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3D printers allow you to print any object, completely in 3D. They are used for many products and they can create some weird and wonderful objects. A 3D printer put together with the right mind can produce anything; from prosthetic limbs to tortoise shells, 3D printers really are incredible. Below are some of the wackiest things that have ever been created with the use of a 3D printer.

A Dinosaur Shower Head

If you think your roommate is cool, think again. This guy on the wonderful Reddit decided to make his roommate their very own shower head, T-rex style, completed in pink of course. This is a great idea and looks pretty awesome too.


Over the years, 3D printers have been used to help those who have lost limbs or who were born without them. Using a 3D printer, many cool and wonderful prosthetics have been made. From see-through titanium legs to prosthetic arms, anything is possible in the world of 3D printing.

A Dog Wheelchair

3D printers aren’t there just to help humans who need it. One clever guy decided to give his little dog a helping hand by 3D printing him a customizable wheelchair. Now, this idea is used with many big companies, and you can even build your own 3D printable dog wheelchair if your canine friend has arthritis or has lost the use of its limb.

Art for the Blind

For those who cannot see art, 3D printers have allowed the 3D printing of several art pieces. This means those who are blind or visually impaired can feel the art, enabling them to envision this within their mind. This includes the beautiful Mona Lisa, printed in Finland by digital professionals.

A Tortoise Shell

One imaginative designer decided to 3D print a new shell for a tortoise that had been injured. A tortoise cannot live without its shell, so with the use of a 3D printer, this tortoise will live on with its very own, custom-made shell.

Halloween Outfit

One guy decided to take Halloween to the next level and do something that hasn’t been done before. He 3D printed his face, painting his own face in red like he had peeled it off. Next level awesome, but pretty creepy too.

Game of Thrones Merch

If you love Game of Thrones, you’ll love these next two 3D printing ideas. One that will hit you right in the feels includes the 3D printed door stop, printed using just the word “Hodor”. Another imaginative 3D printer enthusiast made their very own dragon lamp, complete with flame.


3D printed clothing has been attempted many times, with the most famous case being the gown worn by the famous model, Burlesque dancer and actress, Dita Von Teese. This gown may not look very practical, but Von Teese makes 3D printed chic look stunning when she modeled the piece. For more wonderful and wacky 3D printing news, check out thingiverse news.

3D printers are capable of creating some pretty cool things, and we’re sure there will be plenty more wacky ideas in the future.

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We all are living in a world where the digitalization is at its peak as a result of which the need for using technology is enhancing immensely. Now at one such scenario where you need to work and the printer displays hp printer in error state message, it is a turn off right so let’s explore the various reasons for such situations to occur.

Firstly, it is very much possible that there is some fault in the printer only to avoid any of these occurrences special attention must be paid that the printer is turned on. It should also have a stable connection with the computer and must receive the required amount of network range from the Wi-Fi itself. 

Also, look for the amount of ink which is there in the printer, sometimes it may also be the case that the cover could be left open so if it does happen to make sure that we have taken care of it. Finally, one must look carefully for any jamming if paper into the printer, which can also be a cause for displaying the hp printer in error state pop up.

Once we have checked for all of these but still, we find that the hp printer is in error state so we must opt for another set of activities to overcome this problem. Assurance that the HP printer connections are appropriately related.

 As a last resort, turn off the printer, unplug it and separate most of the printer joins. Fitting it back in and reconnect the connections. Walkout on again to check whether the screw up has cleared. Guarantee that the HP printer’s item is fittingly presented. If the device does not respond when you endeavor to print, or the printer programming won’t instate, uninstall and reinstall the HP printer programming.

 Check the print settings inside the HP printer programming if the pages don’t print fittingly. Guarantee that the edges are set to in any occasion the base edges that your HP printer support. Similarly, ensure that you have picked the right printer settings for the paper size and kind of report you are endeavoring to print. 

To get to these printer settings even more viably, open the HP Solution Center. Twofold tap on the HP printer picture inside the structure plate on the base right of the screen, if it appears. Look under “Status” in the printing line to examine the goof messages. Right-click on the sections and select “Drop,” if basic. Check the HP printer cartridges and printheads to guarantee that they are presented fittingly. In like manner additionally, check whether the cartridges of printer we’re not filled. Reinstall the cartridges and the print heads, if they have enough ink.

If you want official support for hp printer in error state then investigate to the HP site to look on your specific printer model if these methods disregard to fix the printer screwed up. Snap-On “Sponsorship and Troubleshooting.” Click “Deal with a Problem” to find answers for the HP printer’s specific misstep. Similarly, additionally, check the district devoted to Downloads and ventures locale fixed to complete both programmings just as driver invigorates.

 Check whether your PC’s firewall is shielding the HP printer from working correctly. Open your firewall tendencies and incorporate the printer programming executable report (*.exe) as an exception or hinder the firewall by chance to check whether this fixes the misstep. A printer in misstep state can in like manner result from the messed up or conflicting printer driver. 

