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3D printers allow you to print any object, completely in 3D. They are used for many products and they can create some weird and wonderful objects. A 3D printer put together with the right mind can produce anything; from prosthetic limbs to tortoise shells, 3D printers really are incredible. Below are some of the wackiest things that have ever been created with the use of a 3D printer.

A Dinosaur Shower Head

If you think your roommate is cool, think again. This guy on the wonderful Reddit decided to make his roommate their very own shower head, T-rex style, completed in pink of course. This is a great idea and looks pretty awesome too.


Over the years, 3D printers have been used to help those who have lost limbs or who were born without them. Using a 3D printer, many cool and wonderful prosthetics have been made. From see-through titanium legs to prosthetic arms, anything is possible in the world of 3D printing.

A Dog Wheelchair

3D printers aren’t there just to help humans who need it. One clever guy decided to give his little dog a helping hand by 3D printing him a customizable wheelchair. Now, this idea is used with many big companies, and you can even build your own 3D printable dog wheelchair if your canine friend has arthritis or has lost the use of its limb.

Art for the Blind

For those who cannot see art, 3D printers have allowed the 3D printing of several art pieces. This means those who are blind or visually impaired can feel the art, enabling them to envision this within their mind. This includes the beautiful Mona Lisa, printed in Finland by digital professionals.

A Tortoise Shell

One imaginative designer decided to 3D print a new shell for a tortoise that had been injured. A tortoise cannot live without its shell, so with the use of a 3D printer, this tortoise will live on with its very own, custom-made shell.

Halloween Outfit

One guy decided to take Halloween to the next level and do something that hasn’t been done before. He 3D printed his face, painting his own face in red like he had peeled it off. Next level awesome, but pretty creepy too.

Game of Thrones Merch

If you love Game of Thrones, you’ll love these next two 3D printing ideas. One that will hit you right in the feels includes the 3D printed door stop, printed using just the word “Hodor”. Another imaginative 3D printer enthusiast made their very own dragon lamp, complete with flame.


3D printed clothing has been attempted many times, with the most famous case being the gown worn by the famous model, Burlesque dancer and actress, Dita Von Teese. This gown may not look very practical, but Von Teese makes 3D printed chic look stunning when she modeled the piece. For more wonderful and wacky 3D printing news, check out thingiverse news.

3D printers are capable of creating some pretty cool things, and we’re sure there will be plenty more wacky ideas in the future.

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