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You spend most of your time in your living room. You entertain your guest in your living room, and it is the right place for family entertainment. It maintains the right focus position for your spacious living room. The TV unit helps to keep your stuff organised with the storage space that comes along with the entertainment unit. Choose aesthetic models of TV units from Wakefit that never goes out of trend. Go for a TV unit design that syncs with other decors in your living room. Before diving into some of the trendy TV unit designs, here is a quick overview of the benefits of using a TV unit in your living room. 

Why You Need A TV Cabinet?

To Improve The Look Of Your Living Room: A TV cabinet is a focus of attention and must not fail to attract your guests. A well-designed TV unit can offer a luxurious look to your living room. Stylish TV units online makes your living room look elegant and esthetic. Give a sophisticated look to your home with a beautiful TV unit. 

To Provide Storage Space: A TV cabinet acts as a perfect storage unit. You store your digital equipment in a safe place. There are various types and models of TV units that come with excellent storage features. Use TV units with drawers, shelves, racks, etc., that offer extra storage space. You have separate storage options to arrange other multimedia devices.

To Optimize Space: An entertainment unit saves a lot of space in your living room. This is a perfect piece of furniture for a compact living room. It gives the required space to store most of the essential stuff in your living room. This keeps your living room clutter free and well-organized. This helps in maximising the space of your living room. 

Trendy TV Unit Design Ideas For Your Modern Home

Who does not love to make their living room look great with the right decor choice? Anchor the looks of your living room with stylish TV units. Look for TV unit designs that come with feature walls and storage cabinets. Here are some stunning TV unit designs that transform the looks of your home. 

Compact TV Units With Open Shelves: This is a perfect choice when your living room is quite small. The open shelves and drawers can be used for storage. This looks great for the living rooms, both small and big. 

Wall-Mounted TV Unit: Make your living room interesting with a TV wall unit. It does not take up much space. Use the vertical spacing in your living room wall to install this TV unit. Place free-standing stands on either side of the TV unit. Use this space for storage. Decorate it with lighting fixtures for an attractive look. Handless drawers add up to the storage space. 

Contemporary Modular TV Unit: Modular TV units are quite popular. This TV unit with storage is a budget-friendly option. Make your room look stylish with this simple contemporary TV unit design. It comes with both open and closed shelves for storage. The back panelling adds an extra charm to the TV unit.

Modern TV Unit With Wooden Accents: It is wall mounted TV unit with elegant wooden accents. Reapers and wallpapers add the right balance to the TV unit design. This TV unit in earthy tones makes it look class apart. Hidden storage is provided at the bottom of the TV unit. 

Trendy TV Unit With Fluted Panels: Give a grand makeover to your home with this trendy TV cabinet design. Here the television is wall mounted on fluted panels. This design makes the best use of the available space. The backlighting on the fluted panel improves the appeal of this TV unit. 

Wooden Television Unit: This minimalistic TV design would grab the attention of your guests. It comes with a  TV stand with storage features for placing your set-top box unit, video games console, and other digital equipment. Wooden shelves can be used to hide long cables, cords, and wires. The wooden finish gives a natural look to your entire living room. Make your living room extra spacious with this simple wooden TV unit. This chic design solid wood TV unit can spruce up your home for sure. 

Partitioning Entertainment Unit: This type of TV unit design serves two purposes. It works great as a TV unit and also as a partition to separate your living room and dining space. This sleek TV unit comes with wooden frames for the partition. Give a glamorous look to your living room with this classy TV unit. 

TV Units With LED Lights: Revamp your TV unit panel with vibrant LED light fixtures. The extra lighting adds drama to the overall design of your living room. Offer a royal touch to your entertainment hub with this bright TV unit design. 

Things To Consider Before Upgrading Your TV Unit

Check out the following before deciding on your TV cabinet design

Size of Your Living Room: Measure the dimensions of your living room. Work on the layout of the room. This can help to decide on the size of your entertainment unit. You may not go for a bigger TV unit when the living room size is too small. 

Style of Your Living Room: Get to know the aesthetics of your living room; purchase a new TV unit that syncs with the style and design of your living room. Go for a modern or simple TV unit based on the current style of your living room. Choose between open shelf type TV unit or wall mounted TV unit based on your taste. 