You ought to revive or reinstall the driver to fix issues of this sort. One primary and trustworthy way to deal with overseeing drivers is to use Driver Easy. Driver simple will subsequently see your structure and notice the correct drivers for it. You don’t have to know precisely what framework your PC is running, you don’t have to hazard downloading and introducing an inappropriate driver, and you don’t have to stress over committing an hp printer in error states when entering.

You can download and introduce your drivers by utilizing either Free or Proform of Driver Easy. Be that as it may, with the Proform it takes just two ticks (and you get full help and a 30-day unconditional promise):

  1. a) Downloading and Installing if Driver Easy.
  2. b) Run Driver simple and hit Scan currently catch. Driver simple can at that time filter your computer and distinguish any issue drivers.

Snap-On the Update catch alongside your printer to download the most recent and right driver for this gadget. You can likewise hit Update All score at the bottom ideal to naturally refresh all obsolete or missing drivers on your computer (this needs the Proform — you may be incited to redesign when you click on Update All.

Aside from the refreshing driver, you can likewise utilize Driver Easy to uninstall the driver (additionally Pro required). This is useful, particularly when you need to reinstall the driver of a gadget.

Here and there the issue can be fixed by restarting your gadgets. You can power off your PC and printer totally and leave them for two or three minutes. After that, turn them on and check whether the mistake is no more.

This includes attempting and printing individual equipment test with your HP printer troubleshooting guide. The initial step comprises opening and shutting the front of the printer five to multiple times and that too in all respects rapidly. On the off chance that the pages don’t print, at that point, you will get a message clarifying why your printer can’t be recognized.

Hp printer in blunder state is an issue that can likewise be caused if your printer is disconnected. The means that you have to follow to get your HP printer online include:

Snap-On Start choice and select Control Panel. Next, pick Devices and Printers option. Check if the printer is disconnected. On the off chance that your printer is on the web, the status will appear as Ready. Set the printer online by right tapping on the printer and picking the choice that. 

So, these can be one of the few measures that can be taken to overcome the hp printer in error states issues.

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Canon printers are a cost effective measure to print documents in an economical and effective way. The WPS method can be used to connect the printer. What can be done to setup the printer and how? Make sure the printer is turned on properly, Ensure the alarm light flashes once. The lamp next to the button flashes blue and then goes to an access point. You can press the WPS button for 2 minutes so that the wireless printer connects to the system properly. 

Let’s see how the wireless direct setting for the works, Please ensure the printer is turned on please select and setup the home screen using the operational panel. Please select the settings, Select the device settings, please select the LAN settings, and now choose the wireless direct. Select the setting item for your reference. To update the identifier and SSID and the password for the wireless direct.  Now please select the home button. 

If the wifi lamp does not flash it will not connect the printer to the available network. There can also be a problem with the faulty IP address which can block the connection of the canon printer. 

Connect the to the Airprint mode in wifi setup. Airprint technology is the way to print documents from Iphone and Ipad. This will not only assist you to print documents and photographs, and other media files. 

An interesting point to note is that you can also connect the Mac device through USB and setup the wifi printing. Connect the printer and Mac using effective USB cable.  Install Mac software which came with the printer. Make sure this includes the printer setup and the printer assistant. Utilise the printer assistant to connect the printer once again to the wifi. Please check the printer documentation for details. Disconnect the USB cable now connect the printer to the wifi network. 

Modern technology has modernised the printing methods now the canon printers also come with an Adhoc wifi network, Please install the Mac software that came with the printer. Please ensure the adhoc wifi network is connected and turned on. Please open wifi network on Mac. Select the name of the printer and wifi network. Select the Mac from the printer network. Or on your other services while your Mac will not be able to use any other services like the internet and other services unlike the regular wifi services. Use the printer assistant to set the wifi network to the printer. Please check the printer’s documentation details. Return to wifi menu on Mac, switch back to the wifi network.

Before you begin printing please confirm your printer support Airprint Mode. Make sure the printer and IOS device are connected to the same wifi network. Please open the app you would like to print from. Please find and tap the print option. If you cannot find the print option check the user guide and print. Please ensure not all apps print through the Airprint application. 

Please tap and select the Airprint option to select the Airprint enabled printer. Please select the number of copies, which pages you would like to print. Now you can tap the print option. Through the app switcher you can cancel the print job from the printer. You can use Airprint technology prints with a wifi, you cannot print using a Bluetooth connection.

Canon printers are a very famous brand of printers, Many users prefer printers as they work efficiently. Printer decreases the effort involved in your workload. Due to lack of product knowledge of technical devices.

