You have an all-important interview tomorrow. You open your wardrobe which is stacked with clothes up, down and center. You skip everything you see, and in despair, you tell yourself you have nothing to wear tomorrow. 

Sounds familiar? 

We have all been there. Having evergreen fashion staples in your wardrobe can solve your problem. These are garments that are versatile, fashionable, and can suit Mondays and Sundays and everything in between. 

Here is our list of every woman’s wardrobe must-haves: 

Black pumps:

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. 

-Marilyn Monroe

A workday or a night out with friends, you need shoes that make you look your best. Classic black pumps will serve you well for both formal and casual occasions. Slip them on with a floral skirt or black trousers; they go pretty well with everything you wear. 

Just make sure your pair looks neat and is comfortable on your feet if you plan to wear the shoes to work. No matter where you wear them, your black pumps will make you feel confident, trendy, and attractive. Moreover, black is a dominant color that will always look classy and fabulous. 

White t-shirt 

A lovely white t-shirt can save any day. Pair it with jeans for a casual outdoorsy look or put a blazer on and you are ready for work. White t-shirts give you practically unlimited pairing options and are a mandatory part of any complete wardrobe. 

T-shirts are super comfortable, and white gives you the option to wear endless combinations, be it with a jacket, jeans or under a power suit. They also keep you fresh in summer afternoons, which makes them a wardrobe essential you cannot miss. If you are looking for ideas to spice up your T-shirt collection, here is a tip to design your T-shirt. 

Black trousers:

Black trousers might be considered on the conservative side of fashion, but not many pieces of clothing come close to the versatility black trousers offer. They can be your go-to clothing base any day because of how easy they are to wear with other types and colors of clothing. 

Also, a sharp-looking black trouser will make you look appropriately dressed, nearly anywhere you go. They are the perfect piece of clothing from work to hangouts which makes them an excellent investment for any fashionable woman. 

Denim jacket 

A nice denim jacket is a timeless fashion piece. Slip it on any t-shirt, and you are ready for an evening with friends. Denim jackets are great for the light evening chill of spring and autumn. Unlike your other clothing item that needs to be crisp-looking all the time, denim jackets only get better as they age. 

Denim are a perfect intersection of fashion, convenience, and comfort. If it gets a little warm, unzip your jacket, and you can show off the trendy top you’re wearing inside. They are easy to layer up with and add the perfect finish to any outfit. 

Leather jacket 

One fashion staple you can never go wrong with is a leather jacket. While they break the wind and keep you warm, leather jackets are always in fashion. 

Take your pick of blacks or tans and see what suits you best. A beautiful leather jacket is a great way to look fashionable without worrying too much! This goes especially for big cities where fashion should always be on point. 

Why won’t you show off your beautiful leather jackets in new york and catch envious glances?

Simply pair the jacket over any t-shirt, don skinny jeans, and you are ready to go! Brown colored leather jackets never seem to go out of fashion. 

Leather jackets are also best at keeping you warm during winters without having to compromise on your fashion one bit. Since leather is exceptionally durable, investing in a nice leather jacket gives you a timeless piece of trendy clothing for a lifetime. 


Every lady needs scarves in her closet. Having a couple of scarves in solid colors can take your fashion game to a whole new level. Solid scarves work equally well with plain as well as patterned shirts. This gives you plenty of new pairing options by adding an easy to carry a piece of clothing. 

There are hundreds of ways scarves can be tied, which provides you with the chance to flaunt the same scarves in potentially endless ways. Scarves keep you warm during chilly and windy weathers and make you look good at the same time. Since scarves take center stage, they also eliminate the need to add other accessories. 

A black dress

A nicely fitted black dress is the answer to all the fashion problems a woman can have. It is a classic you can never go wrong with. If you are invited to a party or have to see friends for late drinks, pull out that black dress, pair it with your black pumps, and there is nothing more you can need. 

It looks elegant, makes you feel confident and is very easy to accessorize. It is the piece of clothing that goes everywhere with you, and not many pieces of clothing can serve you better than this. 

Red lipstick:

Some bold red lippy will never prove to be a wrong investment for a fashionable girl. Red lipstick is something that will instantly take your outfit to a 10/10. It does not matter which brand you pick or which store you buy it from, the shade of red is pretty much the same in every company. 

Last word:

When we say fashion, we immediately relate it with something coming from a high street. Fashion has been made to look expensive due to its high commercial value, but it does not have to expensive. If you are a smart girl, who knows what to buy and when you will look your best in any season of the year.

Bonus tip: look out for season end sales, mid-season sales, and online promo codes for your favorite items. Looking good does not have to come at a cost! 

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