shape and design, a whole new frame can be designed.

Artistic Wall Cladding

To separate one wall of the room is not very uncommon in the modern-age of the interior. Generally, the wall behind TV units is structured differently. PVC foam board is one among the unique concepts which can be cladded in different shapes and colours.

Some of the explicit interior ideas to go by with PVC sheet;

The dining furniture of your living room;

A durable bookshelf of the book lovers;

As a plank floor in the swimming pool;

In the signboards outside the house or office, etc.

An Overview of PVC perks

PVC has uncountable definitions of advantages. Starting from being a moisture resistant material to being a shield against fire PVC sheets are a good tool of security. List down your concerns and make sure all the fragile places in your home or office are equipped with PVC.

The world of fashion is ever-changing, with new trends emerging every year. However, when it comes to men’s winter jackets, there’s certain types which never go out of fashion. Here, we’ll look at some of the most popular coats and why they remain on top of the fashion trend list year upon year.

The puffer jacket

The puffer jacket has long been popular with adults. However, choose the wrong one and you’ll end up looking more like the Michelin man than a stylish trend-setter! The quilted puffer jackets tend to look more stylish as they don’t give you that full, bubble look.

It’s not hard to see why the puffer jacket has consistently made it onto the top winter coat list. It’s one of the warmest jackets you can invest in, it comes with plenty of pockets and is typically more waterproof than a lot of other winter coats. It’s especially ideal for walking the dog or heading off on a casual winter day out.

The leather jacket

If you’re looking for a fashionable winter jacket that will look equally as good on a night out as it does during the day, a leather jacket is what you need. They come in numerous different designs and it’s crucial you choose a good-quality leather jacket like the ones sold by Belstaff.

The reason leather jackets remain popular today is because they’re extremely stylish and they give off a real manly vibe. So, if you’re looking for a jacket that will impress, a leather one is a great investment.

The trench coat

Trench coats are considered a real classic when it comes to men’s outerwear. While they were originally designed to be worn by soldiers in the trenches, these days they’re the perfect winter coat to simply keep warm while looking stylish.

There’s a lot of different lengths and materials to choose from so it’s worth considering your needs before choosing the right one for you. The great thing about this type of coat is that it can be worn all year round and perfectly fits the unpredictable UK weather.

The parka

Another coat that’s been around since WWII is the parka. It’s still popular today due to its iconic, classic style and the fact that it’s also one of the warmest jackets around. They have a windproof, as well as a waterproof design, making them perfect for the British weather. As with the other coats on the list, the parka is available in many different designs.

So, if you’re on the lookout for another winter jacket and you want something that’s going to last you through the years, you’ll definitely want to consider one of the four jackets listed above.

Whoever you are and wherever you come from, chances are you at one point in your life have either owned a leather bag, or at the very least stood fantasizing over one in the shop window at your favorite store. From the rugged male “Indiana Jones” type of look that a leather bag can give a man, comes many different nuances when women wear leather bags. From sultry and sexy, to sweet and innocent, you can match a leather bag with virtually any look out there. This is just another reason why leather bags for women are so popular and always has been.

If you have not owned one yourself, then you almost certainly know someone in your close circle of friends who swears to a leather bag, and most likely she is wearing that 10 year old thing that just never seems to quit on her. And that last point is part of the reason why so many women love leather bags, they simply last you a lifetime, or almost.

So for this very reason, both people who are now now in the terrible situation that your beloved bag has finally carried your items around for the last time, or those who are looking to own their first leather bag should know a few tips and tricks to make sure the bag will last as long as possible.

So what should you look for in a bag?

There is no end to the many bags on the market today. Whether it’s a tote bag, a normal handbag, or something completely different, there are plenty of possibilities. Choosing the type is a matter of personal preference. However, there are a few things that you have to consider when choosing any new leather bag.

Easy accessibility

A handbag is usually opened with either one hand or two hand, and can oftentimes be put on a flat surface for easier access than say a rucksack. Any type of bag that is meant to be used of ten should therefore have a simple closure that is safe but not too difficult to open. Any potential zippers should lock and open easily, using only a single hand. The shutter straps that run across the bag must be sturdy but comfortable at the same time.