Steps to connect Wireless Canon printer to Laptop: 

Please setup the printer according to the specifications laid by the manufacturer of the device. Switch on the power and install the ink of the printer properly. If your printer runs on Ethernet connection then you will also need an Ethernet cable for the printer. Please check the printer whether the software of the printer is installed for your use or not. In case the CD has come with the printer please install the printer once the driver is installed. Follow the onscreen instructions to connect the printer to the internet. Visit the support section on the canon website you can follow the set instructions. Printer manuals in the drop down menu. The printer and the system should be on the same network. A wireless printer will only receive the instruction from the wireless network. 

How to connect wireless canon printer, in windows: 

Open the start menu click on the windows key, Then open settings please choose settings, now click on printer and scanners, please click and add printer and scanner select the printer from the drop-down menu. Your printer is connected to the system. You can also install the printer with the USB cable. You can attach the printer to the laptop. Please wait for a moment till the installation is complete. Please always follow the onscreen instructions that appear on the screen. 

How to connect canon printer on Mac: 

Please select and choose the apple menu, now choose system preferences, then click on the printer and scanners, Select the add button, select the printer available in your range from the drop down menu Doing this will step please utilise the steps that prompt on the screen. If Mac device finds the printer then it will Install the same on your system. Once this step is complete you can print. 

Canon Support Team:

Canon printers are the most efficient way to printer they are the users best choice for economic printing. The support team will provide you a step by step installation for the printers. This is a 24*7 helpline which provides online assistance to the people who own the canon printers. Canon printers also have ad hoc network connections which connect the printer through the network offered by the printer. This also connects to the wifi of the system and printer. Please keep these strategies in mind.

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This Canon printer can be setup in a way that the printer can use multiple areas to print, It enables google print and Airprint reduces the print cost by 30 % as per the specifications it has. It enables the user to print from the smart device. This Canon printer mx490 setup also has timesaving features. This includes a fully integrated automatic document feeder for about 20 sheets. 

Cartridge at its best: 

The Canon printer further offers long sustaining XL Ink Cartridges suggest you could print longer The Pixma MX 490 offers an additional feature called the Image Garden 7 This arranges your photos and special filters that allow you to print. It also offers you facial acknowledgment. 

Printer and Web Pages: 

This Canon printer mx490 setup prints 7 to 8 web pages at 8.7 INR PPM and It prints graphics 2 to 3 PPM. PPM here stands for page per minute. The pictures are of high quality in nature scans appearances well. Pictures have soft shades and rough appearances too.  

Key Features of the Pixma 490: 

PX XL245 Black ink cartridge and PX XL246 Coloured ink Cartridge. These are the cartridges used and available. Then the photos printed are 4 X 6 Borderless photos printing time is 70 seconds and approximately 4 to 5 pages in one time. It has a total of 1280 nozzles for both color and black ink printing. Picoliter size in color is 2 & 5. The Canon printer mx490 setup offers a print resolution of 4800 X 2800. The black ink resolution is 600 X 600. It comes with 2 kinds of Automatic sheet feeder one with 100 sheets the other with 20 sheets. Letter Legal Envelopes etc are the paper sizes. Glossy paper photo is used for photochromic printing this means printing photos in high quality. 

Printing Modes Offered: 

Airprint mode, Google print, Full HD Movie Print, Quite a mode and wireless printing 10 and borderless printing are the kinds of printing modes and solutions offered by the Pixma MX 490 Canon printer mx490 setup to its users. 

Features of the  Pixma MX 490 Printer:

This Canon printer mx490 setup offers features such as copy features auto document auto expense auto sheet feeder fit to screen auto-copy loader preset copy ratios erase copy and zoom. Scanning features are offered such as auto scan, pdf scan, network scan, scan 9 modes, PDF password security and Push scan and scan to cloud. 

How to Setup Pixma Printer for Windows: 

In order to install the printer please connect the Canon printer mx490 setup and the laptop with a USB cable also ensure the CD drive is in place so that the software can be installed. The USB cable available with the Canon printer mx490 setup should be compatible with your laptop. In case you do not have a CD driver or have misplaced the software CD installation software please download the files from the internet of installation and setup. 

Please note that once all these things are in place you need to run the installation setup program which is already available with you. Please allow the entire process of the installation setup to finish. Please setup the installation locations names and other features which come in use. 

Make sure all options are filled appropriately and correctly. Once all the features are installed please give a test print to ensure all the features are configured correctly and the Canon printer mx490 setup is working appropriately. 

How to setup the canon pixma mx490 printer to 


The procedure of download and installation Please download the file from the appropriate file location. Double click the downloaded file and mount it to the disk image. Please double click the mounted disk image. Please double click the packaged file given the installation setup starts immediately. 

Canon Pixma MX490 Wireless Setup:  

Ensure that the Canon MX Pixma printer is turned on, press and hold the alarm button near the wifi. So that the wifi is turned on, The wifi button must flash a blue light this indicates it is connected to the system. Please load the A4 size of the paper which is a letter-sized image. Please press the WPS button for 2 minutes for the setup to begin. The network information page is setup this needs to be printed. Please install the appropriate software, It is essential to download the software which is necessary for a Canon printer mx490 setup. You can contact the Canon support center for guidance and advice. 