Functionality: Are you looking for extra storage options in your living room? Bring home a TV unit with extra storage features like cabinets, racks, shelves, etc. There must be enough space to store DVD players, speakers, centrepieces, gaming consoles, books, etc. 

Make your living room profound with the above ideas. Glam up your entertainment centre with a stylish TV unit. This transforms the overall look of your living room, and it reflects the beauty of the entire interior design. Modern TV units add a spell of elegance to your living room.

If you are reading this blog then for sure you like to use your tv aerial set up for the smart TV. If you can read the title of the blog then it is obvious you are looking for just straightforward answer that is yes or no, then how there is a blog on the simple question. Actually the straightforward answer is not enough for this question. So I want to share some useful information with you so how you could learn more about the tv aerial and the smart tv

If you don’t have a TV antenna or tv aerial installation and want to watch Freeview in the UK or Soar view Ireland via your new digital Smart TV connected to the internet via WIFI or Ethernet cable. I’m afraid you can’t do it. Freeview is a service that offers live TV through a TV antenna and is not yet available on the Internet. The same applies to Freesat TVs without a satellite aerial connected. The live TV function was not working.

 What you will be able to do is watch television to catch up or television on demand. Depending on the TV you have, the services you can receive will differ. Most smart TVs in the UK will have BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and 5OD, often alongside services like YouTube and subscription services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The offers are not always the same, but we are reaching a point where most new TVs offer all of the above services, but don’t assume that because your TV is “smart” you will be able to receive them. all. . I once had one of the first Sharp smart TVs that didn’t have an iPlayer, so the customer couldn’t get it. I had a job explaining it to him!

It is also worth mentioning that many of the smart TVs available with integrated Freesat and satellite tuners use the Freesat platform for their smart TV portals. As there was a dispute over the transport rates that Channel 4 had to pay the BBC and ITV to broadcast on Freesat, Channel 4 removed All 4 from the Freesat platform, as well as Channel 4 HD. This means that if you have one of these TVs, even if all 4 appear in your apps, you will not be able to receive it.

If you are fond of surfing the internet, then you must have had to put up with annoying adverts that keep coming now and then. This adware that keeps popping up on your screen are sometimes so irritating and could leave you with a horrible experience on the internet.

If you keep facing this problem, then you need to look for the best way of making sure you remove this problem from your computer system. The adware is so dangerous and complicated to remove at the same. The fact that the removal of noad variance tv is more complicated calls for more ways of removing the adware. 

The adware builds itself into your system, and when it does, it moves on to extract essential information from the files in your order. To remove this noad variance tv, you need to start by removing the program itself from your system. Removing this program is relatively easy and will take you a shorter period to do this.

To carry out this process, you have to access the control panel by clicking the start menu, which has its location on the left-hand corner.  This panel gives you the option of installing and uninstalling programs from your computer. Once you are on this screen, look for the noad variance TV or any other thing that is related to the noad variance tv.

Once you highlight the noad variance tv, you now need to move and uninstall the variance by clicking the uninstall button. Once you remove the adware, you must make sure you clean your system using the Adwcleaner. If you do not have the program, you can download it to your system. 

Once you download and successfully install the cleaning tool open and click the scan button on the tool on your screen. Once you click on the search button, the toll will move to search your entire system revealing all the harmful programs automatically. Once completing the search, the system will reveal what it has found in your system.

Once you have this information, move on to clean your system thoroughly. The tool provides you with an option of cleaning your system. You need to go to the system and click on the clean choice and initiate the cleaning process. 

You need to know that the adware does not just build itself in the system alone. It also builds itself in the browser as well. To remove the adware from your browser, you need to use an application tool that is also downloaded as well. 

Once you download the application, you need to install it on your computer. Once you have the application properly in your system, click on the sfx.exe. If the program is working well, you need to determine which browser you need to clean. Once you have identified the right browser, you need to click on the Reset settings.


Variance tv can sometimes be very annoying on your computer; the only way to deal with this problem is to get rid of it on time. There are so many ways of doing this, and it will only take you very little time. The factors mentioned above are some of the methods you can use to remove variance tv from your phone.

Despite all of the talk about people not watching TV anymore, tens of millions of people tune into broadcast stations’ primetime hours every year. Among the reasons why networks like ABC, CBS, and others get so much love is because consumers don’t have to be cable subscribers to enjoy those network’s content.