Organised space

The content of a bag, especially one that is to the larger side, tends to move around, especially when you move about, lean or bend over. A bag with inside and outside pockets, as well as zippered compartments keeps things in their place. This makes it not only easy to find just that one item you need, but it also prevents the bag from constantly sliding around the shoulder, due to the weight.

A good strap

Whether a leather bag is good or bad depends to a large extent on the quality of the strap for many different types of bags, unless of course they are handheld. On some bags, the shoulder strap is adjustable so that it can be extended or shortened as needed, if you prefer that method then fine, but with leather it can often be better to go with a single length.

A shoulder strap should also be as wide as possible for maximum shoulder comfort. A narrow strap will cut the shoulder under the weight of the full bag. A padded strap provides even better comfort, but with time a leather strap will also soften up.

Adriana Lima, Bella Hadid, Cara Delevingne, and Kendall Jenner are four of the most sought-after, well-known, and highly-paid supermodels in the world right now. They also have one other thing in common: they started modelling in their teens. As such, if you ask young aspiring models today who their inspirations are, chances are, you will hear one or more of these names.

If your teenage daughter also has dreams of becoming a supermodel, you can show your support and help mold her into the model she wants to be by signing her up with a reputable talent and modelling agency.

Picking the Cream of the Crop

Each city has its fair share of modelling agencies so that choosing the best one can prove to be difficult. But by asking the agents the right questions, you will have a higher chance of selecting a trustworthy agency that will only have your daughter’s best interests at heart.

When meeting with modelling agents, aside from helping your child prepare well to show off her modelling prowess and fashion sense, make sure you ask these important questions during the meet up:

1.     Does your agency have a licence?

All modelling agencies should have a business licence as proof that they are operating legally.

However, in some countries and states, modelling agencies also need to have a “talent agency” licence which the local department of labor or employment issues.

If you want to be sure your daughter won’t be handled by a shady, unscrupulous agency, during the meeting, ask the agents if they have all the right documents and licenses to operate. You can also request to see these permits or certificates if you want to see actual proof.

2.     How long has your agency been in business?

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workplace 1245776 640

The most reputable modelling agencies are the ones that have been in business for more than five years. Their longevity is an indication of their success.

Being around for a long time is also a good sign of an agency’s professionalism and their commitment to giving the best quality of service to both their clients and models.

3.     Do you require your talent to attend modelling school?

Some modelling agencies also offer modelling classes. Some also work in partnership with modelling schools. There is nothing wrong with having your daughter take up a modelling class with the agency or another school especially if she wants to and if you have the budget for it.

However, you and your daughter should never be forced to take up and pay for these classes.  If an agent says this is a prerequisite for all their models, it is best to look for another agency.

4.     What types of jobs do you usually book for your models?

To know if an agency can really help your daughter achieve her dreams of becoming a model, you need to know the types of modelling jobs they typically book for their talents.

Find out how many runway, editorial, commercial, and print modelling jobs they get for their models on a regular basis. If your daughter is interested in runway modelling, make sure the agency books these types of jobs regularly.

It is important that you take note of the agent’s answer to this question since this will help you and your daughter determine if the agency is the best one that will meet your child’s modelling goals.

5.     Who are some of your top and recurring clients?

Knowing the agency’s well-known and regular clients will also give you and your daughter insight into the quality and reputation of the agency.

In addition, by asking this question, you and your daughter will also get confirmation regarding the type of modelling jobs they usually get for their models.

6.     How much do you charge from your models?

In general, legitimate agencies make their money off commission. This means that most agencies do not charge sign-up and monthly fees.

Commission rates vary but most modelling agencies deduct 10% to 20% from what their models earn. This means that the agency will only start earning something once your daughter begins getting paid, too.

If you want to channel Yolanda Hadid and help your daughter be the next Gigi or Bella Hadid, finding the right modelling agency for your child is definitely a good start.