The Canon MX series printers are semi compatible with the printer with windows 10 you can download additional software for the printer to function effectively. The Canon printer mx490 setup utilizes a passphrase this is a combination for alphanumeric letters and numbers along with special symbols. It is a specific network key so that the Canon printer can be connected to a secure wifi connection. 

Canon printer is compatible with the hp laptop you can connect the printer with the computer through wifi or Ethernet cable or wireless methodology. 

Steps to Connect the Canon Printer in a wireless method:  

Open the control panel select Canon printer mx490 setup and devices now click on the add printer to make sure the wifi button of the printer is turned on. Please also select the available network to ensure a smart device or computer and the Canon printer are connected to the same wifi connection. 

There is a small difference between passphrase and password, network passwords do not have any spaces in between the characters but passphrase is a lengthy string and has spaces between the character combinations. 

Steps to connect canon printer with the phone: 

Connect your devices with the network, Go to the app store please download the canon application. Open the application you want to print from. Tap on the image and click on print. This prints the picture or document from your smart device. 


Canon printers mx490 setup have redefined the solution for printing, The range of printing solutions ensure pictures are printed well. Documents and graphics are printed in high quality. If the WPS connection is not setup appropriately it will not connect well. Ensure all drivers are updated for effective and efficient printing whenever required.

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The daily printing of a document may not seem to cost a lot, but when the printing cost is accumulated, it will amount to a large quantity of money. If printing cost constitutes of more than 3% of the company’s revenue, you should change your message presentation strategy.

For an instant, you can use a virtual printer to convert the document into printing form and send it to networked computers, website, or save the report. Besides the paper cost, you need to evaluate the maintenance cost for a printer, toner, ink, and new printing machines.

It’s essential to reduce running cost for an organization because you’re competing with other businesses using efficient ways of increasing their revenue.

How Do You Know the Virtual Printer is Reliable?

  1. Cost reduction

Physical printing leads to an excessive increase in running cost. For example, if you print 400 pages, calculate the ink and paper cost. However, if you used a virtual printer, you will reduce the printing cost. Besides the upfront cost of buying the virtual printer, all other expenses are negligible.

  1. Digital files

Technology is turning everything from analog to digital. It will be no surprise if you wake and find an invention that will shock you. Similarly, physical printing was the deal of the day a century ago. Nonetheless, a virtual printer creates a versatile digital file.

Digital filing saves storage space and provides effective ways of retrieving the documents. If you use physical storage, you’ll have to account for additional storing cabinets for your files. It will lead to an increase in miscellaneous costs.

  1. Easy to use

Once the virtual printer is set in the network, you can easily print from any computer within the system. Moreover, it is easy to install the printer and configure because each download comes with instructions inform of pdf.

If you know the basics of a computer, you can easily follow the steps given and print your document.

  1. Compatible and integral

Some software requires you to update windows. Indeed, others need you to use a lower version of windows. However, a virtual printer is compatible with windows, and you don’t have to download another program for it to work.

Also, it can integrate with your windows software so that you when you need to convert a document you don’t have to restart it.

  1. Incredible format

PDF and TIFF are the commonly used file format. This format is acceptable in the business world. Therefore, virtual printing eliminates the fear of changing the file format in the future. Also, files outputted inform of PDF can be vied from Mac or Windows devices.

  1. You enjoy paperless printing

Having a virtual printer means you’ll continue printing but not on physical paper. Also, you can use advanced faxing options by using the virtual printer. Moreover, it provides you with a preview option where you can identify a mistake and rectify before faxing.


Digital filing, paperless printing, cost reduction, and easy usage of a printer are some of the qualities you should consider when purchasing one. Fortunately, you can customize the printer to fit your company’s requirement. Nonetheless, ensure that you’re buying your printer from a reputable vendor.

You have just finished writing your first book and are anxious to get it in the hands of buyers. Selecting a printer is an important and often difficult step when producing your first published book.

While e-books have gained popularity, print books still outsell them. According to the Association of American Publishers’ Annual Report 2019, print books created $22.6 billion in publishing revenue, while e-books only generated $2.04 billion in revenue.

Read on to find out all you need about selecting a printing service.

Selecting a Printer for Your First Published Book 

It used to be when writing a book you got an agent, they found you a publisher, and the printing was part of that package. That is no longer the case.

According to the “Self-Publishing in the United States Report, 2013-2018: Print and E-books” a total of 1.68 million e-books and print books were self-published in 2017. Here are 10 great tips for doing a custom book printing.

  1. Consider Price

The first step is to request a book printing quote so you can determine what they offer, what the price is, and whether it fits your budget. Comparison shop between 2-3 services to get a feel for the business.

