Despite all of the talk about people not watching TV anymore, tens of millions of people tune into broadcast stations’ primetime hours every year. Among the reasons why networks like ABC, CBS, and others get so much love is because consumers don’t have to be cable subscribers to enjoy those network’s content.

Broadcast stations are sent into consumer’s homes over radio frequencies which get picked up by household antennas. If you’d like to enjoy free television via that means, installing an outdoor TV antenna is a great way to achieve that end.

Below, we step you through practical tips that’ll help you get your TV antenna mounted effectively and working well. Keep reading to start enjoying free entertainment!

See Which TV Stations Are Available to You

Your ability to get the most out of your outdoor TV antenna comes down to which stations broadcast in your area. The more isolated your home is, the less likely you’ll be able to pick up signals.

Using online tools like “Channel Master” can help you discover broadcast stations that service your postal code and how far away they are. The further away TV towers are from your home, the higher range antenna you’ll need to pick up usable signals.

Mount Your Antenna and Face It Towards Towers

When you buy an outdoor TV antenna, it’ll likely come with a mounting kit. Follow the instructions of your kit carefully to avoid having to redo the job. Also, review the safety guidelines for roof working to ensure your job gets done safely.

The positioning of your antenna on your roof can have a huge impact on your ability to receive signals. We recommend figuring out where your favorite TV station’s towers transmit from and pointing your antenna in that direction for best results.

There are online services you can use to find broadcast tower locations in your area.

Pick up a Convertor Box

Most outdoor antenna’s cables won’t feed directly into your television. You’ll likely need a converter box that’ll sit by your TV set and get your signal ready for consumption.

Digital converters come with several features that can enhance your viewing experience, depending on the kind you pick up. Some even have DVRs built into them.

Take time to research converter box options to find the perfect one for your needs.

Amplify Your Cables

Roof antennas typically have long cords. If your cord is over 100 feet long, consider getting a “juice” adapter that will amplify your signal so it doesn’t lose potency as it travels from your antenna to your TV.

Quality devices used to amplify signals through long cables usually run just under $100.00.

Call in a Pro

If you’re struggling to get your antenna mounted or your picture quality right, find out more about the benefits that calling in a pro can provide. With the help of a professional, you can be sure that your outdoor TV antenna will be set up safely and seamlessly.

That way, you can focus more on watching TV and less on doing work.

An Outdoor TV Antenna Lets You Circumvent Costly Cable Set-Ups

For those of you that love watching network television and hate paying cable bills, picking up an outdoor TV antenna is a great way to consume all of the content you love without the price tag.

We hope our topical guide on outdoor TV antenna installation helps you get the most out of your project and we welcome you to learn more about the best TV antenna technology on our blog.

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