Broadcast stations are sent into consumer’s homes over radio frequencies which get picked up by household antennas. If you’d like to enjoy free television via that means, installing an outdoor TV antenna is a great way to achieve that end.

Below, we step you through practical tips that’ll help you get your TV antenna mounted effectively and working well. Keep reading to start enjoying free entertainment!

See Which TV Stations Are Available to You

Your ability to get the most out of your outdoor TV antenna comes down to which stations broadcast in your area. The more isolated your home is, the less likely you’ll be able to pick up signals.

Using online tools like “Channel Master” can help you discover broadcast stations that service your postal code and how far away they are. The further away TV towers are from your home, the higher range antenna you’ll need to pick up usable signals.

Mount Your Antenna and Face It Towards Towers

When you buy an outdoor TV antenna, it’ll likely come with a mounting kit. Follow the instructions of your kit carefully to avoid having to redo the job. Also, review the safety guidelines for roof working to ensure your job gets done safely.

The positioning of your antenna on your roof can have a huge impact on your ability to receive signals. We recommend figuring out where your favorite TV station’s towers transmit from and pointing your antenna in that direction for best results.

There are online services you can use to find broadcast tower locations in your area.

Pick up a Convertor Box

Most outdoor antenna’s cables won’t feed directly into your television. You’ll likely need a converter box that’ll sit by your TV set and get your signal ready for consumption.

Digital converters come with several features that can enhance your viewing experience, depending on the kind you pick up. Some even have DVRs built into them.

Take time to research converter box options to find the perfect one for your needs.

Amplify Your Cables

Roof antennas typically have long cords. If your cord is over 100 feet long, consider getting a “juice” adapter that will amplify your signal so it doesn’t lose potency as it travels from your antenna to your TV.

Quality devices used to amplify signals through long cables usually run just under $100.00.

Call in a Pro

If you’re struggling to get your antenna mounted or your picture quality right, find out more about the benefits that calling in a pro can provide. With the help of a professional, you can be sure that your outdoor TV antenna will be set up safely and seamlessly.

That way, you can focus more on watching TV and less on doing work.

An Outdoor TV Antenna Lets You Circumvent Costly Cable Set-Ups

For those of you that love watching network television and hate paying cable bills, picking up an outdoor TV antenna is a great way to consume all of the content you love without the price tag.

We hope our topical guide on outdoor TV antenna installation helps you get the most out of your project and we welcome you to learn more about the best TV antenna technology on our blog.

You don’t have to treat your TV stand as any old boring piece of furniture. TV stands today come in variety of designs and can be customized to fit your tastes and style. Make it fit with the whole space surrounding the TV. If you are a creative person and want to compliment your living decor with a TV unit, then practically anything can be magically turned into an attractive and cool TV stand.

These days there are an endless number of TV stands that can be refurbished to give your home an added value. However, to make the TV stand a part of living décor, it is important to use your creativity! You can implement decorative ideas that turn a house into the home of your dreams!

We’re not talking about bedazzling your stand, we’re talking about real, simple, crafty techniques! If you’re looking for a few ideas for your TV stand, here are the coolest ways you can make the area around your television unique!

A Whole New Look  

As television technology continues to improve, it is important that you upgrade your TV stand along with it as well. Investing in a well-designed and crafted TV stand to enhance the overall décor of the living room is a great idea. There are a few ways you can elevate the look of the entertainment area with drawers, shelves, and glass displays.

A TV stand equipped with some sort of glass display will add some aesthetics to the room. You can easily place knicks and knacks from your travels safely behind the glass. Additionally, you can opt for a few fancy drawers and cabinets to keep sound systems and other gadgets, such as headphones and the TV remote. Not only can having a well-crafted display case or shelf add some sort of appeal to your living room décor, but it can also be practical!

Your entertainment essentials can also become a part of the living room design. This can include floating shelves for your sound system, open and closed shelves for your Blu-rays and DVD’s, and even small cubbies for your Blu-ray players! Essentially, you can make your room synchronized without getting rid of any of your favourite accessories.

Blend It Into the Walls!

Another excellent idea that you can utilize, is to blend your TV stand with a cabinet system, or floating on a decorative wall. You can simply opt for a TV stand designed with little shelves and cabinets so that the television looks like it is a part of all of your favorite trinkets! This enables the TV stand to be beautiful piece of furniture that displays not only your TV, but all of your art and picture frames!