Don’t worry if you can’t afford the most expensive offer. Price does not guarantee quality service. What is important is an understanding of materials, bindings, color options, and the quality of their work.

  1. Printing Equipment

The condition of the printer they use and how well they maintain it can impact the quality and prompt delivery of your book. Printers that are poorly maintained and experience breakdowns may delay delivery. If you are considering the use of digital printing, you want to use a firm that has the most recent printing technology.

Ask for a sample of the printer’s work. If reputable, they will be happy to show you the work they produce. Make sure it is something they have actually printed and is not another printer’s sample.

  1. Specialization for Self-Publishers

A company that does custom book printing for self-publishing authors understands your needs and will guide you through the process. They will be able to answer your questions and offer advice regarding the best options for your book.

Make sure options they suggest truly improve your book. Unreputable printers simply push the sale of services without any concern for the finished product.

  1. Length of Time in Business

Look at the length of time they have been doing book printing. Services that have been in business for a lengthy period of time usually have a consistent quality and output.

In addition to the length of time in business, look at their customer reviews. If the majority of reviews are positive, you are making a good choice.

  1. Printing Options

What types of printing options do they offer? Consider hardcover, paperback, and e-books.

Some printers offer all formats and the book formatting can easily be adjusted for each version. Other book printers only offer one format, and you will need to find another printer if you want to expand available versions.

Keep in mind that each book format requires its own ISBN. If you want to be the publisher, you need to purchase the number.

  1. ISBN Number

Each format of your book you print requires its own ISBN, whether hardcover, paperback, or e-book. Printers normally do not provide an ISBN, so you will need this prior to printing your book.

When you purchase an ISBN number is that you are the owner of that number. If you purchase an ISBN through a publisher, then move to a different publisher, you will need to obtain a new number.

This is because each ISBN number identifies the registrant, specific title, edition, and format. ISBN numbers cannot be transferred.

  1. Before You Format 

You must choose your printing company prior to formatting your book. Book printing services use their own measurements for different parts of the book, such as the front cover, back cover, page count, and spine width.

The book template used in printing your book is determined by the book (trim) size, paper, binding options, and page count.

  1. Book Size

You will need to know your book’s overall dimensions before printing. The book size (trim size) you select determines the internal specifications and cover template of your book. A 6″ x 9″ size is the most common for paperbacks.

You may select any size you choose. A good way of making a determination on size is to pick up your favorite paperback book and check its size.

  1. Paper, Binding, and Laminate

You will need to select the color of the paper for the book pages, type of binding, and the laminate. The majority of books are printed on uncoated paper stock and use a coated stock for the cover.

With coated paper stock the ink will be bright and look glossy. When printed on uncoated stock the ink is absorbed into the paper, which provides a more dull finish. The majority of novels are printed using 50# offset white.

If you are placing photographs into your book you may want to consider a 60# white or natural. That will give your photos a better appearance.

Infant and Toddler Books

If you are printing a board book for an infant or toddler, paper considerations are different. This type of book has pages made of thick paperboard with a laminate finish and rounded page corners. This provides the book with the durability it needs to withstand frequent handling by children.

Layouts for custom board book printing are priced based on the number of spreads, not pages. You will want to watch your printer’s requirements to make sure your layouts are done properly.

  1. Book Distribution

Book distribution plays a large part in your out-of-pocket printing costs. Find out whether they offer a wide distribution to brick and mortar stores, or whether they do primarily online sales.

Are you obligated to purchase a certain number of print books, and if so what is the quantity? Do they offer an “on-demand” printing service where each book is printed as it is ordered? Online only selling is the format chosen by most self-published and new authors.

Print That Book!

Now that you have all you need to know about selecting a printer for your first published book, what are you waiting for? Get that book printed!

We encourage you to check out our other blogs for more great information.

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3D printers are an excellent example of advanced technology. They are quite affordable to hit the mainstream. You cannot compare a 3D printer from your old school printers. Like their name, a 3D printer prints 3-dimensional things and are very exciting to use. Especially if you are a hobbyist, you will love to play with a 3D printer. They are a little bit in resemblance with the photo printers; however, the difference is that instead of creating dull 2D objects, 3D printers create objects in 3-dimensions.

3D printers are trending, and you can easily purchase one from the nearest retailer like staples, best buy, or home depot. You can also order one online via or other sites. 3D printers are very common in use at schools, offices, design studios, and many other places. Investing is a 3D printer is an option as it is worth the quality you receive in return.

Introduction to 3D printing

We will educate you with all you need to know about a 3D printer, including when was the first 3D printer made? The first 3D printer was built in the mid-1980s by Charles W. Hull with the help of a technique known as stereolithography.. The stereolithography technique is an expensive technique used for commercial purposes. Also, it was Stratasys who introduced the first 3D printer in the markets back in 1990s. A variety of materials help to create a 3D printer, such as plastic or metal. It does not matter whether the file is built on a computer-aided design or computer-aided manufacturing; 3D printers can turn digital files into 3 Dimensional data.

