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Every girl would have dreams and desires about the big day. Weddings are of great buzz, but a special day where a to-be couple agree to stay together for years and beyond is equally remarkable. It is the move towards a lifetime together! Whether it is the first time someone proposes to their soulmate or a couple who want to get married soon, the engagement day is extra special. Buying the perfect from the best choices of engagement rings to offer your lady love is a sensible idea.

An engagement ring has to be unique as it is not an ordinary ring and would tell the world that the woman is engaged. Many couples these days shop their engagement rings together. But it would be great if the perfect ring is a surprise to their partner at the doorstep. For a woman, it would be a day to cherish forever! But when men have to shop for jewellery alone, it could sound like an arduous task. But, go ahead after all this is the first step to promising a lifetime. So to make the journey easy, here are a few tips for picking the perfect engagement ring.

1. Decide the Budget

Engagement rings are mostly diamond rings. And it goes without saying, diamonds come in several price ranges. So, it is essential to choose which price range best suits you. It is always preferable to set a realistic budget rather than feel stressed about the financial situation later.

2. Be Sure About the Style

One’s partner may be specific about the jewellery they wear. And some others love experimenting with new styles. So, it is first necessary to find out what the partner would like on their engagement ring. To find this, one can observe and find if they like modern or aesthetic designs, if they love silver gold or rose gold etc.

3. Get to Know Their Size

This step may be the trickiest part if one’s planning to propose to their girl with an engagement ring. However, if a couple is shopping together, this might be easy. But both ways, picking the right size is an unavoidable aspect.

4. Rule Out the Shape and Metal

Here comes the most confusing step where men are always in a dilemma. There are several diamond ring shapes and, if one wants to add love to the ring, they can pick a pretty heart-shaped ring. Or, if they desire the ring to suit every outfit, a classic round cut can be the best. If one is okay with higher budgets, picking a Marquise cut ring, which increases the carat size, can be an impressive option. The band’s metal options include rose gold, white gold and platinum. However, a perfect engagement ring is usually of white gold metal.

5. Check for Certification

On discovering the suitable engagement ring, always remember to look for the ring’s certification. A certification from a reputed diamond lab indicates that it is an authentic diamond.

Following these guidelines can be of great help to one’s engagement ring shopping. However, it is also essential to know some basics of diamonds to get the dream ring for one’s spouse-to-be.


Finding the woman, you want to spend the rest of your life with is a beautiful blessing. Knowing that you will be waking up next to your loved one every single day is one of the best things to look forward to. Now that you are ready to propose, you need to pull all the stops to make your future bride feel more special.

To begin your journey to forever, choose the best engagement ring to symbolize your commitment to your future bride. Jewelers highly recommend solitaire rings for their simple elegance and classic appeal. A diamond solitaire ring is a single piece of diamond that is set on a gold or platinum band. Diamond cuts come in various shapes such as cushion-cut, princess cut, or the traditional round cut.

The following guide will help you select the perfect ring for the love of your life.

  • Look for a Certified Jeweler

To make sure that your money is in safe hands, look for a jeweler that is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gemological Society (AGS). These institutions are the most consistent and reliable diamond grading entities which provide the most accurate assessment for Clarity, Cut, Color, and Quality.

Check out if the jeweler has inclusions such as free delivery in your area, insurance, and money-back guarantee.

  • Consider Her Style

Select the ring that perfectly fits your bride-to-be’s personality. Try to observe the other jewelry that she wears. Does she wear more silver or more gold? Does she have a classic or artsy fashion sense? Her preferences will be a good starting point in choosing among the several solitaire rings in the jewelry shop. 

You may also ask trusted family and friends to “fish” for ideas. Another way to find out what she wants is to browse her Instagram or Pinterest feed. The images she posts usually reflect her desires and dreams.

  • Determine Her Ring Size

Finding out her ring size is quite a tricky step. You have to be very careful so she won’t uncover your surprise. One of the tried and tested ways is to get one of her rings when she’s not looking and immediately measure it. It would even be more accurate if you can get the chance to take it and have it sized professionally.

Remember, it would be best to overestimate since it is less expensive to size down than to go up a size.

  • Select the Shapes and Settings

There are several diamond shapes that you can choose from. These include oval, princess, pear-shaped, cushion, and heart-shaped. Settings, on the other hand, include channel, pave, tiffany, bezel, and eternity band. Familiarize yourself with these diamond features. You may scour the internet for photos and descriptions or visit a jeweler to see for yourself.

  • Focus on the 4 Cs

It is essential to know the following characteristics of a diamond, also known as the 4Cs, to ensure that you will get the best one that matches your preference and budget.

Color: A colorless diamond fetches the highest price. Color is measured with a grade from D to Z; D is colorless while Z is light yellow.

Cut: A diamond’s cut is measured by light performance. The cut determines the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond.

Clarity: The absence or presence of inclusions characterizes a diamond’s clarity. Inclusions refer to tiny marks that are visible when the diamond goes under a magnifying tool. A diamond that has fewer inclusions is more expensive.

Carat: It refers to the weight of the diamond. Heavier diamonds are more expensive than lighter ones.

Armed with these guidelines, you are undoubtedly on your way to selecting the perfect diamond that will make her say a resounding “yes.”

