We have all been guilty of impulsive buying at some point in our lives. Impulsive buying can make you waste your money, time, and effort. Poor buying decisions might look like a part of life but just like any other thing; you can learn from your mistakes and get more skilled at shopping.

Following tips will help you find the right clothing without spending fortunes.

  1. No occasion specific shopping please

You need to start from filling your wardrobe with essentials. You have got to have a good pair of jeans, some casual shirts, a couple of formal dresses, and some sweaters or cardigans for winters.

It is never a good idea to buy an expensive dress just for one specific event (unless that event happens to be your wedding). You will wear it in that particular event, but then it is never going to get out of the closet. Remember, versatility is not overrated and when it comes to fashion clothing, it is one of the wisest decisions to take. You should not feel bounded when you look at a dress about the number of places it can be worn at. Rather, you should have all the liberty in the world so you can enjoy your favorite dress to as many places you want and with as many styles you like. Furthermore, a versatile dress gives you a lot of room to bring forth your creative side.

Also, you can’t have a separate wardrobe for formal clothing that you wear to work. Therefore, versatile clothes will easily be styled to make them look more “office suitable”.

  1. Go for basics rather than trends

Your wardrobe should be tailored with your lifestyle and trends which do not compliment your style statement are not worth spending on. Trends are short lived and seasonal. It is wise to go for something that will last you long like black pants. Getting a good quality pair of pants is worth paying some extra bucks as you will need them every year. Therefore, sticking to basics unless you have a heavy bank account is a sustainable shopping behavior. Calm your urge to buy fast fashion by asking yourself whether I care more about my pocket or this timely trend that I am not going to wear on more than one occasion?

  1. Go for the one which has a lenient return policy

However, being a human, there is always a margin for wrong decisions made even after all the thinking process has taken place. Many retailers don’t accept an item back if it is not faulty. Here, you are left at his mercy to whether or whether not to allow you get your refund or let you exchange it with a piece of your choice. Therefore, carefully go through a store’s return policy before hitting the “add to cart option”.

  1. Don’t fall prey to bargains

Yes, we all are bargain hunters but some bargains are just useless for us as our wardrobe is not in a need of it at that time. Therefore, we have saved money to consign a cheaper designer piece in our closet and later give it away? Do not make the price tag a primary factor behind your purchase. When you look deeply into it, you realize buying fewer investment pieces is the ultimate sensible decision rather than having a wardrobe stocked up with cheaper pieces so that you get more chance of wearing what is going to last after several washes and wearing experiences.

  1. Look for comfort

You will never want to draw eyes to yourself with awe while you being waiting miserably to reach home and get in your most comfortable attire. You are not obligated to go behind the masses on the cost of your ease. Rather, take as long as you like to determine which dress is the best combination of style and comfort according to your lifestyle. You must have your accurate measurements by your side while making choices and must buy accordingly. The fabric should not be such that you usually don’t feel all relaxed in. Remember, you look the prettiest when you carry your whole look with confidence which can’t be faked for long if you are not feeling all yourself.

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