You can also look to install leek wall-mount shelves around a wall-mounted TV. They are quite stylish and require minimum floor space. They also allow the focus to be more on the wall, rather than a giant piece of furniture!

Popular DIY and decorative trends include placing your television on a wall-mount while focusing the eye towards the wall itself! Perhaps putting some wood panels, some fascinating wallpaper, or even painting a mural on the wall! This makes it so the TV becomes ingrained with everything that is happening around it, rather than be a focal point!

Green Display

To coordinate your entertainment area with your living room décor, you can opt for a green display corner. This can be done using smart indoor plants that don’t clutter your space! They will add plenty of greenery, as well as freshness to the living room.

However, it is important for the homeowners to exercise some caution while positioning the plants because there is always the possibility of moisture as well as the water doing some sort of damage to the electronic equipment in the long run.

Update the TV

Your home is your sanctuary, so making your television and entertainment system an integral part of your home’s style is a MUST! Whether you’re making a green space, or focusing on the wall art, these ideas will certainly help to make your TV a fundamental part of your home décor!

Mounting your flat screen TV on the wall is one of the best hacks you can incorporate into your living room design. So if you want to learn how you can mount a TV on the wall you have at home, read on!

With your flat screen TV mounted on a wall, everyone will have a full view of the show or movie. Your living room will also be more spacious to accommodate other pieces of furniture if you simply have your television attached to the wall and do away with a space-eating TV rack.

Avoid mistakes when you mount a TV on the wall

Mounting your television on the wall, though, is not that easy, having to drill some holes and install the brackets. To avoid damaging your expensive digital TV, you have to go through the installation process carefully. You also need to avoid making these common DIY TV wall mounting mistakes:

1.    Not choosing the best location on the wall

When installing the brackets, don’t just place them anywhere on the wall. You have to be extra careful about placing them too high. This is because fastening your flat screen two metres or more above the floor will give viewers stiff necks and shoulders.

To have the perfect viewing experience, your television has to be installed at a level that does not require you to crane your head in any way. Mounting it at the right height will also allow everyone to have a better view of the screen.

2.    Failing to secure the bracket safely on the wall

Before installing the bracket, you have to know the type of wall you have, what’s behind the drywall, and where the studs are. There will be instances wherein you can’t use the studs and, as such, you will have to use a technique to secure the bracket on the wall securely.

In addition, you have to ensure you will use the right drywall anchors. They have to fully support the weight of your TV especially if your drywall is already quite old.

If you don’t know how to check the load-bearing capacity of your anchors or toggle bolts, it is best to have your television installed by experts. They can check your wall and employ the best strategy to ensure your device won’t crash to the floor.

3.    Selecting the wrong wall mounting bracket

Wall mounting brackets are graded depending on the size and weight of the device they can carry.  It is, therefore, important that you choose one that is strong enough for your particular screen.

In addition, before buying a bracket, decide beforehand if you want a full motion type or just a regular tilting one. If you plan on mounting the TV into a corner, you may have to purchase a specially-designed wall mount.

4.    Not using the right tools

When installing the bracket, use an electric drill. It is also important that you drill the correct size of the holes. When you mount a TV on the wall, it needs to be securely fit. Not only so you don’t damage the TV, but also so that nobody gets hurt if it should drop. Having the right tools is important for this.

Also, avoid drilling holes in the wall that are too big for the cables to run through. Pests such as termites, ants, spiders, roaches, and other small insects can use them as entryways.

In addition, make sure you only use rawl bolts, self-tapping screws, and plastic drywall anchors. Never use ordinary nails or steel nails since they tend to break and cause your expensive TV to fall to the floor.

5.    Stretching the cables that connect to the TV

Do not stretch the cables that will go into the TV. Stretching these cables will damage them and, in some cases, rip the ports off the motherboard. As such, during installation, have long RCA, HDMI, and power cables handy to replace the short ones.

Also, if you have successfully mounted the TV on the wall but the available space does not permit inserting the cables, do not try and bend the screen. Unhook it first and insert the cables. If necessary, use the cable management tools provided with your device.

