Custom packaging boxes are available from Genius Packaging Manufacturers. Our color offset printing and digital printing services in CMYK (4 colors) and digital printing allow you to create high-quality customized packaging. From our vast range of printing items, you can pick the box shape you want to print. If you can’t find your exact sizes in our product list, don’t worry; we’ll make custom packaging boxes to your exact specifications. We print printed boxes in bulk at a reduced rate. Many businesses depend on our printing professionals to produce eye-catching custom packaging. is well-versed in all facets of printing and packaging. The material used is of high quality and is robust enough to keep the boxes safe when showing the details to the consumer of your Product Packaging. Custom boxes are incredibly important in our day-to-day lives. It’s not difficult to locate these boxes, and any customization can be done in accordance with the customer’s item’s inventiveness and uniqueness.

Custom Packaging Boxes for Small Businesses

Custom Packaging Boxes may also be printed with different decorating and styling ideas to make them appear to be distinct from one another and influence them to represent themselves in the market, in addition to creativity in the construction of the boxes. We’re making custom boxes out of the different cardboard box stocks we have on hand. They appear to be incredibly simple to make at first glance, but a careful review of the process shows that a large portion of Steps is dedicated to getting them to perfection.

All of the steps involved in producing custom boxes, including scanning, assembling, printing, die cutting, lamination, and pasting, must be executed flawlessly in order to create a perfect box. We performed/manufactured custom boxes with emblem orders throughout the United States, custom packaging boxes in the United Kingdom, and custom product boxes in Australia for a range of clients.

Custom Boxes Packaging in Any Custom Design or Size

The most popular is to suit for the product, affecting brand recognition, storage, product delivery, and counter show all sorts of counter items from different industries custom boxes wholesale, such as Display Boxes, Custom E-Liquid Boxes, Food Packaging Boxes, Candle Packaging Boxes, Cosmetic Boxes, T-Shirt Packaging Boxes, Soap Packaging Boxes, Header Card Packaging, Pillow Boxes, 10ml Bo With the highest quality, will beat the budget and competitors’ prices.

Our boxes are designed in-house with the utmost care and attention to ensure that consumer needs are met efficiently. Brilliant Packaging Manufacturers are making boxes made entirely of recycled materials, resulting in an environmentally sustainable, safe, and green climate. Our Customer Service Representatives are available to answer your questions and concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Brilliant Packaging Manufacturers has been supplying custom packaging boxes to suit the needs for the past ten years. We use cutting-edge technology to ensure that all of the packaging boxes we manufacture are of the highest quality.

We use offset printing, screen printing, and digital printing as printing methods. Customer loyalty is our highest priority, and we do all we can to produce products that meet that quality. For printing boxes, we use the most environmentally sustainable and customer-friendly raw stock available while maintaining US standard quality. We can print any box shape or size that you need. We are providing you with free professional design services.

Are you thinking about starting a career as a sales rep? More than 14 million people work in sales in the U.S. alone.

It can be a financially rewarding career as it is rated third in the highest-earning careers without a degree.

There are some things you know before you become a sales rep. Check out these five things you should know about this career.

  1. You Need to Pay Attention to the Details

Sales can be pretty complex with all the scheduling, moving parts of the contracts, terms, and delivering the product or service. This means you will have to make sure other people do their jobs to keep the process moving.

Being a sales rep, you will need to stay on top of the closed deals and make sure the service and customer teams finalize all the details of the sale or project.

  1. You Have to Ask Uncomfortable Questions

Humans don’t always buy on logic. People tend to buy on emotion and use logic to justify decisions. This means you will have to find the emotional drivers with your customers.

Ultimately, you may have to dig down and ask some uncomfortable and direct questions. You will also need to learn to do it respectfully, and you can laugh along with these sales memes.

  1. You Need Resolve

Both persistence and patience are essential in working as a sales rep. Surprisingly, many salespeople do not understand this simple fact.