Adam Jacobs is the Managing Director of Bubblegum Casting, the longest running agency specialising in babies, children and teen talent in Australia. Bubblegum Casting works with some of Australia’s biggest brands, media properties and agencies to secure talented children to work in Television, Film and Modelling roles.

Plus sized women have always had a big problem when it comes to shopping for the right clothes. This was because the fashion world had this misguided idea that in order to look beautiful and sexy, you had to have a smaller body with just the right amount of curves in all the right places. As such, the best clothes were designed with this kind of body profile in mind and the rest of us would be lucky to find a single piece of clothing the stores that actually fit. But things have been changing over the last few years and the fashion world is beginning to accept the fact that Bigger is, indeed, Better.

The fact is that bigger women have more curves and can be made to look more attractive and sexy without too much difficulty. The key to looking hot and sexy as a plus sized woman is knowing exactly how to accentuate and show off the best parts of your body and, at the same time, be able to mask or disguise the parts of your body that you are not very proud of. So, for instance, if you have long, beautiful legs but too much fat around the tummy, you must dress in such a way that you get to show more of those legs but reveal very little about the tummy issues. Below are some useful tips on how to dress as a plus sized woman that if followed closely will get you looking hot and sexy in no time at all.

  1. How To Dress Your Upper Body

The upper body, in this context, refers to your arms and your chest. Dressing them up properly is important because they are probably going to be the first things that people will see when they meet you, after they see your face of course, and you want to make the best impression possible. Here are some tips that should help you do this.

Choosing a quality bra– the foundations for a sexy look are quality undergarments, starting with your bra. Most plus sized women are blessed with big busts and you can use that to your advantage. When choosing a bra, go for those with wide straps and whose centerline lies across your breastbone.  Make sure that the band does not ride up and lies parallel all around your chest. In addition, make sure that there are no gaps between the breast and the cup and that there are also no spillovers from the cups.

It is also important to think about the outfit that you are going to wear with the bra before you choose one.  If you are going to wear a dress with a cutout style or low back then you need a backless or low back bra. In the same way, a plunge cut bra will be good for a plunging neckline and a strapless bra will go well with a strapless dress or top.

Choose tops which skim your body– in order to get the best sexy, long lines for the torso, choose tops that fit you closely and do not actually hug the body but just skim it. Again you can take the chance to show off some of that beautiful bust by going with a plunging neckline. You can also show off more of your shoulder and neck with an off-the-shoulder dress or top which has the added advantage of directing more attention to your face and away from parts of the body that you might be trying to hide. A sweetheart or V-shaped neckline is also good for showing off more cleavage while at the same time elongating the body.

Go for sheer sleeves– if you are not too proud of the fat under your arms then going sleeveless might not be a good idea but if you have firm arms then you should definitely go for it. For the former, tops with sheer sleeves can have the same effect without actually showing off the fat around the arms.

  1. How To Dress Your Midsection

If you are like most plus sized women then your midsection is probably not very attractive so your priority here should be dressing to flatten it- or at least to make it look flat. You can get most of the clothes and accessories to help you do this from the plus size section at Jade Collections, which is one of the leading clothing store in the country, and buy them online directly or from any of the shop’s six outlets near you. When dressing your midsection, you should;

  • Look for garments with cinched waistlines- dresses and tops that nip around the waist are good for bringing out that sexy hourglass shape so go for them.
  • Go for stretch denim or curvy fit jeans and pants- these are good because they are able to accommodate a larger hip section and larger waist and the extra stretch brings out the body-hugging sexy look while still keeping you comfortable. You can also go for popular style pants such as jeggings, which have elastic waistbands even better curves and more comfort. For an even sleeker look, you can slim down your lower abdomen by going for high-rise or mid-rise fit.
  • Go for solid colours- if you want to downplay your midsection then you should go for darker, solid colours with smaller patterns. Vertical stripes or downward pointing geometric shapes can add an elongating effect to your midsection and therefore make it appear more flat.