6.    Not calibrating the picture and sound after installation

Lastly, with the TV hanging and no longer standing on a solid base, there will be changes in the picture and sound quality. Start by changing the sound configuration settings. Don’t forget to change the brightness and colour “temperature” settings as well to improve the picture quality.

Hiring pros to mount your TV to a wall is the easiest way to avoid these mistakes. With their help, you will enjoy a wonderful viewing experience every time you turn on your television. You will avoid damaging your home and expensive TV, too.

If you are unsure about mounting your TV to the walls of your home, you have come to the right place. In this guide we will help you and make sure you make the right choices.

Selecting a height for your TV

You should always make sure that you choose a height which appropriately fits your comfort. This is essential, otherwise one would have to stretch their necks to make sure that they can see the screens properly.

Any sort of discomfort should be avoided, because people usually watch TV for more than an hour, therefore long hours of discomfort only lead to serious health problems.

Make sure to get a customized setup which is made according to the height of your eye level and also the central portion of your television should not be too far above from your line of sight.

Mounted TV vs TV Stand

Having a good wide-screen TV doesn’t solve all your worries about your viewing pleasure. After buying a great TV for themselves, one has to also worry about a significant detail: Where to keep their brand-new TV.

For this purpose, a TV stand is another possible solution since it can not only help you keep your TV but also provide you a lot more. So, let’s find out how to select a good TV stand.

Perfect fitting TV stand

Make sure that the TV always fits the cut on the stand; the device should not be protruding out or too small for the stand. The stand adds a lot of aesthetic value to the room which should not be ruined by the irregular size of the TV. The stand needs to be capable to hold the TV’s weight and support it without any movement.

Fit the aesthetic of your room

The TV stand should not stand out in a bad way and ruin the overall aesthetic of the room. If your room has some architectural problems which disable you to put up a TV, then you can always opt for a fully customized stand that fits and works around the defects in your room.

With the advent of modern furnishing, one can easily integrate their TV stand with various other furniture. The best TV stands provide customizations where you can integrate a TV stand in a wardrobe design. Such a design would perfectly fit a bedroom and bring immense functionality along with it.

Selecting a style of TV stand

With the wide variety of styles that are available to one when selecting TV stand designs, they have to be careful not to select a design which acts counterproductive. Don’t over-experiment with style too much; it will only lead to confusing and ugly designs. It is highly advisable to stick to a single aesthetic that attracts you the most.

Material selection for your TV setup

Be sure to select a material which suits your needs the best and provides you a long-lasting experience. Going for particle-board is a cheap option, but it won’t last you long. Wood and glass are the best materials to use.

Optimized Storage

Choosing a TV stand with storage will help you keep your TV, and it’s parts like DVD players, set-top boxes and other such parts, organized.

Hopefully, these six tips have helped you understand better on how to select a good TV stand. And now you can finally have the best viewing experience with your TV.

At the end of the day you need to be in a relaxed position to release stress therefore it is imperative to select the right type of television stand with multiple adjustability.

Mount TV above Fireplace

On the off chance that you are searching for a wellspring of warmth sparing warmth, you should search for electric chimney TV stands, in addition to the fact that they look incredible they can truly integrate the room. It will never work with a conventional chimney.

Things will get hot! What an extraordinary method to add a point of convergence to any room. These kinds of chimneys enter the vast majority of the first chimneys, which just fit in the chimney territory.

You will locate that a considerable lot of them offer such extraordinary advantages to customary chimneys. You have a wellspring of warmth that you can control. You can really kill the warmer on or. The decision is yours.

Think about it. The fireplace. What an incredible spot to have your new top quality TV. There will be a lot of room for close by sound beneficiaries and link or satellite beneficiary segments. Simply think about a relaxation place worked in an electric chimney with negligible support. It is best way to get the fireplace tv stand from here and cheap as well.

You are not constrained to your lounge room 

These cool TV stands look extraordinary in any room of the house and on the off chance that you get exhausted of it in one room; you can simply move it to another room. At that point a TV stand electric chimney looks incredible as well as spares huge amounts of space and you can take it with you! Attempt this with a conventional chimney.

Entryway resembles

Chimney entryways are a significant part of any home chimney and it doesn’t make a difference what material was utilized. Obviously well being starts things out and having a chimney entryway resembles a boundary among yourself and your chimney.

