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If you are looking for a display for your indoor signs, either at stores or for tradeshows, then a foam board is a very good choice.

It is easier to cut than some of the other materials, and also offers an excellent medium to print anything you want. Below, we look at how to cut a foam board and the various options you have while printing on them.

Cutting The Foam Board

You can easily cut the foam board any way you want. And being lightweight, you will have a much easier time handling them. To cut a foam board, you will need a modeling knife which has a good supply of highly sharpened blades. If you plan to make longer cuts or bends, then consider getting a metal yardstick that can help you with accurately cutting the board. You will also require a strong board which can act as a cutting board. And remember to ensure that the table you are working on remains stable and does not shake while you are cutting the foam board.  

You can even make an entire car out of it!

When everything is in place, take a pencil and mark the areas that need to be cut. Then, take the knife and make your first cut on the top layer of the board. Make sure that you only penetrate the surface of the paper, and not any deeper.

After the first cut has been completed, check it to make sure that it is what you wanted. And once you have confirmed everything is okay, take the blade and make a deeper cut, penetrating the foam board. And while making the cuts, ensure that you only use the sharpened blades. If any blades are dull, change them immediately without wasting time. If you continue to use the dull blades, you may end up tearing the paper.

Foam Board Printing

You have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of foam board printing options.  The most popular include lamination and double side printing. By laminating the foam board, you extend its life, while at the same time adding a high quality feel to the display. And though it will cost extra, lamination is highly recommended if want the display to leave a striking impression on the viewers.

A double sided printing option is useful when you plan on displaying the board to a wide audience that may move on either side of the board. For example, during a tradeshow, it is beneficial to have a double side printed foam board so that everyone can see your display, no matter whether they are located on the back or front of it.

If you have any interest in knowing more about how foam boards can be used for display purposes in your establishment or at an event, consider getting in touch with the nearest foam board printing service.

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