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Canon printers are a cost effective measure to print documents in an economical and effective way. The WPS method can be used to connect the printer. What can be done to setup the printer and how? Make sure the printer is turned on properly, Ensure the alarm light flashes once. The lamp next to the button flashes blue and then goes to an access point. You can press the WPS button for 2 minutes so that the wireless printer connects to the system properly. 

Let’s see how the wireless direct setting for the works, Please ensure the printer is turned on please select and setup the home screen using the operational panel. Please select the settings, Select the device settings, please select the LAN settings, and now choose the wireless direct. Select the setting item for your reference. To update the identifier and SSID and the password for the wireless direct.  Now please select the home button. 

If the wifi lamp does not flash it will not connect the printer to the available network. There can also be a problem with the faulty IP address which can block the connection of the canon printer. 

Connect the to the Airprint mode in wifi setup. Airprint technology is the way to print documents from Iphone and Ipad. This will not only assist you to print documents and photographs, and other media files. 

An interesting point to note is that you can also connect the Mac device through USB and setup the wifi printing. Connect the printer and Mac using effective USB cable.  Install Mac software which came with the printer. Make sure this includes the printer setup and the printer assistant. Utilise the printer assistant to connect the printer once again to the wifi. Please check the printer documentation for details. Disconnect the USB cable now connect the printer to the wifi network. 

Modern technology has modernised the printing methods now the canon printers also come with an Adhoc wifi network, Please install the Mac software that came with the printer. Please ensure the adhoc wifi network is connected and turned on. Please open wifi network on Mac. Select the name of the printer and wifi network. Select the Mac from the printer network. Or on your other services while your Mac will not be able to use any other services like the internet and other services unlike the regular wifi services. Use the printer assistant to set the wifi network to the printer. Please check the printer’s documentation details. Return to wifi menu on Mac, switch back to the wifi network.

Before you begin printing please confirm your printer support Airprint Mode. Make sure the printer and IOS device are connected to the same wifi network. Please open the app you would like to print from. Please find and tap the print option. If you cannot find the print option check the user guide and print. Please ensure not all apps print through the Airprint application. 

Please tap and select the Airprint option to select the Airprint enabled printer. Please select the number of copies, which pages you would like to print. Now you can tap the print option. Through the app switcher you can cancel the print job from the printer. You can use Airprint technology prints with a wifi, you cannot print using a Bluetooth connection.

Canon printers are a very famous brand of printers, Many users prefer printers as they work efficiently. Printer decreases the effort involved in your workload. Due to lack of product knowledge of technical devices.

Steps to connect Wireless Canon printer to Laptop: 

Please setup the printer according to the specifications laid by the manufacturer of the device. Switch on the power and install the ink of the printer properly. If your printer runs on Ethernet connection then you will also need an Ethernet cable for the printer. Please check the printer whether the software of the printer is installed for your use or not. In case the CD has come with the printer please install the printer once the driver is installed. Follow the onscreen instructions to connect the printer to the internet. Visit the support section on the canon website you can follow the set instructions. Printer manuals in the drop down menu. The printer and the system should be on the same network. A wireless printer will only receive the instruction from the wireless network. 

How to connect wireless canon printer, in windows: 

Open the start menu click on the windows key, Then open settings please choose settings, now click on printer and scanners, please click and add printer and scanner select the printer from the drop-down menu. Your printer is connected to the system. You can also install the printer with the USB cable. You can attach the printer to the laptop. Please wait for a moment till the installation is complete. Please always follow the onscreen instructions that appear on the screen. 

How to connect canon printer on Mac: 

Please select and choose the apple menu, now choose system preferences, then click on the printer and scanners, Select the add button, select the printer available in your range from the drop down menu Doing this will step please utilise the steps that prompt on the screen. If Mac device finds the printer then it will Install the same on your system. Once this step is complete you can print. 

Canon Support Team:

Canon printers are the most efficient way to printer they are the users best choice for economic printing. The support team will provide you a step by step installation for the printers. This is a 24*7 helpline which provides online assistance to the people who own the canon printers. Canon printers also have ad hoc network connections which connect the printer through the network offered by the printer. This also connects to the wifi of the system and printer. Please keep these strategies in mind.

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