Now, you must be keen to know what exactly 3D printing is? In 3D printing, a 3-dimensional object is created by laying down the material layer by layer. A 3D printer is not a traditional printer but still can be considered printing. The original Webster definition is in no relation with 3D printing, but technically we can say that 3D printing has outgrown from traditional printing itself. As compared to a conventional printer, a 3D printer prints so thin that the height is not noticeable. 3-dimensional printers extend the height of the object by applying multiple layers. However, it is fair to extend the relevant definition of printers to add the workings of 3 Dimensional printers as well.

How is 3D printing done?

3D printers are almost as same to use as traditional printers. These include using a variety of technologies. The following are the various methods in which 3D printing is done.

One of the most common techniques used is Fused Deposition Modeling or Fused Filament Fabrication and Stereolithography. In Fused Deposition Modeling, a filament is melted that composes of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, polylactic acid, or some other thermoplastic. It is then deposited in layers with the help of a heated extrusion nozzle. On the other hand, in stereolithography, a UV laser is beamed in a vat of ultraviolet-sensitive photopolymer to trace the object developed on its surface. As the beam touches the polymer, it solidifies and prints the object according to the instructions given in the file it is using to work.

Another method in 3D printing is Digital light projector. It uses a digital light processing projector and exposes liquid polymer to the light. Each layer then solidifies the polymer until the object is created, and the rest of the liquid polymer drains off.

Selective laser sintering (SLS) and Electron beam melting (EBM) are the other two methods. SLS uses a potent laser to fuse particles of plastic, metal, or glass. In this method, the rest of the material is recycled at the end. In EBM, the metal powder is melted layer by layer using an electron beam. The content that is often used with EBM is titanium to manufacture parts of aircraft as well as medical implants.

What is the purpose to use 3D printers?

Many people use 3D printers in different professions like artists, designers, archeologists, physicians, and medical technicians, and the list goes on. Designers create product models and prototypes with the help of 3D printers. There is an increase in the making of final products using 3D printers. Many other items like shoe designs, tools, tripods, furniture, toys, novelty items, and wax castings for making jewelry can be created with the help of 3D printers.

3D printers are also very productive in use for artists and architectures. Architectures can use it in their projects to fabricate models, and artists can make sculptures by using 3D printers. Also, 3D printers are proved to be a great source of help for paleontologists and their students as well. They can use it to create replica models of dinosaurs and other fossils.

Another exciting way to use a 3D printer is in food preparation. An open-source 3d printer was created at Cornell University and the French culinary institute is utilizing it in order to create artistic delicacies. Also, a 3D food printer known as Cornucopia has been developed by MIT, which is still in the testing procedure by a small number of restaurants. However, only a handful of food 3D printers is yet available.

Benefits of using a 3D printer

A 3-dimensional printer comes with various benefits.

  • With 3D printers, professionals can quickly turn their concepts into 3-dimensional models, which are also known as rapid prototypes.
  • It improves inventory management and saves warehouse space as the objects are manufactured on demands and need not to be produced in bulk.
  • It is a great help especially to the people in backward areas who can use 3D printers to fabricate objects. Such facilities are not easily accessible to them.
  • 3D printers make work easy and quick by letting the users print even complex 3D object like for example electronic devices in their own place.
  • Practically, we can say that 3D printing saves time, material, and money. Its main aim is to change the nature of manufacturing.

The ink cartridge; another thing that we take for granted, actually, without it, our printer is practically useless. Just think about the last time when that machine ran out of ink, it seemed pretty worthless at the time, didn’t it? Ink cartridges are a real pain in the neck when they become empty, but the full ones keep our world going. But, what happens in the life cycle of an ink cartridge? When did it first appear? How many are we using, and what should we do with them when they run out of ink?

First things first, let’s start with the definition of an ink cartridge being a container for the (liquid) ink. Of course, ink cartridges are used in inkjet printers, not laser jet or dot-matrix one, there are two kinds: black and coloured. The coloured ones have magenta, cyan, yellow and black. These are the colours needed for all the other shades. Usually, printers have detectors to warn the user that the ink is about to expire.

Back in the day, there was no warning when the ink was running out, and you would have to replace the ribbons, or add toner to a computer reservoir to continue printing. All that was going on until 1984, the year when inkjet printers and cartridges were invented, but it was not smooth sailing at first, it took a couple of years until the inkjet printer cartridges were massively adopted. People loved them because you can use them to print on virtually anything: paper, film, or fabric.

Basically, the most important part of the cartridge isn’t the plastic container, nor the ink, but the print head which controls the extraction of ink. After all, that is what this is all about. There is a lot of science behind it. The orifice plate, for instance, is only 25 microns thick, in layman’s terms, it’s as thick as the third of the hair on your head, and this teeny tiny plate is responsible for how much ink is used.