You will need to also be okay with rejection and learn when it’s a final answer and when you need to keep following up. This means you have the face the harsh reality that some prospects are simply not going to buy, so don’t waste your valuable time.

Over time, you will learn the difference between needing a little more resolve, and when you should move on.

  1. Be Prepared to Do More Than Sell

At first, you may find yourself doing more helping before you actually sell. A great sales professional facilitates information and helps people before someone may buy from you.

  1. You Need to Listen

As a sales representative, you have a lot to say. You must remember, however, that selling is not about all the details and statistics; it’s about the customer.

To be good at sales, you need to learn how to be an effective listener. By listening to your customers, you can address needs, wants, and concerns.

Being a good listener will help you build trust with customers. You also need to be consistent, so once people become a regular customer, you still need to listen carefully. It costs more time and money to build new business than to keep your current customers.

Ready to Become a Sales Rep?

Do you think you have what it takes to become a sales rep? If so, you may be on your way to a rewarding career.

Check out some other articles on our site to help you with your business acumen and build relationships in business and in your personal life.

Managing a small business can be a tricky thing. One of the challenges that these enterprises face is minimizing the expenses of the operations. This is so that the business can have savings that it could use later on for expansion or other emergencies. These are some tips that will help your small business to do cost saving:

  1. Offer “Telecommuting Days” For Employees

With the advances in telecommunications and computer infrastructure, telecommuting is easier than ever for employees. This opens an opportunity for small businesses to cut costs. There will lower electricity and water usage, decreased travel costs and lesser need for a big office for the business.

Telecommuting is also beneficial for employees. This means they no longer have to wake up too early to go to the office every day. They will also spend less time commuting and traveling, which they can devote instead to other personal pursuits.

However, telecommuting is not yet too known by many. It has a large cost-cutting and productivity-improving potential that only a few companies have realized. The fact that telecommuting employees in the United States rose from 103 percent from 2005 to 2014 means that telecommuting is the future.

  1. Consider Buying Used Equipment

No one expects the business to buy everything brand new. If you could not afford it, consider buying those that have already been used. This is usually what most small companies do for storage equipment, vehicles, office furniture and even personal technology. Just make sure that you are eagle-eyed about any possible defect before you buy the item.

  1. Go Green

Being environmentally-friendly is not just your civic responsibility. It also gives you the chance to cut back on some costs. This is especially true for electricity matters. Electronic gadgets and other electrical devices that have been certified to be energy-efficient can save you as much as three-quarters of your power costs.

Other ways your company can go green is to limit the use of paper and using environmentally-friendly materials and supplies in the office.

  1. Adopt A Debit Card Payroll System
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credit card 1583534 640

While there are still instances when checks are still needed, a debit card payment system is the best option right now for salaries. Not only is it efficient, it also lessens the burden on the administrative team. It also lessens the need to print checks as everything can be done electronically. Plus, this payroll system also has a decreased risk of fraud.

  1. Check Your Healthcare Offerings

If you want your small business to have savings, you need to make sensible changes to the healthcare arrangement. Healthcare is important, of course, as employees would want their company to take care of that. This is why canceling coverage should never be an option. One thing the business can do is to get tax-advantaged health savings account for their employees. This gets the control of the healthcare options on the employee’s court.

  1. Delegate Some Tasks To Micro-Contractors

Micro-contracting is perfect for employers who have small tasks that need to be done but do not want to hire a full-time employee for it. You can just hire a freelancer who will go on a micro-contracting arrangement with you. Once hired, you can delegate the tasks easily to them online.

  1. Come Up With An Energy Saving Plan

The monthly electric costs may seem small but for a new enterprise, it can already represent a large chunk of the spending of the business. This is why the company should implement an energy saving plan that will cut down electricity costs without adversely affecting the operations and productivity.

