IPTV is the modern technology platform where people are enjoying their TV shows, movies, seasons and favorite channels. It is actually the modern version of digital cable. Before digital cable people were used to the dish or antennas for the TV channels, but as the time passed and day by day the new technology is taking place, now people are moving towards smart TVs for the TV channels and TV shows. Now this is the IPTV (Internet Protocol Television). In this technology the internet is used for providing TV channel facilities. If we compare the IPTV with the ordinary digital cable platforms then the IPTV has plenty of features.

In IPTV you can get all TV shows (seasons in different languages), TV channels (available in different genres and categories), sports channels and entertainment (movies and gaming etc). For using the IPTV you must have the internet connection at your place, nowadays the Internet service providers (ISPs) are also offering the facilities of IPTV and you need to pay the combined bill of the Internet and IPTV. The one more extraordinary feature of IPTV is you can use it anywhere either on LEDs, desktop computers, laptop and smartphones (either android or IOs.)

How IPTV works

For using the IPTV platform, first you need to install it in your home. There are many companies that are offering the facilities of the IPTV with the internet connection or provide the application or software for experiencing the IPTV. for installation first of all you need a set top box, a cable wire and connect the box with the DLS line. DLS is responsible for providing the facility video streaming as well as the encoding and decoding process of the video take place in DLS.

The videos are entering your system through satellites. Once you install the set up you will start receiving TV channels, TV shows, etc in your system. For the set up of the IPTV you should have a valid IP address and high speed internet connection because of reliable and smooth video streaming. The video streaming is broken up into small packets and sent to the receiver through wire or satellite, and once the packets reach the receiver ends they combine and start playing. The IPTV also offers you to play your own content, for this you just have to add extra plugins.

Where You can Use IPTV

Initially the IPTV was launched for the LEDs and computer, but as the time changing quickly the IPTV is also updating, nowadays you can use the IPTV on all kinds of devices but the condition is you should have reliable internet connection in the device. Mostly people like to use the IPTV in their smartphones (android and IOS). There are lots of applications available on the playlist and App Store on which you can find the IPTV services. Some applications are free and some are paid but not very expensive. For the high quality experience we recommend you to use on LEDs.

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