If you have wondered how much time should pass before you replace your cartridge, it’s really hard to say since it mostly depends on the number of pages you are printing, and on how much ink you’ll need for it. So, there is no real answer.

However, there is an answer to how many ink cartridges are wasted every year, and the numbers are shocking. On average, around 8 cartridges are thrown away every second in the US, which means that 25 million printer cartridges end up on landfills every month, an Australian study revealed that a staggering 45% of print cartridge users (home or business) said that they still throw cartridges in the trash. If you know that a cartridge takes over 1,000 years to decompose, it’s obvious what kind of irreversible damage human carelessness can cause to the environment, for this reason, you should consider recycling ink cartridges. This way, we could save over 38,000 tons of metal and plastic going into landfills yearly, which would be pretty impressive, right!

By the way, if you have noticed that cartridges are way more expensive compared to the actual printer itself, you would be absolutely right in your observation. That’s an old trick used by manufacturers: a relatively cheap printer, and a pricey ink cartridge. Of course, the way around this is to refill the cartridge instead of buying a new one.

Therefore, the next time you decide to purchase a new cartridge, don’t just throw the old one away, recycle it properly, and you’ll be doing a huge favour to the environment and generations to come.

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A bit of research and window shopping is necessary when looking to advance business services by utilizing the right printer for your office. The market has many new printer models with newer ones release every few months. As such, the exterior aesthetics and the price tag can easily sway you to buying without looking at and considering other essential features of the printer. In short, you need to arm yourself with the right information before you start window shopping, and below are some few things you need to know before you head out.

What Is Your Office Type And Size?

Printers are designed to cater to the needs and demands of different office types and spaces. If your workplace has more than 100 people, buying a printer that can service five people will not suffice. What you get should match up with the office size and demands so that it gives the right output without fail.

What Features Do You Need?

Different printer brands and models offer various services ranging from scanning and copy printing to faxing. They have a wide price range based on such features, and thus your purchases should be based on what you need the printer to do. Depending on the type of printer management you need in your office, whether it be at home or not, considering what exactly you need is key in finding the right deal.

What Is Your Budget?

Set your budget while accounting for the total cost of operation and not on the cost of purchasing the printer, only. You should consider for other factors such as the cost of replacing or refilling the ink cartridges against the page yield as well as the cost of doing repairs and replacing parts such as the waste bin or the fuser unit. Check out our article on Cost per Page to know more about the basics and costs of the printer cartridges.

Consider The Speed

The print speed is an essential aspect to consider particularly if you are looking for a machine to use in a busy office. Check the PPM (Pages per Minute) to know how fast the printer runs when printing pages; you may also come across IPM (Images per Minute). Get a printer with a high PPM and IPM, more so if the staff have to share a printer so that you avoid backed up queues at the machine.

Factor In Cost Per Page

Keep in mind that with printers, as is with many other devices and machines, no one size fits all when you consider the page yield. You can use an individual cartridge in a particular printer model and get more pages done than when you use the same cartridge on another printer model. So, the overall cost per page can influence your printing budget significantly.

Quick Advice: –    The printer you get for the office should have a page yield well worth the company’s dime. Anything short of this will only drown the business in unnecessary printing costs. You can know the cost per page by taking the machine’s page yield and dividing it by the cost of the cartridge or toner.

Cartridge Compatibility

Always get quality compatible (remanufactured) cartridges for the printer as this will help slash the printing costs further. In most cases, the compatible cartridges will produce the same number of prints as the original, giving the same quality standards and all at a fraction of the price of the original. For instance, you can save around 85% of your printing costs by getting an LD’s Compatible TN880 toner cartridge at $17.99 that yields 12,000 pages. If you use compatible cartridges, you can be saving around .14 cents per page printed.

Know The Monthly Duty Cycle

To know the printer monthly duty cycle, just take note of the number of pages the machine prints in a month without breaking down. The office is less likely to reach the machine’s monthly duty cycle if it only prints every other day, so that should not be a concern when purchasing the printer. You should get a printer with a broad monthly duty cycle, especially if you have a workplace that does high volumes of prints. Overshooting the monthly duty cycle will only overwork the machines eventually wearing it out and slashing its lifespan. So, make sure you know the print volume your office does per month so that you get a printer that meets and goes beyond such a demand.

Factor In Paper Size

Most printers are designed with the business user in mind, and thus they can handle different paper sizes and types, from legal documents and cards to envelopes. However, certain basic compact models have a limited selection of paper sizes so remember to check the paper specs before you make any purchase.

Consider Automatic Duplex Printing

Dual-sided (duplex) printing is a fantastic option worth considering because it can help you save some money in the overall office printing costs. The conventional printers are feed sheets of paper manually when trying to print the other side of the paper. However, with the auto duplex printing function, you only set the machine to the “dual-sided printing,” and the printer automatically prints both sides of the paper.