There are many ways that this can be done. You can start with the heating and air conditioning facilities in your office. Since you need to make sure customers, clients and employees are comfortable in the office, you cannot completely let go of your HVAC unit. One solution is to use a programmable or smart thermostat for the indoor climate control needs of the space.

You also need to think about how to maximize the insulation in the office. For example, double-pane windows and light-blocking curtains and blinds are effective in limiting the heat that enters the building through the window.

Also, do not forget to unplug appliances, equipment, and machinery if they are not used.

  1. Adopt Flexible Packaging

If your business is in some kind of manufacturing business especially food manufacturing, adopting flexible packaging can be a great way to save big from product packaging. Due to its lightweight and low cost of packaging materials, flexible packaging is much more affordable than other packaging options available to companies. Additionally, stand up pouch printing allows companies to do their branding and advertising much more effectively.  Short run flexible packaging is good for storage and transportation as well, making cost of both these activities low as well. If you do not want to invest big money installing all the machinery and equipment of adopting flexible packaging, outsourcing the company packaging to a professional flexible packaging provider can be a good idea.

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A bit of research and window shopping is necessary when looking to advance business services by utilizing the right printer for your office. The market has many new printer models with newer ones release every few months. As such, the exterior aesthetics and the price tag can easily sway you to buying without looking at and considering other essential features of the printer. In short, you need to arm yourself with the right information before you start window shopping, and below are some few things you need to know before you head out.

What Is Your Office Type And Size?

Printers are designed to cater to the needs and demands of different office types and spaces. If your workplace has more than 100 people, buying a printer that can service five people will not suffice. What you get should match up with the office size and demands so that it gives the right output without fail.

What Features Do You Need?

Different printer brands and models offer various services ranging from scanning and copy printing to faxing. They have a wide price range based on such features, and thus your purchases should be based on what you need the printer to do. Depending on the type of printer management you need in your office, whether it be at home or not, considering what exactly you need is key in finding the right deal.

What Is Your Budget?

Set your budget while accounting for the total cost of operation and not on the cost of purchasing the printer, only. You should consider for other factors such as the cost of replacing or refilling the ink cartridges against the page yield as well as the cost of doing repairs and replacing parts such as the waste bin or the fuser unit. Check out our article on Cost per Page to know more about the basics and costs of the printer cartridges.

Consider The Speed

The print speed is an essential aspect to consider particularly if you are looking for a machine to use in a busy office. Check the PPM (Pages per Minute) to know how fast the printer runs when printing pages; you may also come across IPM (Images per Minute). Get a printer with a high PPM and IPM, more so if the staff have to share a printer so that you avoid backed up queues at the machine.

Factor In Cost Per Page

Keep in mind that with printers, as is with many other devices and machines, no one size fits all when you consider the page yield. You can use an individual cartridge in a particular printer model and get more pages done than when you use the same cartridge on another printer model. So, the overall cost per page can influence your printing budget significantly.

Quick Advice: –    The printer you get for the office should have a page yield well worth the company’s dime. Anything short of this will only drown the business in unnecessary printing costs. You can know the cost per page by taking the machine’s page yield and dividing it by the cost of the cartridge or toner.

Cartridge Compatibility

Always get quality compatible (remanufactured) cartridges for the printer as this will help slash the printing costs further. In most cases, the compatible cartridges will produce the same number of prints as the original, giving the same quality standards and all at a fraction of the price of the original. For instance, you can save around 85% of your printing costs by getting an LD’s Compatible TN880 toner cartridge at $17.99 that yields 12,000 pages. If you use compatible cartridges, you can be saving around .14 cents per page printed.

Know The Monthly Duty Cycle

To know the printer monthly duty cycle, just take note of the number of pages the machine prints in a month without breaking down. The office is less likely to reach the machine’s monthly duty cycle if it only prints every other day, so that should not be a concern when purchasing the printer. You should get a printer with a broad monthly duty cycle, especially if you have a workplace that does high volumes of prints. Overshooting the monthly duty cycle will only overwork the machines eventually wearing it out and slashing its lifespan. So, make sure you know the print volume your office does per month so that you get a printer that meets and goes beyond such a demand.

