You don’t have to treat your TV stand as any old boring piece of furniture. TV stands today come in variety of designs and can be customized to fit your tastes and style. Make it fit with the whole space surrounding the TV. If you are a creative person and want to compliment your living decor with a TV unit, then practically anything can be magically turned into an attractive and cool TV stand.

These days there are an endless number of TV stands that can be refurbished to give your home an added value. However, to make the TV stand a part of living décor, it is important to use your creativity! You can implement decorative ideas that turn a house into the home of your dreams!

We’re not talking about bedazzling your stand, we’re talking about real, simple, crafty techniques! If you’re looking for a few ideas for your TV stand, here are the coolest ways you can make the area around your television unique!

A Whole New Look  

As television technology continues to improve, it is important that you upgrade your TV stand along with it as well. Investing in a well-designed and crafted TV stand to enhance the overall décor of the living room is a great idea. There are a few ways you can elevate the look of the entertainment area with drawers, shelves, and glass displays.

A TV stand equipped with some sort of glass display will add some aesthetics to the room. You can easily place knicks and knacks from your travels safely behind the glass. Additionally, you can opt for a few fancy drawers and cabinets to keep sound systems and other gadgets, such as headphones and the TV remote. Not only can having a well-crafted display case or shelf add some sort of appeal to your living room décor, but it can also be practical!

Your entertainment essentials can also become a part of the living room design. This can include floating shelves for your sound system, open and closed shelves for your Blu-rays and DVD’s, and even small cubbies for your Blu-ray players! Essentially, you can make your room synchronized without getting rid of any of your favourite accessories.

Blend It Into the Walls!

Another excellent idea that you can utilize, is to blend your TV stand with a cabinet system, or floating on a decorative wall. You can simply opt for a TV stand designed with little shelves and cabinets so that the television looks like it is a part of all of your favorite trinkets! This enables the TV stand to be beautiful piece of furniture that displays not only your TV, but all of your art and picture frames!

You can also look to install leek wall-mount shelves around a wall-mounted TV. They are quite stylish and require minimum floor space. They also allow the focus to be more on the wall, rather than a giant piece of furniture!

Popular DIY and decorative trends include placing your television on a wall-mount while focusing the eye towards the wall itself! Perhaps putting some wood panels, some fascinating wallpaper, or even painting a mural on the wall! This makes it so the TV becomes ingrained with everything that is happening around it, rather than be a focal point!

Green Display

To coordinate your entertainment area with your living room décor, you can opt for a green display corner. This can be done using smart indoor plants that don’t clutter your space! They will add plenty of greenery, as well as freshness to the living room.

However, it is important for the homeowners to exercise some caution while positioning the plants because there is always the possibility of moisture as well as the water doing some sort of damage to the electronic equipment in the long run.

Update the TV

Your home is your sanctuary, so making your television and entertainment system an integral part of your home’s style is a MUST! Whether you’re making a green space, or focusing on the wall art, these ideas will certainly help to make your TV a fundamental part of your home décor!

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