  1. Accentuating Your Legs And Lower Section

Most plus size women usually have beautiful legs that are naturally sexy so there is not much work to be done here except to just try and accentuate them for an even sexier look. Here are some things you can try;

  • Go for slim cut or bootcut pants
  • If you are trying to slim some area of your hips or legs then go for dark wash jeans and for brighter colours if you want to accentuate.
  • Choose skirts with hemlines above the knee or just at the knee- these give the legs the most universally flattering look
  • Get dresses and skirts with lines or pleats falling vertically from the waist downwards to make your lower body appear longer.
  • Try high-low hemlines- longer at the back and shorter at the front, they allow you to show off your legs but still look properly covered up.
  • Try tights- if you want to show off your legs but are not comfortable with showing too much skin then you can go for tights. But not just the drab ones; get tights that have classic sex appeal such as thigh-highs, lace or fishnets.

Once you have done all the above, you can complete your sexy look by getting high heels that match your outfit. The heels will accentuate the lovely muscles and length of your legs and you should go for heels with pointed toes for an even more elongating effect. Try heels with a nude color, which are closely matched to your natural skin tone to make your legs appear even longer.

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Do you love to wear something that is trendy and has a little bit of traditional approach at the same time? If yes, then salwar suits are the best for you. Most women love these suits for the comfort, style, and trendy approach of salwar suits. But there are thousands of these available out there and so how will you be able to choose the best one. One important thing that you can do is to follow a standard approach when buying salwar suits. Here are some of the tips that will help you in this regard:

  • Your unique choice

The good thing about salwar suits is that many famous personalities also prefer to go with these and there is an increased demand for them. You will also see famous Bollywood stars donning these with style. However, the problem with this is also that most women blindly follow their favorite personality’s style. If you want to look gorgeous then the choice of material, color, pattern, and so on needs to be unique and perfectly suited only for your body type. So you need to spend enough time to look at the products and then select the one that is best suited for you.

  • Something that compliments you

You need to make sure that the fabric you go for and also the salwar type complements your body type. Usually, the salwars are effective in making you look slim but even a wrong choice here can turn the whole setup into a fashion disaster. So make sure that what you choose helps you in only enhancing your body type. Remember an important principle, you are not buying salwar suits to show how beautiful it is, but to complement and enhance your beauty.

  • Not something that is too tight

There is a wide variety of latest designer salwar suits available out there. So why compromise on the choice? Some women end up wearing too tight salwar suits and look plumper. If you are someone that is on the plumper side, make sure that you do not go for something that is too tight. Go for a pattern that is a bit loose and frilly as well. This will help you compliment your curves and beauty. Choose a pattern that is unique and perfectly matching to your body type.

  • Careful of certain fabrics

There are numerous fabrics available out there and not all of them may be perfect for your body type. Well, how do you really know? For example, fabrics like lycra stick to your curves and at times make them look really bad. So you need to avoid this fabric if you are not okay with it sticking to your curves. If you are okay with them sticking to your curve, then this fabric is perfect. You need to definitely avoid this if you have some extra skin around those curves. This consideration will help you enhance only the areas that you want to highlight.

  • Your comfort on top list

Yes, a beautiful design is important but your comfort is also another important aspect that you need to carefully check. If you are not careful with this consideration then you may miss out the whole plot. So when selecting the salwar suits you need to make sure that the fabric you choose will be comfortable on your skin. If you are not comfortable in what you wear, it will only make it seem as if you are trying too hard to look beautiful. However, it should be the other way around and looking gorgeous should be simple.

  • Choose the right color

Not all colors will suit all and so you need to be careful about the color you choose. If you end up choosing a color that is not matching with your skin tone then it will only prove to be a bad choice. So make sure that you keep your skin tone in mind when selecting the color, and only then choose the one that is best. In this way, you can get the color that is best suited for your personality and add that extra oomph factor in your style.