With regards to review, there are a lot of styling styles accessible for you to look over and you can decide to have an instant house keeper at your nearby home gracefully store or modify it exactly as you would prefer.

Fundamental guidance

To accomplish such an indoor completion, the produced power will assist with fortifying and balance out the composition procedure as a sort of sealant. As referenced above, the outcome will be fundamentally more grounded and more excellent completion when contrasted with the method utilized a couple of years back.

TV stand ground practices

This will be the main stage wherein the makers will take the ground particles of the shade just as the tar and accuse it of power. These particles will at that point be accused of power and later they will remain together.

This electrically charged blend of oil and pitch will at that point be showered on the completed stack entryways which will at that point be set in the stove to help with covering if there should be an occurrence of smoothing the broiler.

As should be obvious, there are numerous means engaged with setting up an entryway. So it isn’t astonishing that these entryways are as solid and high caliber as they seem to be.

For the first time, the Nigerian Kano State Government launch “Doing Business in Kano” a monthly TV series that showcase the Nigerian state government transformation to ease doing business and support entrepreneurship climate in the state.

Doing business in Kano” TV series would be interviewing entrepreneurs and business people on the various initiatives of the state government to support entrepreneurship. The TV series would be streaming live exclusively on Neur TV Channel 109 on Entertale.

“Doing Business in Kano” Is an initiative of Mr. Salihu Tank Yakasai, The Special Adviser to Kano State Government on New Media “We are thrilled to partner with Entertale, to showcase business and investment opportunities and our rich cultural heritage of Kano state to international
investors and African audience around the world.”

The “Doing business in Kano” would show potential international investors the peaceful business environment, different reforms and the
the readiness of the state government to grant land and tax incentives to would-be investors in the state to revolutionize agriculture and promote investments in various sectors.

The Kano State Governor Abdullahi Ganduje said “We have decided to make land acquisition very easy and speedy. A lot of red-tapisms and a lot of bureaucracies and we decided to replace that ministry with the Bureau for Land Management. Kano is working to boost both the Nigerian
economy and the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)”.

Gaia Giordani, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Entertale “Our Partnership with Kano state government to showcase the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises sector and an estimated 1.6 million businesses and enterprises across all economic activities in the state is at the core of Entertale mission of promoting African business and investment opportunities around the world”.

As at 2017, Kano state has the second largest population in Nigeria with an estimation of 16 million inhabitants that are mostly young, agile and sustainable workforce with 50 percent of the population between 15 years and 64 years, and 47 percent under 15 years. The total state GDP is put at $12.393 billion, per capital is $1.288.

Knowledge is always very critical, and I have always been intrigued by what happens in that part of the world wondering there has to be more than just the poor rhetorics you hear over and over on media. Heard about this from one of my kid’s friend and was going to check it out.

Having been in the media publishing business for 22 years, I know committing to TV format and movies at the same time is a difficult task for Big companies like Sling or Hulu both of which I own an account. But this company, Entertale, is proving a robust African institution with its vision of being the future of African TV.

Africa is chasing the world and very slow at it. Linear TV is still a huge deal over there, but with the most populated number of youth and quick adaptation to technology, the gamble might be the right one for the social TV network. Over two decades, we have seen Television grew as a medium and the rise of shows that can compete with or surpass any film regarding narrative complexity and visuals. But almost no one watches television in 2018; they watch TV while they check their email, or update their Facebook, or play Candy Crush and this is where Entertale will flourish. Also check these websites for watching unblocked full movies for free.

The more tale one consumes on the platform; the more one becomes convinced they are being designed specifically for this type of audience in mind and also for someone like me. The company knows the direction young generation consumption is going to play – our iPads at the hotel or the road, home to families with wandering eyes, and not in darkened cinema free of diversions.

Some of the TV channels are from youtube but who cares really and how is that a big deal as it is the same channels and the problem of easy discovery is solved. “You will see a few things you will enjoy, every time” one must concede. “and it’s an addition to what I have – a good one indeed. And if you think I exaggerate, I only ask you to try it.”

If the $8 million covers are by any chance is true, by the end of this calendar year, Entertale.com will have 250 movies, and TV shows added content arsenal available on its live streaming TV service. You could cancel cable, stop going to the movie theater, throw away your television, and still have hours of new content to watch every single night you get back from work all year round and its African!