Monochrome Or Color?

If your office does more of clean and clear prints, then a monochrome printer that does only black and white printing is the ideal choice. However, color printers are what you should consider if the office prints images in most of the documents. You will have to contend with dealing with two or four color cartridges, which is an added cost, but one that is economical compared to the long-term use of most color inkjet printers.

What Printer Size To Get

The size of the printer is a vital factor worth considering, which should be governed by the office size. Take not the machine’s dimensions so be sure that will fit its allocated space in the office. You can work with a good quality compact laser printer, but most of these are not very powerful thus they will not suffice for fast, high volume printing.

Check For Warranty

Most modern printers have a standard warranty lasting around a year, at the very least, from the date of purchase. However, other details governing the use of malfunction of the machine can be part of the warranty; therefore, know the specifics of the warranty to avoid unpleasant surprises. Some warranties may include tech support while others only cover the repair or replacement of defective parts. You can check out the printer’s webpage to know more about the specifications in your machine’s warranty.

Wired Or Wireless Networking?

Most modern printers offer wireless connectivity, and some even come with their printing apps to ease the printing process; therefore, making it possible to also do prints via tablets and smartphones. Nevertheless, it is still okay to work with printers that have a direct connection (USB or Ethernet), just as long as they offer excellent speeds.


The technology of remanufactured ink and toner cartridges has advanced so much the last 10 years that today you can buy refilled cartridges and enjoy the same printing quality as the cartridges from the original manufacturer but at a fraction of the cost.

Remanufactured cartridges refer to printer cartridges which have been refilled by the manufacturer. The used cartridges are sent back to the remanufacturing plant where they are refurbished and restocked with new ink. As part of restocking and in order to ensure that only high-quality cartridges are released to the market, the remanufactured cartridges undergo rigorous quality tests.

Remanufactured cartridges are cheaper than original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) ink and their usage results in huge cost savings of between 15% and 50%. This is because the dealers of remanufactured cartridges are not bound by complex resale agreements usually entered into with the original manufacturer and therefore they can easily vary the prices.

Additionally, remanufactured cartridges are usually filled to capacity as opposed to the cartridges from original manufacturer’s which often times are not. This leads to huge savings since you print more copies with the same cartridge, as PCWorld magazine in association with the university research lab of Rochester Institute of Technology proved a few hears ago. Another reason why remanufactured cartridges are cheaper is that their resellers usually offer free shipping and, for online sales, you may sometimes not pay the state sales tax.

Finally, remanufactured cartridge sellers do not sell printers. Companies that sell printers lose money because they sell below cost of production in order to be competitive, and they expect to make up for this loss by selling the ink cartridges very expensively. Since remanufactured ink sellers do not sell printers, they do can afford to sell their ink at very low prices.

The internet is full of literature on the pros and cons of using remanufactured cartridges. Combined with the fact there are numerous sellers dealing in remanufactured cartridges, any negative stories on their usage can complicate the decision-making process for most buyers. How do you differentiate between sellers offering high-quality cartridges and those who are not? For most non-technical buyers this is an uphill task.

Top 3 Re-manufactured Ink Suppliers

Below, we list the top three stores dealing in remanufactured cartridges and enumerate the benefits you get by buying from them. 4inkjets is a discount store which aims to provide individuals and business with alternative printer supplies. They supply refill kits, cartridges, and many other printer supplies for all printer brands in the market.

They supply remanufactured and compatible print cartridges at a much cheaper price as compared to prices offered by office supply stores for name-brand products. 4inkjets offers up to 75% price saving for their remanufactured and compatible cartridges compared to OEM cartridge prices.

If you buy from 4inkjets you stand to enjoy the following benefits;

  • Cheaper cartridges as compared to their competitors
  • 2-year 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • All orders worth over $50 are shipped for free within the USA
  • Same day or 2-day shipping
  • Exclusive offers, discount codes and coupons
  • Accepts all payment methods
  • Excellent phone, email, social media and online troubleshooting support. InkCartridges is a one-stop-shop for all printer inks. They offer original and compatible cartridges for most of the popular printer brands.

InkCartridges offers huge savings in terms of free shipping to all orders delivered within USA.

If you make orders at InkCartridges you stand to gain the following benefits;

  • Fast, reliable, free shipping with the USA
  • 2 Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Friendly customer service
  • Phone and email support

123Inkjets: 123Inkjets offers a comprehensive range of inkjet and toner cartridges, ink and toner refills, and a wide selection of other printing supplies.

Shopping at 123Inkjets offers the following benefits;

  • Up to 75% savings for remanufactured and compatible cartridges compared to OEM cartridges prices.
  • All orders over $55 are shipped for free to destinations in the USA
  • Same day shipping
  • Email and phone customer support.
  • Online tracking of order status