Do not doubt the strength of Damascus steel rings. These rings will truly last you a lifetime. When, you propose with a Damascus steel ring, make sure that the recipient understands what a priceless thing they are being gifted with. Damascus steel is not everyone’s cup of tea! You need someone, who can truly value such rings. The knife aficionados for one will truly know the value of a Damascus steel ring. Or someone with a penchant for understated elegance.

Stores like Perkin have a variety of such rings that are perfect for your engagement and wedding. So, if you and your partner are outdoor adventure aficionados, then go ahead and get matching rings.

Why go for a Damascus steel Ring?

You might doubt yourself on such a ring! Could a metal that looks good for knives look amazing as a ring? Is this the question going through your mind at the moment? Well, do not overthink it! A Damascus steel ring is truly unique as engagement and matching wedding rings. Here are a few reasons why:

1.The main reason is its sturdiness. You will be wearing the engagement and wedding rings on a daily basis. A few bumps here and there are not uncommon. So, a Damascus steel ring will be able to sustain that without dents.

2.The second reason is looks! Who does not want to own a beautiful and unique looking ring? Everyone does! You get that with a Damascus steel ring. The technique of forging the metal gives it a unique look. It is perfect symbol of the special and unique relationship you share with your partner.

To enjoy these perks just make sure you visit a reputed store for your matching wedding rings in UK.

What are the types of Damascus steel rings?

You need to know about the various patterns and finishes that might be available in Damascus steel knives.

The finish has an impact on the wear and tear of the ring. The ring will bear the brunt of time, but not the finish. Of course, it is completely dependent on the wearer, but the finish will wear off with time. The three kinds of finish that is readily available on the market include:

  • Polished Finish
  • Bead Blast Finish
  • Acid Finish

Now, coming to the pattern, you have choices in that segment as well. Damascus steel is forged with a special technique that involves numerous layers of different metals to create this alloy steel that is sturdy and looks lovely. When the layers come on one after the other, a vivid texture and pattern is formed. The patterns might look similar, but the possibility of the same pattern being forged again, even in the same batch, is near to impossible. Some stores even offer diamond engagement rings in UK made from Damascus steel.  

How do you care for your Damascus steel Rings?

As mentioned before, the rings might not get scratched or dented, but the finish will definitely wear off. So, you will need to take care of the rings, to keep the ring’s finish intact for as long as possible. Here are a few things to avoid:

  • Do not wear your Damascus steel ring to a gym or any place where your hands will sweat heavily.
  • Planning on going to get a dip or swim in hot tub, pool or shower (these have chemically treated water)? Leave the ring at home or in your bag, especially if you are heading into the ocean (saltwater is bad for the finish on your jewellery).
  • If, you plan on cleaning, using harsh chemicals, then it is best to take off your Damascus steel rings.
  • If, you are applying lotions, makeup or perfume, leave the ring off your finger till you are done.

Remember that these rules apply to any kind of jewellery (gold and silver). Having said that, find a reputed store for diamond engagement rings in UK made of Damascus steel. They will have beautiful rings for your special day.

Proposal and wedding day are special in every couple’s life! Make it more special with a Damascus steel ring, which is strong and beautiful, just like your relationship!

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The bride may be the central attraction of a wedding as she leaves the house of her parents and enters a new home to live with her husband, but that does not mean the groom should take a back seat. It is his wedding too, after all; and he deserves as much affection and attention as his better-half. While the bride gets a lot of jewelry items as gifts from parents and close family members, the only item that a groom prefers to show off is his wedding ring.

Most men don’t like to spend a lot of time doing jewelry shopping. If your husband is very busy with his work, then it’s your duty as his future wife to pick a ring that he will wear for the rest of his life. If you are confused, then here are some tips that will help you buy the most beautiful wedding ring for your partner.

Fix a budget: The first thing you need to do is to decide how much you are going to spend for the wedding band. If you are paying for it alone, then your budget could be low, but if your husband is bearing 50% of the cost then you may pick something more expensive. However, please remember that wedding is not just about buying a ring because the total expenditure of the wedding could be really high considering the price of wedding gown, decoration, and catering.

As soon as you enter the jewelry shop, it is wise to tell the jeweler about your budget so that he can show you only the best items within your budget. In case you are buying the ring from an e-commerce website, you can select the price range to filter the men’s wedding band search results.

Get the right size: It is a disaster if you buy a ring that looks great but smaller or bigger than the finger size of your spouse. The ideal way to pick the right size is to ask your soon-to-be husband if he has any other ring and take it with you at the jewelry shop so that they can measure it and help you choose the perfect fit for his finger.

Match his personality: Wedding rings come in different designs and metals and both need to be considered during the selection process. For example, if your spouse is involved in manual labor, it is wise to select a hard metal for him such as tungsten instead of gold. Similarly, if he is flamboyant in nature then you should invest your money in a funky design.

It should complement your wedding ring: When you two will go out, your wedding rings should display your personality and unity as a married couple. It does not have to match your ring’s design; instead, it should complement it. For instance, both bride and groom can buy rose gold rings or they may have a diamond in both rings. This way, the harmony of your married life will be presented in a classy style.


Nothing is more satisfactory that buying a ring for your husband and then giving it to him on the wedding day. The smile on his face and sparkle in his eyes will be an everlasting memory.