Factor In Paper Size

Most printers are designed with the business user in mind, and thus they can handle different paper sizes and types, from legal documents and cards to envelopes. However, certain basic compact models have a limited selection of paper sizes so remember to check the paper specs before you make any purchase.

Consider Automatic Duplex Printing

Dual-sided (duplex) printing is a fantastic option worth considering because it can help you save some money in the overall office printing costs. The conventional printers are feed sheets of paper manually when trying to print the other side of the paper. However, with the auto duplex printing function, you only set the machine to the “dual-sided printing,” and the printer automatically prints both sides of the paper.

Monochrome Or Color?

If your office does more of clean and clear prints, then a monochrome printer that does only black and white printing is the ideal choice. However, color printers are what you should consider if the office prints images in most of the documents. You will have to contend with dealing with two or four color cartridges, which is an added cost, but one that is economical compared to the long-term use of most color inkjet printers.

What Printer Size To Get

The size of the printer is a vital factor worth considering, which should be governed by the office size. Take not the machine’s dimensions so be sure that will fit its allocated space in the office. You can work with a good quality compact laser printer, but most of these are not very powerful thus they will not suffice for fast, high volume printing.

Check For Warranty

Most modern printers have a standard warranty lasting around a year, at the very least, from the date of purchase. However, other details governing the use of malfunction of the machine can be part of the warranty; therefore, know the specifics of the warranty to avoid unpleasant surprises. Some warranties may include tech support while others only cover the repair or replacement of defective parts. You can check out the printer’s webpage to know more about the specifications in your machine’s warranty.

Wired Or Wireless Networking?

Most modern printers offer wireless connectivity, and some even come with their printing apps to ease the printing process; therefore, making it possible to also do prints via tablets and smartphones. Nevertheless, it is still okay to work with printers that have a direct connection (USB or Ethernet), just as long as they offer excellent speeds.

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If you are looking for a display for your indoor signs, either at stores or for tradeshows, then a foam board is a very good choice.

It is easier to cut than some of the other materials, and also offers an excellent medium to print anything you want. Below, we look at how to cut a foam board and the various options you have while printing on them.

Cutting The Foam Board

You can easily cut the foam board any way you want. And being lightweight, you will have a much easier time handling them. To cut a foam board, you will need a modeling knife which has a good supply of highly sharpened blades. If you plan to make longer cuts or bends, then consider getting a metal yardstick that can help you with accurately cutting the board. You will also require a strong board which can act as a cutting board. And remember to ensure that the table you are working on remains stable and does not shake while you are cutting the foam board.  

You can even make an entire car out of it!

When everything is in place, take a pencil and mark the areas that need to be cut. Then, take the knife and make your first cut on the top layer of the board. Make sure that you only penetrate the surface of the paper, and not any deeper.

After the first cut has been completed, check it to make sure that it is what you wanted. And once you have confirmed everything is okay, take the blade and make a deeper cut, penetrating the foam board. And while making the cuts, ensure that you only use the sharpened blades. If any blades are dull, change them immediately without wasting time. If you continue to use the dull blades, you may end up tearing the paper.

Foam Board Printing

You have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of foam board printing options.  The most popular include lamination and double side printing. By laminating the foam board, you extend its life, while at the same time adding a high quality feel to the display. And though it will cost extra, lamination is highly recommended if want the display to leave a striking impression on the viewers.

A double sided printing option is useful when you plan on displaying the board to a wide audience that may move on either side of the board. For example, during a tradeshow, it is beneficial to have a double side printed foam board so that everyone can see your display, no matter whether they are located on the back or front of it.

If you have any interest in knowing more about how foam boards can be used for display purposes in your establishment or at an event, consider getting in touch with the nearest foam board printing service.