  • Try out the online option

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E-stores have made it possible to make your purchase at anytime and from anywhere. You can use the benefits of this feature. Almost anything is available online these days, and only if you are able to gain these benefits can you be sure of getting the best deals. The website provides a feature to choose the color, budget, and fabrics with ease. So you can benefit from this option and get the best effects in a long run. All that you need to do is to select the favorite product, and it will be delivered to your doorsteps.

  • Compare the cost

It is only if you compare the cost can you get the best product in the most affordable price. If you are able to spend time in this aspect, you can also buy more in less. Well, when it comes to designer salwar suits there are a wide range of these available. The price will also vary, and so it is important that you carefully compare the cost and only choose the product that is best suited for you.

As you keep the above points in mind, it will help you look your most stylish self in whichever occasion you step into. You can buy these suits for parties, daily wear, business wear, and so on. However, if you want to look unique and be your best in every occasion, you will need to make sure that the above mentioned aspects are carefully considered in your purchase decision. These facts are a guideline about what is available and also what is best suited for your personal needs. The time you spend in this aspect will help you get the best results in a long term.

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Following fashionable people is definitely not a new trend as people have been doing it for ages, it is only the medium that has now changed, or rather, evolved. While earlier, people would follow influential celebrities or fashion icons through different fashion magazines, today they do this through their social media accounts.

For today’s generation, fashion bloggers are a more relatable version of a fashion magazine, since they give a more personal insight into their lives. You can easily think of arguments against following fashion trends as such, but it seems that with bloggers it’s a different story. Here are some reasons why fashion bloggers are so important for today’s youth and how they influence them:

They’re Relatable

One of the most important reasons why people like following fashion bloggers is that many followers are able to somewhat identify with their everyday lifestyle choices, hobbies or other activities. Several people follow fashion bloggers who they can relate with in terms of their age, ethnicity or even size as they believe that by following them, they can learn to improve their own style too. For instance, there are a plus size fashion blogger, Tanesha Awasthi of girlwithcurvers is followed by more than 281 thousand people on Instagram. She’s a source of inspiration and confidence for curvy girls around the world.

They’re Trustworthy

For many fans, the bloggers they follow are the most authentic source of information that they trust. These bloggers provide their followers with reviews on different products or fashion trends and even tips or ideas on how to wear different outfits and their followers find these advices extremely helpful. In fact, a great percentage of people solely visit fashion bloggers websites to look for tips, hints or how-to-guides.

Dalal Al-Doub is one such example, a Kuwait based, hijabi fashion blogger who shares some incredible reviews on different beauty products along with make-up tutorials. Her followers completely trust her taste, which is why she has a following of 2.2 million people and counting!

They’re Not Just About Fashion

Fashion bloggers are not just about fashion but they have an influence on each and every aspect of their follower’s lives. They share pictures and descriptions of their house and their followers instantly want to redecorate their places, they share pictures of the food they’re eating and the followers start looking that place or those food items up for themselves, they share their travel stories and their followers start making plans of visiting that place, even if they share a picture of their shopping trip, their followers immediately start asking for details about where they went to shop and what they bought.

Leena Asad of withloveleena is just a 23 year old hijabi, followed by more than 490 thousand people, mainly because of her beautiful hijab outfits. However, this is not the only part of their lives that she impacts. She also provides inspiration to people on healthy eating and focusing on their studies and careers. She’s also a home influencer as every time she shares a glimpse of her apartment, wardrobe or even the bathroom, people can’t help but love it. She recently shared pictures of her new dining table and people immediately came up with words of admiration and tips of their own. So undoubtedly, fashion bloggers are influencing every aspect of their followers’ lives.

According to an independent survey in the UK, Millennials trust bloggers the most, after their family and friends, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that fashion bloggers have millions of followers that grow everyday. And this is not just a UK phenomenon, in Denmark, as one danish webstore experiences a great surge in people coming via blogs: “Blogging accounts for a large portion of our revenue now, and for good reason. People establish a bond with these bloggers who they have something in common with, so they are more believable.”

We truly hope that the strong influence that fashion bloggers have over the young generation continues to be a positive one and that it can be used for an even more positive impact on the world making it a better, and certainly more beautiful place 🙂